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Instant Pot Chicken Stew




Instant Pot Chicken Stew

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Today that I'm filming this Montreal is About to get the biggest snowstorm of The year so I figured it's the best day To make a super comforting chicken stew With tender chicken carrots celery Potatoes and a little kale because kale Is the best If you are as a bigger fan of soups and Stews as I am then you're going to Absolutely love my free 30 days of Healthy dinners email series I will have A link to the sign up form in the Description now let me show you how to Make this delicious instant pot chicken Stew first we're going to have to start With appealing and chopping all of our Ingredients we need a large yellow onion Peeled and finely chopped Three large or six small carrots Also peeled and chopped Three to four stalks of celery also Chopped One to three cups of garlic minus Gigantic so I'm only using one chop that One up as well and one pound of yellow Potatoes any type of potato will work But I recommend any of the ones that are More on the starchy side so you get a Creamier stew I like using yellow Potatoes the same ones that I would use For mashed potatoes peel those and cut Them into bite-sized pieces Now set this all aside and pull out your Instant pot

Hit this OT button and make sure it's on High heat while we're waiting for it to Get hot let's cut up one and a half Pounds of chicken thighs into bite-sized Pieces yes you can use chicken breast But I don't recommend it because it'll Become pretty dry in the cooking time we Have to use for the veggies to soften in The stew once the instant pot is hot add A drizzle of olive oil and then add the Cut up chicken to it in batches do not Add all the chicken at once it will Release a lot of steam the steam will Get trapped and then the chicken will Cook in its own juices instead of Searing nicely and becoming Brown and Really delicious so take your time I Know it's annoying but it's well worth It the flavor that you're gonna get from A nice sear is absolutely worth the Extra work once you've browned all your Chicken set it aside and add your Chopped onion and garlic and some sort Of chili paste to the pot I'm using the Peruvian aji amarillo paste but Literally any chili paste or even Chopped up chili will work here so take This all until it's golden and scrape Off the stuck on chicken bits from the Bottom with a wooden spoon if it doesn't All come off then add a splash of Chicken stock to it and deglaze the Bottom then hit the cancel button to Turn the instant pot off and add the

Chopped carrots celery potatoes and Brown chicken and and then pour 2 cups Of chicken broth over everything and Make sure all potatoes are submerged in The broth now add a few sprigs of fresh Thyme on top and put the lid on turn the Valve to the ceiling position and set The insulin part to 5 minutes on high Pressure now you can serve the stew all On its own later or you can eat it with A piece of bread or you can also serve It over rice that's what I prefer to do So I recommend you get started cooking Your rice now let the instant pot Release pressure naturally for 15 Minutes and at that point release the Remaining pressure manually Now we're going to work on thickening The stew and for that we need to add a Slurry if we just add cornstarch or Flour to the pot then it'll just form a Blob so don't do that I recommend adding A few tablespoons of broth to a small Bowl then add two tablespoons of sour Cream or if you want to keep it dairy Free you can also use a few tablespoons Of nut milk then add one tablespoon All-purpose flour and whisk it all until No more lumps can be seen then pour the Slurry into the pot add a few hands full Of bite-sized pieces of kale and hit the Saute button to get the stew to a boil Stir the stew for a minute or two or Until it reaches your desired thickness

And the kale started to wilt and it's Already time to serve it's super creamy And delicious and the chili paste gives It that perfect amount of spice you can Drizzle a little bit of lemon juice over Your bowl for extra flavor and dig in This dude gives you kisses from the Inside of your belly it's so comforting And delicious I hope you're gonna give The recipe a try if you do please don't Forget to snap a picture and show me I Love seeing when you make any of my Recipes and I'll see you with my next Video bye

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