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Kale Quinoa Salad | With Lemon Garlic Dressing




Kale Quinoa Salad | With Lemon Garlic Dressing

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Today I've got a super simple but Incredibly flavorful crunchy kale quinoa Salad you can serve as side dish for Lunch or dinner Green healthy cooking readers seem to be Huge fans of kale and quinoa and I Figured it's about time we combine the Two incredible ingredients and put them In one recipe there's kale quinoa salad So let me show you how to make it you're Gonna want to get a small pot with a Very tight fitting lid without any holes On top then add half a cup of quinoa Half a cup and maybe a tablespoon or two Of water And a pinch of salt and then get this All to a boil once it's boiling Immediately reduce the heat to medium Low and cover it and then set a timer For 10 minutes now it's very important To mention here after the timer do not Remove the lid there's tons and tons of Steam in there and the quinoa still Needs to cook so after 10 minutes just Turn off the heat but leave the quinoa On the stove top cover it do not uncover And let it sit there for at least Another 10 minutes because the steam Will finish cooking the quinoa in the Meantime we're going to prepare the kale We need three large leaves they should Already be washed and make sure that you Dry them well with a kitchen towel the More water is left on the leaf the more

You will water down your dressing later So make sure it's fairly dry now remove The hard stems and then rip the leaves Into a bite-sized pieces and add them to A large salad bowl Now once you finish that set it aside And it's time to prepare the dressing For that you're going to add the juice Of half a lemon One tablespoon Dijon mustard Half a tablespoon honey One garlic clove finely grated or Crushed Sea salt and pepper to taste And lastly a quarter cup of extra virgin Olive oil Now whisk all the ingredients together Until the dressing emulsifies and Reaches a creamy texture pour about half Of the dressing over the kale leaves and Now massage the dressing into each Leaf This step is very important it breaks Down the leaves and makes them much Softer and it ensures every leaf has Dressing on it Kale has a lot of nooks and crannies and If you don't massage the dressing into Each piece then you will have a couple Of leaves that will be very very dry and Hard to chew Now set the seasoned kale Aside and get a small chopping board to Dice two tomatoes Then add them to the kale And chop a quarter Red Onion into small

Dice Then add those to the kale as well Then either grate or julienne two to Three carrots depending on their size Right into the kale into the salad bowl And by now your quinoa is probably Finished cooking Spread it out on a plate so it can cool Down a little before adding it to the Salad bowl if you add super hot quinoa Onto your kale the kale will Wilt I Prefer to keep my kale crunchy but I Mean whatever you prefer if you want it To wilt a little bit then obviously add The quinoa very very steaming hot Now pour the remaining dressing over Everything and give the kale quinoa Salad a good toss until everything is Well mixed and it's already time to dive In I hope you enjoyed this video I hope You're gonna give this recipe a try if You do please don't forget to snap a Picture and show me I love seeing when You make any of my recipes and I'll see You within my next video bye

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