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Jennifer Garner’s Weekly Routine to Stay Fit & Fuel Mom Life | Game Plan | Women’s Health




Jennifer Garner's Weekly Routine to Stay Fit & Fuel Mom Life | Game Plan | Women's Health

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– It's hateful. Ugh! Hi, I'm Jennifer Garner
here with Women's Health. I'm ready to break down
my seven day game plan, The things I do Monday to Sunday To help me stay fit, feel
good, keep up with my kids, Keep up with my life, et
cetera, et cetera, et cetera. (upbeat music) It's Monday and the first
thing I do without fail Is I have a cup of coffee
and I do an early workout. That workout is the limit. The limit fit with Beth Nicely And I work out with her over Zoom. It's a mixture of dance cardio, Plyometrics and strength training. She has a really smart way
of just asking more from you And of building your
cardiovascular fitness And building your strength. It's not about how you look, It's not about how you fit into clothes, It is about your own strength
and about pushing yourself Further than you think you can go. It's hateful. Ugh! But it's not so hateful
that you just think, Okay, I never wanna do it again. When it's over, I am racing,
trying to run down the stairs Or jump in the shower
or whatever I need to do To be ready to get my kids to school. They come tearing down the
stairs, racing out the door. We have two teenagers and a fifth grader, Three kids at three schools,
two different buses. I need to get them all into the car And just start parceling
them off at different places

And it is every bit the disaster That every mom is imagining it to be. It's Tuesday and yep,
it's the same workout. That workout happens every
day unless there's a reason. I have the same lunch every day. I have a big fat salad
like Elaine in "Seinfeld." How she always says, "I want a big salad," And it's got everything. I'll have green beans cut up there, Broccoli cut up in there, a hardy veggie. I love arugula, so it's
always a dark green. It can go without a protein more and more And I'll have half a sweet
potato or something in there. We have them all the time
available in the fridge. We get smaller ones. We cut 'em in half, cut
side down in olive oil, Poke the top, salt and pepper, roast 'em So that the bottom of the
sweet potato caramelizes And then we can heat them back up quickly And we just toss 'em in
salads as the week goes. That's a hack for you. You're welcome, Women's Health. And then I will have chopped
nuts, put cheese in there, Anything, it's big, it's hardy And it's got a lot of good stuff. Okay, we're going on through the week. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. It's the same workout. It's the same lunch. Breakfast is usually at 10 And it's gonna be whole fat
yogurt with nuts and berries And there's usually an
apple in there somewhere. I love apples. A dinner.

I make mom food so if I'm cooking, It's gonna be a roast chicken, It could be mashed potatoes,
twice baked potatoes, It could be rice, it
could be pizza cracker Where you just take pizza
dough and you bake it And it bubbles up, some kind
of starch and a big salad And veggies from the garden. They're fresh, nobody cares
if they're cooked or not. So I'll roast broccoli if I have it. I guess I like things roasted. I just put 'em out and
we just nosh 'em on down. There's usually popcorn at
some point after dinner. The weekend is pretty similar And I don't have a specific cheat day. I just cheat when I need to cheat Which is pretty much at
some point every day. Blue corn chips are my weakness And and Bitchin' Sauce and chocolate. That was so fun and
make sure you check out "The Last Thing He Told Me" on Apple TV. Thank you.

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