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How To Fix Outfits That Aren’t Working! 2024 Fashion Trends




How To Fix Outfits That Aren’t Working! 2024 Fashion Trends

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Understanding proportions and having a Good handle on your own personal style Can go a long way to creating great Outfits but these two things can get Confusing and that's why I'm sharing 10 Simple tips that you can Implement today To give your outfits more of a wow Factor without buying anything New hi I'm Leon and welcome to my Channel now it's amazing when it comes To creating outfits that some small Tweaks and changes to the way you wear Your clothes can make a huge difference To the overall impact of your outfit one Of the biggest changes that you can make Is what I call intentional dressing and It really is the difference between Wearing your clothes and styling your Clothes and in today's episode I'm Sharing some of my best kept secrets on How to make little changes to make a big Difference to how your outfits look and Feel now my first tip is to simply Outsource the job when someone else Knows how to do a job it makes perfect Sense to hand it over and give it to Them so if styling outfits and creating Different looks isn't your Forte then Why not let someone else do it for you Now I'm not suggesting that you pay Someone a whole lot of money to come and Give you a wardrobe consultation or Style up some of your pieces but hey That would be really nice but we're not

Doing that today what I am suggesting Though is to get a little bit inspired By someone that's style kind of really Resonates with you or someone's style That you could actually see yourself Wearing so stealing someone's style is Basically just Outsourcing the job and Letting them do the hard work for you Now the important thing here is not to Look at people's style that's your kind Of fantasy self you need to look for Inspiration where it's someone that has A particular style that's actually going To work for your lifestyle as well There's no use going on to Pinterest and Pinning a whole lot of amazing images That don't reflect the real you so I Have talked about your fantasy self in The past and we all fall into that trap Of getting carried away and whether We're on Pinterest or wherever we save Our images to pinning great images that Perhaps represent our fantasy self not Our real self so this is a key Point Here when it comes to creating perhaps a Mood board on Pinterest or saving Inspiration from Instagram make sure You're saving pictures that do really Represent clothes that you could Actually wear in real life there's a Huge difference between clothes you love And clothes that will suit your Lifestyle and that you can actually wear Once you've got those images it's simply

A matter of going to your own closet Seeing what you own finding some similar Pieces they don't have to be exactly the Same they can be in the same color or The same genre a denim pair of jeans is Going to look pretty similar so try and Piece together some outfits from those Inspirational pictures what you will see Really quickly is some gaping holes Where perhaps you don't have that Statement jacket that you keep seeing Appearing in some of those images or you Don't have some cool accessories to give Your outfits a little bit of a wow Factor whether they're scarves or hats Or colorful trainers you will start see Seeing a pattern emerge here so what I Do suggest is pinning those images as I Said on Pinterest creating a little bit Of a mood board and then going to your Closet and seeing if you own any of Those pieces if you do Separate those pieces from the rest of Your wardrobe you want to create a Little bit of order and start building From the ground up now next up I like to Call this the rule of Threes And I Suggest applying the rule of Threes to Every outfit before you leave the house Now that is simply three styling Elements to every outfit so it could be A simple as tucking a shirt or a t-shirt Doing a half tuck rolling up your Sleeves it could even be things like

Adding some colorful socks or colorful Shoes to a monochrome outfit it could be Wearing some Sunglasses painting your nails adding Some jewelry some rings a watch some Accessories it's just adding three Interesting elements to an outfit to Elevate it and give it a sense of style As opposed to Simply wearing your Clothes you are styling with some Intention and at this point I just just Like to say a very big thank you to the Team at Squarespace for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode now I love Working with brands that cut through the Clutter and make it super simple to get Online and that's exactly what Squarespace does I've built a number of Websites for clients over the years I Have a Squarespace blog so I have a lot Of experience with Squarespace they have Some amazing templates to choose from You can choose the look and feel of your Website and you can customize those as You go along as well so nothing is set In stone but it's a really simple way Using these templates to just get up and Running very quickly the blogging Options are super easy with Squarespace And also the beauty of Squarespace is That everything is right there in one Spot for you whether you want to send Emails out to your clients or whether You want to track your analytics and see

Where your customers are coming from or Your fans are coming from all of your Marketing and your eCommerce everything Is done in the one place so it is very Very seamless and straightforward I'm Also delighted to say that the team at Squarespace is offering you 10% off your First website or domain now what I Suggest you do is simply whip on over to take a look at the Platform see what it offers take a look At some of those gorgeous templates and Then when you're ready to push play Simply use my unique URL which is Thestyle Insider and my discount code Which is the style Insider and that will Save you 10% off your first website or Domain so if you do plan on jumping Online this year or you need some sort Of online presence then I would Wholeheartedly recommend Squarespace as The easiest way to do it I will leave a Link to Squarespace in the description Box below and a bit more information and A few more details but now let's get on With some of these styling tips and Tricks that are definitely going to up The ante on your outfits now my next tip Is the color rule of Threes now back in The day our mothers and grandmothers Used to say match your handbags to your Shoes to create an outfit now we seem to Have moved away from that but there

Really is something in that that just Creates a cohesive looking outfit and What I truly believe you can do to Create more of a modern outfit is to add Three elements of color so I'm going to Show you some examples here where three Elements of color have just created such A an interesting fun and modern outfit Whether they are socks a colorful pair Of socks and teamed with a colorful Scarf and then topped off with a hat in The same color now those three colors Don't even need to be items of clothing They could even be your lipstick in that Matching color or your nail polish or Even a hair tie it's just a way of Creating some cohesion in your outfit And it's a simple way of sort of pulling The outfit together and also with this Color rule I say that complimentary Colors work well together as well so if You don't have your three colors in the Exact same color you you can use Complimentary colors so if you're not Sure what the compliment colors are I'm Going to put up a color wheel here so You can see what they are what I do Suggest is even taking a screenshot of This color wheel having it on your phone And if you're looking to pair some other Accessories together to kind of create This cohesive rule of three color Styling method then have a little look At the color wheel save it on your phone

In your in your photo gallery and there Are other compliment colors that paired Together will give the same interesting Effect so as you can see from the color Wheel here the complimentary colors Actually sit next to each other on the Color wheel so so if you don't have the Same exact colors to create this rule of Three color concept then use compliment Colors they'll do the same thing and Potentially create even more interest Also it's important that you don't Forget to ice the cake so think of an Outfit like a cake if you make a cake And eat it as it is straight out of the Oven it's going to be delicious it's Going to be tasty but if you ice that Cake and add some beautiful whipped Buttercream icing on top it's going to Take the cake to the next level so think About your outfits in the same way you Would icing a cake adding a few extra Elements are going to just take it up a Notch in the same way that some Delicious icing will on a cake and of Course the icing is your accessories and I don't know if you guys have noticed But when I'm scrolling online and Especially on Instagram and Tik Tok I Love watching the get ready with me Fashion stylists and what I find the Most fascinating thing about them is That they will create an outfit and I'll Be looking at the outfit come together

And I'll be oh yeah that looks good that Looks good that looks okay and it's only When they add the accessories the icing On the cake that the magic really Happens and I think we all get too kind Of busy and we just sometimes forget Those final pieces of the puzzle those Final accessories that really do create That wow factor so don't forget to ice The cake oh and I should mention too When it comes to accessories if you Haven't got them handy you're not going To reach for them you're not going to go Searching through drawers to find Accessories whether they be jewelry or Scarves or hats you you need to be able To see them so it might mean that you Have to merchandise them a little Differently get some storage options Happening so that you can see them and Grab them really quickly but you do need To see these pieces to be able to add Them before you walk out the door now When it comes to the nuts and bolts of Creating an outfit what I always say is The easiest way to do it is to start From the ground up it's like building The foundation of a house you start from A solid foundation and then you can Easily build from there and building a Good foundation for an outfit always Starts with your shoes so if you walk Into your wardrobe in the morning and You're faced with a sea of clothes and

You have that dreaded feeling of you Don't know where to start or you're Overwhelmed or you really feel like you Have nothing to wear then start with Your shoes shoes always dictate what my Day looks like so whether I need to be Walking some distance or whether it's Raining outside shoes will very much Determine the basis of an outfit so That's what I suggest you do take the Clothes out of the equation to start With and choose the shoes that you feel Comfortable in that you want to wear That are going to suit the occasion and Also suit the weather I know a lot of Women don't start their outfits this way So let me know in the comments below if You start from the ground up or whether You go to your wardrobe sort of grab a Top and kind of start getting confused What do you do where do you find the Pain point when it comes to creating an Outfit if you don't start from your Shoes give it a go I think you'll be Really surprised that that can make life So much easier and just make more sense Of creating outfits what I also suggest Is adding an element of surprise to your Outfits and this is just one interesting Element that is going to create a little Bit of a surprise I pose and it could be Something as simple as wearing a basic T-shirt over a button down shirt or a Vest a knitted vest over a t-shirt it

Doesn't have to be anything outlandish But just adding something that's Slightly unexpected I saw someone on Instagram recently and she'd styled some Cute knee high socks over the top of Some tights she was wearing a miniskirt And the outfit just had that element of Surprise eyes instead of wearing bare Legs and socks which is what you would I Suppose expect or just tights on their Own that little element of surprise Added such a such a positive impact to Her outfit so sometimes if you can think About adding that surprising piece of The puzzle that just does help to Elevate your look so if you can try and Think about some surprising elements That you may be able to add to some some Of your everyday outfits something else That I often think about too when I'm Putting together an outfit is the idea That Opposites Attract and yes we hear This in relationships but it also Happens when you create an outfit a Cohesive outfit is often made up of Opposite elements so I have talked about This a little before on my channel so Things like the trend for wearing say Those balloon kind of um Barrel style Leg jeans what I would do instead of Teaming them with something that is Equally as voluminous and oversized and Baggy I would go the opposite way and Pair them back with something that's a

Little more fitted so it's that idea of If you're wearing something a little Fuller on the bottom then it's always a Good idea to opt for something a little More fitted on top and vice versa so When you are looking at yourself in the Mirror and you've got an outfit and You're not sure why it's working and Sometimes this can happen that you you Think you've got all of the elements and But you look at yourself and you're just Not feeling it think about the idea of Opposites Attract do you need to add an Opposite element that just kind of Counters one of those pieces sometimes It's as simple as swapping out that so That you've got your proportions more Balanced and just an opposite creating Some equality to the outfit so think About that if you're standing in front Of the mirror you've created an outfit And for some reason you're not quite Feeling it and you're not sure what that Is think about the idea of opposites Attracting and whether you could add a Slightly opposing piece to the top or Bottom of your outfit just to create a Real sense of balance so for me I often Just remember that opposites tracked so Look at your outfits with a critical eye And ask yourself some of these questions And that leads in really nicely to three Outfit questions you can ask yourself For exactly that when you look at

Yourself in the mirror it's not quite Working but you're not quite sure why The three things that you need to think About when this happens are color Texture shape so firstly color think About is the color complimenting your Skin tone does that particular color Make you feel great when you wear it are You wearing a color that's on Trend but Perhaps it's not a color that really Works for you look at the colors in your Outfit and also as I talked about Earlier maybe think about balancing Those colors if you have one pop of Color maybe opt for three to give that Whole outfit a little bit more of a Sense of balance so ask yourself the Color questions first have you got the Right colors and are they working well In that outfit and then of course Texture so sometimes you look at an Outfit and it may just be a little Lacking but you're not quite sure why And often it can be as simple as texture And texture often needs to be added when It comes to creating monochrome outfits So an outfit of all of the same color The easiest way to elevate it a little Bit more and make it look a little bit More interesting is to mix up your Textures so if you're wearing a set Skirt and you're pairing it with a satin Top what I would say is maybe swap out The satin top for a simple t-shirt

Fabric or a knit fabric so it's about Creating some different textures in the Outfit so it's not too same same it's Just getting things a little bit off to Sometimes create that cohesion one of The most simple outfit formulas is to Add a statement piece to your outfit now Now this is going to look different for Everyone because a statement piece for Me would perhaps be some bright colored Trainers added to a monochrome outfit a Statement piece for you maybe a bold Bright colorful jacket or sweater a Statement piece for everyone is going to Look different but sometimes the Simplest outfits can just be taken to a Whole new level by adding that statement Piece so think about when you are Getting dressed if there's a statement Piece that you love that you can add to That outfit and it doesn't have to be Anything crazy it could be some Statement sunglasses or a beautiful bag Or purse just something that kind of Creates a focal point for your outfit And that kind of element of interest and Surprise so you can do that quite easily With a statement piece and certainly This is the easiest way if you like to Dress in a more sort of minimal fashion And you like sticking to your neutrals Whether they be taupey colors or navies Or blacks whatever they may be adding That statement piece is actually going

To make a huge different to those Minimal outfits and if all else fails What I always suggest doing is sticking To a one color outfit a monochrome Outfit so whether your favorite color is Pink or whether it's denim whatever that May be if you stick to the same color Fan Top to toe you actually can't go wrong And even complimentary colors work well Together also so go back to that color Wheel that I showed earlier any of those Complimentary colors can be teamed Together to create a great outfit too Now you know some simple tips to Elevating your outfits one of the most Important parts of an outfit is your Shoes so if you would like to see what Shoes are heading our way for spring This year and the trending shoes that You need to avoid well at least I think You need to avoid them then simply click Or tap on the screen here and I'll see You there

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