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How & where to apply blush & highlighter | Nina Ubhi




How & where to apply blush & highlighter | Nina Ubhi

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Now blush is going to be applied right Up here so it's just on the upper part Of the cheekbone and I'm just going to Press it in I'm not taking it too far in I'm kind of keeping it quite lifted this Whole technique is going to give you a Really nice lifted look now grab your Highlighter and we're going to apply This just on the upper part of the Cheekbone not all the way in because I Know I have a lot of texture here so What we're going to do is we're going to Stick to this area here well my skin is Pretty smooth the whole point of Highlighter is that when the light Reflects off of it it bounces off and Gives you a really really nice look we Don't want it to be visible in every Single light like this I mean look at This that's a big No-No and then you've Got this which is really nice and lifted

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