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As you can see well as I can see I have Like powder all over me on my joggers Like oh my God everywhere And we're back with another educational Beauty video in today's video I'm going To show you how you can create the most Flawless space that lasts all day in Only five minutes and I think you're Gonna love it because it's really easy And I actually can't believe how Flawless the base looks in only five Minutes now if you do like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos and don't Forget to head on over to Instagram too Now let's head straight into the video I know one thing for sure and that's That most of us want to get out of the Door super quick but we want our Foundation to look Flawless we want it To last all day and we don't want to Look like we're super caked up because We've just applied way too much makeup Because we didn't have much time so That's what I'm going to be showing you Today how to create the most Flawless Base in only five minutes and yes we're Gonna time it because I know you guys Want to know did she actually do that in Five minutes so we're gonna time it all So I've already got my skincare on and We're gonna head straight into the

Foundation but before we do I just want To quickly say that I am going to be Using a foundation that I haven't used Before and I've heard good things about This foundation so I'm really excited to Kind of see does it really kind of live Up to all of the hope that I've heard About it now I'm going to be using The Hourglass ambient soft glow Foundation I've heard a lot about this foundation And I've heard that apparently it has The most amazing coverage but it still Gives you that really nice kind of like Illuminating glow now I don't want to Use anything which is kind of like super Full coverage or matte because if you Only have five minutes and I'm sure you Just want to get out the door not Looking like like you've dipped your Face in a bowl of flour like you don't Want to look like it's super like Powdery or super matte so I really want To go for a kind of like Illuminating Foundation so that you can still get That nice healthy glow but at the same Time you are getting that kind of Coverage that you need as well and that Nice Flawless finish now obviously I Could very easily sit here and do a Foundation routine and only use Foundation but let's be completely Honest most of us do use a concealer With that I'm going to be including the Concealer into the five minutes I don't

Know why I've decided to give myself This extra piece of work or this Challenge and that you know may not even Work I just wanted to be real about it Because to be honest like I I wouldn't Go out with just foundation on a Day-to-day like if it's if it's Basically a day where I don't care what I'm looking like I am just going locally Or whatever you know then I'll wear just Foundation Maybe very rarely though most Of the time I do use a little bit of Concealer and I want this to be Appealing to everyone like I want you to Feel like you can create the most kind Of professional Flawless look with this So that it's not a waste for you you Know anyone can just whack on a bit of Foundation and you know walk out the Door but I really wanted to give you as Much as I can within those five minutes So that's the foundation I'm going to be Using I am also going to be using a Concealer with it I'm going to be using My hourglass concealer that's something I've been using for quite a while The Hourglass Spanish concealer so my Concealer is in the shade Beach and my Foundation that seems to match me is 10.5 so I haven't seen what this looks Like fully on so obviously I've only Just swatched it on my chin area it Looked like it matched so it's going to Be interesting to see what it looks like

Like all over and I'm gonna use probably A mixture of powders Maybe by Beni and Maybe my hourglass Veil setting powder I Like that for like larger areas of the Face so there's quite like a few Products that I'm going to need for this And I really do hope I managed to get it Done in five minutes now the order that I'm going to be doing this in is apply My Foundation then apply a bit of Concealer wherever I feel I need it and Then set it with powder and I'm not Going to be doing anything else because This is just about getting that base Flawless in five minutes it's up to you However long you decide to take on all The other features of the face so I'm Going to put the timer on my watch Because it just makes it easier so let Me just do it five minutes And there you go okay I always do this As soon as I know when I know that I'm Going to be doing a times tutorial just Before pressing start on the timer I Start like hyping I say a hyping stroke stressing myself Out about the fact that I'm going to be Doing this in five minutes and am I able To do it let's go okay and we're gonna Let me just make sure they just make Sure that the foundation comes out this Because you know sometimes when you keep Pressing and then it doesn't come out It's like that's like wasted 30 seconds

Okay I think it's gonna come out I've Not put anything on yet so let's go and Laughs I'm I'm really hyping myself up okay I've got my foundation brush ready as Well okay so let's Press Start okay Let's go foundation on the back of my Hand we're gonna now apply this all over I'm going to just talk you through this Foundation because wow I really like it I love the Finish it's giving me Okay now the aim is you just smooth this All over your face Some of you may say that listen we've Seen you always prefer to put your Concealer first and then you put your Foundation on which is the case but when You don't have time and you need it to Be quick You know you've got to go with whatever Works for that kind of like Situation So okay I've applied my Foundation I Really like this Foundation it's really Nice Okay Foundation is done let's apply a Little bit of concealer now so I'm just Going to apply a little bit of this Concealer to my Lids just a couple of Dots there and I'm grabbing my sponge Just any sponge I've got my Real Techniques sponge And I'm just buffing that in right so I'm just going all over my eyelids and

I'm just kind of like pressing it in And obviously it's up to you if you want To do your brows and stuff after I think mine were a little bit kind of Like filled in so I'm just going to get A little bit of my powder And my powder puff and my powder I'm Using is the Ben I one or my eyelids Because I just feel like that really Just keeps it like there it just doesn't Move and I'm just dusting off the excess Powder With my Real Techniques brush so that Bit is done okay now the under eye so I'm going to apply a little bit more so I've got three minutes left Concealer here here Now I'm showing you a full base look but I'm also going to kind of like try and Add in a little bit of sculpting with That I don't know why I'm looking at the Camera and talking just get on with it Okay now what I'm gonna do is if I buff This in and I buff it in concealer only It's going to look a bit white and you Guys know that I like putting Foundation Over so I've got a little bit of Foundation on my head buffing the sponge Into it and then I'm gonna buff my Concealer in That way you're getting a soft focus Look Because you've not had time to do that Whole underpainting process which if you

Haven't watched my channel before you Need to go watch some videos under the Phone Foundation tab because playlist I Mean because this is you know we love Under painting over here it's just the Most insane soft focus look okay See how that doesn't look as white now I don't look like a crazy person right Now my eyes are going everywhere because I'm trying to just buff the fan Okay so that's buffed in there now very Quickly Two minutes left because we don't we Want to be able to like have a little Bit of kind of Sculpting here putting a dark concealer There And We're gonna get a brush And just kind of like Buff this in that was my Nars radiant Creamy concealer And I'm just buffing it in you see I Just apply it on my cheekbones just to Blow my cheekbones not very low I'm Going to get my sponge whatever Foundation is left there Just going over Just going over that kind of one minute 20 left Okay I'm happy with this I feel like It's a good Flawless base get my Powder And I'm just gonna like press this in

My under eyes there Now I'm using my Ben eye for my under Eye area because honestly then it's not Gonna go anywhere And then I'll show you I'm going to Apply this powder To other areas but not all over That is not going to be going anywhere So I'm going to just get this powder and Apply it to places like Just around the brows Around the nose you know the areas that You feel like you always kind of end up Looking quite Oh gosh what is going on I need to get This off my hand the areas you end up Looking quite shiny now I'm just going To get a little bit of that Veil powder From hourglass and brush it over The other areas because then I'll get That nice kind of glow come out come out Glow come out glow come through What can I say timer has just gone off Okay so that was five minutes guys as You can see well as I can see I have Like powder all over me on my joggers Like oh my God everywhere as you can see We've got a really nice Flawless finish Now obviously the brow you know Everything else is not really done I'm Just gonna very lightly kind of like Shade my brows in but basically once You've got everything done then it Starts to kind of like look a little bit

More kind of relaxed but at the moment Obviously everything's a little bit kind Of like you know the other areas of my Face are not done once they're done Everything looks a bit better you know Like little things like doing a bit of Lip liner See the nice thing is is that with this Base we've got a nice Flawless base but We still don't look completely flat like Okay I've applied a little bit of lip Liner and my eyebrows are a little bit Shaded in but you can apply some some Mascara and then you're completely good To go so I love how this kind of like How you can still get that nice Flawless Face now as I mentioned earlier I Couldn't talk about it too much because Obviously I was like under pressure with The whole timer and everything if you Haven't watched this channel before then You need to watch some of my videos Under the foundation playlist because Basically I am obsessed with Underpainting it is the best technique Ever ever ever because it gives you the Most Flawless soft focused look to your Foundation I feel like you get a lot of People who kind of think or why would You put foundation of the concealer What's the point sometimes I just think To myself like do I'd even need to Explain this but honestly I think the Best way to explain it is for you guys

To actually watch the videos because Then you will see if I were to show you Which maybe I I think I have done a Video on this where I've shown you how Foundation the finished result looks When you apply for concealer under Foundation and when you apply concealer Above Foundation I did a side by side And so many of you like honestly so many Of you have been converted like you you Used to put your con your foundation on Top of foundation you used to put your Concealer on top of foundation and now You do it the other way around like you Underpaint and you absolutely love it And you're all rocking these like Flawless bases every day wherever you Are in the world and I love that I just Feel like it is a technique which once You've mastered which takes a little bit Of time but it's not it's not difficult You know it just takes a little bit of Time you might get it straight away you Might just need a few times of you Putting your foundation on but trust me Once you've got it it will completely Change your makeup game it will Completely change the way that your Makeup looks and everything else starts To look better too so you have to think About the fact that the majority of your Face is your skin right all of the other Bits on your face that make you who you Are and just they're features but

There's much smaller than the surface This area of your face like your skin Right so if you get that right if you Get that perfected everything else just Naturally looks better so I wanted to be Able to show you today a way to apply Your foundation kind of in between under Painting and the current way that a lot Of people put it which is concealed on Top of foundation but something that Still kind of gives you that nice soft Focused look and will help your Foundation to last all day but just be Able to do it in five minutes you know You don't have to go so crazy with it so I really do hope that that has helped And again wherever you are in the world I hope you have the most productive day Ever I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope You're going to try out this really Flawless space in five minutes I'm sure You can do it I have full faith in you Guys now if you do like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos until the Next video take care and I'll see you Soon

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