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Do you see how here we don't have Anything there here we've got that Really nice flick and that nice lift There now [Applause] And we're back with another educational Beauty video today's video is all about How to create a smoky natural liner look And it's a follow along again because You guys seem to love these follow along Videos so there's loads more coming your Way so that you can sit down get your Makeup out and actually do the look with Me so that you are more likely to get a Similar result so if you do like this Video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos and I'm over on Instagram so please do come Say hi there and you can also check out My reels and stories and everything I Get up to when I'm not filming for YouTube now let's head straight into the Video Seeing as you guys love these follow Along videos we have another one for you And this one I think you're gonna like Because a lot of you have been asking About how to create that really nice Kind of natural smoky eye but the liner Look so it's a little bit faded and I'm Going to be showing you now I have Nothing on my eyelids at all obviously I

Have lash extensions nothing I can do With that at the moment so we're gonna Just totally focus on the actual eye Look without the lashes now I have no Concealer on my eyelids it's all been Kind of like removed and I'm going in With an eye cream I'm using my drunk Elephant ceremony AFI balm this is going To give me a really nice kind of like or Nearly put it down there I've already Got concealer there this is going to Give me a really nice kind of like Hydrated feel to that area you really Don't want to kind of like apply Concealer on your Lids without any kind Of like eye balm or eye cream there Because you need something like it just Firstly it creates a barrier between Both it's protecting your skin and also It's going to give it that hydration so So nothing's going to pull and tug and Your eyeshadow will go on much better Once you've applied your base whatever That may be now that we've applied that We've kind of just Pat it into the skin You don't want to rub it in too much you Do want to make sure that it's nicely Smoothed over we're going to go over to My concealer now I'm using my Born This Way from Too Faced multi-use sculpting Concealer in warm beige now what I'm Going to do is I'm going to focus more On this top section here so I'm just Going to like

Add Few dots there Now I'm just getting my hourglass brush This is my like concealer brush and what I'm going to do is just kind of like Buff this in and because it's the eye Area you can use a sponge or a brush bar At the moment I'm just going to stick to A brush because I feel like it's not as Big as a sponge so I have better control In terms of where it goes because the Rest of my face is already done so I Don't want to really ruin that So can you see I'm pressing And dragging slightly So all I'm doing is just kind of like Closing my eyelids closing my eye and Then I'm pressing so that again I call That buffing so you are literally just Pressing and then flicking outwards and Then anywhere you feel if you've already Got your makeup on everywhere else then Obviously you just press with your Fingers so that it all connects but if You haven't then obviously it'll be a Little bit less precise because you Don't have to worry about how it Blends Into the rest of the face I'm just Taking a very little bit of my setting Powder so I'm using my Ben eye one I've Got a little bit in the palm of my hand And I've got my Real Techniques setting Brush and I'm just dipping it in and now I'm just going to press

Just pressing it over That's it Now that basically has set our base on Our eyelids ready for any kind of like Eyeshadow application honestly this is Such an easy look so I can't wait for You guys to try this the first thing I'm Going to be doing is getting my Sigma Beauty winged liner brush which is e06 This brush is probably a must-have when It comes to creating a look like this it Is an amazing brush don't forget that You do get discount use the code Nina Ubi10 also the link is in my description Which takes you straight to the sigma Site so make sure that you go in look For the brushes I'm using and use my Code what I'm going to be doing is using A new eyeshadow palette today I'm using The taut gilded eyeshadow palette which Is part of their Hollywood I keep saying Hollywood Part of their Holly oh my God why am I Just saying Hollywood why why is that The only word growing out my mouth it's Part of the holiday collection that was Just unnecessarily difficult and I'm Gonna be using the shade Frills and this Is like a nice warm reddish brown now I've dipped this into the eyeshadow I Just want to show you here so I'm Basically just pressing it that's what I'm doing pressing and then what I do is I basically get my finger so that I've

Got the brush here and I basically just Press it and what that does it keeps the Brush together but at the same time it's Taking off any excess now the first Thing I'm going to do is create my kind Of wing and then we can work on top of That now we can darken this later but I'm using this kind of color because we Do want it to be a bit natural we don't Want it to be like overly heavy what I'm Going to do is just go from the end of The Lash line here but I'm a little bit Above so I'm not going all the way to The end now if you want to you can go All the way to the end of the Lash line And start there but just bear in mind if You have slightly droopy eyes or down Turned eyes on the end then that is Going to enhance it even more that's Going to enhance that droopiness so you Want to make sure if you want a lift Then you want to leave a little bit of a Gap and go a little bit higher so it's It really depends on the angle of your Eye already if it's downturned then Leave a gap and start a little bit Higher if it's already quite upturned Then you can go to the end of the Lash Line and that will be fine now I'm Starting a little bit higher than the End of my lash line and I'm pressing so I'm not dragging I've just pressed a Little bit here you can see a tiny Little marker point there now this is

Where I'm going to take off the excess On the back of my hand so there's not a Lot of product left over on the brush And now what I'm doing is I'm using the Tip and I'm literally I'm very lightly Touching it so I'm actually not pressing Hard at all and it's kind of like Skimming over my skin what I'm doing I'm Basically pressing it very lightly so I'm almost dragging this color outwards A little bit And As I'm getting further and further out My pressure is lightening so I'm moving My hand away from my skin A little bit as I'm kind of like Coming out now what I like to do is I Just take my finger And I just kind of like Press and flick outwards and what that Does is it lightens that whole flick so It doesn't look so harsh and it looks a Little bit more natural now what we're Going to be doing is we're going to take Some more of that product on the brush And this is where we're going to go very Close to the Lash line and we're Pressing we've started a quarter of the Way in not halfway in not all the way in We're taking a little bit more on this Brush and I'm basically pressing close To the Lash line and then what I'm doing Is I'm getting to that point where I've Applied that liner and it's kind of

Connecting Can you see now there's that really nice Subtle flick there There and then you can use your finger Again if you've got a little bit too Much product there so it really depends On how thick you're making it as well You do it according to the rest of your Face to see what kind of light goes now Do you see how here we don't have Anything there here we've got that Really nice flick and that nice lift There now so we're going to do the same On the other side because I want you to Really kind of like see them both in Action and just see it again we're going A little bit above the end of the Lash Line Pressing Just pressing a little marker point There Now I'm going to take this product off On the back of my hand now I'm going to Touch very lightly And I'm dragging this color Outwards and as I'm flicking it out but I'm lightening my pressure as I kind of Like go out and I'm going to use my Finger to just very lightly drag it That I'm happy with that little flick Get a little bit of product now we're Going to go all the way in a quarter of The way in from the end of the Lash line Go super super close to my lash line

Press and then we keep doing that all The way along really close to the Lash Line until we come to the area where we Applied the flick and we're pressing it So that it connects Right that's connected nicely Anything extra on the flick we can flick Out see how we've got that really nice Faded eyeliner look now which is a Little bit Smoky but it's not Ott now I'm going to get another brush I'm going To use my Rowan everything Eye Brush and The smaller side of the brush I'm going To press it into that same color and What I'm going to do is take the excess Off on the back of my hand and now I'm Going to press from the Lash line you Know where we started I'm going to flick Up So I'm just kind of like almost dragging The color that's there including adding A tiny bit up flicking up so I'm just Starting at the Lash line and then Flicking up now if you feel like you've Got a little bit too much color there Then what you I can show you what to do In a second but what we're doing is We're pressing and flicking up pressing And flicking up until you reach where You've got that flick right We've reached the flick we're not going To go all the way to the end of the flip But I do feel like there's too much Color there so what I'm going to do is

Get my finger And I'm gonna almost like push inwards Not the flick but that other section Close to the Lash line Push it in Okay now it's a lot kind of it's a lot Softer but can you see how we've got a Little bit of smokiness there but it's Very soft we're going to do the same on The other eye So Flick up from really close to the Lash Line It can end up looking a little bit messy Which is why we use the finger to kind Of like press it in We're just kind of like buffing it into The Lash line Now I feel like we've got this really Nice kind of like soft look it's Honestly super super easy guys and I Really wanted to kind of share that with You so that you guys can see how to very Quickly do it because sometimes I show You looks which maybe take a little bit Longer this is a super quick one because I really wanted you to see how easy it Is to create a natural looking kind of Smoky eyeliner look which isn't over the Top now you can adjust this if you want To so say for example you want to maybe Use a black you can use a black you can Use a different color you can use a plum Shade you can use anything but let's

Just say you've done this and you feel Like you want it a little bit more Defined this is very natural in my Opinion for the rest of my face natural Is very subjective because it really is Down to what the rest of your face is Like so this is very natural for how the Rest of my face is looking and what I Can pull off generally but some people May not be able to pull off a lot of Makeup so you know it'll be a lot Lighter than this that would be natural For them now you can go into a black I'm Just using the black from the tarte Glamor palette which is called Noir and You can basically what I like to do Sometimes is go right where I applied That flick press get rid of all the Excess off the brush And then I just drag so that you know The bottom part of the flick is black so The bottom part and then is black and Then it kind of Fades into that brown And that's the easiest way to do that if You don't want to worry about creating a Gradient effect by blending and blending And blending and you don't want to like One you don't have time to blend two you Don't know how to blend this is another Very easy trick you just literally just Draw very lightly a black line on the Unders side of the flick so the bottom Part of the flick you just basically Make it black and then what happens is

It looks like it's black going into like A much softer color so we can do the Same here And it just gives it that extra Definition so it doesn't look overly Natural you've got that definition You've got that flick there but it looks Like it's Fading Into that really nice Brown shade I really do hope that that Was helpful probably one of the quickest Ones I've done I think don't you think What else do you want to see when it Comes to like following along with me Because I feel like it's a really good Way for you guys to actually you know Like test it out trial it out do it with Me so you know nothing's kind of like Sped up you can actually do it while I'm Doing it and I feel like you're more Likely to get that same result as well What do you guys think how are you Liking these follow along videos because It has a lot to do with the way that I'm Teaching but also how we edit the videos Too I would love to hear what your Thoughts are on it and yeah I really do Hope you've enjoyed this this is a very Easy look that I think a lot of you guys Can manage it's something you can wear During the day you can use a different Color you can use blue you can use green You can use any color that you want that Is going to show up on your skin color So yeah I really do hope you have a

Great rest of the day wherever you are In the world and you managed to rock This look I hope you've enjoyed this video and I Hope that your eyeliner came out super Feline and really nice and natural and It was really easy for you guys to Follow along now if you do like this Video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and I'll see You soon

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