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How to Use a Foam Roller | 15 Minutes




How to Use a Foam Roller | 15 Minutes

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Hi and welcome to breathe fit sugar this Is your 15minute intro to foam rolling Session my name is Danielle gray Celebrity trainer and founder of train Like a gymnast whether you're new to Foam rolling or you want to add Something new to your routine this is Going to be a great session for you to Change it up all right so to start let's Take a deep breath In and Out let's begin I'm using a mini one today you can be Using a longer roller that's fine we're Starting with angels on our back you Want to make sure that your head is on The roller don't let your neck flop off The end if you're using a short one like I am go ahead and lift your hips if You're using a long one it should be on Your tailbone as well from here Palms Are up and you're going to make Angels On the floor bring your arms all the way Up overhead try to touch your thumbs Together and then breathe out as you Bring it back Down something to keep in mind as you Were doing these angels is keeping your Low back pressed into the roller or if Your hips are up like mine are keeping Your core Engaged you've got just a little bit Left here but think about breathing in Every time you go

Up and breathing Out every time you come down let it Relax okay drop your hips or bring the Roller out you're going to bring it to The side now into t-spine twists so You're going to lie on your side your Arm is going to be out in front the Roller is parallel to your body your Knee to your ankle is in line with the Roller and then you're going to breathe Out as you rotate and try to get the Opposite shoulder on the ground the Bottom leg can be bent or straight You're probably going to do two to four Reps here treat it like a stretch not Like an ex exercise and work with your Breath when you return back go ahead and Switch to the other side if you want a Little bit more of a Twist in your spine You can move the roller and you can Bring your knee to the floor all right So arms in front bring it Out breathe you might get some cracks And Pops just listen to your body do a Body scan from head to toe Here and then we're going to end up Lying on our stomach as you return back Here all right so now what I want you to Do is bring the roller in front of you You're going to be on your stomach but Your chest is going to stay off of the Floor all right you're going to put your Arms straight and this one we're going To activate a little bit of our muscles

Here so we're going to lift a hand off Bring it back down and then switch sides As you're doing this you're going to be Looking in between your hands and I want You to breathe out on on the lift so Taking your own time here really trying To activate the back and the shoulders So that you can feel when we transition Into rolling our triceps and our biceps What is actually being massaged try to Keep your feet on the ground as you're Doing these prone lifts if you want to Try to make it harder you can put your Head down on the floor and continue to Lift now the reason I have you up is Because it's a little bit easier and More accessible to lift your arm Especially if your shoulder Mobility is Slightly struggling a little bit we're Going to work on that all right we're Going to stay in the same position as we Transition into the triceps but what You're going to do is you're going to Bring the roller in front of one Shoulder arm in front thumbs up okay From there think about this section of Your arm in thirds I want you to stay in The middle part where the biggest part Of the muscle belly is and then kind of Go back and forth and if you want to do A little extra rolling internally rotate Thumb down externally rotate and you'll Feel kind of a pop over that muscle Belly depending on how much pressure you

Put down so if you have a lighter Density foam roller then you might not Feel it as much or it might be a little More bearable if you were more Experienced to foam rolling you might be Using a denser foam roller like I am and You can put a little more pressure to Feel what you're trying to get you can Go closer to the shoulder closer to the Elow elbow depending on what you've done Go ahead and switch sides other arm in Front go ahead back and forth and then From there go ahead do your internal and External rotation working with your Breath through the rolls and through the Pops you can do this down by the elbow To the middle and by the shoulder or you Can stay in the middle just depending on What your body needs and that changes From day to day from here we're going to Go into our biceps so now the roller Comes parallel to our body we have our Thumb down now all right we roll back And forth same thing treat it in thirds And you can still do internal and External Rotation every time you breathe you are Giving a signal to your brain to tell Your muscles they are safe it's okay to Be in this position and that they can Relax it's very important when rolling To relax the muscles you are rolling Otherwise you're not going to get the Benefit of the actual rolling the self

Myofascial rolling you are in control of How much pressure of how efficient of How intense all of this is so take your Time the next thing we're going to be Doing is we're going to push it down by Our hips so we're still going to be Staying on our Stomach but you're going to roll it down Okay and you're going to put it either On both quads or on one okay you do have Four four quad muscles but we're saying One side and the other side so you can Treat everything like thirds as well Here you're going to roll all the way Down really trying to relax the toes Relax the quads let the roller kind of Dig up in now same thing you can do some Internal and external rotation here you Don't have to go crazy with it since This is an intro you're just learning And getting kind of experience with Rolling it should be a four to a seven Out of 10 10 on the discomfort scale Okay from here bring it up into your hip If you have a longer roller you're going To make sure that it is off the center Okay so the edge of the roller is in Front of one hip you're going to bend That knee okay from there you're going To bring the heel to the outside of the Body and you might feel that right away That's going to be right in that hip Flexor and you can play around with that Heel coming out and in then we'll do the

Other side okay so other side whether You're rolling it fully on that side or You're going into the hip flexor you Want to make sure you breathe this one Gets really hard you build that heat Because you're also in like a half plank So just remember you have to go all the Way down by that knee where the muscles Insert you're getting the full range not Rushing then we're going to bring it up Into the hip Flexor bend that knee bring the heel to The side and then bring it back and Forth and foam rolling versus stretching Passively allows for some new areas of Opportunity maybe some different angles Some different spots that you didn't Know were quite sore all right this one Is one of my favorites especially if I've been hiking jogging or running a Lot all right now from here we're going To do a quarter turn to our side we're Going to bring the Roller right under our armpits so right In that spot you might be able to feel It in your back if you kind of roll back A little bit it's right behind the Shoulder we're not on bone we never roll On bone We Roll on muscle okay so our Arm is up by our ear and we can go back And fourth we can go down and up and Just remembering to work with your Breath here this is for your lats okay You can go a little bit further down but

If your lats are not super developed you Might feel like you're rolling over ribs So listen to your body feel where you Need to be okay and you might find a Spot where you're like oh there are Angels singing so let's breathe through That okay take your time breathe and Relax tell your mind tell your muscles We're going to stay here and give a Little bit attention to it okay then try The other side so flip it Over that goes Under the armpit and you can lean back Same thing back and forward down and up Breathing relaxing getting into that Spot that maybe you haven't touched Maybe it's new and it's very sensitive So breathe and then now we're going to Transition to our back so remember how I Said we don't roll over bone so when we Go onto our back we want to go Center And then slightly angle our hips so not Quite 45 but right in the middle there If it helps you can put your hands Behind your legs so that you're not Keeping a lot tension in your neck your Core should be helping you a little bit Too so foam rolling is not only just Rolling you're also doing a little bit Of core work as well so I want you to Roll down by the low back through the Midback into the upper back staying off Of that bone treating the back in thirds Okay then from there we're going to kind

Of shift and lean to the other side you Can have your hands behind the legs Behind your head or overhead depending On what feels best for you so much of Rolling is experimentation if you feel Like you're slipping you can always Readjust you can move you can bring your Chin to your chest but finding those Spots that are really going to help you Relax and release this should feel very Regenerative there's nothing wrong with Rest days there's nothing wrong with Taking a day to roll if you're super Sore that's your body telling you it Needs to rest and by you giving it that Attention you're going to be able to Perform so much better Okay now what I want you to do from that Middle remember we're not rolling we're Going to go to the center our hands are Behind our head and from here we're just Going to relax maybe two inches down and Then breathe out and curl up we're not Doing a sit up we're just letting the Roller press into the Structure and come back up you can roll Down a little bit give me about two two More Relax one more inhale on the way Down and out as you come up beautiful Now we're transitioning into our Hamstrings and glutes now you have three Different hamstring muscles and we're Still segmenting by thirds all right so

Since I have a mini roller I'm going to Do one side at a time if you have h a Longer roller you can do both at the Same time or you can cross the leg over To make it more intense so from here by The knee by the middle of the muscle Belly by the insertion under the glutes I'm in the middle okay I can internally Rotate my leg and do the same thing I Can externally rotate my leg and do the Same thing you might find one part of Your hamstrings is a little bit tighter Or a little more sensitive than others Give it some attention and then move Through while you work with your breath All right we'll do the hamstrings and The glutes on one side and and then We'll switch to the other so from here Since I'm on my right leg I'm going to Pull the roller back to my right glute I'm going to sit on the roller with my Right glute cross my right leg over Everything is right okay and I'm going To tilt my right knee down to the floor Then from there I'm going to roll and You should feel that right away breathe Through that you can play around with Rolling and rocking you can play around With moving forward and back but this Especially if you hike Or you run a lot this is a great one to Do because those muscles are going to be A little overactive okay let's try the Other side so let's go to the other

Hamstrings all right so left leg now I'm Going From the bottom of the hamstring where It inserts behind the knee going to the Middle taking my time and then right Where it inserts under the bottom from There you can internally rotate And externally rotate go at your own Pace finding the spot that's going to Work for you maybe right in the middle Is good if you want that more intensity You cross that leg over and it's going To it's going to increase you're going To feel it if you're like nope that's Not for me then you stay here and you Adjust if your wrists are starting to Hurt you could start to use a Parallettes or something that's going to Make it not bend over 90 degrees all Right go ahead to the glute from there Cross that leg over now you're going to Tilt to the left if you're with me You're rocking back and forth here after This we're going down to the calves and We'll finish with a beautiful low back Stretch because I know that's what Everybody wants and needs take your Time now Calves if you are soar in your calves You're going to discover right away this Is very intense if you're not soaring Your calves just just take today to Learn so I would recommend doing one at A time you can do both on a roller if

That helps but I think one at a time you Can kind of adjust the intensity so in/ Thirds down by the ankle internally and Externally rotate you got a bunch of Different muscles down there especially Since your feet are the only things that Touch the floor when you walk unless You're a gymnast and you're on your Hands um you need to take care of your Legs your lower legs especially start to Work your way up towards the bottom of The knee top of the calves giving that Internal external rotation if you need a Break here you can do this through your Hip and keep your bottom down but you Will feel that heat building okay take Your time kind of like when we did the Uh triceps where we internally Externally rotated you can do that with Your calves too if you watch you'll see That little pop is going over the muscle Belly so I'm trying to dig and release And relax through that muscle try your Other side okay down by the Ankle taking your time looking and Connecting with your body breathing Sending those signals to Relax and then slowly working your way Up adding the right amount of pressure That you need and then you can do the Internal external rotation feeling the Little movement through the muscle Belly Awesome all right from there you can put

Your foam oer to the side we're going to Finish with that low back stretch so You're going to be in a butterfly Position all right so your feet Together you're going to sit up really Straight your left hand is going to go To your right ankle your right hand is Going to go behind your head from here Lift up out of your hips twist to the Right so that your right elbow is facing Back behind you then as if it has a Laser beam you're going to try to get That laser beam to point to the ceiling As you tilt your left shoulder to the Left knee keep both sit bones glued to The ground take a deep breath in and Out from there you can round your back But keep that elbow Lifted and then bring that right hand to The right knee and press that knee away As low as it can go you should feel this All through the lower right hand side of Your back thank your body for what it is Doing for you what it did for you today And what it allows you to do every day Let's do that same thing on the other Side right hand to left ankle left hand Behind the head sit up really tall twist To the left one side might be a little More flexible than the other don't judge Just become aware then tilt that right Shoulder to the right knee while lifting The left elbow to the sky keep both sit Bones glued keep the knees pulling down

And breathe Out keep that left elbow Lifting and then bring that left hand to The left knee press that knee away Keep tilting if you want to bring the Chin to your chest you Can and breathe Out come all the way back up I want you To take one final breath with me so deep Breath In hold for a second at the top and then Breathe Out release everything I want to thank You so much for rolling with me now this Was kind of fast and I want you to know That you can always take more time time You can always pause me do whatever You've got to do because this was just An introduction I could literally spend An entire hour teaching you how to roll So go at your own pace and listen to Your body thank you so much I hope you Come back again all right you can do This before or after any workout or just On an active rest day all right I'm your Breathe fit sugar host Danielle gray Celebrity trainer and founder of train Like a gymnast come back next time I Will see you soon keep Breathing

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