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How to use cream eyeshadow | Nina Ubhi




How to use cream eyeshadow | Nina Ubhi

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I'm going to show you exactly why cream Eyeshadow is the easiest texture to use I'm using my Charlotte Tilbury cream Eyeshadow in Walk of no shame I've got a Little bit on the back of my hand I'm Just going to press it onto my lid like This I'm using my Charlotte Tilbury Blender brush and I'm just going to take All of that product off so that it's Left with very little on the brush now I'm going to go into my socket area and I'm just going to very lightly go back And forth Just creating a kind of Semi-circle and now we're going to drag Upwards and outwards I'm using my Eye Smudger Brush and I'm just taking Whatever's left on my hand and I'm just Gonna go into my lower lashes just side To side focus on touching the root and We're using the tip of the brush key tip To take away from this and never dip Your brush into the cream product and Straight onto the skin always take the Excess off on the back of your hand or Onto a tissue so you're left with the Smallest amount of product and that's How it's much easier to create that nice Faded effect

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