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How To Make German Spaetzle or Spätzle From Scratch




How To Make German Spaetzle or Spätzle From Scratch

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Today I want to show you how to make German spotzel from scratch they are Delicious German egg noodles you can Serve as a side for stews or simply on Their own In case you were wondering I am German Not only that I am swabian swabia is a Region in southern Germany where spots Are from or the way we pronounce it in Swabian German Have been essentially in my baby food The word stands for little sparrows and It is the number one side dish in swabia Together with this German potato salad This braised red cabbage called blaucrat And this creamy cucumber salad now let Me show you how to make spatzler from Scratch it's much easier than you think We're going to have to start off by Talking about equipment so a lot of People suggest use a colander a strainer A cheese grater a potato ricer I mean if You want to scream in frustration then Please go ahead I do not recommend using Any of these Alternatives it will make Your life impossible invest in a spatz Lab maker or scraper they are very Affordable and actually much easier to Find than many people think my favorite Is a scraper it is like a bowl with much Bigger holes than a colander for example He you can see the difference in the Shape of the hole and the size of the Hole and the second thing that I

Recommend is that you use any form of Electric mixing machine it can be a Stand mixer it can be a hand mixer my Grandma obviously is Hardcore and she Said that specially have to be mixed by Hand I haven't even tried I get tired by Just watching my stand mixer do the work It's a lot of work you need a lot of Muscle and a lot of consistency of Course you can mix by hand but I do not Recommend it so I use my stand mixer you Can also use an electric hand mixer and For that you're going to use the dough Attachment with the stand mixer I Recommend the Whisk attachment now let's Get to the dough the magic formula for Two servings is one cup of flour one egg A quarter cup of water and a little bit Of sea salt now today I'm making a Double batch because I'm cooking for Four I add two cups of flour and a Teaspoon of sea salt and then I turn on The mixer on low to make sure that the Salt is well Incorporated rated then I Add two whole eggs and I start mixing on Low again so the flour doesn't shoot out All over the place and once the egg Yolks both are broke I start slowly Adding half a cup of water and once There are no flower Pockets anymore I Increase the speed of the sand mixer to High and let the machine do the hard Work it's at least five to seven minutes Of hard beating so you get the right

Consistency a lot of people compare Specs live with dumplings but there is a Difference between the two dumplings are Squishy and spatzler if the dough is not Mixed the correct way then they are Squishy as well but they're not supposed To be squishy they're supposed to be a Rubbery gummy I don't know how else to Explain it the consistency is very Different but you will only reach that Consistency if you mix the dough long Enough the consistency that you want it To reach is a very very very smooth Dough without any lumps in it it should Slowly Glide off the Whisk attachment Without much sticking to it and being Left behind and then after you stop Mixing after maybe 20 or 30 seconds Little air bubbles form that's when you Know that the consistency of the dough Is perfect Now let's get to the cooking part so Your dough is done get a large pot Filled with water and then salt it until It tastes like the ocean and bring it to A hard rolling boil once it's boiling You're gonna reduce the heat a little Bit you want a low rolling boiler but You need a rolling Bowl you cannot Simmer the schwetzle you need a slow Rolling boil so once you reach that Perfect rolling boil you're going to put Your schwetzle maker or scraper on top Of the pot and then take about a half a

Cup of dough put it into your scraper And then start scraping the dough Through the holes some of the dough will Break off immediately and make little Blobs others will stick to the breaker And become elongated and you get some Long spatz lid that's the whole point They do not look Consistently look inconsistent and have All kinds of different shapes that's Perfectly fine so only work at like a Half cup and then remove the scraper From the pot and watch your spread sled They only have go for maybe 30 seconds You'll know that they're done when they Start floating to the top that's when You use a slotted spoon to remove the Spatzler right away and then you work on The next half cup until all your dough Is gone now what do you do with the Schmitzlay that you fished out of the Hot water there are many Alternatives Just put it right onto the plate that You're going to eat from and pour some Hot stew over it for example or if you Prefer to just finish the whole batch And serve it in a platter or in a boat For everybody at the table to serve Themselves then I recommend adding them To a bowl filled with cold water and ice So they don't stick together so you make It badly in batches you add them to the Cold water don't let them sit in there For too long or they will become soggy

And then you strain the schwetzle now of Course they will be cold because you put Them in cold water so the best way to Reheat them is to preheat a large frying Pan over medium heat add a little bit of Butter and then Brown your space inside Once they're nice and hot you can put Them in a serving Bowl sprinkle some Parsley on top of it to make it look Pretty and it's ready to serve Alternatively if you have a really large Batch of spatula that won't fit into Your frying pan you can put the strange Bachelor in a baking dish cover it with Aluminum foil and then put them in the Oven either at a low temperature if you Need like a lot of time and you are Preparing your main dish and you just Want them to sit in there and warm up Slowly or at a high temperature if you Know that you need them quickly just put Them in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes on A high temperature or 30 to 40 minutes On low temperature and then you can Serve them in that pretty baking dish You can prepare spatula a day or two Ahead they last up to 4 days in the Fridge so it's a great side dish that You can make ahead and forget and then Focus on the main dish or you can also Just make a bigger batch and eat it Throughout the week it's incredible Schmetzler actually also freeze well you Can put them in a airtight container and

Put them in the freezer for up to three Months to defrost you just put them in The fridge and wait for 12 to 24 hours Until they're defrosted and again same Thing put them in a frying pan to Brown In a little bit of butter and they will Be delicious I hope you're gonna give this Pets the Recipe a try if you do please don't Forget to snap a picture and show me I Love seeing when you make any of my Recipes maybe for Christmas this would Be a great side dish

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