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I don't think there's any like one right Way of taking your makeup off but I Really wanted to share with you how I Take it off and it's been effective for Me and it removes all my makeup and I Think it works really well it's not Rough on my skin I'm making sure I'm Taking everything off and I'm using Gentle products and I am double Cleansing as well [Applause] Welcome or welcome back to my YouTube Channel which is all about educational Beauty in today's video I'm going to be Showing you how to remove your makeup Basically this is how I take my makeup Off now before we head into this video Make sure you do give this video a Thumbs up subscribe to my channel and Hit that Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos and I'm Also on Instagram so if you generally Want to hang out with me or watch some Reels watch some unboxing then make sure You hit follow there too now let's head Straight into this video I wanted to share with you how I removed My makeup so how I take my makeup off Now there are two ways that I take my Makeup off one way is when I literally Just kind of wash it off I just use wipe To take the obvious bits off and then I Wash my face I double cleanse then the Other way is when I've had a long day

And honestly I'm just sitting on the Sofa and I just get my stuff with me and I take it off that way now I always end Each version of taking my makeup off With washing my face and exfoliating so I want to show you how I remove all my Makeup before I actually wash my face And then exfoliate it because I don't Like taking it all off in one go because I feel like everything's smeared all Over the place I just want to take the Obvious like few layers off like the eye Makeup the lashes all that kind of stuff So then when I wash my face it it Doesn't like the face wash doesn't have To work as hard to remove everything if That makes sense so I take all the Obvious stuff off first now first and Foremost I actually get started with my Lashes I get a wet white now it's up to You which ones you use I kind of like Alternate between different ones these Ones are my nude sticks ones and I Basically wrap it around My finger like that can you see that two Fingers like that so you can see there's Like a little dip there and basically I Twist that hold it so I've still got That little kind of dip there right and Then I just like grab my lashes and I Press I don't pull so this is not Stressful on my lashes because I press And it just basically the wet wipe the Kind of moisture in there just kind of

Softens my my mascara and I might kind Of like move my fingers back and forth a Bit And then I very lightly drag I am not Pulling them at all guys so don't freak Out here So my thing is like see look at all that My thing is is that if you and trust me I've been wearing makeup for years so I Know if you try and wash it all off and Even if you do the double cleansing it's Really hard to get that full-on eye Makeup off and even using a kind of like Eye makeup remover doesn't always remove Everything in terms of your mascara so I Always like to take the obvious bits off First and then I kind of end up like Doing the rest and like literally I'm Sitting in front of the TV and at least I can just relax while I'm doing all This you know and especially do this if I have had like I said a long day and I Don't feel like I've had like I don't Feel like I've got much time to actually Relax because then I just want to be Able to do it while relaxing if that Makes sense so then what I do is I just Basically wrap it around my finger like That and I just kind of like go Underneath my upper lashes and I just go Back and forth side to side and what That's doing is just picking up any kind Of mascara that is like stuck in between My lashes same on the other side

Mascara is off now this is where I'm Going to take off the eye makeup I've Got quite a lot on at the moment so I'm Going to use my uh borian this is my Cleansing water this is really good Because it doesn't irritate my eyes and You just you know it's just very Soothing and very light so I put a Little bit you only need a little bit by The way like the smallest amount and I Basically take this over my whole eye And I remove all my eyeshadow I also go over my eyebrow take off my Brow product See imagine taking all this off Like with a face wash And then like even even if you double Cleanse like I don't feel like you're Really fully double cleansing if you are Using your first cleansing step to Remove all the makeup do you see what I Mean like I feel like well Now I might as well triple cleanse I'm Just really OCD with like cleaning my Face and getting all the makeup off And I'm really not pressing hard guys so I know like sometimes I like I show Certain things that I do and then I'll Get comments saying like oh my God that Was so rough or whatever like look at All that it's nasty And it's really not as hard as it looks I'm very gentle with my face so I'm just Going to go over that again with a

Little bit more It feels so good to take makeup off Doesn't it I love it so I'm just gonna Go over my lips Let's grab another cotton pad And I'm gonna go over the rest of my Face now This makeup is actually from a look that I filmed for YouTube Like I've literally been filming Most of the day different stuff and I Just thought okay this is the kind of Day where I'd sit in front of the TV and Just like grab all my bits and just like Take my makeup off this way and it just Feels so good and I thought I was about To sit down and I thought let me just Show you guys how I do this So I really go kind of like into the Hairline because guys I'm telling you You will not you don't realize when You're putting makeup on just how far Back your makeup goes and you know like You're not gonna get it off all with Face wash like for example If you are trying to like if you don't Wash your hair every single day you Obviously and and you're trying to take Your makeup off without getting your Hair wet you know like I usually put Like a towel band around my head to be Honest most of the time if I am taking My um makeup off like in the evening Then I some if I'm taking it off like in

The bathroom and not in front of the TV Then I just have another shower because It's just like you know it's just easier But so much makeup Gets in areas like you know like up here Near the ear And like down the jawline down the neck And I get eczema by the way on my like In my ears here so I really try and like Make sure I grab everything because Otherwise it starts irritating my ears Not just that but like when you're Putting powder on it just flies around Everywhere like you'll be surprised Where it gets it gets everywhere Yeah When I know that my face is fully clean That's when I'm like okay now I feel Like I can move around you know like I Just feel like my face is just clean Like I actually cannot get over That some people take their makeup off Like this and then leave it guys like I Can't I can't imagine those people sit There and do it as much as what I do Like you know like 10 12 cotton pads Later you're still kind of like You know doing like removing your makeup And you still get stuff on your like It's still there's still dirt coming off So that's why it's so important to Actually wash your face after and Exfoliate because you really want to Make sure you get rid of all that kind

Of dead skin I'm just gonna very quickly Splash my Face with some water because I want to Show you my next step Okay so I've just kind of like splashed My face I'm now going to grab my Exfoliator so I alternate between a few Different ones uh today I'm going to be Using my wind Sahara silk it's a Vanishing Cream exfoliator it's really Good for when I have been pretty kind of Like say if I've done quite a few looks On my face today or I've been like a bit Rough with my Face you know like with makeup and heavy Makeup Etc because it leaves your skin Really soft so I've just like put this On And I'm just basically Gonna like It's like circular movements Every time I use this on clients Clients are like what did you just give Me to use it was so good And you basically kind of like Smooth it All over And then you wash it so I'm just gonna Go and wash my face now And then I'm gonna Also wash it With My face wash so first off I'm going to Rinse this all off then after I've

Rinsed it I'm going to use my Amoravitzia if that's how you say it Face wash and then I'll be back in a sec And I'm back I've washed my face as you Can see it's still wet now I wanted to Really just show you how I removed my Makeup I'm not going to show you my Whole nighttime skin routine at the Moment because I just wanted to focus on How I actually remove it because I've Had some of you guys comment saying how Do you take your makeup off what is the Right way of taking it off I don't think There's any like one right way of taking Your makeup off but I really wanted to Share with you how I take it off and It's been effective for me and it Removes all my makeup and I think it Works really well it's not rough on my Skin I'm making sure I'm taking Everything off and I'm using gentle Products and I am double cleansing as Well so I really wanted to just share That with you I'm just going to like Kind of Pat my face dry because normally I let it just dry naturally but And oh that was great wasn't it yeah so That's it guys base is nice and clean I Can go and relax now I had a long day And I'm very tired actually I have Technico for a walk first so yeah if you Guys have any questions about that Please do let me know in my comments box Below I also have some discount codes

Which are in my description box below And the links for everything that I've Used is in my description box below as You can tell this isn't really about Kind of like showing you the products or Anything it's really about showing you How I remove my makeup and also please Don't forget that I do have my Vlog Channel so please come over and support Me over there too it would really mean a Lot and I'd love to kind of see you guys There and like see familiar names on the Comment section there as well and it's Still a very young like baby channel so It's still growing we're right at the Beginning stages still but I think You're gonna enjoy it just watch a Couple of Vlogs like randomly randomly Pick one and I think you're gonna like It it's real it's real life real talk And a bit of my husband in there too and Little Nico so yeah I hope you enjoy it And I'm sending you loads of Good Vibes Wherever you are in the world Well I hope you enjoyed this video today If you did give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit that Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos until the Next video take care and I'll see you Soon

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