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Influencer Nabela Noor’s Secrets For Strong Nails and Glowing Skin | Body Scan | Women’s Health




Influencer Nabela Noor's Secrets For Strong Nails and Glowing Skin | Body Scan | Women's Health

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I didn't think that I was going to have A C-section it was an emergency C-section and when I look at that C-section scar I just hope that I can Show my daughter one day and tell her About my birth story and it's a sign of The best moment of my life hi I'm Nabella Noor and you're watching Hi I'm nebula Noor and you're watching My Women's Health body scan [Music] What I love most about my body is My legs I like them they're cute I like To wear shorts I like my legs they're Strong I don't have any tattoos my mom Would kill me at number one number two I'm just not able to commit to something Forever when I get my henna done I'm Like waiting for it to come off but if I Ever did get a tattoo it would be Strength in Bangla written on my arm Um which is Shakti so that's what I Would do I have two scars one is a Self-harm scar from One of the darkest times in my life and If I would ever get a tattoo it would Actually be strength in Bangla on top of That self-arm scarf and then I have Another scar which is my c-section scar And it's pretty pretty amazing to have Two scars from two different seasons of Life and if I didn't get through one I'd Never see the other I didn't think that I was going to have a C-section it was

An emergency C-section and when I look At that c-section scar I just hope that I can show my daughter one day and tell Her about my birth story would I wear it With pride I wear it with confidence I'm So happy and thankful that I've healed And I look at it I just think I'm gonna Embrace it and celebrate it and it's a Sign of the best moment of my life I Have ear piercings and my nose pierced So I've got my regular ear piercing the Second hole uh the tragus and the rook And then my nose piercing which I got When I was 16 years old when I was Graduating high school it's very common You know I'm from Bangladesh it's very Common to have your nose pierced so my Mom was enthusiastically taking me to Get it done and I love it I feel it like It looks so cute and tiny and small I Did a really really small gem so most People don't even know but I have my Nose pierced because it's so tiny and Then I look like that and they're like Oh my gosh and I love it so skin care is So important and I am obsessed with Hydration and color correction so I do Like to use vitamin C brightening Products I love to use my pure XO Novella face wash it has turmeric in it And it's an amazing makeup remover as Well so I'm really big on hydration Color correction moisture and Brightening hair I think is super

Important and oftentimes we forget how Important it is to prep and Prime our Hair so I love to use oil in my hair I'm South Asian I'm from Bangladesh and my Mom used to always sit me down and put Coconut oil in my hair and just rub it And I would always be like Mom I don't Want to do this and now I'm older and I Realize the benefits and how much it Helps our hair and our scalp it's so Important to take care of your scalp It's so important to moisturize your Hair and coconut oil is just perfect for That I also love using Moroccan oil on My hair I do that right after the shower And my self-care routine really includes A lot of prepping and priming and after Hair so after the shower put that oil in Put in all of those masks the hair masks Take care of it the best way that you Can I used to be a major nail biter and Then I started doing my nails myself and I did my nails at home with nail polish And I then began to do gel nails at home That was really around the quarantine Time and I really loved doing it it was Such an amazing form of self-care now I'm a mom and I have like a busier Schedule so I find myself going to the Salon and getting a French Manny every Two to three weeks on my natural nails So I don't do fake nails anymore this is My natural nail my natural length and I Keep it strong and healthy and long by

Taking my Gummies at night and I swear It makes a difference because my nails Like they don't fold you know that's Strong strengthen your nails with Gummies I believe that our Wellness Journey Includes so many parts and one that's Often forgotten is the inner work that We have to do our mind body and soul all Being in Harmony and that requires Therapy for me I have found that therapy Has changed my life I've been in therapy For about three or four years and it Really helped me with coping with my Anxiety and my depression and working on A lot of trauma that I had buried inside So therapy is super important and then Number two was discovering my pockets of Peace series on Tick Tock and Instagram I just completely changed my life by Finding the things in each day that I Wanted to celebrate those little moments That make our life what it is and Romanticizing my everyday life Romanticizing the mundane right the Everyday things so in my pockets of P Series I have discovered how to cope With my anxiety how to treat each day Like a special occasion and how to just Find those little moments that I want to Sell celebrate and highlight and it's my Virtual gratitude journal and I'm so Grateful for it thanks for watching Subscribe to women's health and be sure

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