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How To Wear Spring’s Top New Season Trends | Fashion Trends 2023




How To Wear Spring's Top New Season Trends | Fashion Trends 2023

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It's one thing knowing what the spring Trains are it's another to know who can Wear them and how to wear them and That's exactly what we're talking about Today Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now I've talked quite a bit recently About spring and summer Trends but there Are a few other trends that have popped Up that for some reason I just haven't Given much air time to now these Trends Are well worth knowing about and I'm Sure there's going to be something here For you to love I also thought it was High time that I shared some of these Trends and talked a little bit more About who can wear them and how to wear Them so let's get on with it now first Up I'm going to start with a micro Trend So it's only very much a small Trend but It's one that's fun it's happening and It's very convenient and I'm kind of Giving a nod to it today so the elephant In the room is the scarf I don't Normally wear a scarf or any headgear When headgear sounds like I'm going to Play football but any head when I'm Filming videos but I've actually Recently started wearing headscarves and I'm loving it now that is not exactly The trend but the micro trend is Actually headbands elasticated cool Headbands I was recently given one by Some friends for my birthday a couple of

Weeks ago and I started wearing that and That kind of got me into the routine or Into the groove of wearing headbands I've been wearing that one it's a Lululemon headband I love it and it's Been super easy and fun to wear when I'm Out exercising but I've kind of Continued that Trend and started wearing Them out and about a little bit as well So these stretchy colorful headbands are Very much where it's at and in my Opinion they are super handy especially If you need to wash your hair and you're Not having such a great hair day they're Perfect for me when I can see some gray Regrowth popping up and I don't have Time to get it colored and if I'm just Not sure what I want to do with my hair A headband holds it all back and just Means that I look a little bit pulled Together but I haven't really done Anything special at all so think about Headbands everyone and anyone can wear Them they add a little bit of extra Something to an outfit and they're an Easy way to incorporate a color that You're wearing and make that color a Little bit more statement like so for Instance if you're wearing a shirt or Pants with a particular color you can Bring that in in your headband and just Create a cohesive outfit this one as I Said it's a micro Trend and it's one Just to have a bit of fun with but

Definitely consider giving your head Where a little bit of attention at Upping the ante and grab yourself a Headband or even a head scarf hey why Not even just go for a headscarf i as I Said am enjoying these now next up Spring is all about the denim maxi skirt But more so than that what I am seeing Is more of a full skirt so denim Maxi's Definitely come into this category but Don't be limited by only that one Particular type of skirt for spring so There is everything and anything from Lovely pleated skirts to floaty ruffled Skirts all of the skirts do tend to be Midi or Maxi length and they all do tend To be rather full but the great thing About them is that a beautiful full Skirt is actually very flattering and It's flattering for most body types now Of course if you're petite I know you'll Be a little nervous about getting Swamped or the skirt wearing you then Perhaps it might be easier for you to Opt for a midi length if you're a little Taller then you can definitely go all The way and go Maxi length but there Very much is something here for everyone There's all sorts of volume as well from Some really floaty full skirts to more Pleated skirts but they have that sort Of movement as well and the nice thing About one of these Fuller skirts is that You tend to team with something that's a

Little bit more fitted whether it's a Simple tea or a crop top for instance They're really easy skirt and an easy Shape to incorporate into your wardrobe And the great thing about them too is That they're very much a trans seasonal Piece because you can wear them Throughout the year and just layer up in The cooler months and certainly wear Them with some simple spring some Summer Sandals and a tea or a tank top in the Warmer months so these beautiful full Skirts are going to be everywhere and There really is a shape and a style for Everyone and for this portion of today's Episode I've partnered with my Heritage And if you haven't heard of them before They are the number one family history Service in the world I recently took a DNA test with my Heritage and was so Excited to get the results of that I'm Also been spending months now working on My family tree and I absolutely love Finding out about the people that came Before me and their stories and who they Are and watching as my tree builds and Getting a real sense of my Heritage and I think the older I get the more Interested I am in finding out a little Bit more about my forebears and what my Heritage does is they regularly email You updates when they find a new person Or a family member to add to your tree And I got that email recently and there

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Back to life which is crazy cool so if You'd like to start building your family Tree and researching your own family History then simply use the link in my Description box below and you will save 50 off a subscription to my Heritage so What I suggest you do is whip on over to My Heritage take advantage of their 14 Day free trial get familiar with how it Works and you will see how easy it is to Build your own family tree in fact my Heritage pretty much do all the hard Work for you it is simple and it's a lot Of fun so I will leave a link in the Description box below so you can go and Check it out when you're finished Watching this video now this next one is Going to potentially divide you so Please let me know in the comments below What you think of this one but I can't Help but love this one I keep seeing it Everywhere and that is metallic pants Now I've talked about metallics quite a Bit here on my channel in the last few Videos and that's because metallics are Very much trending in the way of of Purses and jewelry and accessories but I've seen more and more metallic pants And metallic style jeans picking up Momentum and for me I think this is a Perfect spring Trend certainly if you Live somewhere that is cool enough where You can still wear pants in the warmer Months a beautiful pair of metallic

Silver jeans or pants it's just a fun Fresh way to create a very simple look Now the reason I particularly like Metallic just in general even in Accessories but especially in pants is That they team incredibly well with Everything they're very much a neutral So think of them in the same way that You would say a black pair of pants or a Pair of denim jeans they are that Versatile obviously they're going to Make a big statement and they're not Going to be right for everyone they may Just be too much of a statement for some Of you but they are very easy to style And I think that that's the most Surprising thing about these metallic Pants and jeans they are a neutral They're very easy to style they look Great with white with black with gray With pink with Blues you name it and if You love adding a pop of color adding a Pop of color to a metallic pair of pants Works beautifully as opposed to wearing A pop of color with say a black pair of Pants and the black tends to kill the Color so think about these metallic Pants as a simple fun and fresh way to Update your spring wardrobe another Trend that I am very much here for and That is the return of chunky earrings And in particular chunky stud type Earrings and chunky Hoops I recently saw Anina being release a pair of beautiful

Knot and chunky earrings and I keep Seeing chunky chunky Hoops now the only Word of warning with this style is that You don't want to opt for a pair of Earrings that are too heavy I think we Probably all know that the heavier the Earring the more likely they are to pull Down our ears and the holes in our if we Wear pierced earrings so be really Careful of that with these chunky Earrings but I love the fact that you Can wear a very simple outfit and your Earrings do the talking for you they Make a statement so they're ideal if You're not wanting to spend a lot of Money on your new season wardrobe grab Yourself a pair of chunky earrings and You've already updated your look so if It's the same outfit that you were Wearing last spring or you're Transitioning your winter wardrobe into The warmer months add some chunky Hoops Or some chunky studs and you've got a Whole new cut a modern take on that look Oh and please let me know in the Comments below what you guys think of Multiple piercings and whether you think That there is an age limit on multiple Piercings in your ears I used to have Two piercings I'll let one grow over I Have one now and I'm still tempted I Keep seeing all of these gorgeous images Online of stacked chunky studs and I do Think it's quite a cool look I'm not

Sure whether I'd wear it with my head Scarf I may look too much like a boho Gypsy not that I that's a bad thing but It's not who I am but yeah let me know In the comments below what you guys Think of multiple piercings and Especially whether there is an age limit You know me I don't like putting age Limits on anything when it comes to Fashion but I'd love to hear what you Think now next up is the classic trench Coat and I know that not all of you will Be interested in wearing this look but The reason I've decided to include it on This list is because there are so many Trenches available for spring summer This year and while it is a classic Piece and one that essentially never Dates it does come in and out of Vogue At times and this season it's very much Having a moment so what I am seeing Quite a lot of is different lengths of Trenches as well because I know that Often the petite girls say that a trench Is just too much for them but there are Lots of different versions of trenches That I've noticed and there kind of is Something for everyone so there are real Crop trenches they're a sort of Mid-length trenches and trenches in all Sorts of different colors from Browns to Your classic Burberry color so the Trenches in my opinion just add that Perfect Finishing Touch to an outfit

They're great for Trans seasonal Dressing when the weather hasn't really Changed from the cooler months to summer When you just need that little bit of Extra layer or when you just need Something to in case it does get a Little bit colder at night so the Trenches are great and as I said there Really is a trench for everyone this Season so if you've been thinking about Dipping your toe in the trench Trend There are plenty on offer at lots of Different price points now the next Spring Trend that I actually haven't Talked about at all on my channel in the Last couple of weeks and that is off the Shoulder tops and I particularly love This trend I love it because I actually Don't mind the look of my shoulders it's Sort of one part of my body I don't mind Showing off and the fact that these off The shoulder tops and blouses some of Them come with sleeves some of them Don't there's sort of something there For everyone now I know that a lot of You don't like showing off your arms or Certainly your upper arms but I've seen Some gorgeous off the shoulder tops that Have little cap sleeves and a slight Puffy sleeve to them as well so it's a Really nice way to show a little bit of Skin but not too much and still be a Little bit covered but very much Seasonally appropriate and a lot of

These off the shoulder tops are in Stretchy fabric so they're easy to wear I remember a number of years ago wearing An off-the-shoulder top that was Completely ruched across the front and Every time I went like that it flung up But I am seeing some different options And certainly the off the shoulder tops With the sleeves in them prevent that From happening but it's a feminine lock And just something a little bit more Special than wearing say a basic tee With whatever else you decide to wear Whether it's cargo pants or a long Dinner Maxi or a floaty skirt an off the Shoulder top is just a nice spring Change now another Trend that I'm Actually also calling a bit of a micro Trend and this has been kind of coming For the last few seasons and that is the Trend for wearing skirts over pants and I know a lot of people that will love This look and I'm sure that there are a Lot of you that will not like this look It's one of those trends that definitely Tends to divide you but me personally I Love it I think it's a great way of Maximizing your wardrobe it's a trend That works for everyone and sometimes it Just gives you that comfort factor if You would like to wear say for instance A mini skirt because there are still Plenty of Minis on offer as well you can Team your favorite mini with some of

Your favorite pants or jeans underneath And again this is a trend that's going To divide you but the fact that it is a Trend that's versatile and still gives You coverage but a nod to another Trend Which is the minis it kind of covers all Bases so if you like covering up your Legs but you like like to wear a skirt And like to feel feminine then this is The trend for you now this trend is Definitely not new and that is the trend For wearing striped sweaters but it is a Trend that is continuing on really Strongly over spring summer and I like This trend I think it is just a classic It's a staple in most people's wardrobe The Striped Sweater was a trend that Took me a little bit to warm up to but It is a kind of French inspired look That is always on Trend it's very much a Timeless piece so if you decide to Invest in this look and you like this Kind of classic styling then it is a Piece that you can wear and enjoy for a Long time to come I love Stripes I don't Actually own a striped sweater so I Might look at investing in one but I Love the fact that there is something For everyone here as well there are Hooded striped sweatshirts two beautiful Fine knitted striped sweaters cropped Sweat sweaters sweatshirts you name it There's something for everyone so if if You like stripes and you like me haven't

Dipped your toe in this trend then now's A good time to try it another Trend That's very wearable and I also haven't Talked about it much in recent videos And that's the trend for wearing what I'm calling minimalist sandals there are So many beautiful slides and flat Minimal styling sandals that are a Perfect addition to any spring summer Wardrobe you know what it's like when You are very used to wearing trainers And maybe chunky lug stall style boots In the winter it's quite hard Transitioning to something or a sandal That's kind of finer but there are so Many sandals for spring summer that are Kind of somewhere in between so they're Not as dainty as like a ballet flat and I know a lot of you struggle with the Daintiness and petiteness of a ballet Flat which obviously is very much on Trend at the moment but these sandals Are a as I said very much in between They're not too dainty but they're also Not too chunky as well they're very much A classic basic sandal that I think will Be around for a long time they're a Timeless option and they work well with Skirts dresses pants Jeans you name it So they're kind of the shoe of the Season so if you've enjoyed any of these Trainings then click or tap on the Screen to find out how to look Luxe Without spending a scent click or tap on

The screen here and I'll see you there

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