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This is a way which is gonna help you so Much you are gonna end up doing this Forever because it changes the way your Whole face looks [Applause] Welcome or welcome back to my youtube Channel which is all about educational Beauty today's video is all about how to Wear a bold lip color but not only that It's also about the correct order of Makeup when you want to wear bold lip Color now if you do like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos and i'm Over on instagram so please do come say Hi there too now let's head straight Into the video This is the kind of look that i Absolutely love and i know you guys are Going to love it now even though it is a Bold lip color i'm showing you how you Can wear that so i'm going to be doing a Full base because i feel like your base Has to be a certain way well it doesn't Have to but i feel like it always looks Much more kind of like clean and simple So anyway let's get on with it i have no Makeup on at the moment and you may have Noticed that i have lash extensions on And i know you're probably wondering why Because i have my own lash brand but i'd Say for the next like two months or so

From now it actually started from like a Couple of weeks ago it's super super Busy because we're in the middle of Moving and there's just a lot going on And i don't want to be messing around With lashes at the moment and i don't Usually get lash extensions because i Like to like scrub my face so it's hard At the moment with them but at the same Time i've kind of like figured out a Certain routine and you know it seems to Be pretty easy so that's why i'm wearing Lash extensions and by the way the only Place i would get them done is a salon In dubai called snot if you guys want to Check them out i have put their link in The description below if you're ever in Dubai because i know a lot of you guys Are in the us and i love it i love you Guys but if you ever do visit dubai then Make sure you do head over to that salon Because honestly it's so cute inside It's really nice it's like just very Airy and i think you're gonna love it And the services are amazing and they Always make you feel like amazing so Anyway let's move on i have nothing on My skin you can probably tell my tan is Kind of like gone as well it's like Slowly fading but it always fades from My face first it's probably faded from My face first because i did recently Have my radio frequency micro needling Which i think i mentioned in another

Video where i still had the kind of like Scars left from it the scars are fully Healed i literally cannot wait till my Next treatment i'm filming the whole Thing for you guys so i'll go into that On that video which shows all four Sessions but so far loving it so we're Going to be doing this a little bit Differently because i want to show you How you can get the perfect base with a Bold lip color so we're going to be kind Of like starting the base off obviously With skin care first then go on to the Bold lip color and then we're finishing Off because that gives us an idea of how Far we can go with everything on the Base and then i can honestly guarantee You that you will love this technique This method because it will just make it So much easier to wear a bold lip so Let's get started i am going to be using My oasis bright from wind it's actually A new serum which i've started to use And i'm loving it i did put a reel up Recently on my instagram so you can go Check that out yeah it's something which Basically gives you that kind of boost Of hydration as most wind products do It's a multi brightening serum so it has 10 vitamin c in there so there's a lot Of vitamin c packed into this product But what the best thing is about this is It actually works on any skin type so You know you may have heard that some

People can't really tolerate vitamin c I'm one of those people this has been Completely fine on my skin it also helps With dullness if you suffer from a bit Of dullness and you want your skin to be A lot brighter the thing that really Stands out for me is the fact that it Treats sun damage which is great for me It also helps to reduce dark spots Sunspots it's smoothing on the skin as Well and it's also great if you have any Redness which sometimes i can suffer From i'm okay at the moment but i do Have that kind of like sun damage that I'm trying to kind of like help to Recover so i'm gonna go ahead and apply This and what's great is you can Actually use this it's like a dropper You can use this morning and night so I'm just gonna like smooth this over my Hands and then i like to just press this In Now that i've got that on and i've let That kind of like sink into the skin i'm Going in with my moisturizer which is my Marrakesh which you guys know how much i Love this moisturizer Using my drunk elephant multi vitamin Eye cream just getting a small amount of This And just smoothing it around my eyes now I also want some spf but i do want to Get a bit of coverage with that too so I'm going to be using my it cosmetics cc

Cream you guys know how much i love this I'm using my sigma beauty f47 brush Remember guys this is the ultimate Foundation brush honestly this is all You need it's amazing so make sure you Head over to sigma and grab one because Honestly it's going to make everything So much easier when it comes to your Base so this is the f47 multitasker Brush don't forget you get 10 off with Nina ub10 and if you click on the link Below you know you can just see what Offers are on on the general website now Okay let's move on so this got spf 40. This is actually a slightly lighter Shade that i than i usually use this is Neutral tan and i'm basically going to Just apply this all over the reason it's Slightly lighter is because i have kind Of like lightened up a bit like my tan Isn't as like golden as much as i love It i'm literally just see how amazing This brush is i'm literally just Smoothing this on there's a couple of Different ways i use this cc cream so One is when i literally just don't want To have to use foundation and stuff and You know like say if i'm going somewhere Very quickly and i just very quickly put This on but the other way is what i'm Going to show you which is basically This as my base and then i basically go Over with my concealer i'm going to show You everything and then i try if i feel

Like i need a bit of warmth like a bit Of golden finish to my face then i'll Add a little bit of a like really nice Golden foundation very small amount just To kind of like buff everything in but This is my main kind of like base Because it's giving me spf but also Giving me whatever coverage i kind of Like need now i'm going in with my too Faced concealer in warm beige just gonna Apply a little bit on my eyelids because They're looking pretty dark I'm using a small mini beauty blender Because obviously i've got these like Lash extensions on and i don't want to Smear foundation i mean concealer all Over them so just kind of like buffing This in Now i'm just going to get a bit of my Banana powder from ben i and i've got my Powder puff i'm just gonna like press it Onto my eyelids And then just dust it away with my real Techniques setting brush very lightly so That you're not kind of moving the Concealer around so you can see how That's giving us a nice even finish on The eyelids now but obviously we need to Deal with these like bad boys here so Let's go ahead with that now i always Feel like the too faced concealer is not Really good enough coverage for my under Eyes it kind of likes it's too fluid it Kind of goes all over the place so i

Always feel like i need a slightly Thicker concealer to cover up my dark Circles and then i kind of like add a Little bit of this sometimes if i want To kind of warm it up so at the moment I'm using my hourglass beach concealer The vanish concealer but i'm going to Put a very because this is too light for Me but it's going to be great for Covering up my dark circles so just a Little bit along here That's going to help to just brighten That area and then get my too faced Concealer I'm just gonna like smear it in the Middle so that gives me a bit of warmth See the color difference there you can Use your one concealer you have to do All of this if you don't want to but you Can use like whatever concealer that you Use i'm just showing you what my current Technique is for this type of look now I'm going to just start buffing it and What i'm doing is just kind of like Pressing it onto the under eye area and That hourglass vanish concealer gives me Amazing coverage and then that warmth of The too faced concealer kind of like it Just makes it less thick as well as well As giving it that warmth Now this is where i get my really warm Foundation which is my tarte face tape In 47s deep sand and i basically put a Really small amount on the back of my

Hand literally just not even a full pump And then all i'm doing is just kind of Like warming my face all over so i'm Smearing it onto the sponge And then just applying it all over see That way i've got my spf underneath Which is giving me that base coverage And this is kind of like just warming Everything up and tying everything in Together Now this whole kind of like technique Gives me amazing coverage for one thing But also it gives me like amazing Staying power trust me if you do it in This way it's gonna like stay put and it Doesn't look cakey that's warmed up my Face really nicely just got my powder And my powder puff let's set the under Eye first I don't really want to spread the powder Out everywhere i just want to kind of Like spread it out with the brush after So i'm going to use my hourglass veil Brush and i'm just like whatever's left In my hand And Dusting it all over my face so it Doesn't give me a super matte finish and You'll see initially it will be super Matte but then after a little while it Starts to look really nice and like kind Of like healthy skin which looks great With a bold lip Very quickly i'm going to do my eyebrows

So i'm using my benefit brow pencil in Zero four and i'm not going to really Make them too dark i just want to kind Of shape them because you can always Kind of adjust it after you've done your Bold lip i just like to draw hair Strokes through it Okay so brows are done now this is the Part where we're actually going to be Doing the lips now so we haven't done Any kind of like sculpting bronzing Blush eye makeup anything else we Haven't contoured the nose we're going To go straight to the bold lip and now This is where this this method or this Order of doing things really does help You out and it gives you a lot more kind Of control on how your finished look Looks so sometimes you may find when you Do a bold lip you obviously it's the Last thing that you actually put on your Lipstick but you'll find that okay Everything looks a bit too much or it Looks a bit like scary this is a way Which is going to help you so much you Are going to end up doing this forever Because it changes the way your whole Face looks because what we've done is We've applied our base and you can do That however you want to do your base But before you do any finishing touches Other than the brows because i like to Do them first you can actually end up Choosing how your finished look is going

To look so you know that your base isn't Going to look ott you know that you can Kind of like sculpt it according to Match the bold lip it all depends on the Color you're using as well i feel this Is how we are going to do it so we're Going to go straight ahead with using Our lip liner because i love lip liner So i'm actually using my walk of no Shame from charlotte tilbury i'm just Going to line my lips so i'm still i Always start from the middle and then i Work my way around here and then like That and then i go like that i do Normally start from the middle there at The bottom as well I like to round my humps on my lips i Don't like them to be pointy Now when i am wearing bold lip i like The lip liner to be quite thick because It gives me a lot of kind of like depth To work with like i can actually give it More depth from the outside in so this Way i know that it's also going to stay In place so that's why i've made it so Thick i actually really like it like That And just making sure i get those corners In i'm gonna go for my makeup forever New matte lipstick these are amazing They're so nice they don't actually feel Overly dry on your skin or your lips Either this shade is probably my Favorite one it's the 442

I love it it's just like a really nice Bright red i like the fact that you can Actually just use the applicator Because it's just perfectly shaped i Love this kind of like orangey red now We're going to make this a little bit Darker we're going to go back to our lip Pencil and we're just going to start Shading in from the lip line So just dragging inwards See how that gives it more depth now That initial lip line helps to give it a Nice clean edge and it's going to hold Everything in place then we apply the Lipstick we take it up into the lip line But not above and over and then we go in With the lip liner again but we feather It inwards and it gives it the most Amazing depth and it just doesn't look So flat so this is your nice bold lip Now this is where we can start applying The rest of the face so now the first Thing i usually do is sculpt the face Because now this gives me a good idea of How much sculpting i want you guys must Have done it to you when you finish your Whole base and then you go in with your Lipstick right at the end and you're Like okay i sculpted way too much with Too much bronzer in comparison with the Lip this is a good way to kind of it Gives you an idea of how far you can go I'm gonna use my it's cosmetics bye bye Pause bronzer in beach and my veil brush

The small side of it and this is where I'm just gonna like very lightly Buff this in so i'm starting from the Top of my ear because this gives me an Idea of how much i can go ahead with and I can tell you i can guarantee you if i Had put this on before i did my lip Color you've probably seen me in most of My videos do i go full on with my Bronzer because i absolutely love it This seems more or less enough for me so I would never have stopped at this point Had i applied my bronzer to begin with So it's actually amazing how you realize That you go all in before you finish Your face so sometimes if you feel like You've done something a little bit ott Then do that last because then what Happens is you've got everything else That's put together and then you have a Better idea of how far you can go with It next i'm going to use my shady biz Bronzer and my fenty 200 brush i'm just Going to like sculpt my nose so my usual Technique for this is a little diamond With a gap at the top so there you go a Little gap at the top there kind of like Pinches the bulbous part of my nose and Then just up the sides of the bridge of The nose now i also don't want to go too Heavy with this and i would have Actually continued there had i have not Had my lips on now i don't want blush on Because it's going to be a bit much with

This lip but what i do want is a little Bit of glow so i'm going to use my tom Ford highlighter and this is my zoeva Two three four brush just gonna like put A little bit on the tip of my nose and Just along here now my zoeva one three Four brush into the same highlight and This is where i am gonna actually Kind of just highlight the very peaks of My cheek bones i really love this kind Of skin with a red lip or with a bold Lip i just feel like everything like Even if you don't have perfect skin you Can still kind of like try and give it That kind of glass finish even though You know it's not like the kind of glass Skin that we see on instagram and stuff You know like where it's just like skin And it's you know not all of us have Amazing skin so i'm just gonna i just Like to take this over to a little bit Above the brow because it's just in that It's the natural place where the light Bounces off and i feel like it just Makes your face look less flat now we do Want a little bit of mascara on those Lower lashes see how we don't have to do Anything for these lash extensions it's Pretty good but i do love changing my Style which is why i've always loved False lashes so you know like some days I won't want this type of look some days I might want it a little bit flared so It's still really good if you don't have

Time well i wouldn't suggest getting it All the time you've got to give your Lashes a break i think as well like once I've had a top up on these give it Another two months and then i'm gonna go Back to my false lashes but if i'm ever Busy then i don't mind having lash Extensions and if i did then it's only Gonna be at that side one because i Trust them okay now just to finish off Our skin i'm gonna add a spray so i'm Using my oasis veil from wind i do Really love this because as you guys Know Orange blossom and all that but also Hydration and it's like serum in a Bottle Yes i've been through loads of bottles See how this just like gives it that Extra glow it does kind of settle down It's not going to be like this Throughout so this is basically Something i really wanted to show you And ultimately you guys i'm sure know How to do a bold lip so that wasn't my Main priority here my priority was Really showing you how changing the Order of your makeup can completely Change how that bold lip look in general Looks so i really do hope you've taken That away from this and you try it out Yourself even if it isn't a bold lip Even if it's something else that you Feel like you usually go with ott with

Put it on last and i can guarantee it Will change the whole way it looks I hope you've enjoyed this video if you Have any questions let me know in the Comments box below as always if you like This video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and i'll see You soon

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