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And I'm going to start from the top of The ear and this is just going to give Me a bit of kind of like shape to my Face because otherwise everything can Look a bit Potato [Music] [Applause] Welcome back to another educational Beauty video and today's video is all About how to achieve that really nice Kind of healthy skin look with makeup But focusing on skincare so if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit that Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos don't forget I move on Instagram Too so please do come say hi there as Well now let's jump straight into the Video You've probably heard many professional Makeup artists say that even a look Which looks very natural has a lot of Makeup and that is kind of true but not Always so today I really want to show You how to create a healthy looking Makeup look but it's barely there and it Doesn't actually involve too much makeup So it is really easy for you guys to Create now we're going to get started With skincare because that is the most Important part of this look I really Want my skin to look healthy radiant and

Just kind of like naturally glowing I Don't want to have to use kind of like Liquid glow products on my skin to give That illusion I want to really kind of Do that with my skincare so we're going To start with some products that I've Tried recently and I actually really Really love them there's a couple in Particular from this that I absolutely Love and I'm going to go through them With you now I find that this is Probably the first time I've used a Specific type of skincare that actually Does help my skin look great based on The type of makeup look that I want to Go for if I want to go for this type of I'm going to show you today the brand is Called dalba and it's a premium vegan Skincare line so it's very clean infused With the finest white truffle extract From Italy they've already sold over 15 Million bottles globally on one specific Product but I'm gonna go through them With you bit by bit now I started using This a little while ago and there's like I said to the products like these that I Absolutely love the cream I'm really Loving to but I specifically love these Other two products which I'll get on to In a minute now what we've got here is The Delbert white truffle double serum And cream it's hydrating and it's Basically very kind of nourishing for The skin what I do love about this I

Just want to show you because honestly I Love how they've done this because I Feel like you can really tailor it According to your oh and you dropped all Of it tailor it according to your skin On one side they have the serum and on The other side they have the cream so What you do is you actually mix it According to what you feel you need so It's great for like tailoring it to any Kind of skin type and that's what I love About this so if my skin is feeling kind Of very dehydrated on a certain day and I feel like I need that extra Nourishment then I can add a little bit More serum as opposed to kind of like 50 50 of the syrup you know 50 of the Percent of the serum 50 of the cream Then I kind of up my serum amount a Little bit so that's what I love about This now I am just gonna get a little Bit of that cream and I'm gonna mix some Of that serum into it and literally I Just mix it like this I'm gonna put this Over my skin I've got nothing on my face By the way I've just folded my brows Very very tiny bit but that's about it So I am gonna Just go ahead with this now I have added A little bit more of the serum today Because my skin at the moment is feeling Super super like dehydrated basically With the move and everything I just feel And then I got a cold and my you know in

That horrible feeling afterwards after You have a cold like your skin just Feels really kind of horrible it doesn't Feel greasy but it does kind of like Leave that really nice kind of nourished Feeling all over my skin now next this Is one of the products that I absolutely Love this is actually a double serum all In one multi-bomb now the reason I love This is because it's just like a stick Balm but it has like it's infused with The serum in there as well so you've got All of that kind of goodness in there I'm gonna go into kind of like the Ingredients a little bit more in a Little little bit when I move on to the Other product but the reason I love this Is because well first of all let me Explain it it's great for wrinkles it's Grape wrinkles great for fine lines so If that is your concern and you want to Really get that deep kind of nourishment But improve your elasticity the tea as Well in your skin then this this is Amazing for you the reason I love this Is because the first time I tried it I Was a bit kind of like okay am I gonna Like this it's like a stick I'm not Really usually a fan of sticks but Honestly I love it because you can use It on the go as well on your skin now What I like doing is I actually use this Around the eye area and it leaves that Really nice nourished feeling so it

Doesn't it doesn't feel oily doesn't Feel greasy but also you know sometimes When you put your eye cream on it just Kind of disappears and you're like where Did that go and my skin just doesn't Feel like nourish this doesn't do that It genuinely feels hydrated for hours And hours and hours I cannot begin to Tell you how good this is so basically What I do is I just smooth this over Around these areas I also put this Around my lips by the way it feels it Just feel I just feel like I'm really Looking after my skin with this so I I Really do love this This is great for like lines around the Mouth as well but it's great for Hydration okay so that's that product I Really wanted to show you that because I Feel like this is really really good you Know like if you're on the go as well And you want to keep it in your bag and You just want a bit of kind of more of a Balm on your lip and stuff like that now We're going to move on to the serum this Is a serum which is in a bottle so you Can actually spray it which is great so It's super multifunctional now in this Bottle as you can see you've got two Layers but let me explain what's in this Bottle first because the ingredients are Really really great and it's you'll Understand when I tell the ingredients Why it's so nourishing for the skin and

Why it's so great for improving the Elasticity Fine Lines wrinkles and Giving you that natural Radiance through The day now it's infused with white Truffle extract avocado oil sunflower Seed oil chia seed extract and so much More and it gives you that really nice Kind of like glowy look like I mentioned It is clinically tested to be used on Sensitive skin so that's another thing I Love because sometimes I do go a bit red Using certain products even if you have Really dry skin you can use it which is Great for for but even if you do have Oily skin you can still use it and That's what I love okay so as you can See you have two layers in this bottle You've got the top layer which is the Oil layer and then you've got the bottom Layer which is the serum layer now the Bottom layer is what is infused with the World's finest white truffle extract That helps to basically Target Fine Lines wrinkles give you that glow also Kind of re-strengthen the elasticity in Your skin and give you that deep Nourishment then you've got the oil Layer at the top and that has all of Those oils that I've mentioned only like Chia seed oil avocado oil and all those Things and that basically locks in Moisture in the skin addresses any kind Of like irritation so it doesn't Irritate your skin and it also does have

Natural plant oils in there too I forgot To mention that now what I'm going to do Is shake this because what you need to Do is you need to get all both those Layers kind of mixed in together so you Can shake it about five times and you Can see it all kind of like there's no Layer now so it's all one and I'm gonna Spray this onto my face This improves dullness as well by the Way it just gives you that really nice Brightness okay you can see I've got That really nice glow now we are going To basically kind of like add some Makeup in a little bit and show you how You can kind of like get that really Nice Barely There healthy looking makeup Look now which doesn't really look like Makeup it looks like healthy skin as you Can probably see I've got this really Nice glow and if you look at me before I Actually applied anything it's very Different it's very flat and dull and Now it's a lot more radiant but we're Also going to see what it looks like Once I've added a little bit of makeup And use that spray again to help kind of Like get that serum into the skin and Really kind of keep my skin hydrated now I don't really want a lot of makeup so What I'm going to be doing is applying a Little bit of kind of like brightener First and then I'm going to see if I Need to add any kind of concealer I'm

Going to use my YSL radiant touch I'm Not going to say well is it too tushy Clay whatever it is you know what it is So this is actually number three so I'm Gonna just see if I can add a little bit Of kind of brightness onto my skin I'm Gonna just add some here See and even like putting makeup over This Serum is just so easy because Everything just melts into the skin Just got my zoeva 110 brush and I'm just Going to buff this in I'm actually I Think I'm only gonna need this brush This whole look so it's going to be Really easy for you guys Already I feel like that's helped to Brighten the area up Okay I've got that brightness there now What I'm going to do is just add a Little bit of concealer I'm using my Charlotte Tilbury beautiful skin Adding a little bit of brightness first Sometimes when you're doing a look like This actually does help because it just Means you don't have to rely on your Concealer to kind of brighten as much And it just gives you that little bit of Coverage okay so my shade by the way in The concealer is 9.5 now I've only Applied it around my eyes here but I'm Actually going to spread it onto other Areas just so it doesn't look like I've Only got concealer on my under eye I'm doing this in a very strategic way

So that I don't need to use powder so I'm not doing so much coverage that I Need powder to keep it in place if you See what I mean So I'm just literally spreading that out So you see what we've done is we've Applied it here and then we spread it Out and that way you get a really nice Kind of like you get some coverage but It's not crazy you know does it look Like you're masked now I am just going To add a little bit of kind of color to My cheeks I'm using the galactic cheeky Tint and glow in La Vie and it's a Really nice kind of orange shade I Actually just use my finger for this Because it's a really nice creamy shade And I feel like it's just gonna Yeah The London so at least we've got some Color you know it's not totally kind of Like flat or Bland I've just like kind Of like I'm just tapping it into the top Of my cheeks there because I feel like That it kind of lifts my face as well a Little bit now I'm gonna get my Nars Creamy bronzer so this is actually new I Think it's the Laguna number three and I'm using my brush for this I'm just Going to tap into this once because Actually it's quite pigmented and I'm Going to start from the top of the ear And this is just going to give me a bit Of kind of like shape to my face because

Otherwise everything can look a bit Potato that's how I feel if I don't Sculpt my face that's how I feel my face Looks like a potato okay I feel like I've got some good kind of shape there This kind of makeup is like where you You know recently you may have heard me Talk about how you know sometimes we Really don't want to embrace our flaws Sometimes we just want to cover it up And that's totally fine I have those Days but then I have days like today Where I'm like you know what I have a Few spots you know like that one God Knows why because I'll just cover that I've got one right there that's that's The worst place to get it right there Because it's like you can't even really Get to it properly I I know I've been Feeling like internally not great Because the last like three weeks I've Not been eating clean usually I'm Pre-cleaned with my diet and it's been Horrendous for the last three weeks Because of moving home and it's just Been so hectic so everything has been Very kind of like messy and because of That I because I I'm eating messy it I Feel messy you know and it comes out and That's why I'm kind of like breaking out And I don't feel great it's not that I Want to feel even more rubbish so so I'm Embracing my flaws but it's just that I Know that okay I feel like let's be real

You know I need my skin to breathe a Little bit as well so I I also want it To get you know be able to kind of like Calm down a bit and not cover it up so Much because I'm trying to hide Everything so I'd rather just let it Breathe let it calm down deal with it Just kind of like you know let it get Better so I can get back onto my full Glam so it's one of those days where I Feel like you know what my skin isn't Great it's I'm not feeling 100 because I Still feel like you know when you when You know when you you don't feel well Like as and you feel like you're getting A cold it's like I did get a cold like a Few weeks ago I thought I'd got it but Clearly it didn't come out properly and Then you feel like it's just not coming Through it's like it creeps up and it's Like oh I'm here but I'm not fully ready To come out yet it's like that so that's How I'm feeling so yeah basically this Kind of look is like you know what this Is just saying I know I've got some Flaws I'm dealing with it but who cares I still want my skin to look healthy That's basically it okay so now that We've sculpted here we can just add a Little bit of lip liner because I really Do need that this is my Kevin Edward Divine and I'm just gonna feather so I'm Not lining just Feathering in Now I'm gonna get my stick

Honestly I feel like I'm basically done Like I'd be happy to go out with this What I am going to do is just spray a Little bit more I really feel like my Skin like as much as I know my skin is Not feeling great at the moment I feel Like it's looking much more better than Before so let me just shake this And you know what I love firstly this is On the go so you can use it anywhere I Don't know about you guys but do you I Always like I always have good Intentions to look after my neck area But I never end up doing it what I love Is because this is such a kind of like a Serum just packed with goodness I know All I need to do Is do this rather than you know all of That you know but you can see my face is Like a lot more calm down now like in Terms of like it's not this obviously Kind of like sinks into the Skin So Initially it will look wet when you put It on or like give you that really nice Kind of glistening look but it sinks Into the skin and then it gives you that Natural Glow and that's what I really Really love about this is because I feel Like I can have that kind of like Radiant glow but I know that my skin can Still breathe like I don't even feel Like I'm wearing any makeup and I put The smallest amount on anyway but I feel Like if someone comes over randomly and

I'm at home I feel like this is very Quick way to get that healthy looking Kind of like just a healthy look without It looking like you're really wearing Too much makeup I really do hope that This is going to like helped you and Made you understand that it doesn't Always have to be that you know that Barely there look which I have done Before as well on my channel but that Barely their look doesn't always have to Be so kind of so much makeup involved Like if you look at my skin now and you Compare it to like right at the Beginning it looks way more healthy so Yeah hopefully this has helped you and I Just wanted to give you something really Really easy and show you a few products That I think really make this look much Easier that isn't necessarily makeup so Yeah I really do hope that's helped and Wherever you are I hope you have a Really productive day or week I really hope you've enjoyed this video And it's really shown you that you don't Actually have to wear a lot of makeup When you want that really barely there Look but you still want your skin to Look super healthy and radiant now if You have any questions let me know in The comments box below as always if you Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so

That you never miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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