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What do we think so this is my version Of the Kylie Jenner eye look that she Wore to the fashion Awards very recently [Applause] I'm back again with another educational Beauty video and this time it is how to Recreate a Kylie Jenner eye makeup look It's from the fashion Awards I Absolutely loved her eye makeup here and It's really simple but I think that it's Something that you guys would really Love too now if you do like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you don't Ever miss any of my future videos I'm Over on Instagram so please do come say Hi there too and let's go straight into The video now I've been really excited about doing This video because I love the makeup That the Kardashians and the Jenners do I absolutely love it I think it's Flawless it's not obviously them who do It but today I want to recreate and I Look by Kylie Jenner and she recently Wore this at the Fashion Awards and I Absolutely loved it because it was just Really understated I think makeup by Ariel did the makeup and that's what We're going to be doing today I'm not Recreating her entire look because Otherwise I would have had you know so I'm not trying to look like her because

I I don't have the full thing like the Full outfit and the full hair don't like Her I just want to focus on the eye look So that it's really easy for you guys to Recreate and it's not overwhelming it's Quite an easy look like once you've done It a couple of times I think you're Gonna Master it but I'm gonna be using The makeup by Mario Master Matt's Palette and I'm using the lightest shade Which is matte one I believe I'm gonna Basically take that over my lid using my Choo choo choo brush from zoeva I'm Using the flat part of the brush and I'm Basically just gonna press it along the Whole lid and this is going to brighten Up this whole area because basically This area here is a lot brighter than The rest of the eye So can you see how this has just opened Up the whole eye area there like all of That let's do the same on this eye I'm actually just pressing you don't Have to drag the collar like you don't Have to go back and forth and I'm really Going into the inner Corners here Because that's going to help to really Open that up now I'm going to use matte Eight and I'm using my Sigma e27 brush What I'm going to do is press this along This area here so just where the crease Is I'm not going to take it all the way In I'm just kind of like applying it to Just this area here I'm pressing it

Right so I'm not moving the brush back And forth there's not too much of the Product on the brush either now I'm also Going to just press a little bit up this Way so that it just lifts the eye a Little bit Now I'm just making sure that's not like Too light but not too dark either and I'm not going back and forth again now I'm gonna do just use the tip now and Just take it in a little bit but not Quite low I'm taking it like just above The crease and I'm pressing Now there's nothing on this brush and Now this is where I'm gonna just drag a Little bit Because what I'm doing is I'm just Getting rid of any kind of like harsh Lines that I can see and it doesn't take Continuous blending to have to do that Sometimes honestly if you go in very Light like I did with the color it's Much easier to blend afterwards rather Than going on with a whole load of color And then trying to blend that's where Sometimes you watch tutorials in the Person sitting there going like this Constantly it's like you don't need to It doesn't need that much blending if You apply it in the right way to begin With so you saw how I just pressed and It was very light and then what I do is I have a look like is there any kind of Like harsh edges and that's where I use

The edge of the brush make sure there's No product on the brush and that's when I just like lightly blend it and that's It same here we're pressing See how we just cut like basically Pressed along the last quarter of the Eye and then we're pressing right into The crease and we're using the flat part Of the brush like the biggest part and There's not a lot product on this brush And then what we're doing is we're using The tip We're going carrying a little bit Further in but not too low we're kind of Like going a little bit above the crease Now This is where there's nothing on the Brush and this is where I'm just gonna Like Blend which all I'm doing is dragging The color wherever I can see that There's any kind of like harsh Edges I'm just dragging it out a little Bit right now I'm taking my E15 brush From Sigma going into that same color Just using the tip and then I'm taking The excess off in the back of my hand And this is where I'm gonna go like Right into my lower lashes press it There Press it back and forth there press it Back and forth there Not all the way in so you leave a little Bit of a gap there

But that's about it so I'm going to do The same on the other eye Even though it might feel like you can't See anything it will be there Be patient you don't need to apply too Much you don't need to apply until you Can really see it now I need a little Bit of a kind of not Sparkle but Sheen I'm actually not going to use an Eyeshadow I'm just going to use my Highlighter that I used on the rest of My face which I've already kind of got On a little bit of my nose I'm using my Tom Ford skin Illuminating Duo and I'm Using the more rose gold shade and so The actual palette is mood light and I'm Using my Mac 219 brush so I'm going to Go into that highlighter and this is Where I'm gonna go on the inner corner Just a little bit But I'm also going to go along just this Little bit here Let's go there as well just gonna like Give the smallest kind of like highlight There this is where we are going to go Super thin on the eyeliner but just this Front section needs to be super super Thin like super super thin I'm literally Not even drawing a line I'm gonna go so Close to the Lash line they're basically Just it ends up like just being the most Ultra Thin Line okay so hopefully you Guys can see I'm gonna just go like Really really thin

See how thin that is there I'm gonna do The same on the other eye so do it in Sections The aim is you look down into the mirror Which allows you to really get super Thin Because what we're doing is we're going So close to the Lash line that it's not Creating like a thick line at all we're Just going to carry on this Thin Line Kind of to the end of the Lash line but A little bit before the end Same on this side Much easier if you actually make it thin To begin with because you can always Thicken it after so now what I'm going To do is just go a little bit thicker Along here From halfway across Can you see how we've got a little bit Thicker there we're going to do the same Here Okay now this is where we're going to do The flick okay so what we're going to do Is We're gonna do a little line very small Because her Wing is not very kind of Like long So there's a tiny bit of a gap from my End of my lash line to where the wing Actually is and it's not very long and It there isn't actually a dip in the Wing it's quite straight so we can do The same here

Let's go in with my mascara I'm just Using my Charlotte Tilbury push-up Lashes I'm just going to apply a very small Amount on my lower lashes Not too much I don't want it to look Like spidery but just enough to kind of Like coat my lower lashes Okay so now what I'm going to do is just See if I want to add a few kind of Flares near the end I'm using the kiss Individual lashes because I don't Actually in my own brand we don't have Individual lashes maybe we should do but I'm going to use these because these are Pretty good so I'm just going to start Just literally applying a few Just knit starting from the end Because if I start from the end then I Know like how much I want going in I'm Leaving a little bit of space between Each one Just that half of the eye has got that Half the Lash line has got lashes on There as it like false lashes so what I'm going to do is before I decide to Add any more I'm going to do the other Side Okay while that is kind of like drying I Don't think there's really much else to Do there but I'm going to go back and Have a look at it once it's dry I'm Going to do my lips I think I probably Will go for the same kind of lip that

She she wore up at the awards this is my Hindash lip tone pencil in harsh and I'm Going to quite heavily line my lips and Then blend it in with a lip brush Can you see I'm just Feathering it in So what I'm doing is I'm going to get my Lip brush which doesn't have anything on There and just basically drag the lip Line inwards The set doesn't look like an an obvious Line There you go and then we're going to Finish off with the Fenty heat lip Glossing Fenty glow I think that's going To be a nice little Added Touch What do we think so this is my version Of the Kylie Jenner eye look that she Wore to the fashion Awards very recently I know she had a whole hairstyle thing Going on with it we haven't really gone For that whole full look I really wanted To just focus on the eyes the lips were Just to kind of like added bonus for you Guys but I really do hope that you've Seen how easy this look really is to Create and you don't have to actually Spend too much time kind of like Blending and blending and blending it's It's pretty easy if you apply it in the Right way so I hope all of that made Sense what do you what do you think I Really love this look like I just think It's a really nice look I think I Probably would have like maybe lifted my

Brows a little bit more I think that Would have been nice but anyway we're Not going for the like you know I want To look like Kylie Jenner we're just Going for how to recreate recreate that Look doesn't mean you have to have Similar features to her it means it will Look different on you but that's a good Thing now okay I really do hope you've Enjoyed it I hope wherever you are in The world you have the most blessed day And it's really productive and full of Up and full of laughter I'm full of Happiness I really do hope you've enjoyed this Video today if you have any questions Let me know in the comments box below Don't forget all the products are listed In my description so all you need to do Is head over click on the link and it Will take you directly to them or the Most similar product so if you do like This video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Don't ever miss any of my future videos And I will see you on the next video

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