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How to create a SIMPLE everyday makeup look using DRUGSTORE makeup | Nina Ubhi




How to create a SIMPLE everyday makeup look using DRUGSTORE makeup | Nina Ubhi

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I'm all set to do this simple everyday Makeup look using drugstore makeup I've Already got my moisturizer on I'm going To go straight in with my primer so I'm Using the Ramel matte primer this is all Day Shine Control which is what I love And I'm going to go ahead and apply this And do you know what I really like about This primer is it's not that pasty kind Of primer you know where it just kind of Like gets all bitty so it's like a Really nice smooth kind of lotion and I'm just going to smooth this all over And it seems really hydrating too so it Doesn't like fully kind of like it does Matte your skin but I mean it just Doesn't look like super super matte so I Am going to then move on to the next Step which is the raml multitasker Concealer this seems a tiny bit light For me but I'm using a slightly warmer Foundation so it should be okay because The next shade darker to this was a Little bit too dark this is 060 nude and By the way guys how are we liking the New setup while I'm putting this on I'm Just going to talk to you about this I Am really really excited about this this Is something that you know I was really Looking forward to in 2024 to just bring You a more upgraded version this is all Thanks to you guys so I just want to say Thank you so much for your support Because without you I wouldn't be able

To actually do this and it's because of You guys following this Channel and your Support and your engagement and just the Support really just how much you guys We've created such an amazing Community Here and it's just a nice community and Because of you guys I've managed to kind Of upgrade made some equipment the Studio in general and I'm really excited About it how are we liking it I'm loving It I really do hope you do too so yeah I Am going to go ahead and start with my Concealer I'm going to apply it on my Eyelids don't forget I am using a warm Foundation in a little bit I'm just Going to go ahead and buff this into my Eyelids and while I do this there's a Quick little message for you if you feel Like you're getting value from this Video then please do hit the Thumbs Up Button because it genuinely does help my Channel out a lot and I truly appreciate It if you want to see more videos like This then hit the Subscribe button and Also the Bell button so that you're Notified every time a new video drops And don't forget I'm on all of the Social media platforms listed below They're also in my description along With links and also some amazing Discount codes from my favorite makeup Brands just for you thank you so much For your support now let's get back to This

Video now I've got my powder puff and I'm going into my NYX can't stop won't Stop banana powder and I'm just going to Press this On and then I'm just dusting off this Powder now I'm also going to apply my Concealer here I'm just going to do my Whole base cuz it's a really simple look But It's just nice that you can actually Create this using drugstore Makeup it's really important to Understand that sometimes it you know The packaging and the brand name can Really kind of mislead us because Sometimes the product is actually very Very good but you just kind of assume It's not good because maybe it's Drugstore and it's kind of just what We're kind of told through social media And everything but you know indirectly But I do feel that there are some Amazing products from drugstore Brands And I'm really starting to kind of like You know delve a bit deeper into that Side and I'm still loving my luxury M High-end makeup don't get me wrong There's going to be a good mix on here But I am starting to kind of incorporate A bit more drugstore so it can really Appeal to everyone out there I am just Going to apply a little bit here I Always do this cuz I have a little bit Of Darkness on the corners of my mouth

And I feel like this really helps to Kind of lift it as well okay so I've got My sponge and I am just going to buff This on the under eye area it's actually Not that super light for me this Concealer like now that I'm putting it On like I just swatched it in the store When I picked it up but and I felt like Maybe it was a little bit too light but Actually I feel like this is pretty good Color for Me okay so I'm going to go in with my Foundation now I'm using my Maybelline Fit Me matte and poreless 16-hour oil Control SPF 22 this is 332 and I love How warm this is this is it actually Says that it's for normal to oily skin So I don't know how good this is going To be on dry skin because obviously it Does say that it's more of a matte look So just bear that in in mind but then Again there are other kind of Foundations that they do which I'm going To be trying soon so anyway I don't know Why I was like like that I'm going to Put this on the back of my hand and yeah This like I said is a little bit warmer But I actually want that because my face Is a lot lighter than the rest of my Body as you can probably tell so it's Always a case of trying to warm up my Face so I'm just going to go into this On the back of my hand and I'm going to Slowly start buffing this into the skin

I do really like this color I just feel Like It's a nice warm color you know it Doesn't look orange it's just adding That kind of nice vibrancy back into my Skin because my face is so White like I feel like the minute I put This on my forehead just looks like the Rest of my body let's go ahead and apply This everywhere I have got the most Humongous spot guys right there it is Not ready to leave it settled in nicely It is more of a I would say it's more of A kind of kind of like a Mount Everest Style spot it's Like really hurting it's so Painful and it's in a really awkward Area like right there and I just feel Like it's just not ready but it's like When are you going to be ready it's just So big and when you are ready like what Am I how am I even going to get you out Like it just doesn't seem to want to go I've had it for like 3 days now I've Been putting the um drying lotion on it Still not not interested it's just not Having it I do really like this Foundation it's a very kind of like Everyday Foundation oh my God look at All this redness go and it just kind of Even BS out my skin tone I think it's The color it's the color that's really Got me I really do like the color this Is such a nice Foundation guys it's

Really Nice I'm loving this okay let's go in With the powder so I've got my puff Going to put some powder on the puff and Then I'm just going to like do the under Eyes and just get that Done now I'm only going to really put The powder where I don't want it any Creasing later on because I don't really Want it to be super matte because I want It to be kind of like daytime simple Makeup but I am going to show you a Trick later that's going to help to Really kind of like make it look a bit More kind of simple in daytime and not So super matte but it's really important That we're doing this technique so that It does actually stay all day I'm just Going to dust off wherever that powder Is I've got my real technique setting Brush let's just take off this powder I Don't know about you but when you do Apply your powder in this way which is Basically pressing it onto your Foundation there are some products like Some Foundation Brands not so much the Brand but the actual product like some Foundations or some concealers that just Don't work very well with the powder in The sense of like when you want to press It it doesn't necessarily sit well with That specific concealer or Foundation I Have found that with certain products And I can usually tell the minute I've

Kind of dusted that powder away and I Feel like this dusts away nicely I'm not Getting that whole feeling and that look That it's not going to sit well I'm Going to do my brows now and I'm going To use my raml brow this way pencil and This is in the shade dark brown I bought A few things and I had I picked up I Picked up a few different brow pencils And I really like this one this actually Is a brow pencil that I used to use back In the day you know when like you know When you were younger and you don't You're not really buying highend Beauty Brands and I used to use raml quite a Lot when I first started using makeup And I remember using their brow pencils And they were so good cuz obviously back Then it was like not really you know There wasn't really kind of like brow Pomade and stuff like that but I feel Like we've kind of gone back to pencils Now so I've got a little mirror in front Of me I'm just going to like shape my Brows and I'm going to use the lid cuz It has a little brush there to just kind Of like brush my brows what little I Have of them I'm just looking at my Foundation I really like it I really Like it guys okay let's go so I'm going To just shape my BR brow brows I'm just Kind of like pressing very lightly cuz I Don't want a super heavy brow which is Really difficult for me to achieve

Because even though I have quite thin Brows because obviously it doesn't grow Back in certain areas so my brows are Quite thin but my hair is very thick so Where I do have the hair it's like it's Like a lot of it and to thicken and Because my hair is black like to thicken The brow you've got to really fill in The area where there is no hair and the Minute I do that everything looks very Block type so it is kind of difficult to Make them look super natural because if I had kind of like light like brown hair Then it would be a lot easier and not so Thick hair it would be a lot easier but Yeah just going to do what I Can I have got another brow pencil that I want to use like I'm using two only Because like I said like I need to kind Of like add the depth but then also make Sure that it isn't like super super dark Either so I'm going to just shape them With this Pencil okay so now I'm going to use this Other pencil which is the raml brow Micro or Pro micro this is in the shade Soft Brown so this is a lot lighter and With this one I feel like I can just Kind of like draw In the kind of hair Strokes so it Doesn't look so blocky and then also Just kind of fill in any area is that Need It that is as natural as I'm going to

Get them I would love to be able to get Them a little bit more natural than that But honestly due to the hair thickness Color density of it so I can't really so Anyway now I'm going to be using my raml Scandal eyes exaggerate eye definer in Chocolate brown 002 so I really like these pencil Pencils I've used them before and They're just so easy to use so I'm just Using an Eye smudger Brush you can use Any one this is my Charlotte Tilbury Eye Smudger Brush and what I'm going to do Is just add a little bit into the Lash Line but near the End of the Lash line so I'm just Literally drawing little dots don't draw A flick get your brush and then kind of Like flick Inwards you can drag it along all the Way across if you want to I'm going to Take it about 3/4 of the Way okay now that we've blended it Inwards you can use your finger as well If you want to really kind of lighten it A bit don't be afraid to experiment now Whatever's left here on the end I'm now Going to just flick it Up very slightly not a lot cuz I don't Want it obvious it's a simple everyday Look but I just still want some kind of You know like I want the eyes to be Enhanced a little bit and hopefully you Can see that this has added a tiny bit

Of a lift and it's just not looking so Kind of and that one obviously has Nothing so same thing over here honestly The smallest amount just few little dots Into the Lashes flick inwards drag it across if You want to just so it doesn't look so Disconnected I like to use the finger Sometimes just because it kind of Softens it and takes off anything extra So that I feel like is enough for an Everyday every everyday everyday look Okay let's go in with mascara I'm using My Max Factor false lash effect this is Deep raven black guys I used to use this I remember when I used to use more Drugstore products when I first started Using makeup and I remember using this Mascara and this being such a kind of Trending mascara because it was like one Of the best mascaras around and I Haven't used it in so long so I'm really Excited to try this and see not kind of See cuz obviously I have used it before But kind of just remind myself as to why It was so good and is it really that Good now that we've got so many other Mascaras out cuz this has been around For a while but I do remember thinking This is such an amazing mascara so I'm Just going to go ahead look down into The mirror and then just kind of go from The root and drag it Upwards I it's definitely not as much

Product as what you get off of ones Today like I just feel like you get a Lot more product on the Lash from Mascaras today and that isn't a bad Thing to do with this because I actually Think it's quite nice that it just keeps It's not clumpy at all and it just keeps Your lashes almost looking like you Haven't got anything on but it just Enhances them it does what mascara is Meant to do just enhance your lashes It's nothing crazy there's no clumpiness It's not like wow look at that length It's so unreal it's just kind of really Just very lightly coating them like it Actually just looks like my lashes but a Little better and I guess when you apply Another coat it's going to thicken it up A little bit but I like how natural it Is actually it's a good every every day Mascara that's two Coats I quite like that it's definitely An everyday Simple Mascara I'm just going to warm up my Face a little bit and I just want to Sculpt it a little bit so I'm going to Use my L'Oreal Inail 24hour fresh wear matte bronzer this is In 400 Tan there you go it's quite a nice color It's quite warming I'm going to go in With my brush and I'm not too sure what

The kind of transfer pigment is like but We're going to have a go and see what This is like so Ooh oh I do like this it's nice so I'm Going to go from the top of the ear and You're just going to basically Pat or Dab whatever you want to call it buff And then when you get to the end of it You're then going to sweep across so What you're doing is packing on the Color and then kind of sof softening it I'm just going to take this around the Perimeter of my face just to warm up the Face a bit give it some Dimension do you want to know something Funny so I'm looking in like the camera And obviously I've been like at the gym With the PT for about like what 7 eight Months now 7 months I think and you know He's doing he playing the long game with Us where he's like you know if you want To like lose weight just like that it's Just not you're not with the right Person if you want something which is Sustainable and like longterm where You're going to get stronger and Eventually you know like you know you'll Reduce your fat and gain muscle do it my Way which I much prefer to do and I'm Loving it and I'm enjoying it and I'm Not so kind of obsessed with the fat Loss well I I still am I guess I just Still want to lose some more fat but I'm Enjoying it I'm feeling stronger as I'm

Looking in the I'm like whoa like I can See a little bit more definition in my Arms Yeah I was just feeling myself for a sec There guys I feel like this is a nice Kind of warmth that we've Got I am going to take my f200 brush and Just kind of like sculpt the nose a Little bit so I'm using the same bronzer By the Way but I do like good nose sculpt I Just usually do a little V at the bottom Here and then just cut it off there cuz I actually do like that whole button Nose look cuz it doesn't look over Button on me I feel like you know it Doesn't necessarily suit everyone and Also some people go a bit OT with it but You know I think I've been all right About it okay I'm using my NYX sweet Cheeks matte blush In Summer Breeze I Really do like this blush it's so nice I'm using my Sigma F2 brush I like to Just dab on the hand or just tap it off Because it can be a bit much Otherwise just applying this to the tops Of the cheekbones Okay so I'm going to apply some lip Pencil I'm using a Max Factor color Elixir lip pencil in 010 desert sand and I'm just going to very lightly line my Lips but super light so I don't want a Full strong lip line I just want to kind Of almost like feather it in a little

Bit I always start in the kind of peaks Of the lip Line and then kind of blend in with my Finger I just kind of do bit by Bit it helps me to get a better idea of What kind of shape I'm Creating I do like this little liner Because firstly it stays put it's quite A sharp Pencil and also the color is almost like A fleshy Color fleshy color is going to be Different for each person right cuz it All depends on your skin tone too so if For someone like me with my my skin Color like a bit more tanned a fleshy Color is going to probably be a bit Deeper than someone who has much paler Skin so just bear that in Mind if you have Olive or tan skin like Me then this is going to be a really Good color for You wow I'm actually pretty in love with This pencil it's actually such a nice Color okay let's go to the lipstick this Is the Maybelline superstay ink lipstick The shade is 100 Charmed and I'm just Going to put a little bit there I really Liked this when I was swatching it in The store because it's like super peachy And I love peachy Lips so you see how I put a little bit There and then I'm using my finger you Don't need to put a whole ton of lip

Liquid lipstick on honestly sometimes You need the smallest amount how nice is That lip you can darken the Lip lip line A little bit after if you want which I Think I'm going to Do Okay I'm pretty obsessed with this lip Color and that my beautiful people is The everyday simple makeup look using Drugstore makeup how cool is that and I Absolutely really love this whole look It doesn't look overly heavy even if I'm Looking like close up in the mirror I'm Telling you it does not look heavy like This Foundation is amazing it's such a Good foundation and the concealer Combined with the foundation the powder The primer everything that I've put on My skin for the base is so nice I Personally feel like it makes my skin Look better it also doesn't look overly Cakey so I'm really happy about that Because sometimes I worry that when You're using certain brands that maybe You're not used to or especially when it Says kind of like all day wear long wear Etc it can end up looking a little bit Kind of cakey on the skin and I feel Like this doesn't it's actually really Really really nice on on the skin so I Would highly suggest trying some of These products out there's one last Thing that I wanted to show you because Remember I said to you I'm going to show

You how you can make it look a little Bit more kind of like natural looking We're going to use the Nyx dewy finish Long lasting setting spray I don't Really use setting sprays to set because I don't feel like they are strong enough To be able to set makeup but what I do Like doing is using it to just calm down The powder a little bit and just bring That kind of like matte finish just a Notch down so it allows your skin to Look a bit more health healthy cuz Sometimes when you do have slightly Dehydrated skin or dry skin it can end Up looking not that great so what I want To do is spray this there's two ways you Can do this by the way you can either Spray this all over or you can spray it On your sponge so what I'm going to do Spray it on my sponge and I am just Going To spray it like that you want to make Sure there's not crazy amount on there So I'm just testing on the back of my Hand and now I'm going to just press it The back of the sponge all over my Skin keep applying it if you need to Like more to the Sponge this is going to really help to Kind of like diffuse that kind of extra Powder that you may have sitting on the Skin that can end up making your skin Look powdery so this is a really good Way to just bring in a little bit of

Glow but you still have the products Actually doing what they're meant to do Which is setting your makeup but what You've done is you've introduced a Little bit of kind of Natural Glow Coming through without having to rely on Extra makeup like highlighter and Everything so this just kind of helps to Calm it down a little bit you know and That is done so hopefully you've enjoyed This video I really do hope this is Something you're going to try yourself Personally I'm loving all these products I used couple of them are new I haven't Used them before some of them are Products that I have used before maybe a Different shade of it but I'm really Really loving this stuff I'm absolutely Obsessed with the skin and the lips Definitely something I would recommend You guys trying out hopefully you Enjoyed this and sending you loads of Love wherever you are in the world let Me know your thoughts in the comments Box below and don't forget if you like This video give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos until the Next video take care and I'll see you Soon

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