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I'm going to like press that oh hold on There you go now it's on [Applause] Welcome or welcome back to my YouTube Channel which is all about educational Beauty today's video is all about how to Prep your skin before an event so the Night before an event I know we all do This we prep our skin or we try and we Think what can I do to make my skin look Amazing tomorrow that's what I'm going To show you exactly how I prep my skin The night before an event so if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of the future Videos and don't forget I'm over on Instagram too so you can come say hi There now let's head straight into the Video How to prep your skin the night before An event I know that most of us will sit There a night before an event and think Okay what can I do to just kind of prep My skin so it is at its best the next Day so because of this I really wanted To show you my way of prepping my skin The night before an event and it's just A combination of different products that I use and some things that I do that I Don't usually do so they're not part of My usual makeup routine I wanted to get Started I've well I've washed my face

For a start so that's one thing I have Washed my face now first thing I want to Do is show you just the face wash that I Use today so the face wash that I used Was my tatcha rice wash and I like this Because it has like it's for it's like Normal it's for normal skin but it has It's very very like fine little beads in There and I feel like it gently Exfoliates my skin so it's nothing major Because I don't want to kind of like be Too rough with my skin and I don't want Something which is going to really strip My skin of any oils so by the way please Ignore my hair because I I'm just trying To do this thing where I'm not really Putting too much product on there so Obviously it's not going to be kind of Super smooth and it has a bit of a kink You know on one side but we'll deal with It we can handle it okay so the first Thing that I want to do now that my face Is washed what I want to do is add a Serum to my skin now the serum I'm going To be using is my Lancer peptide drops You guys know that I absolutely love This it's like niacinamide vitamin E and I basically take just kind of like I Take two drops normally I put one drop But I'm taking two drops because I'm Going to be putting like this kind of LED situation oh I could think of the Name of it so I've got my Lancer peptide Drops and I'm just going to basically

Smooth this over And I'm not rubbing it in I'm just Leaving it kind of tacky and now I'm Going to take my LED mask and this is my Current body one I think you may have Seen me use this before and I'm Literally just gonna place this on top And this kind of like goes in this Little Little thing here it's like velcro and Basically you tighten it right there you Go I'm gonna like press that oh hold on There you go now it's on so what I do is I basically leave this on now this turns Itself off after 10 minutes so after 10 Minutes it's just going to turn off Itself and it's red LED and what this Does is it helps to kind of stimulate The collagen in the skin it also helps To kind of like improve the skin tone The firmness obviously that's with like Regular use but I don't use this on a Daily basis basis you can use it once a Day but I just put it on I don't know Maybe once a week if that just and Usually it's when I remember like most Of the time I forget to put this on but When I know I've got an event the next Day I definitely put this on I feel like I have to make hand movements because if You can't see my Expressions right now I Put this on and I feel like obviously Immediately immediately you're not going To see that firmness immediately but

What I do get immediately which is Really great for the next day is I do Feel like my skin tone is a lot more Even I feel like my skin is kind of Glowing more so that's what I really Love about this although in the long run It does help to improve you know the Thickness of your skin that like loss of Elasticity this lit deals with that in Such a good good way so in like I said It improves the firmness of the skin too Amazing for like fine lines and wrinkles So if you use this daily in four weeks You'll see a reduction in fine lines and Wrinkles so that's just a little side Point I wanted to mention you can put a Kind of one of those you know those like Sheet masks you can put that on Underneath this by the way and and then Kind of like take it off and just like Let that serum soak in but I do that Sometimes but honestly I'm loving this Serum at the moment so that's why I'm Like putting this on because I love it What I will say is I used to use the Freyo you know the the device that kind Of like cleanses your skin and I swore By it and when we moved I lost the lead To charge it and I don't know where it Is and honestly I need to just order a New one so I haven't been using it for a While and honestly when I it needed Charging I was like oh my God what am I Going to do because you know I love that

And I feel like I don't clean my skin Isn't clean without it so what I've been Doing is basically using an extra kind Of exfoliator so like obviously I Mentioned the rice washer attacher that I use anyway what I've been doing is Every so often mixing in a actual Exfoliator so I use uh the Lancer skin Polish which is great and that's like Combination skin so I use that every now And again I didn't do that today because I did exfoliate yesterday so I just Don't like to do it on a daily basis Because I feel like I'm just you know It's a bit too much so that is an option Too so if I hadn't have done it Yesterday I would have done it today and That's going to really kind of like Smooth your skin a bit you know give it That extra push and smooth it get rid of Those dead skin cells too and then you Know you can continue with whatever the Next product is I feel like these masks Like you know when you put it on like I've put this on and on my face feels Like it's kind of dragging down a little Bit obviously with the weight they Should do something which kind of at the Same time right because then like it Just doesn't feel like it's dragging Down then just like is something I've Just noticed because usually I put it on And I'm just like doing other stuff at The moment I'm just kind of sitting here

So I'm just noticing things that I Haven't noticed before in the meantime While we're waiting have you checked out My Vlog Channel because some of you have Gone over there and I really would love To see so many more of you guys head Over there because it would be really Great to increase the subscriber count At the moment we're at like 1000 and Something which is great but I would Love to see more of you there honestly You guys are going to love the Vlogs Well I think you're gonna love them but They are just kind of real and you get To see me really like me without like The whole makeup situation and there is Still like makeup stuff in there like For example you know like organizing my Makeup studio and stuff like that There's a really good declutter video Which is on there which I think you guys Are going to love and uh you know other Beauty treatments like I've just put a Video up when I recently went and had my Botox so that is up there on top of like At the same time I'm not going to lie During that video I was having a Meltdown which kind of like comes Through quite clearly in the videos if You want to see me having Botox and also Having a meltdown head over to that Video it is the end of the day and I Kind of like enjoy doing my kind of like My ritual my skin ritual and it's

Something that I think a lot of people Enjoy but genuinely really love it Because I just feel like it's soothing And it's therapeutic and it's really Strange that I'm going to be doing that On camera so I'm just going to see me Literally like rubbing in my cream and Just like being like this is so like I'm Honestly I love it because I find it so Therapeutic and it's done I don't want To like Bore You by like you know Literally talking for 10 minutes Straight about God knows what so Anyway let's take this off Oh Okay that feels good so all I do is I Just basically wipe this down after Which I'll do a bit later okay so next Up what I do is I get my eye cream and I Use the drunk elephant ceremony tea AFI Balm I use this one at night and I use The sea Tango in the morning so I Absolutely love these eye creams they're Great so I just take a very small amount And I just put this on the fingertips Like that And then I just like I feel like I put my skincare on very Differently at night compared to how I Apply it in the morning in the morning I'm like But in the evening I'm like this is my Chance to just like you know like give My skin a little bit of a kind of

Massage and You just you know I know I'm not going To be doing anything to my skin after so I give it a little bit of kind of TLC Next is my wind Casbah Moonlight this is Basically a cream to oil nightly mask I Don't use this daily I use this when I Feel like I want that extra kind of Comfort for my skin and it does make my Skin look amazing the next day the only Reason I don't use it every night is Because I just like to keep it as my Kind of how can I put it like my special Treat for my skin if that makes sense so I don't want to get so used to wearing It on a daily basis but this is great For like hydration for your skin to Recover really well so your skin repairs Itself anyway throughout the night but This kind of like gives it that extra Push and just like gets it into like Almost like beast mode of recovery you Know that makes sense now even though it Is a cream to oil it's honestly like Look it doesn't look oily and it doesn't Feel oily it's like you put it on and it Just kind of melts into the skin in so What I tend to do is just grab a little Bit of this I don't put a whole load on So don't like over don't put too much Onto your skin and this has like vitamin E it has Botanical oils it's got like Antioxidants and I basically just I smell so good too

You'll feel it when you kind of put it Onto your skin it doesn't feel oily it's Almost like in between it's like a it's Not it doesn't feel horrible and oily it Just feels like Almost like water And I just like massage my skin So I just do a few kind of massage Movements Usually my jawline most of the time just Pushing it up And then I do like below my cheekbones This is this is very like Plumping for The skin this this like night cream and By the way this is like great for daily Use so you can use this on a daily basis But I just like to keep it like special Like events so you can use this daily so Basically what I do is I just put my Kind of sides of my hands there beneath My cheekbones and I just kind of like Push up So yeah as I was saying this cream to Oil nightly mask is very kind of Transforming on the skin like your skin Just feels more plump it feels very soft The next day as well and I just feel Like this smoothness and everything is Just it's like perfect so another thing I wanted to mention is you can actually Use this with retinol so you can pair it Up with a Retinol Serum as well and it Literally is like a Powerhouse Duo you Can do that too and that's the great

Thing about this and I have done that Before and it honestly my skin was just Amazing the next day this is something That you can like I said use daily it's Very plumpy and very smoothing on the Skin and you you feel like your skin is A lot more luminous the next day and Also I don't know what it is in here it Might be the orange blossom but it Literally puts me to sleep like it just Feels so good and smells so good that It's just I feel like I've kind of given Myself like some kind of Moroccan facial Like a pro Moroccan facial and the smell It just is very kind of soothing and Just kind of like smells really nice so Yeah basically that is my kind of skin Prep the night before an event now I Know that tomorrow my skin is gonna look Amazing and it's going to be perfectly Prepped for makeup and that's the great Thing I don't have to worry about it Looking tired or kind of dull or patchy Uneven like not smooth it's gonna be Just right the next day for me to get Started for my next kind of my important Event so hopefully that is a good way You know for you guys to see what I do To my skin and maybe it's something that You can also do but I really wanted to Kind of show you what my routine is it May seem pretty simple but at the end of The day these small things and keeping It simple sometimes is what is going to

Actually help it to look its best the Next day overloading with so many Different products in one night is just Not something I would recommend because The more you use doesn't mean the better It's gonna it's not gonna look better You know so hopefully that makes sense And yeah wherever you are in the world Hope you have the best day ever oh Really it's kind of like best night Because I just filmed this and I'm like It's evening so yeah good night and I Will see you on the next video I really do hope you enjoyed this video Today and I hope it's given you a bit More of an insight into how I prep my Skin the night before an event and I Hope it helps you to figure out what's The best way for you now if you have any Questions let me know in the comments Box below if you like this video give it A thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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