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Hey guys how's it going well welcome Back or welcome if you are new to this Channel which is all about educational Beauty today's video is all about using Stick makeup products I'm going to show You how easy it is and how versatile Stick makeup products can be and how Much of a difference it makes when you Have a bland base and how we can take it And make it well like this I'm going to Show you exactly how to create this Super easy to do definitely something That I think that every person needs in Their makeup bag these products are so Easy and you'll be surprised at how much You can actually do with stick makeup Products so let's get going but before We do if you do like this video please Do give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so that you never miss any of my Future videos and I'm over on Instagram So it will be great to see you there Don't forget I have an online Publication too where you can check out Different kind of topics I write over There so if you love reading You're Gonna Love It culture self help like Entrepreneurship Beauty there are two Different versions you've got a free Version which you can become a Subscriber of and you get regular kind Of occasional newsletters you've got a Paid version which is literally just

Going to cost you about coffee for a Month and that's it and you get so much More in-depth advice Beauty staff a Special room that us guys can chat in And yeah there's just so much going on I'd love to hear your thoughts on that So head over there and I think we should Just get straight into this video now Now I'm pretty sure most of us know just How easy and versatile using stick Makeup is and even though a lot of us Would think that okay that's really easy Why would you even need to do a YouTube Video on this I still want to cater to The people that maybe are not so hands On with makeup and maybe haven't even Discovered that stick makeup is the way To go if you want ease no fuss and just Really quick makeup that you could do Even on the go so that's what we're Going to be doing today I've already Done my base and everything my brows are Done but I do need to apply makeup on my Eyes cheeks a bit of sculpting and also My lips so let's get started and just a Quick note that I only have a dusting of Powder on in the areas that I feel I Need here like my under eyes around the Nose on my cheeks I don't really have Anything other than my foundation so we Can work on top of the foundation you Can actually use these stick products Underneath if you want and that would be Called under painting and it gives you a

Lot more of a soft focus effect but We're going to be using it on top so That you can really see very quickly What the result can be so first off I am Going to be sculpting my face first and I'm using the makeup by Mario soft Sculpt shaping stick this is in dark and The great thing is there's a brush on One side and then on the other side you Have the stick so it's kind of like very Easy for you to use and you don't need To worry so much about having a Different kind of tool to blend this in With now what I am going to be doing is Using this directly on the face and just Starting from the top of the ear And just applying a very small amount There and you can always add more if you Need but you want to make sure it's Symmetrical on either side this is going To give us a really nice kind of Chiseled effect on the cheekbones there And also I do want to kind of like lift This area here so at the end of the brow I just draw a little line there and There and it's going upwards can you see The lines are going in the same Direction Finish off with a very very thin line There Same thing here now I am going to also Sculpt my nose I'm going to do a little V At the bottom because this helps to make

My button the tip of my nose look a Little bit smaller and then we're going To go down the sides of the bridge of The nose here And then there now I'm going to use the Brush side and I am literally just going To buff this in so I'm going to just Keep kind of like Pressing flicking pressing and flicking So I'm not really moving it around and The trick is when you're using this on Top of foundation you really don't want To go back and forth because what you're Going to be doing is just kind of moving Around all that nice coverage that You've got underneath this way you're Buffing it into the foundation and You're not kind of like moving it into Areas that you don't need it see how Very subtle that is and this is why I Love stick makeup because I feel like It's just so easy to use This we want to take down into the Neck area Straight away we've got some shape there It's not so flat Now for the nose area that brush is a Little bit too big so I'm going to be Using the smaller side of my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood complexion brush and I'm literally doing the same thing so Kind of like buffing it in so pressing And flicking And then same on this

Side of the bridge of the nose You want to kind of like do it pretty Quick the thing with cream sticks when You're using them on the face I do feel Like as much as they don't often dry out But I still feel like you're going to Get a much nice cleaner blending Well kind of cleaner and blending Opportunity I'm trying to figure out how To say this you know if you just go in Pretty soon after actually applying it So now you can see that it's very very Soft but even though we've applied it on Top of our foundation it's still very Soft but it's given us that nice sculpt Now next I'm going to do my eyes because I want to finish off the kind of color On my skin afterwards so the first thing I'm going to do is use these in a very Strategic way so I'm using three Different shades and this is actually From the brand DOL 10 I think I spoke About this on a recent video and this Brand is clean so it's a clean Beauty Brand they just don't use any rubbish in There and it's ingredients in there Which are actually good for your skin Like aloe and soothing things for your Skin so you are you're kind of you feel Good that your skin is being looked After as well and it's a pretty good Brand so this is the doll Pro infinite Color eye crayon there are three Different shades here now what I'm going

To be doing is you using the kind of Medium shade first so I have a very Light color which is lighter than my Skin tone which is good for enhancing And popping you know like bringing out Certain features and I've got like this Medium brown and then a very dark brown So I'm going to use that medium brown First now this is great because using Stick makeup is so easy you don't get Your hands dirty you can use your Fingers to blend if you want to and it's Actually a really nice texture to be Able to use your fingers but if you Don't want to it's it's really really Easy to do so I'm going to just paint This over my whole lid here but just not Going over my crease and this is a very Kind of like light medium brown There you go it's going to give a very Soft finish so I like the fact that this Isn't too dark on my skin tone it may be For obviously someone who's a lot paler Skin tone than me But for me it's I I like it it's not the Kind of Shade I would usually go for but I like It I'm now going to use my e45 brush This is actually in my Sigma brush kit Which by the way is back in stock so Make sure you grab yours literally every Brush you need for any kind of eye Makeup look plus guess what you can use My discount code on it Nina ubi10 go

Grab yours now so I'm gonna basically Go onto the edges And just press and flick And this is going to soften where you Can see Like any harsh lines how quick and easy Was that These pencils are really easy to blend But this brush honestly makes it so much Easier as well so I would highly Recommend getting the brush set because It's going to make any kind of eye Makeup Look much easier for you now I'm going To take this first below I really really love these pencils They're just super easy To use there you go and I'm just going To take this underneath And just soften it there you go it's a Very very subtle kind of like Brown that I have on the lid now what I Want to do is use a different color Which isn't actually from doll 10 but This is a nude sticks nudies bloom all Over face dewy color and I just really Love this color and I'm going to use This so this is Rusty Rouge and what I'm Going to be doing is actually using this Brush and taking a bit of this color And just kind of adding it to kind of The center of the lid and it's just Gonna like give it a bit more of a kind Of

Almost I wouldn't say peachy but just a Little bit of a Brightness to this brown That's just brightened up that lid a Very very small amount So this shade is called espresso now I'm Going to go really close to my lash line And I'm not going to go all the way in But I'm just going to cover like half The upper lash line there And do the same here I'm not too fussed About how neat I'm getting this I'm Going to take that same brush This is why you need that brush set guys It's just such a versatile brush there And I'm basically just gonna drag it out So that it's kind of like keeping that The end of my lash line a little bit Dark And you can add more if you want to But I am actually pretty happy With that you can take it underneath if You want Use your finger if you want to just you Know buff the edges out I love this look Now I'm going to get my Sigma e57 brush And the doll 10 infinite color eye Crayon in vanilla bean now this is going To help to just open up certain areas Because I do want to kind of bring out Certain areas now what I do want to do Is just lift Just my kind of like Arch area there and Then I am just going to use this to just

Blend it downwards the great thing about This specific product is that it isn't Too white it's kind of that really nice Beige which complements my skin tone Perfectly There you go I'm happy with that that's Just opened up my brow area to just make My eyes look a little bit bigger tiny Bit Not on the inner corner but just on the Beginning part of my lower lash line And I just kind of blend that you know To get rid of any harsh edges there you Go and you can use this on other areas I'm going to use this just there Top of my bridge Little line there instead of using the Brush I'm just going to use my finger to Just pop this in There you go I'm happy with that I really like that I Am just going to curl my lashes And you can see how this is all going to Come together I'm using my doll 10 lash Remedy transforming peptide mascara I Haven't used this yet so we'll see what This is like And Oh it's good I like it So I'm assuming this is really good for Your lashes as well which is actually Really nice to use a mascara which is Good for your lashes do you know what is Amazing about this mascara I just had a

Quick look at what the benefits are Is that it's a mascara that obviously Does you know give you that nice kind of Lengthening look and I it's actually a Good mascara you know you know sometimes It's too clumpy this is really nice but Also it has ingredients in here to help Nourish your lashes and actually improve Improve Guys I don't even need to explain that To you when I can't say you know there's Just too much going on in myself For some reason certain words just don't Come out right but improve your lashes Like improve the health of your lashes How amazing is that that there's a Mascara that is actually you know like Usually used to have used Usually you have to use these separate Serums you know to look after your Lashes or brows like it's so nice to Have something which you can just put on Once and it's looking after your hair But it's also kind of like giving you That look that you want and it's pretty Easy to use on your lower lashes too That's done now we're going to use stick Makeup products for the cheeks now this Is where I'm going to use two different Colors because I want that kind of Slight kind of gradient effect and I'm Using the Charlotte Tilbury Beach sticks And these are actually new limited Edition Shades so we have Moon Beach and

We have If I've said that right Foreman Terry is The darker one which is kind of like This really nice kind of almost like Deep brownie orange and then we have This really nice kind of peachy shade so What I'm going to do is apply this Which is a darker one and then I'm going To apply the peachy one just above it There you go now what I'm going to do is Use a sponge to use the back of a sponge And why the reason I love these Particular Products is because it gives you a Really nice glow and I do really like These two mixed in together see that It's so nice Okay we're gonna do the same on the Other side so don't be afraid to kind of Like mix products together like these Sticks that you get it's just so easy to Do because obviously it's you like it's You don't have to get your fingers dirty Or anything so I am going to just take This again And it leaves you this really nice kind Of like glow to your face Just healthy looking glow to your face I Love that I am going to use that this Moon Beach on my lips as well And I've actually used the darker one Form and Terror on the edges Just like here's fire at the bottom and I really like how that looks so that's

Basically that that is how you use stick Makeup products it's super easy but now That you've kind of seen that beforehand I had this kind of flat base on there Was no contouring done there was no Blush there was no bronzer anything There was nothing on my eyes the only Things that I had on were my eyebrows That's it you've seen how much of a kind Of like drastic change there is in the Way that my makeup looks from using Stick products I haven't had to kind of Get my hands dirty I haven't had to Spend ages on blending it's super super Easy to use stick makeup products and I Really wanted to kind of show you that Like without having to do the base and Everything so that you can do your base However you want to do it but I just Wanted to show you how you can take your Base from here to here and you've got This finished result which is like it I Mean the products are great they're easy To blend the pigment is amazing so the Transfer of the color from the stick to Your skin is really really good you Don't don't have to keep trying to apply It it's just so easy to use and I really Wanted you guys to know that there are Ways that you can make your makeup Routine so much easier and it's Versatile like you can use these Products on different areas of your face And you could even use these stick

Blushes on your eyes as well and I feel Like it will give you that really nice Kind of almost like glowy kind of peachy Look very summery so yeah I love it and Hopefully you really love these products That I've used too because honestly I Would highly recommend them they're Really really great and don't forget I Also have my Vlog Channel which is a new Video uh twice a week and I think you're Going to love that too it's just very Raw and real and we get to kind of like Connect on you know just real life stuff Really so yeah I hope you've enjoyed Today's video and don't forget if you Like this video give it a thumbs up and Hit that subscribe button and that Bell Button so that you never miss any of my Future videos until the next video take Care and I'll see you soon

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