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Improve Your Style With These Simple Tips | Wearable Fashion Trends 2023




Improve Your Style With These Simple Tips | Wearable Fashion Trends 2023

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Today I'm sharing some very simple Styling tips and tricks to help you Elevate your everyday outfits [Music] Hi I'm leonie and welcome back to my Channel today I'm sharing some very Simple styling tips that are absolutely Guaranteed to not only elevate your Style but to make getting dressed in the Morning so much easier and in my mind That is what it's all about some of These tips are small tweaks and Adjustments that you can make to your Outfits that will make a huge difference And some of today's tips are almost Mindset changes but if you'd like to see What they are and how you can very Simply elevate your look then just keep Watching now my first tip is to Simply Add a build now I know a number of you Will be nervous about this because if You carry most of your weight around Your midriff you perhaps don't want to Highlight that area but there are ways To go about it and swapping out the belt On say a wrap dress or a shirt dress or Even a coat is a very easy way to Completely change the look and feel of An outfit and by adding a belt to an Outfit it's sometimes just that missing Ink that adds that final little bit of Polish to an outfit now if you are Nervous about wearing belts just think About adding a longer looser fitting

Layer over the top so you can add the Belt for interest and then add a final Layer that just gives you that extra Comfort so that the belt isn't nipping You in and kind of highlighting some Areas that perhaps you don't want Highlighted now next up I'm going to set You what I'm calling a style challenge Now sometimes we get very stuck in a in A bit of a style rut I suppose you could Call it and that's because we get Comfortable we work out a look or a kind Of a uniform that works for us and we Stick with it now I'm all for this I Think it's great it makes getting Dressed easier but sometimes we get a Little bit trapped in a style rut Because of it it becomes comfortable it Becomes easy and therefore we often miss Opportunities to step out of our style So what I'm challenging you to do is Find something that adds to your Existing style whether you work with Some someone that has great style or Whether you see someone in a magazine or Perhaps you need to actually go on Pinterest and find someone's style that May be similar to yours but there's Something there that they are doing that Just elevates their look a little bit More then all you need to do is copy That now it's not copying out right Because chances are the pieces that you Own in your wardrobe are going to be

Slightly different but it's taking Inspiration from their looks and how They put together outfits and recreating That in your own style now next up and One of the easiest ways to update any Outfit and this one I particularly love Because it's updating outfits that you Already own and that is to accessorize With jewelry and often this is the last Piece of the puzzle that we tend to Overlook and we Overlook how important It is just adding those extra little Touches in the way of jewelry can Completely transform an outfit now this Leads in really nicely to today's Sponsor which is ideal now I've worked With ideal before it is a beautiful Jewelry brand I'm sure you'll remember Me talking about them in fact I'm Wearing some of their gorgeous hoops Today now ideal is a modular Diamond Jewelry brand and let me tell you a Little bit more about them ideal use lab Grown diamonds which is kind of Mind-blowing to me so they grow the Diamonds in the lab in a similar way to How diamonds are created in nature but This is far less harmful there's no Mining involved a more cost effective Diamond they actually to the eye look Exactly like a mined Diamond but they Are far more sustainable and kinder to The planet which is what I particularly Love ideal jewelry is also made from

Solid 14 karat gold and that means that You can wear these pieces in the shower Swimming and they're not going to change Color or oxidize or look any different And in fact I've worn my pieces for the Last year I've done exactly that and They look as beautiful and as new today As they did the day they arrived ideal Also offers free shipping and returns Which is super handy they have lots and Lots of promotions and special offers so What I suggest you do is whip on over to The website and take a look at some of The pieces check out some of the deals That they have on offer at the moment I Will leave a link to Ideal in my Description box below and also I'll Leave a link so that you can subscribe To their newsletter they're not going to Bombard you but the newsletter is great Because it gives you a heads up on some Of their promotions yeah I encourage you To go and check it out could even be a Great Christmas option for someone you Love now next up and quite possibly the Easiest way to update any outfit is to Not forget to apply lipstick this one Almost seems a little bit silly to Include but I regularly see women Looking amazing and for some reason they Just don't add that final piece which is Lipstick I think why some women do this Is because lipstick can make you look Almost over dressed so I'm not

Suggesting that you always add bright Lip or something bold or make a Statement with your lipstick but it's Almost just a piece of your makeup that Just finishes your look now if you're Anything like me and you're not a huge Wearer of lipstick I mean obviously I Wear lipstick for my videos but I have Three go-to's that I like to wear this Lipstick that I'm wearing which is a Bolder color it's a mellow Cosmetics Lipstick which I will link in the Description box below I also have a Another lipstick that I've recently Found by hourglass which is just a sheer It kind of adds a little bit of color to My lips it doesn't make me look too Dressy but it just adds a little bit of Something and I've got a gloss a model Co gloss that if I'm just racing out the Door even if I'm wearing sweats I can Just pop a little bit of a layer of Gloss on my lips just to add that final Piece of the puzzle so I know it seems Simplistic but don't overlook the power Of just adding that final piece of Lipstick before you head out the door Now my other piece of advice is to find Your colors now I'm not suggesting that You go out and spend a fortune on a Professional color analysis to uncover Which colors work for you I know that You can actually just trust your Instinct on this it's very simple go

Into a store and just try on some Unexpected pieces that are in colors That you perhaps like that you may not Have worn before you will know instantly If this color works on you now make sure You wear some makeup so that you're Going to give the color the best chance Possible a color that works for you will Instantly make you feel and look good Now this one may be a little bit Contentious but what I often suggest is To buy pieces that are slightly on the Larger size so rather than buying pieces That are perfectly fitted I tend to find That if you buy something that is just Slightly more generous with sizing it Just gives any outfit a little bit more Of a Luxe look I think it's got to do With the extra fabric and also the Pieces not sort of clinging to you if a Piece just has a little bit more Movement and a little bit more fabric it Will sit and fall that little bit more Comfortably and just look a little bit More elegant my other piece of advice to Elevate outfits is to create slightly Unexpected outfits by mixing high-end Pieces with more everyday so that sort Of real high low mix can create a really Elevated outfit I think it's something About the outfit being unexpected that Creates a cohesive or modern look about It but it's also just making sure that You team some of those more elevated

Pieces naturally back with something That is a little more relaxed so whether It's a pair of wide leg tailored pants And instead of wearing them with heels Or wearing them in a more sort of a Corporate setting you're teaming them Back with some chunky boots or with Trainers just to really mix and match And give your outfits a real high low Look it elevates your style and it's Also really versatile my next piece of Advice is to always choose Staples over Trends and I love talking about Trends On this channel and don't get me wrong I Follow them and follow them avidly but I Think Trends are to be picked at really Carefully whereas Staples are what Should make up at least 70 percent of Your wardrobe yep they are the boring Pieces to buy because generally they Don't have the wow factor but it's how You style them that gives them that edge The basics need to be the core of your Wardrobe and the main focus of your Purchases Trends are just a bit of fun And a bit of fluff and a little bit of Icing on the cake because what will tend To happen is that you'll have a Wardrobe Full of pieces that don't cohesively Work together so keep your focus on the Staples next up shoes shoe shoes are Everything when it comes to elevating an Outfit you can have the exact same Outfit and look completely different by

Changing up your shoes wearing trainers With a pair of pants or wearing heels to Create just completely different outfits We tend to perhaps wear them longer than We should or we don't look after them as Well as we should or we don't invest in Just updating our Footwear because our Footwear is absolutely everything when It comes to finishing off an outfit and Just setting the tone for an outfit when It comes to elevating an outfit what I Always say is to add that extra special Piece so it could be something like a Special jacket or coat that you add as You're walking out the door that just Makes that outfit sing it could be some Beautiful Drop earrings or a scarf just Adding that something extra that is just A little bit special can seriously take An outfit from drab to Fab when all else Sales and you are struggling to create An outfit that is just modern and makes You feel great then always opt for Monochrome dressing and I do talk about This quite a bit on my channel but it is The easiest way to create outfits and to Give your outfits a very polished look And feel now when I say monochrome it Doesn't matter what color it is whether Your favorite color is pink or blue or Denim or whatever it may be dress top to Toe in that color and it creates a Always an elevated outfit it creates as I said a very seamless cohesive easy to

Put together outfit that always looks Sharp and I have talked quite a bit in This video about details and how Important those little details are even Simple things like cuffing your sleeves On a t-shirt can take a very basic tee And just make it look a little bit more Thought out a little bit more special Think about some changes that you can Make to some of the pieces that you own Just to give them a little bit of an New Look putting yourself in a place where You are creating an outfit that just Shows that you care so don't forget the Devil is in the detail and those small Tweaks and changes to your outfits and To your lipstick your makeup the Accessories that you wear your jewelry These small details actually matter Anyway that's it from me today I hope You enjoyed this one and if you did I'd Love you to give it a big thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel For more and I will see you in the next One bye for now Foreign [Music]

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