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So hopefully to you I don't look tired Anymore I mean this is the type of look That I would do when I know that I'm Looking really tired and today is one of Those days and honestly I don't want it To be really obvious and I do want my Skin to look healthy [Applause] Welcome back to another educational Beauty video today's video I think is Something that everyone can relate to It's how to apply good makeup when you Look tired now if you do like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you don't Miss any of my future videos I'm over on Instagram so please do come say hi there Too I think we should head straight to The video now I thought that this was the perfect time For this video so how to apply good Makeup when you look tired and I know That my skin looks tired it feels tired I feel tired it's the beginning of the Year and I just want to apply makeup That just hides all of that so this is What we're going to do today now I have Nothing on my skin and I'm going to Start with my serum this is something That I have been using for a little While now and guys it's amazing this Serum is the lobster triple peptide Drops and it has vitamin E and

Niacinamide and I've just got two drops On my fingers there and I'm basically Just going to apply this all over and You can apply this on its own before Your moisturizer or you can also mix it In with your moisturizer I just apply it On its own and sometimes I only apply The sunlight and just go to sleep you Know when I just don't run on dry Moisturizer when I feel like maybe it's Going to be a bit too much now we're Going to need an eye cream with this Which is going to help to kind of Brighten the eye area so I'm using my Drunk elephant sea Tango multivitamin Eye cream I need some of that vitamin C Today so we're just smoothing that over The eye area and I don't put it too Close to the actual eye so I just kind Of like go along the brow bone and along The Contour of the eye and then I just Start pressing it in while I'm there I'm Just going to like press on these areas And it just is so soothing and you know I don't actually know what it's doing But it feels good right a little bit of Moisturizer okay now I'm applying my Wind marrakes marrakes Marrakech Marrakech okay which and I'm just kind Of like smoothing that over my face so I Let that serum kind of like sink into my Skin first now I feel like I've got some Amazing hydration which is going to be Great for tired skin now what I want to

Do is I want to actually start to Correct certain areas first because I Know that today concealer just isn't Gonna hack it I know I could use my Really good concealer like my shape tape And just like plaster everywhere I need To plaster it but when I feel like my Skin is tired and it feels tired it Looks tired and I can see that darkness In certain areas and just that tiredness In general I I feel like if I just slap On a bit of makeup it's just gonna end Up looking too cakey because when your Skin is tired your pores look more open Like everything just looks bad so I Don't want to go in with makeup and just Purely rely on that so I'd rather try And like correct certain areas so that I Can just go in with some nice and Natural makeup so we're going to start Off with my Fenty Beauty matchsticks in Banana this is going to help to brighten A few areas so I'm just gonna literally Draw that onto my lips here And here guys you'll be surprised at how This really helps to brighten the area Up I'm also going to apply this just in These areas here because it's a little Bit dark I'm going in with my concealer brush and There's nothing on this brush and I'm Just gonna basically just kind of blend This into my skin and you're gonna see Automatically it brightens up those

Areas before we've even applied any Concealer so it kind of like gives you The exact base that you need so that you Can just get on with your normal routine You know so just makes your skin look Not tired a bit more awake so you're Working on kind of the skin that you Want to work on Try and keep it in the same areas Because obviously we don't want it to Spread out into areas that we don't need It and because we applied some really Nice skin care underneath that is really Kind of getting to work with the Hydration our skin is nice and kind of Like fluid underneath so it's easy for This to blend in if you apply this on Skin which is dry and you're like you Don't have enough skincare on it's just Going to end up feeling and looking a Bit chalky there we've brightened up Those areas how amazing is that now I'm Going to go into my concealer and I'm Just going to apply A little bit not as much as I usually Would do let's buff this into the skin And let's just finish off with a little Bit of powder to set those eyelids just Using my Beni banana powder And I'm just dusting away the powder With my sitting broth next up I'm going To apply a little bit of that concealer On my under eyes I don't have to work so Heavy with my concealer now that I've

Got that kind of Yellow Undertone it's not really yellow one to Turn but it's just helped to brighten up The area so let's just wipe that in So basically we're not having to rely on So much makeup because we've kind of Like done a bit of correction underneath The worst thing that you can do when Your skin is looking tired is have it Look cakey and super matte you want it To look a bit more kind of glowy so We've done that under eye area now what I'm going to do is go in with a bit of Sculpting and I'm using my milk matte Bronzer stick in baked and I really do Love this because it's just so easy to Apply it Blends really easily and Perfect color as well And it's not chalky on the skin Right just kind of blend that into the Skin I love how like velvetiness feels on the Skin So easy to blend come on this is my Hollywood complexion brush from Charlotte Tilbury Right I'm gonna use my milk lip and Cheek stick in perk and this is just a Really nice kind of Orangey color which is going to help to Brighten up my face I'm just going to Apply this up here I might apply some More after but I'm going to see how that

Goes and I'm using my It Cosmetics brush This is actually the complexion Perfection brush and it's the Anna Jack's collaboration that they did but I Don't know if they have this generally Like obviously the collaboration is I'm Gonna last forever but yeah that's nice I like that okay now we're gonna go in With my dual forever skin glow you know I love the Dual forever matte this is The glow version and this shade is 3wo Which is basically a warm Olive and now We are going to buff this into the skin And I am going to buff this in with a Brush so I'm using my hourglass ambient Soft glow brush I think that's what it's Called but I'll put it up on the screen I don't want like a really thick layer Of foundation that's why I'm kind of Like buffing it on with a sponge I mean With a brush because I just feel like I Have a little bit more control and I can Apply it where I want to apply it and my Skin's going to still look natural so We're going to go over the nose now This is where we can really brush down Into the neck area I really do love this Foundation it's so Nice if you want like a nice glow I'm Going to apply a little bit more of that Blush Just kind of like on top here and Basically just like kind of going like That

And then pressing it into the skin now I Am going to basically do my under eyes First And then only apply the powder where I Feel that I really want that kind of That matte finish There you go Right let's now get our Veil brush Just dust over Kind of the forehead Down the center of the face and now with My setting brush I'm just going to Dust Away the powder on my under eye Now I know that that area just isn't Going to go anywhere See I really like that now I feel like My skin doesn't look tired it also Doesn't look super caked and it just Looks like you know it still has a Little bit of a Sheen to it but don't Forget that it takes about an hour if Your natural skin oils to come through So initially your Skin's always going to Look a bit matte but if it does it's Great because it means it's going to Last all day but then after an hour your Natural oils come out and it'll look a Little bit more natural so you don't Need to kind of like think okay this is What it's going to look like all day Okay so let's now just apply some of This Too Faced brow wax just brushing my Hairs up and then I'm just going to Brush through them again so just

Brushing through it and then a whole Load of that wax comes off which is Great because I don't want it to stay Kind of like excess to be there I just Brush it off onto my tissue that I have Here Press with my finger at the front so it Kind of like keeps it in place Now before I do anything I'm just going To very quickly kind of like add a bit Of more a bit more sculpting to my nose So just using my Fenty sand stalker in Shady bears and my 200 brush so all I've Done is gone down the side of the bridge Of the nose and then just a little kind Of V there and then I'm just using the Same bronzer with my bell brush Adding a bit more kind of like warmth to My face on the perimeter Okay I'm gonna go in with my brows now So I'm using my Anastasia Brow pen and I'm just basically going to draw in some Hairs Kind of like just fill in gaps but I Mainly do it at the bottom because I Don't like my brows to be so high Okay now I'm going to use my fit brow Pencil so kind of like drawn in hairs But there are areas that just like that Pen just isn't going to cut it so I'm Just like giving kind of slightly Thicker more solid lines Okay so now the Brows are done I'm going To do my mascara so I'm gonna use one

This is still my favorite mascara guys The benefit magnet lashes mascara is Just amazing I mean look at the Difference already it's such a good Mascara I do only use this as my top Lashes though because I feel like the Brush is just too big and bulky for my Lower lashes so that's a bit annoying Okay lower lashes I'm just going to use My Charlotte Tilbury push-up lashes Okay just gonna line my lips a little With my Charlotte Tilbury iconic nude It's very lightly As well as whatever I've already shown You it really is important to kind of Like brighten up certain areas so I'm Going to use that same color that I used On my cheeks On my lips because it is a lip and cheek Tent And this is going to help to like Brighten up my lips that looks so good On the lips let's add just a little bit Of glow so I'm going to use my Tom Ford Highlighter this is my two three four Brush from zoever just a little bit on The tip of my nose and the bridge of my Nose and then my one three four brush Just to add some kind of like glow some Extra glow to my face which I think is Just look a bit more kind of nice and Natural so hopefully to you I don't look Tired anymore I mean this is the type of Look that I would do when I know that

I'm looking really tired and today is One of those days and honestly I don't Want it to be really obvious and I do Want my skin to look healthy I feel like When you look tired and you are tired You kind of want to go more for that Glow anyway because you just want your Skin to look healthy I really do hope This is all kind of like answered all of Your questions and shown you that you Don't always have to go for that obvious Color corrector that you would think of When you've got dark out circles which Is like orange you can change it up a Bit you can go for something which is a Bit easy to work with so I know a lot of People feel a bit scared of orange or Red as a color corrector because they Feel like okay how am I going to cover That up after how do you use it I just Want you to know that you can use an Alternative it which is almost feels a Little bit safer to use if you're not so Confident with makeup so this honestly This stuff is amazing the matchsticks The banana shade is great it's great if You have olive skin or if you have like Darker skin tone iron if you have very Pale skin it can still help to brighten The area but you might want to go more Towards the peach side I wanted to show You this because it's something that Isn't complicated and and it doesn't When you put it on you're not like oh my

God now what you know because when you Put orange on it's very kind of like Whoa It's brightened up my face I Haven't had to put a whole load of Makeup on like I feel like I've got that Good coverage there where I need it but It doesn't look cakey my skin looks Healthy and just glowy so I really do Hope that's kind of answered all your Questions about how to make your makeup Look good when you are feeling tired Because it is all about where you put Certain things what kind of colors you Go for you don't have to go for the Obvious things like pink blush you know Just think a bit more outside the box Like try and choose colors which maybe You don't often go for so something Which changes it up a little bit too Like for example if you're used to going For like pinks then try and go towards Peaches you know there's no harm you're Not going to know what it looks like Until you try it either so try that out And let me know how it goes for you and Wherever you are in the world I hope you Have the most relaxed day and you get Everything that you're meant to get done And sending good vibes your way I hope you've enjoyed today's video if You have any questions let me know in The comments box below if you do like This video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel

And hit the Bell button so that you Don't miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and I'll see You soon

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