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HOW TO MAKE HUMMUS IN 5 MINUTES | easy, healthy recipe




HOW TO MAKE HUMMUS IN 5 MINUTES | easy, healthy recipe

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Now I love a good homemade hummus but I Don't love it enough to soak my Chickpeas for 24 hours or to peel off The chickpea skins there's just too many Really good pre-made hummus options Available at the grocery store these Days so if I am going to make hummus From scratch I need it to be fast I need It to be easy and of course it's gonna Be delicious so this is my go-to five Minute hummus recipe with fresh garlic And Tahini and you can enjoy it as a dip As a spread as a snack and all you need Are six everyday ingredients and five Minutes of your time to make it now Because I really love fresh garlic in my Hummus I always start with two small Cloves or one fat clove of garlic right In my food processor and I just whirl That back and forth until it's finely Minced just like this now quick side Note if you are in the market for a mini Food processor which is a kitchen tool I Use all of the time I highly recommend That you look for a four cup mini Processor instead of a three cup mini Processor because that extra cup makes a Big difference and ultimately you just Get more bang for your buck so I will of Course link the one I'm using down in The description box below if it's Something you happen to be looking for Now next in to the food processor we're Going to be adding our garbanzo beans

AKA our chickpeas these are the star of The show and the secret to making very Easy fast convenient hummus is to use Canned chickpeas so all I do is drain And rinse one 15 ounce can of chickpeas And then I add that right into the food Processor along with my garlic and then I'm also going to add one tablespoon of Extra virgin olive oil a generous Tablespoon of tahini now if you're not Familiar with tahini it is simply a Ground Sesame paste so think like peanut Butter or almond butter but made with Sesame seeds and because I only use one Tablespoon for this recipe P if you Don't have tahini on hand and you don't Want to go out and buy an entire jar Just to use one tablespoon you could Just swap in a tablespoon of peanut Butter or a tablespoon of almond butter Or any type of nut butter you have on Hand it's really not detectable it's Going to have a nice earthy nutty flavor Either way so my friend you've got Options then I'll add two tablespoons of Fresh squeezed lemon juice this is going To add a nice bright fresh flavor And one teaspoon of ground cumin which Is so delicious because it's warm and Smoky but it's not spicy and then Finally I have a half a teaspoon of sea Salt then from here I'm just going to Blend this up I like to pulse it back And forth back and forth until it starts

To break down and what you're going to Notice is it starts to get very creamy But it's still very thick and so what I Like to do to add a nice light fluffy Consistency to the hummus without using An excess of oil or tahini is to add Some iced cold water so you're just Going to get a small bowl of water throw In a few ice cubes and then start with About three to four tablespoons of water Blend that up you'll see it starts to Loosen the hummus up a bit and then You're just going to like observe and See where you want the consistency if You want it a little bit thinner add Another tablespoon or two and just play With it until it's light and fluffy and Exactly where you want it this looks Perfect this is exactly the way I love My hummus now if you were to serve this Right away you could just transfer this Into a dish and then you could top it With perhaps some sesame seeds a little Extra cumin maybe an extra drizzle of Extra virgin olive oil but personally I Usually make this on the weekend so we Have it as a really easy healthy snack To lean on throughout the week so what I Will do is I'll transfer this into an Airtight container and then we just keep This stored in the fridge and it will Happily last up to five days and then Throughout the week you can either Spread it on some toast add it to her

Sandwich or most often what we do is we Just enjoy it with some raw vegetables Or crackers Why fluffy Delicious so as always you have tons of Options and I promise you this easy five Minute hummus is just as quick as Running to the store and buying it Pre-made as always you can find the Recipe down in the description box below Or you can go to to Print it and I am so grateful for you Being here I'm Danny spies and I'll see You back here next time with some more Clean and deliciousness cheers

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