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I want to show you how to apply it I Want to show you how to blend it I want To show you how to layer Shades as well [Applause] And we're back with another educational Beauty video in today's video I'm going To be showing you how to blend and also Layer eyeshadow this is probably the Ultimate eyeshadow video it's going to Show you everything you need to know how To use different colors together Different textures how to blend Everything that you need to know so make Sure you stay tuned now if you do like This video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit that Bell button so that you Don't miss any of my future videos if You like some reels and unboxing then You can head over and catch me on Instagram too now let's jump straight Into the video So today's video is all about how to Blend and layer eyeshadow I think this Is something everyone needs to know and I've picked the perfect palette for this This is the Patrick tar major Dimension Palette and we're going to be using this Because it has lots of different Textures that we can use and that kind Of like is perfect for this type of Video I want to show you how to apply it I want to show you how to blend it I Want to show you how to layer Shades as

Well now I want to talk about different Textures and then we're going to move Into the tutorial we have a couple of Different textures here now we're not Working with obviously liquid eyeshadow But we do have a cream eyeshadow in here He has two cream eyeshadows within this Palette which I think is great and I'm So glad because I feel I personally love Cream eyeshadows and I've mentioned that In several videos before but we also Have that kind of like nice matte Eyeshadow which is that buttery soft Eyeshadow now when I say buttery soft I'm talking about this palette in Particular it doesn't mean all palettes Are like that it doesn't mean all Eyeshadows like that but I really am Excited about using this palette and Then we have some kind of like eyeshadow Toppers which are kind of almost maybe Some of you would refer to it as like a Glitter eyeshadow which you know Sometimes it looks so amazing in the Palette and then you try and put it on And you're like oh my God it's flaking Everywhere what's going on I really want To talk to you well not talk to you but Show you how you can basically fuse all These kind of different textures Together so it doesn't mean you can't Use them together you can now I'm going To be working with the kind of like Matte eyeshadows first and I'm going to

Be using the shade absolutely so I am Going to be using my Sigma e49 brush and I'm just going to take this and Basically just kind of swirl it I want To show you if I can hopefully yeah I'm Just going to press it into it you can See I'm just pressing I'm not right Swirling as I just said I was going to Do a second ago but we are just pressing Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to Go over my lid and I'm going to go over The whole lid And you can see I'm basically going side To side I just want to also explain to You that it it some it may seem easy Sometimes when you're watching someone Or maybe it doesn't but you have to also Not just look at how they are applying It but you've got to think about the Pressure that they're using pressure is So important honestly guys pressure is So important because if I'm pressing Kind of quite firmly it's going to give Me a very different finish if I'm Pressing quite lightly it's going to Give me a different finish I am pressing Very lightly I generally am very Light-handed with my makeup application And honestly I feel like that is Something that is a game changer okay so As you can see I'm going back into the Palette whenever I need to now what I do Love is that because of being so Light-handed with it it's giving me a

Really nice kind of transparent layer Now you can see we're slowly kind of Creating that really nice space layer as You can see I've been going back and Forth kind of very lightly I just want To let you know I know I've already said It but as you know I'm very detailed on These tutorials so I might repeat myself Self but I repeat myself because I know That that way it really kind of drums in You know it really sits in your mind Because I just keep saying it So okay so I'm very lightly doing this I'm not pressing hard you can if I was Pressing hard you'll see the brush go Like this like it's just skimming over My skin and then I'm going into the Inner corner here I'm going a little bit Above the socket I I focus on going on The socket as opposed to above it Because if you go on the socket then it Naturally kind of goes above anyway There you go now I know that I want to Kind of lift this I want to go upwards I Don't want anything kind of dragging Down I really want to go up so you've Got to look straight ahead in the mirror I'm kind of used to working on my face So even though I'm looking down a little Bit I know this is going up if you're Watching then you're going to see that This is going like slightly up now I Haven't applied more product here what I've done is basically dragged

Whatever's already there and then just Kind of like taking it out now I feel Like that is a really nice base layer And I'm kind of like happy with that Let's go ahead and do the other side Same thing we're just basically going Back and forth Starting from one part of the eye and Then moving to the other end And then once we've kind of like covered The main base area of the eye which is The lid we are going to go we'll focus On going into the socket and then by Going into the socket it's naturally Going to kind of make its way a little Bit higher above the socket Why are there so many birds outside my Window there's not even a tree there This is so so many all I can hear is Just Birds it just sounds so weird Because I'm not used to hearing it I'm gonna go in with the shade mother And I'm using my two three one brush From zoeva this shade here is Mother and It's this really nice kind of like deep Burgundy shade so I've just pressed the Tip of the brush onto it now I like to Keep a tissue with me because what I Tend to do is just dab the excess off Onto the tissue because I feel like that Way I'm not going to get any kind of Like product like any any product Spilling on the rest of my face I mean The pigment's pretty good in that sense

Like it's not there's not a lot of Fallout from this but you know I always Like to just be safe now I've applied it To the tip because that is the part of The brush that I'm going to be using so What I'm going to be doing is just kind Of like applying it very close to the Lash line but from the end just from the End of the Lash line so I'm kind of like Going I know it's a bigger brush so you Can't really go super close like you Can't make it fine but I don't want it To be fine I just want that little bit Of Darkness you know And I really want that kind of like Feline look so I'm focusing on giving The eye more depth around that area and I'll show you what I'm going to do in a Bit with the rest of the eye I just want To quickly explain to you right we used A lighter color first right so that Shade that we first used was kind of Like our base color so look at that as You're kind of like your base color of Your whole look that you're going for Like this color that I've used is a good Base color because it's not too dark but You can also see that I've got something On it's very subtle okay so like I said We're gonna go back into that and we are Basically just creating a bit of depth And what I'm doing is I'm pressing with The tip kind of from halfway across the Lash line

Like I'm focusing on trying to really Press it close to the Lash line but you Know I know it's not going to create a Really thin look I'm going to go ahead And do this side Okay I'm gonna go in with my Sigma E21 Brush and I'm going to basically go back Into that same shade and I'm going to Now press very close to my lash line I'm Just going to almost kind of like try And touch my lashes and this is just Going to add a bit of depth to my lash Line Can you see I'm using the tip So see that dark color that I've used Has basically been able to give us depth On the eye initially it looked very kind Of like flat we just had a washer color And there was no kind of like depth There now here I'm just pressing this Into the Lash line and because it's not Like a black it's actually really easy To just create that depth without the Need to really properly blend it so We've got a little bit more depth there I'm going to do this same thing on this Side Now I'm going to go into the cream Eyeshadow I'm using my Charlotte Tilbury Smudge brush and the shade that I'm Using is Lady and this is a cream Eyeshadow now I'm just taking a little Bit on the tip of my brush and I've just Kind of like smudged it on the back of

My hand here because I don't want too Much of that product and I'm going to Create a really nice kind of just some Depth on my lower lash line and there's No eyeshadow there currently now this is Just gonna I'm just gonna focus on Really going side to side but into my Lower lashes Now I personally do not like applying Cream on top of powder because it just Ends up going really weird and it just I Just feel like it's not meant to be Here I'm applying this cream and I can Go over with powder if I was to apply This on top of powder then I feel like It's going to end up like just there's No point of applying powder underneath And you're just completely messing with Different textures that are not really Meant to go together so this here is Cream and what I love about this it does Give you that slightly kind of like wet Look and I love that because it just Adds again more depth to the whole look I feel like I've said the word depth a Million times but you know that is That's what I'm trying to explain to you Depth is key here that this is what We're trying to do is create depth on The eye area with different textures and Blending and like kind of layering see The difference now that that's just Giving it that really nice depth just Giving it that you know it's just

Changed it up a bit okay we're gonna go Back into that with the tip of this Brush And do the same thing over on this side And I absolutely love cream textures on The eyes I feel like they're just so Easy to blend so easy to work with and I Feel like it's something that a lot of People are scared of and there's really No need to be and I really do hope that Some of my cream eyeshadow tutorials Have helped you to kind of overcome that Fear of working with cream eyeshadows Now I'm gonna get an even smaller brush This is my Rowan brush it's called the Everything Eye Brush and I'm using the Smaller side of it and I'm dipping into That darker cream which actually is Woman and now this is where I'm going to Take off the excess same like on the Back of my hand and this is where I'm Going to take this like really close to My lash line but just along The end part of my lash I'm gonna go into the shade Divine and I'm going to basically use this to just Kind of open up certain parts of my eye See this is where you can go in with a Lighter shade at the end because this is What I'm I'm gonna basically use this to Highlight areas and I wouldn't have done That to begin with because all the other Shades that I was I was kind of like Using are gonna end up just kind of

Overshadowing that now I'm using my Brush the e42 brush by Sigma I'm just Using the tip I've kind of dipped it Into there and this is where I'm Basically gonna go along this inner Corner here there's a very small amount Of Shimmer in this product it's not too Overpowering and that's why I like Applying it there because usually I Wouldn't really like applying too much Of a light shade because most of the Colors that you come across in palettes Are just way too kind of you know like Bright and then it just looks like There's a tiny light bulb in the inner Corners of your eyes but this is just Like the right amount now as well as Applying it there I am going gonna also Just bring it down here I really love Bringing down that lighter shade just Along that area here because I feel like It opens up the eye area and it actually Just stops you from looking like you Know like the eyeshadow has darkened Your under eye area now I'm going to go Into the shade what is this this is Called legendary and I'm basically going To just kind of like swipe my finger Into this like just like that I'm going To grab hold of that color which you'll Be able to see on my finger and if does This ever happen to you where you apply It on your finger and you're like wow And then you bright to your lid and

You're like where was it like what Happened like it does happen it's Unfortunate but genuinely I feel like This is something that gives me the Right amount of transfer like I don't Want it to look completely like that Like I just want that kind of really Nice kind of Shimmer now I'm pressing This along the middle Of the lid I don't mind if it kind of goes on to Other areas because I actually want that Nice Sheen to go across Same here Okay you can get any brush I'm just Using my e45 And I'm just gonna like basically Very lightly kind of just soften the Edges but I'm actually going over the Whole lot like I'm not just touching the Edges because I actually do want it to Just give me a really nice Sheen all Over I'm using my E21 brush again and I'm Going into the shade Exquisite I'm just Using the tip and it's like a really Nice deep Sheen and I'm basically going To apply this to my lower lashes just Kind of mainly focusing on the middle Section because it just looks nice when It's just in the middle section it gives You that more kind of like depth there Again because we've got cream there this Is going to stick really really well to

That so I'm just kind of like pressing It In the middle Now if you apply it all the way across You can if you want to but I feel like Then you're not really breaking it up a Lot it's just kind of all over whereas When you apply it to certain areas and You apply more of that Shimmer or Sheen Along the center area it just kind of Gives the eye more shape I'm trying I'm Trying to I'm trying to figure out ways To say depth without saying depth Basically Right I'm using my e45 brush and I'm now Going to go into the darkest shade which Is Scandal now this shade I'm going to Use to really kind of give me that Really nice kind of Darkness around the Kind of edges And just Bring out my eye a little bit so can you See I'm using the chip and now this is Where I'm mainly kind of applying it With my eye open just looking straight Ahead I'm just applying it where I feel I could do with that extra kind of depth I I seriously I don't know what other Word to use but this is genuinely like Look at it like look at the difference It's just a bit kind of like unfinished There and this is just kind of like just Giving it more of that nice wow factor So I'm just using the tip

And it's just adding So much definition like just exactly Where I need it because I feel like That's where I wanted it to be a little Bit more kind of just more sultry and Lifted and nicely Blended at the ends See how like if you just keep looking Straight ahead in the mirror and you Just keep thinking right okay where do I Need more then just go in with just a Very small amount And it will spread you know you don't Need to go go in with a lot just keep a Tissue on hand to blot take the excess Off first and you can always add more But it's always harder to reduce Whatever you've done lastly I'm going to Go back into that transition shade and This is my e49 brush I'm using the tip And I'm just going to basically add a Bit more kind of depth here but I don't Want it to be so strong like I don't Want it to be like really dark so I just Want the color to come up a little bit More I feel like I could have more of it Kind of peeking up just kind of like Peeking out from this whole eye look So I'm just going back and forth just Applying it a little bit higher so you Can always go in at the end you know if You feel that it needs something a Little bit more then you can go in with It at the end to just finish it off and I feel like that is just great I love

This look I'm just going to apply my Charlotte Tilbury push-up lashes mascara Only a very small amount I've literally Got like three lashes on each side Waiting to just fall off I am going to get them done again though Because I really liked them these are The Lily lashes and I'm just kind of I'm just going to apply a little bit of Mascara on my lower lashes That's how I apply blend and layer Eyeshadows I hope that everything has Made sense I hope you have a little bit More of a better understanding when it Comes to textures colors and how to kind Of just fuse them all together as well Now there is obviously a lot more that You could do with this look you could Use a much darker eyeshadow and a thin Brush and then basically just kind of Create more of a wing you could have Left out certain bits of this whole look So it's really about whatever you feel Works for you whatever works for your Style of shape like your eye shape your Face shape your style in general like What works for you so don't feel like This is the only way to do it I really Wanted to create this and use so many Different textures and colors so that You understood how you can do it so There's the option there to be able to Do it I really do hope this has made you Want to experiment a little bit more

With your eyeshadow palettes I Personally know I'm the first one to be Able to put my hands up and say there Are eyeshadow palettes that I have that Genuinely I don't really look into and It isn't because I don't know how to use Them it's more so because they're not The kind of colors that I would use Personally but I do understand that lot Of people do have the same thing it Could be for the same reason or it could Be that you just don't know how how You're meant to use it you know so I Understand that and there are eyeshadow Products that I have that I'm sure I Could use but I'm probably just a little Bit of little I don't want to really try That color but when I put it on it might Look nice so it's really about being Experimental as much as I need to apply That to my own way of living when it Comes to makeup as well I do hope that It kind of helps you with your with your Makeup and I hope that it has kind of Made you or push you to be a little bit More experimental step out of your Comfort zone and try something with some Different textures and some different Colors wherever you are in the world I Do send you loads of Good Vibes and Loads of love I hope you've enjoyed this video and It's completely changed your makeup game When it comes to eyeshadow now if you do

Like this video give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Don't miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and I'll see You soon

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