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#jennifergarner is giving us the deets on what’s in her go-to “Big Salad” 🤣 #seinfeld #womenshealth




#jennifergarner is giving us the deets on what's in her go-to “Big Salad” 🤣 #seinfeld #womenshealth

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I have the same lunch every day I have a Big fat salad like Elaine and Seinfeld How she always says I want a big salad I'll have green beans cut up there Broccoli cut up in there something Really a hearty veggie I love arugula so It's always a dark green and I'll have Like half a sweet potato or something in There we have them all the time Available in the fridge we get smaller Ones we cut them in half cut side down In olive oil poke the top salt and Pepper roast them so that the bottom of The sweet potato caramelizes and then we Can heat them back up quickly and we Just toss them in salads as the wheat Goes that's a hack for you you're Welcome Women's Health and then I will Have chopped nuts put cheese in there Anything it's big it's hearty and it's Got a lot of good stuff

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