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And you should see that it gives you a Much more natural finish than say using This kind of Double Wear foundation on Its own it does give you a completely Different finish than what you'd expect From this Foundation [Applause] We're back with another educational Beauty video and in today's video I'm Going to show you how you can use Double Wear Foundation to create a natural Finish who would have thought it's Possible but I am going to show you Exactly how you can do that now if you Do like this video then please do give It a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe To my channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos and don't forget I'm over on Instagram too so you can come say hi There I think we should head straight Into the video now Correct me if I'm wrong but when you Hear the words Estee Lauder Double Wear You think of cakey full coverage makeup That's just going to look like a thick Mask on you I know that's what I used to Think and I don't know if they have Reformulated their product but I Genuinely wanted to show you how you can Apply it for a natural finish now don't Get me wrong I'm not saying that they've Reformulated it and it is Supernatural now it is still a full

Coverage makeup like foundation and it Does stay put like literally does not Move and I find that you've got to kind Of use a oil-based makeup remover to try And remove it or to remove it it does it Does come off guys I made that sound Like it just doesn't come off it does Come off sometimes what we want is a Foundation to stay in place give us a Flawless finish but still look natural And that's really difficult to get some Think that will actually look natural But last literally all night for hours And hours and hours that is difficult to Actually do so I wanted to show you how You can still have the amazing benefits Of the eston order Double Wear but make It look natural now this is not a Sponsored video at all like this is Something that I thought was just quite Interesting to try and I did try it out And I thought it worked really really Well so I wanted to show you exactly how You can do that yourself as well as you Can see I have nothing on my face I'm Actually looking very tired today my Skin is not great and I think the reason For that is because two days ago I Started using my retinol again I just Thought okay I've had a bit of a break From it now I want to get back on it and I'm not saying that that's kind of Ruined my skin it's actually going to be Like I love retinol so much it's going

To be amazing but you have to go through That whole stage of just stuff coming Out so I've got like I've just broken Out a little bit I've got this horrible Spot here that just hurts this one here Is like why would you want to just the Area it's just like another section over My face now so this one here they all They're just you know like big and Raised and horrible so you know I'm just Feeling a bit low but anyway we're gonna Get started now first thing I'm gonna do Is actually apply my Lancer triple Peptide drops this stuff guys I can't Even begin to tell you how amazing this Is I think I've told you in another Video One Drop you can use two drops I Use because I try and save it so it is Oh amazing it's just so good and it Plumps up my skin it genuinely my skin Hasn't looked better so the only reason I've had a bit of a kind of Hiccup at The moment with my skin is because I Started the rest Channel but prior to That I was using this every day morning And night and oh my God my skin was Looking amazing so this is actually Helping the retinol as well so it's Really kind of giving me that hydration I need whilst using retinol now okay I've applied that my skin is just Literally just taken all that product in I'm gonna use my eye cream just gonna Use my drunk elephant sea Tango and I'm

Just gonna like Pat this around the area Now I'm not going to go over that little Not little very big spot that I have at The top I'm actually going to apply Something else that I'll show you in a Sec okay now I'm going to go in with my Moisturizer this is my wind markish Which now I do want a lot of moisture Because I'm using a heavy duty Foundation so I want to make sure that My kind of my skin care is nice and Hydrating client gives me everything I Need so I'm really making sure I'm Looking after my skin underneath so it Gets all of the moisture it needs so That when I kind of apply my Foundation My Skin's already got all that moisture Even if it ends up feeling a little bit Kind of tight now now I'm going to apply My Barbara Sturm clarifying Spot Treatment now I use this even though This is like a it's supposed to be like A it's like a basically a colored Spot Treatment it's not like a concealer or Anything it's in the shade three it can Be a bit funny to apply like it kind of Moves around and doesn't really end up You know like staying in place but I That's why I don't use it to actually Like cover anything up I just use it Because it's going to help to not soothe But try and kill the bacteria there Because it's salicylic acid I'm gonna Apply a little bit there kind of helps

With the redness as well as you can see It well I don't know if you did see that But that's why I wouldn't use it alone Because the shade is a bit weird now as You guys know I usually under paint That's my technique I use which is Basically applying my concealer Underneath my Foundation now because We're using a kind of heavy duty Foundation I don't really need to Underpaint with this it's not so much That I don't need to it's that I really Don't want to because like I've Mentioned before on my underpainting Videos If you are going to use the check Technique under painting then you really Shouldn't be using a full coverage Foundation on top because it doesn't Work like that the whole point of under Painting is that it gives you a soft Focus look and the foundation used on Top should be a light to medium coverage Foundation in order for the contouring And the concealer underneath to kind of Like peek through and give you that Really soft focus effect now if you're Using a full coverage Foundation you're Not going to have that right because It's going to create almost a solid Cover on top so there's no kind of Transparency for that product underneath To come through and give you that soft Focus look so that's why I'm not going To be underpainting with this whole look

That I'm doing and this Foundation now First thing I am going to do is apply Some concealer to my eyelids because That section I never usually apply Foundation on top of so we're just going To get that done first I'm just going to Go in with my tarte shape tape This is 35 n medium and I'm just going To buff this in now you can use any Sponge I'm using my beauty blender and I'm just pressing it onto my eyelids Okay just gonna press in a little bit of Powder Okay so we're going to use a beauty Blender now I just want to show you this Is the size of my beauty blender now It's the normal size right so there's a Little bit of makeup on there already It's the normal size how it comes when It's fully dry now I'm going to go away And just put this under a running tap And just keep squeezing it until like it Literally doubles in size that's when We're going to be using now once it's Doubled in size you want to make sure That you squeeze all the water out you Then grab a tissue wrap it around the Beauty blender and squeeze again so it Absorbs all of the excess water then Your beauty blender is ready to use for This kind of look that we're going for Right now it's doubled in size you can See it's a lot bigger than before I'm Just going to wrap it with in some

Tissue and then I'm going to squeeze and Basically you can see that all of that Kind of the excess water is has been Absorbed by the tissue so now my beauty Blender is ready to use the reason we're Doing this is because we want the beauty Blender to give us a natural finish if You use a sponge which is dry it's Always going to give you a bit more of a Full full coverage finish if you use a Sponge which is kind of damp then it's Always going to give you much more Natural nitrile is going to give you a Much more natural finish because it's Not kind of picking up the product and Transferring it completely it is kind of Absorbing some of that product as well So you do end up losing a bit of product This way but it does give you the one More more of a natural look now I'm Going to use two products here Separately I just want to go through Them with you first the first product I Have is the tatchup Luminous dewy skin Mist that's like a hydration spray and It's great for normal or dry skin now I'm going to be using that and I'm also Going to be using my Estee Lauder Double Wear and my shade is 3w2 which is cashew So we've got those ready now what I'm Going to do first is get my spray now You can use any kind of glow spray Something that is there to give you a Bit of a glow or hydration I like this

One because I feel like it genuinely Does the job and I don't feel like it Just disappears after a while now what This is going to do is give us that Added moisture to our skin that added Kind of dewiness so that when we apply Our foundation on top our base layer Underneath is not so dry and just dry Basically it's not so dry it's giving us More of a fluid base if you see what I Mean and also adding that extra Hydration so okay what I'm going to be Doing is first off just let me just put A little bit this on the back of my hand So that I can get ready for it and I'm Gonna now spray my face so this And putting all over I have applied a generous amount now I'm Not putting my concealer on my under Eyes yet because I really want you to Kind of like see what this looks like Without the concealer on the under eye Area usually I would apply my concealer First just on my under eye I wouldn't be Doing under painting like I've already Mentioned before that's just my Preference like you might decide that You'd rather just add whatever concealer You feel that you need right at the end In which case don't use a concealer Which is quite a lot lighter than your Skin tone use it closer to your skin Tone okay so now what we're going to be Doing is we are going to be applying

This Foundation now if you feel like the Spray dries up anyway you can always Apply some more I feel like I need a Little bit more there I've got the Foundation on the back of my hand I've Got my sponge now what I'm going to be Doing is just dragging a bit of this Foundation just dragged it along there And basically buffed the sponge in Now I don't want you to take too much of That product because too much of that Product is just basically going to be Too much I want to drag the smallest Amount I'm going to start on the Forehead and we're going to start kind Of buffing this in and you should see That it gives you a much more natural Finish than say using this kind of Double Wear foundation on its own it Does give you a completely different Finish than what you'd expect from this Foundation already I'm loving that and It's the smallest amount that I've used If you were to use this in the Traditional way the way where you don't Apply the spray first and you just apply It as normal trust me you will have a Completely different finish now what I'm Going to do is start going over the nose I've done the same thing drag the Smallest amount of product so not a lot Like look I've still got most of it on My hand so it's not a lot of product That we're using and my skin is nice and

Tacky and fluid so just a little bit More and now we're gonna go on the under Eye area and the lower part of the face Foreign We're just going to drag underneath And just keep buffing it in see how I've Got really nice natural finish so it's Not as like full-on as what you'd expect It to be now I'm happy with that kind of Finish that we've got on the rest of the Face to be honest like I feel like it's Natural it doesn't look too much and I'm Good with that now what I'm going to do Is go in with a bit of concealer on the Under eyes because I do feel like I Still need a little bit there and Remember if you're just joining right Now or you've skipped the video please Do watch what I said and listen to what I said beforehand because it will fully Explain as to why I'm not using my Underpainting technique with this whole Look that I'm showing you now I'm going To go ahead and just apply a bit of Concealer here just in my usual way but Not actually as much as I usually would And I'm just gonna buff this in Now I'm going to go in with my powder as You probably know I like to use the Beni Banana powder I'm just going to use my Powder Puff I'm going to just press into The powder which is in the palm of my Hand I regrets going to press it on the Under eye area so that we can just set

That area Get my Real Techniques brush And then just Dust Away that powder Now this is where you can decide what Type of finish that you want like if you Prefer just to set the under eyes and Leave the rest of the face as it is you Can do that too because this Foundation I feel like you don't necessarily need To fully set but the under eyes I like To set to avoid under eye creases later And plus I just feel like it gives you That nice Flawless finish there now the Rest of the face if you want it to look Kind of almost semi-dewy then you can Leave it as it is and if you want to Apply things like blush bronzer or Highlighter you could opt for more of a Liquid texture rather than powder so That it kind of sinks into the skin and It all looks very natural alternatively What you can do is use a powder set the Rest of the face with a brush rather Than powder parts so it does still look Kind of natural and then you can carry On with powder products like bronzers Blush whatever you need for that type of Finish so I feel like from this point Onwards it's up to you what direction You want to go for the type of finish That you want there are so many Different finishes that you could end up With it really does come down to like What your style is and what you prefer

And the look you're going going for so What I'm going to do is whatever's left On my palm of my hand the powder that I Put in there I'm going to get my Real Techniques brush and I'm just going to Basically lightly dust over certain Areas that honestly I really don't want It to be that shiny I'm just going to very quickly do my Brows and I'll be back in a sec And back after doing my brows and Because I used the powder that was left In the palm of my hound hound and I'm Not gonna lie guys I did that three Times and I kept saying Hound I'm just Gonna let this one go so okay anyway the Powder that I had left in my hand I used That with my Real Techniques brush and I Just dusted it off on my face now Because of like that being a little bit More matte I do want to use a powder Bronzer because cream just isn't going To go on top of powder so I'm going to Be using my Fenty Sun stalker in Shady Biz and my hourglass brush in Veil or Not it's not shade it's just the name of The brush I don't know what's going with me today Anyway what I'm gonna do is just sculpt A little bit but not a lot I really just Want very light sculpting just enough to Give me some shape but not for it not to Be obvious if you see what I mean just Around the perimeter of the face and

That's it literally I'm not gonna lie I Did have a bit of time that I was Thinking about whether I should do this Video because I was thinking can I do a Natural base with this and I thought let Me try it first but it was just Something that I just I literally was Just sitting there thinking I need an Actual look today but I need it to like Last all day and I was thinking why are There no foundations which just get you Know because I didn't have time either And if I had time I could spend my time And do it in that more traditional Method and give it that natural look Make sure it lasts all day and be very Strategic with my placement of Everything but I didn't have time and I Was thinking I really wish there was a Foundation which would literally last All day I'm talking like all day and Then all evening I thought I don't have That and then I just saw this on my desk On my like makeup desk and I thought Okay could I it was like one of those Moments I was sitting here like look It's like me and the foundation were Having like a standoff and I was like do You think I could and it's like staring Me in the face basically telling me no And I'm like hmm I want to try this so That's where I was like okay let me try It first let me see if I can actually do This and then I will create a video on

It because I thought if I need this Someone else is gonna need this and I Really do hope that that's kind of Helped you and if you do try this please Do let me know what your thoughts are on It how it worked for you I feel like a Lot of people have this foundation and I've had it for so long and I don't Really use it that often to be honest Very rarely because every time I reach For it I kind of just feel like I'm Reaching for a slice of cake because It's just going to look so heavy on my Skin I have to be honest they they have Reformulated it I did mention this in a Recent video as well and it is a lot Better I guess it's just that kind of Reputation that it has that always kind Of makes me think twice about it but I Need to stop doing that and I'm gonna Actually place this in my normal Everyday Foundation box because I've got A box which holds all of my foundations That I alternate between and this was Just there separate because I kind of Like didn't know what to do with it do I Keep it out do I put it away in the draw Like what what's happening with this I Feel like this is something which you Know this is gonna last this is gonna Stay Flawless all day because I tried it Worked amazing for me and yeah if you Don't have the tattoo luminous dewy Spray use another Duty spray see how it

Works for you I personally prefer this Because out of all the sprays I've used And I've tried most of them I feel like This genuinely stays chewy so I feel Like this is going to work really well Hand in hand with this so if you try Both of these products in the same way That I've shown you please do let me Know more of you are in the world I hope You have the best day ever I hope you've enjoyed this video today And if you did give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you don't Miss any of my future videos until the Next video take care and I'll see you Soon

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