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Instant Volume: Top Mascara Pick | Nina Ubhi




Instant Volume: Top Mascara Pick | Nina Ubhi

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For Nas's clima extreme climac did I say That right climax extreme mascara this Mascara is just really quick for getting That thick lash look I don't feel like I Really have to go in with a whole load Of mascara with this so like I feel like It's just super quick whereas some Mascaras I feel like I have to keep Layering up to give it that look you Know cuz sometimes once you've applied It and it's dried Up it ends up kind of looking flat after A little While and I feel like this Mascara is pretty good it is a bit of a Big brush for the bottom lash but I Think as long as you're kind of Like just like going through the tips of The Lash as opposed to like really Trying to get it in the root then you'll Be fine look

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