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HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT | 6 weight loss fundamentals (a SANE approach)




HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT | 6 weight loss fundamentals (a SANE approach)

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The challenge that I see over and over Again with weight loss is that it's Often presented to us in these very Extreme All or Nothing type of Approaches and so we unknowingly and Eagerly set up these very unrealistic Goals for ourselves which inevitably Lead us to failure hello my friends it's Danny and today we are out of the Kitchen sitting at the table chatting About one of my favorite topics which is Weight loss and how to approach weight Loss in a kind sane sustainable way Weight loss is a very large conversation In the world we live in today and for Good reason most people really want to Feel their best they want to feel really Good and for some people that does Include losing some weight but the Challenge that I see over and over again With weight loss is that it's often Presented to us in these very extreme All or Nothing type of approaches and so We unknowingly and eagerly set up these Very unrealistic goals for ourselves Which inevitably lead us to failure Trying to do too much too fast it never Works and then what happens is you feel Like you're constantly failing which Creates this negative momentum and it Also creates a very unhealthy Relationship with food with body and With self this is also what creates that On-again off-again diet mentality and I

Would say even more harmful than the Extra weight it plants a seed inside of You that makes you begin to believe that You are not capable of creating the Changes that you crave and that you are Not capable of honoring the commitments That you make to yourself and then what Happens in this space is you begin to be Out of Integrity with yourself and I Truly believe that this can be more Harmful than the physical weight because You begin to believe that there's Something wrong with you like you're Truly not capable like there's you're Broken and you need to be fixed and when You start doing that you're really going Down a very slippery slope because these Are very painful very toxic belief Systems that are absolutely 100 never True but what is true is that humans you And I we need a little bit of time space And Grace to adapt to new habits and Behaviors change requires time patience And trial and error it requires a little Bit of curiosity willingness and as I Said before a little bit of Grace you Are 100 capable of doing all of the Things but we are not so capable of Doing all of the things at the same time We can't do it all at once so how do you Take a step back so that you can Approach your weight loss goal or your Health goals or your life goals in a Kind sane sustainable way that's what I

Want to chat about today you want to do This in a way that builds positive Momentum because that's really how we Create long-term sustainable change and I am going to warn you everything we're Going to chat about in this video today These are the fundamentals and you've Probably heard them all before and your Brain is going to want to tell you that This is so simple it's so silly and it's It's really not that important but Remember that simple does not always Equate to easy and if you're not already Taking these core fundamentals and Working them into your daily life on a Consistent basis then I really want to Encourage you to just start right here Get the base fundamentals down let that Be your Baseline and then you can always Add on from there you can tweak things From there but start with the basics and Don't overlook them just because they Seem so ball okay so let's jump in Number one and this is the underlying Theme of clean and delicious Focus on the quality of the food you eat So many people get hung up on calories And I'm not saying calories don't have a Place but if you're not focusing on Quality Foods start there and the way That I always love to sum this up is Simply this look for real Whole Foods as Close to their natural state as possible Most of the time this is a great place

To practice the 80 20 rule right 80 of The time focus on real whole Quality Foods and 20 of the time eat foods that You enjoy purely for the sake of Enjoyment purely for the sake of Pleasure not only is this a great way to Improve your overall health but it also Can really help with energy focus and Satiety because here is the deal when You are eating a lot of low quality Highly processed foods this can very Easily turn into overeating for several Different reasons the top one that comes To mind is that while you can be getting Enough calories in your diet if you're Eating calorically dense nutritionally Void foods and not getting the vitamins And the minerals and all of the good Things through your food your body is Still going to be hungry because your Body is not just looking for Taste and Flavor and crunch and all of those Things your body is looking for Nutrients it's looking to be nourished So if you're eating a lot of low quality Highly processed foods while you may be Getting enough caloric density you're Not getting enough nutrient density Which will translate in the body as Hungry you will want more food even if You're not hungry another challenge with Highly processed low Quality Foods is it Can really skew your taste buds meaning These foods are very high in fat sugar

Salt Etc these companies work hard There's something called an excitability Factor so that when you taste those Foods that dopamine receptor goes off in Your brain and you're like yeah more of That and what happens if you're eating a Lot of that then Natural Healthy Delightfully nutritious foods can lose Their appeal because they don't have a Superficial excitability Factor right so As you begin to cut back on those highly Processed foods you really can gain more Appreciation for real Whole Foods and Then one other quick thought that comes To mind is when you're eating a lot of Those Foods you also create more Cravings for those Foods because again The brain when you have that dopamine Release in your brain your brain thinks It's very important it's like let's do That again and that's another reason why You can develop strong cravings for These types of foods just think to Yourself how often when you're eating Some fish and vegetables or some chicken And brown rice do you feel like you just Can't stop yourself and you just want to Keep eating and eating and eating after You're not really hungry anymore it Doesn't usually happen but this can Easily happen when you're eating ice Cream or Doritos or Oreos or whatever Press says food light you up and turns You on so if you're not already

Prioritizing real whole Quality Foods This is a really powerful place to start I want you to remember that food is not Our enemy food is our friend we need Food to survive we need it to thrive and So you really want to Embrace your relationship with food Allow it to nourish you and choose foods That have the ability to do that for you My second tip when working to take a Kind sustainable sane approach to weight Loss is to practice Eating when you're hungry stopping when You're satiated now that is very simple In theory but it takes a lot of work and I think if you reflect back on your own Personal eating history you probably Know that oftentimes it's the desire to Eat when we're not physically hungry can Be the biggest challenge for a lot of us Or stopping when we've had enough this Is especially true if you've been on and Off of diets in your life because what Happens is we become really accustomed To eating based on external cues it can Be based on the eating plan we're Following based on the time of the day Based on when other people are eating if We see something and it looks good we're Like oh that looks good and suddenly We're ready to eat right but all of Those all of that desire to eat is Coming from our head it's coming from a Thought I should eat now it's one of

Clock Etc and what I want you to Practice doing is dropping down into Your body and connecting to and feeling Your natural hunger signals in am I Actually physiologically hungry and then If you are once you're eating have I had Enough right not getting full or Overstuffed just eating to a place of Energy and satiety and this alone could Be practice enough if that is something That you feel you're not doing on a Consistent basis I would say stop Looking at the food stop trying to Micromanage everything that's on your Plate and start practicing connecting to And honoring your natural hunger signals Number three and this comes right off of The heels of number two is Feel your feelings So often we turn to food to help us Regulate or process or sidestep our Emotions right you have a desire to eat Food not because you're physiologically Hungry but because it can help you to Either numb down or to buffer big Emotions that you may be having or just Any type of unpleasant emotion that you May be having and I think it's important To note for some people even positive Emotions can be uncomfortable and so the Work here again has absolutely nothing To do with food and everything to do With learning how to identify Acknowledge and process your emotions

And I think it's really important to Just touch on this I'm not going to dive Into all of the details but it's Important to touch on this because what I see happening for people over and over And over again is they will get hyper Focused on the food and they'll try a New diet where they'll try to do Something really extreme or they'll try To micromanage their meals instead of Putting their attention where they Really need it and you can see like in This instance it's not a food challenge It is a learning how to be with allow And process emotions practice so it's a Very important distinction that really All you have to do right now is to begin To create awareness around number four Very simple we hear it all the time but It's a big one hydration drinking water How much water are you drinking on a Day-to-day basis the general rule of Thumb people will say is a minimum a Baseline of 64 ounces of water a day but That can vary and I will tell you the Truth the way to really know if you're Drinking enough water is that when you Use the potty you want your urine to be Pale yellow or clear that's how you know That you are properly hydrated and Drinking enough water oftentimes if we Are not hydrated That can turn into a feeling like I want To eat some food it's very easy to

Confuse thirst for hunger and oftentimes The body will be hungry for Foods Because food usually depending on what Food it is contains some type of water So there is a way for your body to get Some hydration even through eating so Just notice are you drinking enough Water each day and if you're not Prioritize that my fifth tip for Approaching your weight loss in a kind Sustainable sane way is sleep are you Getting six to seven to eight hours of Sleep per night on a regular consistent Basis including the weekends and the Weekdays and sleep is huge especially if You're dealing with Cravings or you're Really trying to lose weight because When you are tired when the body is Fatigued your body is brilliant and so Your body knows the quickest way to get In instant energy is to eat a food that Doesn't need a lot of work to process to Get that hit of energy and so what does That translate to highly processed Carbohydrates and sugars these are the Types of foods that you can eat and get An instant hit of energy from think About the types of foods you might crave Like in the middle of the afternoon when You get that little afternoon slump if You get an afternoon slump and so if You're constantly fatigued and not Getting the rest that you need you will Really feel like you're fighting not to

Have the snack or not to have the sweet Because you technically are your body is Going to want it and you're going to be Trying to will against your body not to Have it right again so you make the Whole thing even harder for yourself and So the practice here is to really begin To create a ritual in your life so that You are prioritizing sleep right so You're not getting sucked into late Night TV shows and that you're helping Yourself wind down I personally I'm a Big fan of just going up to my room Starting my nighttime routine getting Into my pajamas and then when I start to Like feel that down energy come instead Of sitting in front of the TV reading a Book or doing some journaling and just Setting your mind and your body up to Begin to wind down we're really just Like grown up babies right we need the Same TLC And the sixth tip I want to share with You in this video is a fundamental it Truly is 100 Necessary to help you move towards your Weight loss goals in a kind sane Sustainable way and that is to be nice To yourself to truly work on the Relationship and the dialogue that you Have with yourself this is this is a Maker or a breaker this can move you Forward or this can move you back right This is much more mindset work and

Self-relationship work than it is food Work or exercise work right how you Engage with yourself how you speak to Yourself what you believe about yourself Right I want you to practice encouraging Yourself Being nice to yourself even when you're Frustrated even when you've made a Mistake even when you're having a hard Time right can you meet yourself with Kindness and curiosity and compassion And take the time to understand what Wasn't working and what do you truly Need to make it work and do we need a Little bit of soft love or do we need a Little bit of tough love like what is Taking place at any given time because The thing that happens is when we are Not nice and we get into this kind of Inner critical pushing and bullying Relationship with ourselves it becomes Very difficult to access the core of What's happening right if you make a Mistake and you beat yourself up about It that's very different than making a Mistake and inquiring about it one is Going to provide you with more Information and answers that could Potentially move you forward that would Be the self-inquiry and the other is Going to just shut you down right it's Not going to provide any answers and It's going to get you stuck in the cycle Of believing that you can't or you're

Not capable or that there's something Wrong with you and as I said at the top Of the video that is just never ever the Truth so be nice to yourself I don't Remember what the quote is but the Bottom line is is that it's not how many Times you fall down it's how many times You're willing to get back up right so I Want you to hold your own hand dust Yourself off take a deep breath and keep Moving it Forward because all of this is A practice so if you see that these six Basic fundamentals are not already being Implemented in your life on a consistent Regular basis habits right they're just Kind of a part of who you are what you Do do yourself a favor and stop trying To jump to Extreme Measures to reach Your health and your weight loss goals You really want to start with these Basic fundamental because there's so Much magic that can happen right here With these Concepts that seem very Simple but truly do take some practice To embody and Implement on a day-to-day Basis so I hope this was helpful to you I'm very curious if you have some Basics And fundamentals that you practice that You think would be really helpful to Share with the community if so please Come down to the comment section below And share and if you're very clear on The fact that some of these fundamentals You haven't been able to really embody

Yet keep in mind that I do offer a Course that's called the don't diet Where we dive deeper into all of these Topics and that's going to be open soon So I have a link for you down in the Description box below you can sign up There to be on the email list and then You will be the first to get all the Details as they come out what I really Love about that group is not only do you Get community but we also get to jump on Live calls every month where you can ask Me your questions and we can just have a Dialogue about whatever obstacles or our Thoughts are coming up for you on your Journey okay thank you so much for Watching I'm Danny spies and I'll see You back here next time with some more Food for thought cheers

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