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At night time when I'm falling asleep I Like it to be complete black out so what I do is I put this on throughout the Night I end up taking it off and then I Wake up naturally with the day like it's Like such a process [Applause] I'm back with another educational Beauty Video and today I'm going to be talking About how to get the most amazing beauty Sleep something which is so underrated And I'm going to delve right in there Today so make sure you grab your coffee Whatever it is you want to drink and get Ready to learn all the tips and tricks About how you can get the most amazing Beauty sleep which in turn will make Sure that your skin looks amazing feels Amazing and you feel amazing now if you Do like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit that Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos and I'm over on Instagram so Please come say hi there too now let's Head straight into the video Okay I've been wanting to do this video For such a long time because it Genuinely has helped me over time and I've seen benefits from it and I really Wanted to share with you guys what it is That I do to get better beauty sleep now What is beauty sleep I know that it's a Very old saying and it's we kind of look

At it as just as saying beauty sleep is Real like it it does help us to kind of Like look better our skin looks better We feel better and getting enough sleep Is important but the quality of our Sleep is really really important now I'm Going to be honest with you the benefits Of beauty sleep or sleep in general go Way Beyond just Beauty so like there are Way more benefits to it and I could sit Here talking to you about it forever Because I actually feel there is so much More that I could share with you but it Doesn't really fall into the category of Beauty so we're gonna just stick to Beauty and I just want to kind of like Talk to you about that today because I Really want to share with you what works For me and how I think it could help you To get better beauty sleep so in turn You have better skin you feel better you Look better and you just feel like you Know what this is actually something That has worked from the inside out as Opposed to only relying on products that Work on the outside I am going to be Showing you products today which I use And I have been using for a very long Time they're trusted I love them I'm Going to talk specifically about these Products individually because it's what I use on a daily basis it's kind of like My nighttime ritual to help me get Better beauty sleep it honestly means

That I don't have to rely too much or Too heavily on external factors to make Myself look better or things like that It is also important that you have the Right type of sleep so for example I Could sleep for eight hours but I've had A really light sleep and I know I always Know like I'm the kind of person I need Eight hours sleep and if I have anything Less than seven I feel it and I look it You can tell it's just it affects the Way that I am for the day and I know That there are some people who go off of Like four hours sleep or three hours Sleep whatever and they're like this is Amazing I need to be awake most of the Time and you know the whole 5 a.m club And stuff like that great but I don't Feel like that works for me I need my Sleep and I need that in all order to be At my best for the day not only like Physically and my approach to work and Things like that and being productive But also how I feel that it affects my Skin and how I look if you don't have Good sleep you may see things like your Dark circles are even darker now I'm not Going to say it's going to completely Get rid of dark circles by getting Better beauty sleep because dark circles It can be hereditary as well but what I Am saying is not getting the right type Of beauty sleep can actually make it Worse it can make it look worse so your

Dark circles will be darker even acne And even breakouts and things like that Sleep can help with that so that's what I want to go through with you today so Like I mentioned it's not just about Getting a good amount of sleep it's About getting the right type of sleep And you've probably hit that deep Sleek Sleep cycle and that's where your body Kicks into recovery mode so that's when Your body tries to recover it recovers From the previous days kind of like any Damage that you may have damage that you May not even see or know of but your Body is healing from it and recovering From it and then the next day you're up And you're like wow that was amazing you Know that sleep was so good and then Some days you have a long sleep or you Have a short sleep and your Sleep Quality wasn't as good and you wake up And you just feel like blotchy you look You know like your dark circles are bad Your skin just it's just very light kind Of patchy uneven and you don't feel good You don't look good that can be because Your body hasn't fully recovered it Hasn't had enough time or good quality Sleep in order for it to recover so Basically that's what happens when we Are in a deep sleep cycle your body hits The recovery phase and it recovers from Everything the first product that I'm Going to talk to you about is a product

I've been using all of these for quite a While but this is probably the one I've Been using the longest is the Lily silk Pillowcases I cannot begin to tell you How much this has completely improved my Skin generally like how my hair feels in Every every way like in terms of like Physically it's really really helped and Even in terms of like allergies to be Completely honest but we're gonna stick To beauty that is something I've been Using for quite a while I started using It first and then I got my husband Hooked on it I was like just trust me Sleep on it I mean my main thing was I Wanted matching pillowcases I didn't I Hate things which are not matching so I Was like it was really annoying me and I Was like babe you need to like you need To get into Lily silk so I got him to Start as well and now he loves it that I Think that you know even if you were to Just do this this in itself is going to Help to improve your sleep so much or Just help how you look the next day a Few basic things that I just want to Explain to you like when you are Sleeping on a good quality silk Pillowcase like Lily silk basically what Happens is it absorbs less moisture from Your skin you don't have as much Friction so you you'll find that it Really helps in terms of like wrinkles And things like that like I never wake

Up with those lines on my face you know Where you've been like Squished against a pillow I never wake Up like that anymore also my hair is in So much better condition honestly like Sometimes I was waking up it's just you Actually I didn't really think that There was anything going wrong with my Hair when I used to sleep on a previous Pillowcase it's only when I started Using the Lily silk pillowcases that I Saw that there was such a big difference Like that's when I realized that oh my God my hair feels completely different It doesn't it's not as kind of like Rough and Frizzy in the morning it's a Lot smoother now I'll be honest I did Kind of get normal kind of silk Pillowcases before and then I moved over To Lily silk and that's when I kind of Saw that there is a difference in the Type of product that you use and Lily Silk is like 100 natural so it's Mulberry silk so it's good quality don't Just go for any kind of like you know Like Silk pillow you've got to get a Good brand and I personally would Recommend Lisa because I've used it I Did want to tell you that they do all Sorts of stuff like I'm actually wearing A lily silk silk carisole today so this Is something which I love you might have Seen me wear this on other videos as Well the pillowcases have been amazing I

Do have one here I wanted to just show You I mean I'll show you probably like You know I'll do like a full you know Which you probably may have already seen Like but it is super super smooth oh my God this is so like comfy it's like when You lay on it it's just your face Doesn't feel like it's all squished it's Just smooth it's just so not it's Cooling as well that is my pillow I know There's so many different benefits I can Tell you they have so many different Other products as well like they have a Silk sleep mask which I also use which I'm going to talk about in a second Because that's another thing that I do Use to get better beauty sleep but in General it's like zero waste they Source Their silk from mulberry trees and Mulberry trees need less water to grow So that in itself is great they like Produce items from natural fibers so They're not actually using synthetic They only use 100 natural premium Materials like Mulberry silk obviously Like I've mentioned they have so many Other products like they have blouses Like pajamas pillowcases so many Different colors and also they've worked With like some celebrities and stuff so Like I think that was what kind of like Got my attention initially because I was Like okay let me try it because if it's Good enough for them then it's good

Enough for me so I guess when I use the Random pillow which was silk to begin With I was like when and then when I Moved over to Lily silk that's when I Started I realized that not all silk is Created equally I I guess it it was Important to me once I realized how much Of a difference it made to my skin and That's why I ended up researching more Into it because I was like okay well you Know I need to know what it is that I'm Sleeping on because I'm sleeping on it For like eight hours so this is the next Product that I use from Lily silk so This is a sleep mask so basically that's How I put it on and I just like I go to Sleep now the reason I wear this is Because I like to be woken up like Naturally by daylight I don't like it to Be complete black out in the morning but At night time when I'm falling asleep I Like it to be complete black out so what I do is I put this on throughout the Night I end up taking it off and then I Wake up naturally with the day like it's Like such a process and what I love About this particular eye mask is it it Is super soft on my skin so I don't feel Like it's ruining like you know my Lashes it's just soft and it's not harsh And it doesn't kind of like transfer Bacteria or anything and it doesn't Absorb too much oil like I mentioned Before now what I want to do with you is

Just kind of like explain to you some of The products that I use so kind of like My ritual before I go to sleep because It's really important 13 minutes before To start winding down if you can do that At least 20 minutes 30 minutes before Just don't watch TV don't be stuck on Your phone trust me it's difficult it's Taken me a while but I've got there in The end even if I'm a little bit late to Bed I'll always spend at least 10 Minutes just kind of like doing whatever I can as part of my ritual to kind of Like just get to bed and feel like a Little bit relaxed worst thing you can Do is you'll be watching TV or you're on Your phone or you're on the laptop or Whatever and straight into bed just you Need to give your body and your eyes a Little bit of time to just kind of get Into that mode just kind of slip into That like nice relax mode so that you Can then kind of get to sleep a bit Better and trust me all these little Things really do help ultimately you Need to look at it like it is a form of Self-care so like even if it is 10 Minutes 20 minutes half an hour at the Most that is your time that's me time so That's my little kind of like Spa ritual To get ready for bed to know that I've Relaxed in every way possible and I've Looked after my skin externally as much As I can so that my body can get started

On working internally there are a few Different things that I do I want to Just go through my skincare first and Then I'm going to go through in terms Like what I do just before bed or while I'm in bed just so that I can kind of Like relax a little bit more now when it Comes to getting my skin ready I Obviously wash it so I use my face wash I make sure everything's washed off my Skin is clean I do alternate between Different products sometimes because I'm Not going to lie to you and say that I Use just this one product all the time At the moment this is what I'm using for My skincare at night but sometimes I Will change over just depends what my Skin feels like and it depends if I feel Like I need a change you know and I Don't think there's anything wrong with That I think it's quite good it just Kind of keeps your skin guessing a Little bit without confusing it you need Kind of like wholesome skincare at night Time it's you're kind of like wrapping Your skin up in a blanket and you're Looking after it this is the Sahara Sunrise I'm just going to put this on While I'm talking to you now this is Kind of like a I flash eye mask and Overnight Eyemart so it kind of like it Does everything that you need and it Does kind of like hydrate it's got Hyaluronic acid it's Illuminating I feel

Like it doesn't absorb too far in where It goes dry I feel like it's still there But it's not greasy either it's Obviously good for like fine lines and Everything and you do notice a Difference next day because it is a Little bit more kind of just brighter in General and it has helped with dark Circles as well next up what I do is I Use my wind Casbah stars and this is the Radiance renewing night serum I'm just Going to grab grab hold of this and this Is basically a kind of serum treatment For the skin there's a reason why Brands Say a okay this is a night cream well This is a day cream because when you are Putting your skincare on at night the Products that you use can be a little Bit kind of like slightly heavier the Reason being is because that's when your Skin is healing that's the reason we Have Night creams because the brands Know they've done enough extensive Research to know that right okay at Night a person's skin is healing it's in Recovery mode and that's where we can Really kind of give it some extra kind Of like extra nutrients extra goodness For the skin so that it can really Absorb all that in and get to work in Healing those products are going to work Far better at night when your skin is Healing as opposed to putting it on in The daytime and that's why you have kind

Of like day products and why you have Night products so it's exactly the same With these products your skin feels Nourished after and you just feel like It's just that extra bit it's like an Extra thick blanket this basically gives You kind of like glowing skin it doesn't Strip the skin at all this is really Good for kind of like dark spots Discoloration it's very kind of like it Even your skin out glycolic acid Salicylic acid to unblock those pores And get rid of any dirt that's there so It's full of goodness and it's great if You have kind of like if you're prone to Breakouts as well once I've let that my Skin kind of like soak all of that up I Then move on to Casbah Moonlight this is Like basically deep hydration and also If you use these two products together It's like a Powerhouse because it is Cream to oil it's fast absorbing so your Skin absorbs it much quicker meaning That you're not left with that horrible Kind of extra greasy feeling it's got Argan Oil vitamin E it's got Orange Blossom it really is you really do feel Like okay I've really like kind of Pampered my skin now I use my Neil's Yard roller this is my relaxation roller I always put this on on my wrists here And this really does help me to like Feel a little bit more relaxed so I put That on

So nice it just kind of like helps to Give you a feeling of like relaxation And it's calming as well this is a blend Of lavender Bergamot and frankincense if That's how you say it those three kind Of like Blended in together and I feel Like this really helps me to like it Just it's just relaxing and this is Something you can use on the go as well Not just an eye but I keep this on my Bedside table and this is what I use at Night time what I tend to do is I get Myself a glass of water and I put a Spoonful of this in there this is the Moon Juice magnesium and it's like a Berry drink it's basically really good To kind of like de-stress yourself I Have this like every night there's the Odd night that I forget but it's fine You know but most of the nights I will Have a glass of this sometimes I'll take The class with me and just have it there If I know I'm going to be reading as Well it contains like three forms of Magnesium it helps with like your brain Health it helps to calm you it helps With like aching muscles brain fog Fatigue if you're feeling in a like a Low kind of mood and you're not feeling Right this is really really good for Night time because it does help with Kind of like the recovery process as Well I would usually put a candle on I Feel like this really helps there are

Various different candles that you can Go for I've put some in the link kind of Like Below in my description of ones That I would personally recommend one of The ones that I'm currently using is the White barn cinnamon spiced vanilla it Just smells amazing it smells so good And I love the fact that what the white Bond candles have like a little lid and You can just like close it out whatever You want This now just smells like sleep to me Because I put it on at night time for a Little bit only like five minutes and That's it and then kind of blow it out And you're left with this really nice Scent it's not overly strong either find Something that kind of is relaxing for You because it doesn't mean this is Going to be relaxing for you but this I Find really relaxing if I can I will Read because I feel like that stops me From wanting to look at my phone do you Guys love reading let me know in the Comments box below now I personally love It because I feel like that's my way of Learning without stressing myself out Too much I'm not looking at my phone I'm Not like I haven't got like screen light All the time I'm not watching TV I like To read because I feel like it's my way Of just being lost in a book it depends What you love reading as well like I Personally love reading kind of like

Self-help books so the book that I'm Currently reading at the moment even if I just do two pages in a night because I'm really tired I will do it I just Feel like I'm one page ahead I feel like I've done something which is not on my Phone and stuff it honestly helps you so Much I can't begin to recommend this Enough I'm currently reading the the Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People and then once I'm Finished with this I've already got my Next book ready I'm going to be reading Atomic habits this is something which I Would recommend like a book in general Whatever takes your fancy whatever you Like whether it's fiction whether it's Self-help whether it's like funny Whatever anything that you feel that you Can kind of like read even if it is one Page a night honestly does help with Getting better sleep because it helps You to switch off from your phone from The TV it is so easy for us to think you Know what I'm just gonna relax now so I'm going to get my phone out and start Scrolling on Instagram don't do that Honestly give yourself a break this Literally stays on US 24 7 like all the Time I honestly feel like all of these Things in combination can really really Help you to get a better night's sleep These products in particular are what I Would recommend I've put all of the

Links below I really do hope that this Kind of like helped you because I Personally feel that this is a big part To play in how your skin looks the next Day and how you feel and how you look so I really wanted to share with you what I Do that I feel helps me so yeah I really Do hope you've enjoyed it I think I am Gonna now go and start winding down and Have my little me time and even though I've already applied my skincare Actually but that gives me more time to Read and just relax and keep my candle On so yeah good night wherever you are In the world I hope you get the most amazing beauty Sleep tonight and I hope that your skin Looks great you feel great you wake up And you're like ready to conquer the World now if you do use any of the tips Or the tricks that I've shared in this Video today please do let me know in the Comments box below so that I know how You've kind of taken this video and if You want to see anything else which is Similar it really does help me to decide What kind of videos you guys like and if You do like this video please do give it A thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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