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How to do warm earthy tone makeup | Nina Ubhi




How to do warm earthy tone makeup | Nina Ubhi

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This is definitely a look that everyone Loves I mean who doesn't like warm Earthy tones it's just so chocolatey and Just warm and just nice but anyway we're Going to get started I already have my Base on and it's all looking very flat But we're going to warm it up and just Give it that really nice kind of earthy Tone look so first thing I'm going to Get started with is my eye makeup and I'm super excited about this palette Because you may have seen that I've Worked with florasis before and it's a Brand that I absolutely fell in love With because it has to be the most Beautiful makeup I've ever seen in my Life like I'm telling you you're not Going to see makeup this pretty this Stunning this artistic like the Engraving on this makeup is amazing what I really love about this brand is Obviously it looks amazing but it's got To perform as well right and that's what I love because the pigment payoff the Color payoff is so amazing on these Products and I'm using a couple of Products today which are new and I Haven't tried before but I've used their Foundation before I've used like their Powders ultra fine by the way super Super silky fine and this is stuff that I know you guys are going to love There's so much exciting stuff I'm going To show you in this video today so let's

Get started now first off I want to get Started with my eye makeup I'm going to Start with my refer brush again never Know if I'm saying that brand right it's Brush 15 and I'm going to go into this Really nice kind of terracotta color Right in the middle it's just such a Stunning color so I'm going to go into There and you're going to see just how Amazing this looks on the skin cuz the Color is amazing and you know what I Love about these products is you can go From Super subtle to quite bold so it's Doesn't matter what kind of makeup you Love if you want something really really Light then that's what you're going to Get but if you want it to be a bit Bolder then you can keep going with the Color and it's going to pay off so I've Kind of like dipped it into this ey Shadow here I feel bad every time I dip Into this cuz it just looks so nice Before we do I'm going to just tie my Hair back a little bit with these clips That they sent and they're so cute and I Love them and this whole brand actually Does remind me a little of you know uh Yellowstone I don't know if you guys Have seen it but I'm obsessed with that TV show it's absolutely amazing so That's pretty cute there you go and you Know what I like these actually do keep Your hair back let me put this a bit Higher this one so it matches the other

Side nice okay yeah it reminds me of Yellow stone and just like horses and I'm going to explain it all to you in a Bit so anyway I'm going to go right in With this color and I'm just going to Start kind of like applying this all Over my lid so don't focus on being so Specific in terms of wear but you just Want to focus on your actual lid and go Into the socket while I blending that Just got a quick little message for you If you feel like you're getting value From this video then please do hit the Thumbs Up Button because it genuinely Does help my channel out a lot and I Truly appreciate it if you want to see More videos like this then hit the Subscribe button and also the Bell Button so that you're notified every Time a new video drops and don't forget I'm on all of the social media platforms Listed below they're also in my Description along with links and also Some amazing discount codes from my Favorite makeup brands just just for you Thank you so much for your support now Let's get back to this video so I can Build this up as I'm going along but Basically what I want to do is get just A wash of color initially now what I'm Doing is taking it over my whole lid Into the socket and I think this is Another reason why I love these products So much is because when you're blending

You're not left with this harsh line on The edge so you're not so concerned About well the blending so much because It's just so kind of transparent that it Just Blends into the skin now what I do Want to do here is I just want to lift It up a little bit so it just gives me a Bit more more of a kind of feline look You can see this is a really nice wash Of color just this with a bit of mascara Would be nice as well so I'm going to go Ahead and do the same on the other eye I Am going to make this all a bit kind of More just obvious in terms of color but I do want to just kind of give myself a Bit of a marker Point first this is just My first transparent Base there you go I think that's pretty Good we've got a nice wash of color on Each lid I'm going to go in with my E30 Brush from Sigma going to go into that Same same color and what I want to do Now is go into the lower lash line Because I want this really kind of like Sultry smokey eye I would always suggest Doing your eyes before you finish the Rest of the face because that way you Know how much warmth that your your eyes Have actually added like the color from Your eyes have added to your whole look So then you won't go too OT with the Warmth everywhere else on your face so I' would suggest doing your eyes first And then you can just do the rest of the

Face so you know you know how much you Really need to add to give it that extra Warmth there you go so you can see now We've applied it to the lower lash line And go ahead and do the same on this eye Really focus on going into the lower Lashes not so much like underneath the Lashes so I've got my zoa 234 brush and I'm going to go into this shade here I Am going to just add this right under my Brow and it's such a light color like Honestly it just kind of like almost Matches your skin color some somehow Like it's not even really close to my Skin color but it does okay that's just Kind of like lightened that area to open It up for me I'm going to use my Sigma L04 brush and I'm going into the shade 07 this is a dark brown and now what I Want to do is just really go kind of Into my lashes and I'm almost kind of Like going side to side and every so Often taking it into my Lashes and this is going to create like A really kind of nice dark lash line for You which is really Smokey it's one of These colors that it's not even just About the color honestly it's actually The texture of the product that when you Apply it it doesn't require that much Blending like usually when you apply a Dark eyes Shadow to the Lash line it Ends up you can see a harsh Line This Somehow just looks super Smokey

Immediately and it just doesn't look Like I've got a whole load of product on My skin and that's what I love you know Sometimes you can really see the product You can't really with this I really want To kind of like drag this out like I Have done there and you can do that with Your finger or the brush I just really Want that nice feline look with this and You can thicken this as much as you want I'm kind of like thickening it a little Bit so it doesn't look like so close to The Lash line can you see how that's Like got really nice Darkness There I'm going to take this dark brown Just into my lower lash line but not a Lot not all the way across just kind of Like near the End now there's this really stunning Color in here which is this like forest Green it's so nice I'm using my refer 13 Brush and this is a really nice kind of Like small Dome brush so it's easy for Me to get into that green and apply it In a small area now what I want to do is Just add a little bit of this and I'm Kind of thinking kind of like just There almost going up a little Bit what I want to do as well is I want To show you some swatches on my arm in a Minute because these eyeshadows are so Transparent and light but they have so Much color like color payoff if you were To swipe them or if you were to build it

Up with your brush so it's kind of like It's one of those things where it's like Wow I love the color but I love that I Can actually create a really simple look With it too if I wanted to so I'm really Wanting to get that green green kind of Right into the beginning of my socket There I love that can you see like you Can see it now if I blink it's just like This hint of Green why is this green so pretty okay I'm going to go ahead to the other Eye o it's so nice I love this it's just Such a it doesn't look so obvious either It's not like wow she's got Green okay I might go back in with a Little bit more green in a bit but what I want to do is go in with a bit more of That kind of like deep terra cotta color And I'm going to basically make this a Little bit kind of stronger Here that's such a nice color now I want To do something a little bit different Where I want to basically add it just Here but I'm not really focusing on Taking It on the lower lash line and what I Want you to understand here is there are Still other places that you can work on Around the eye so I'm not going right Under there what I'm doing is actually Taking it around there so it's a lot Lower than what you would think to apply It but what this does I want to show you

Cuz I want to apply it there and then You're really going to see it just kind Of like changes the shape I feel of your Eye as well cuz if you look at this it's Very basic in terms of the shape right We've made it a bit feline but here what This has done is it help it's helped to Just just almost like give you more Space and you have a bit more kind of Like just more space to apply other Color without it distorting the shape of The eye so what it's done is it's given It's given it a bit more of a sultry Feel because what we've done is we've Taken it Just on this lower bit here right there You go I love it there I just feel like It's just it just opens up the whole eye For you and there's just so much more You can do it's a bit more creative I Think and don't be afraid to try this Because this is still something that you Can do yourself I feel like a lot of the Time let me just go ahead and put this On the lid first I feel like a lot of The time people just assume there's only The main areas that you can apply Color Which is kind of like on your lid on the Lower lash line and that's it but you Can go into other areas too so let me Just make sure this is symmetrical so Right here so just the tip of the Brush it's almost like just that that is Still the under eye area but it's kind

Of like not really really your lash line It's kind of the area you wouldn't Usually think to apply any eye makeup On so I'm just going to go back in with A little bit more Green cuz I actually think this is such A nice Color there you go there you go I'm Happy with that I want to add some Mascara now guys you can get an amazing Set with fases using the code Nina X Flora it's going to be up on the screen Throughout this video you're going to Get $10 off when you're spending $100 But not only that you're going to get Just these gifts and they're amazing and It all depends on what kind of set you Go for so it does depend on what set you Decide to purchase but honestly it is Such a beautiful set I'm going to go Through everything with you in a second Let me quickly apply some mascara this Is just my Nas climax extreme and this Is going to pull this whole look Together you're just going to see how Amazing the eyes Look now before I do carry on I do want To just very quickly show you a few Things that you do get when you use my Code with fases so you again depending On the set that you decide to go for so You got the ey Shadow here which I've Shown you there is some really cute Stuff firstly can I just say this comes

In the cutest bag that I'm still going To be able to use How cool is that and it's not it's Really good quality by the way like I'm Going to use this for like putting my Makeup in when I'm traveling and stuff Because you always want bags like this Right and the great thing is depending On what you end up purchasing and what Gifts you get with that you get like big Medium small so there are all different Sizes of this depending on what you get Anyway what we've got here this is Pretty cool this is why it reminds me of Yellowstone Right this is so cute I just love this Whole vibe that got going on here right Now so basically this opens up and you Can put a palette in here so I've got Another palette here which is my powder Palette drop it in There how cute is this and you can just Attach this to your bag like it's so Cute I love it and it's such good Quality guys it's not something you know Like usually when you get freebies with Brands you know they haven't really put A lot into it they haven't really spent A lot of money on it you know but this Stuff is so honestly such good quality Because they have this like leather Carving Process look by the way this collection Is entirely made of artificial leather

How cool is that and you wouldn't be Able to tell the difference honestly It's it's just such good quality like They've got this engraving here which They've done which is really kind of Unique and it has some kind of just this Feeling like this cultural heritage to It you know it's very very nice I love It and and it's just I just think it's Really cute cute and I just love the Colors and it's just very you know I Need to get my boots out and you know Like the whole look it's just very very Cool I love it so that's one this is so Cute and is a must have so make sure you Go and buy the set where you get this Because this is amazing so this look at This how cute is this I love it it's Just so cute but get this right so you Open this up it opens up oh my God right Seriously I love it and you know this Also reminds me of like you know when You put this on the horse it's the Saddle thing the saddle whatever you Call it I don't know what you call it But it's so cute and that's why it Really reminds me of like Yellowstone And stuff and it's just I just need to Start horse riding now it's just like Literally I'm just so feeling this whole Vibe is amazing it's like I feel like I'm meant to be doing this I'm meant to Maybe you know start horse riding or Something but it's really cool like you

Can fit everything in here like look put Your brushes in here like how cute is That I love this right I just think That's such a good idea and like you can Put your everything in there I love it I Mean I'm sorry why would you not want This you can just take your whole makeup Kit in it no one's even going to know so I think this is something you really Need to go for guys grab yours you're Going to absolutely love it there's so Much cool stuff you can get you've also Got this which by the way I've just Literally just I honestly have kept in My makeup bag because it just makes my Makeup bag smell so good Wait till you smell it I I can't even Describe it it's so Nice smells really good anyway those are A few of the things I really wanted to Show you because I absolutely love them And before I head on over to the next Step let me show you just how amazing This looks I'm just going to apply this On my arm so you can see all the colors As well it is pretty insane how much Amazing color payoff this has and yet You can create such a simple look with It okay let me just quickly show you This I don't know how I've applied this But there there you go you can see just How amazing that looks like look even From far off I feel like you can really Kind of like see the color I I just love

These colors and I feel like you guys Are going to love it it's just honestly Such an amazing set and I want to show You some of the other products so let's Go okay I'm just going to use a bronzer Very quickly to sculpt my face a little Bit so I'm using my eyelining from benty And my Hourglass brush see what I mean like Because we've got the eyes done I know I Don't want to go too OT with my bronzer Cuz I've got like a really nice kind of Warm look on my Eyes okay so I'm going to use the Florasis piie rosy blush this is such a Pretty color I'm going to go ahead and Add some of this quite high up on my Cheeks so it's it's almost kind of like Touching you know the bottom part of Where I apply that ey Shadow there you Go okay I've got a nice bit of color There now there are a couple of bits That I want to brighten on my face very Quickly so I'm going to use my fases Gorgeous Peach Blossom silk powder and I've got my little Powder Puff in here And it actually looks white but when you Apply it it's just the perfect amount of Brightness really so I'm going to just Press it into this and then I'm going to just go ahead and add this On just areas that I kind of want to Brighten a little bit which is kind of

Like the under eye Area okay I'm going to use my blurring Pressed powder from florasis I've got my Real Techniques brush and I want to Apply this mainly just along this area Because this is where I have a bit of Kind of obvious open Paws and by the way The bluring powder is amazing because it Genuinely does blur the area so I really Focus on applying this just on the areas Where I feel like I've got a lot of Texture okay let's finish off the lips Now I'm using my makeup forever artist Color pencil in anywhere caffeine just Going to line my Lips I remember some of you telling me In the comments that last time when I Used the fases products you bought some Of it and you loved it head on over grab This new palette cuz it's one of those Palettes where I feel like it will match Any skin color and it has like this Beautiful gold one in there too which You've seen on the swatches which I Should have really no I think that's Going to be too much if I do it with This but I feel like there's so many Different kind of looks that you can Create with this so now I'm going to Apply my liquid lipstick from floraes And this is a really nice Shade I just feel like this kind of Complete rep the whole look for that Warm earthy tone now what I like to do

Is apply this flot It apply Again by the way this again you Can build up which is really Great this has to be the best liquid Lipstick I've used because it is so sule Type like it's a sule lip liquid Lipstick hydrates your lips doesn't even Feel like you've got anything on so you Need to get this it's so good I'm going To apply a little bit more lip Liner guys this lip color is Amazing BL again doesn't even feel like You're wearing anything doesn't Genuinely look like there's a lot on Your lips so you can actually I don't Know how to explain this you've got Amazing lip color but you can still see Your lip through it so it doesn't look Like there's a whole chunk of product on Your lips so somehow it just looks like Your real lip but you've perfected it It's it's a really nice I just feel like I I like like this kind of color cuz I've got a pop of color in the eyes I've Got that warmth on the face and yeah Let's take these out you can keep those In if you want I really like this brown One it's really Cool my hair's really not really that Great right now but you know you get the Gist of this but yeah I hope you have Enjoyed this and I really really do love This whole look I feel like it's just Warm spicy but it's got a pop of color

In there as well so yeah I feel like It's a look that most people can do and I do feel like you can use honestly most Of these products I would say all of These products no matter what your skin Tone because it's just not you're not Getting that Wham that major major color Immediately it's like it builds up if You want it to so it's really really Really soft on your skin good for your Skin as well there's different kind of Like floral Botanical Essences in the Products which are actually really good For your skin too so it's doing your Skin good it's kind of infused with Goodness for your skin you're able to Get whatever you want with my code and You know pick how a specific kind of set If you want to get certain something Specific in terms of like the gift with It up until the 14th of February so this Is perfect for Valentine's go and treat Yourself and if you are watching for Your partner go and treat them so or Just drop a hint or just go and order it And then give your partner the bill and Be like this was my gift or this is one Of my gifts so yeah anyway I hope you've Enjoyed this if you have any questions Let me know in the comments box below Don't forget that all the links are in My description below too if you like This video give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and

Hit the Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos until the Next video take care and I'll see you Soon

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