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Instant Pot Whole Spaghetti Squash – Easy No-Cut Method




Instant Pot Whole Spaghetti Squash - Easy No-Cut Method

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What is the easiest way to cook a whole Spaghetti squash without cutting Yourself and how do you use an instant Pot electric pressure cooker to cook a Whole spaghetti squash stay tuned to Find out hi everyone and welcome back to Cleaning kitchen this is my channel Where I share real food recipes to help You feel your best my name is Carrie and I have a master's degree in public Health with a specialty in nutrition if You also like clean eating recipes and Tips please do subscribe and hit the Notification Bell so you are alerted Every time I upload a new video a Spaghetti squash is a great low carb Gluten-free and grain-free option to Regular pasta this type of winter squash Is very common in grocery stores Throughout the fall and winter and it is A magical type of squash the problem is That for most spaghetti squash recipes You're required to cut the raw squash in Half to then cook it in the oven it is Very hard to cut a raw spaghetti squash In half and you risk cutting yourself or If you're like me and you have any type Of autoimmune disease or joint issues You often don't have the hand strength To use a knife to cut the squash in half And this easy pressure cooker method I'll show you how to cook a whole Spaghetti squash in the instant pot Without any poking or cutting we are

Going to cook it whole and don't worry I Promise it won't explode once we cook The spaghetti squash hole I'll show you How easy it is to then slice it open and Serve it just like you would pasta with Spaghetti sauce and stay tuned to the End and I'll give you a little update on The mini kitchen renovation that I have Coming up in the next couple of weeks so Let's jump into the recipe first you Want to make sure that you have a whole Spaghetti squash that is about six Inches or or smaller I just want to show You you need to make sure that it will Fit inside a six quart or eight quart Instant pot you probably can't use a Three quart instant pot because most Spaghetti squash will be too large to Fit inside the mini instant pot but First what we're going to do is add the Trivet into the bottom of the instant Pot now if you don't have a trivet you Could always use some balled up pieces Of aluminum foil and it's just to help Keep the squash off the bottom of the Pot and we're going to add one cup of Water which we always need to add liquid To an instant pot because that's what Allows the pot to come up to pressure Now we're just going to put the whole Squash right in the on top of the trivet Inside the instant pot and again I have Not poked it or sliced it with a knife Or anything it's just I did wash it and

I'm putting it right inside Now we're going to put on the lid And of course you're going to set the Pressure valve to ceiling now not every Instant pot has a pressure valve anymore Some are automatic but I'm using a six Quart instant pot Duo and you do have to Manually put the ceiling valve over to Ceiling now we're going to set the time On high pressure to 18 minutes Foreign And then once the cooking time is up We're going to let the pressure come Down for about 10 minutes before we Remove the lid and then once the cooking Time is up we're going to let the Pressure come down for about 10 minutes Before we remove the lid okay so the Pressure has come down on the instant Pot after cooking so we're going to Remove the lid and always do that Carefully And then I'm going to use tongs to Transfer the cooked squash to a cutting Board so then I can show you how easily It slices open now Foreign And you will be so surprised how the Inside the Flesh of the spaghetti squash Will shred up just using a fork and the Spaghetti squash is completely cooked so You can serve it right away or you can Save it for later let me just get some Stuff out of the way okay so I have a

Few things to make this easier I have my Tongs because the squash is still very Hot I have a sharp chef's knife which I'm going to use to cut off the ends of The spaghetti squash and then I have Just a regular kitchen Fork that I will Use to shred the squash and they also Have a spoon because we're going to We're going to need to remove the seeds So let me just cut off the ends of the Squash because we won't be able to eat The end so we'll be discarding the Um what used to be the stem of the Squash and you can see I mean it it Literally just cuts like butter it's so So soft and easy so let me just get rid Of these end pieces we can't use these Okay now let's go ahead And cut into the spaghetti squash look At that it is so Soft and so much easier than cutting it Raw and you can actually do this with Other types of squashes on my site on I have similar recipes for instant pot Spaghetti squash acorn squash butternut Squash and kabocha squash those are all Very dense winter squashes that you can Do in this same method they do vary a Little bit by temperature and method Um but you can check my site and I can Actually link some of those recipes Below to make it easier for you to find Them and I do have another video on

Um how to cook a whole instant pot uh How to cook a whole butter and not Squash in the instant pot so I will link That video below as well so now I'm just Using a spoon to get rid of the seeds Because Um these we don't want them to be in our Pasta dish now of course these seeds are Edible just like pumpkin seeds so if you Wanted to you could clean them up you Would need to rinse them off and you Could roast them But that is not what we're doing today What we are doing today is finishing up This squash and then I'll show you how To serve it with just a plain Uh tomato sauce and it looks and tastes Similar to regular spaghetti there's Some parts of the squash that are a Little a bit gooey And we will just get rid of those Parts all right now I've really prepped The squash very well and I got rid of All the seeds so the only part now is to Continue to shred the Flesh of the Squash and you can see how easily it This is what is so magical about Spaghetti squash it literally just comes Apart into these noodle like uh Strands and that's what gives it its Name spaghetti squash now you can see One medium small to medium squash is Going to yield about three to four cups Of cooked squash and as I mentioned you

Can serve this just right away the the Squash is completely cooked there's no Need to cook it any further on the stove Top or in the oven Um that 18 minutes in the pressure Cooker is really I think the perfect Amount of time and then we did give it About 10 to 12 minutes of natural Pressure release and I've tested this Recipe so many times if you have a Larger squash you could increase the Cook time to 20 minutes maybe even 22 Minutes but again you're not going to Really go really large on the squash Otherwise it's not going to fit into The pressure cooker so I'm just going to Finish shredding this up with my fork And then I'll show you what it's like When it's finished with the spaghetti Sauce it is so delicious now if you have Picky eaters at home who don't Necessarily like vegetables and maybe They don't like this firmer texture of The spaghetti squash you could mix this With regular cooked spaghetti you could Use gluten-free Cooked spaghetti and you could add a Little bit of this squash and I think it Would be virtually undetectable it does Have a slightly crunchier texture than Cooked pasta but again if you just used A little bit you could maybe fool the Pickiest of eaters and get them to get Some of the nice fiber and nutrition

From this very healthy winter squash And I have even put some cooked squash In dishes like stews and chilies and it Really just melts right into the dish And so it's just a nice way to add a Little bit more veggies into your diet Which in general is a healthy thing to Do so before we finish I promise to Share you a little bit of details about My what I'm calling my mini kitchen Renovation that's coming up and Essentially what I'm going to be doing Is having these dark wood cabinets Painted white I did hire a professional Painter because I've been thinking about This for a few years and I watched some YouTube videos on how to do it yourself And it looked like way too much work That I was cut out for and that's not Really my forte DIY projects so I did Hire a professional painter and he and His crew are coming in in about a week So I'm going to be spending the next few Days taking everything out of of my Drawers and my cabinets because all the Doors have to come off in the drawers Have to come out and so if you want to Follow me on Instagram which is at clean Eating carry I have a highlight which is Sharing my kitchen renovation if you Want to follow everything there on my Stories and I will be doing a before and After video of my little kitchen Renovation coming up on my YouTube

Channel so you can look forward to Seeing that over the next few weeks so Please let me know in the comments if You've ever tried spaghetti squash Before and how you like serving it and Also check out my playlist of some of my Other healthy instant Pot recipes as I Mentioned I have a whole video on how to Cook a whole instant pot butternut Squash in this exact same method it Makes it so easy and safe and I will Look forward to seeing you in the next Video take care

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