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Easiest way to look at this application Much smaller blending it naturally is Going to just get bigger if Sorry to look at it but [Music] [Applause] Welcome or welcome back to my YouTube Channel which is all about educational Beauty in today's video I'm going to be Showing you how to apply and blend Liquid eyeshadow now I'm going to be Showing you exactly how you apply it Exactly how easy it is to blend it and You guys are going to be complete Masters of this technique now if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos I'm also on Instagram so please Do come say hi there too if you want to Watch some reels some behind the scenes Stuff and also some unboxing now let's Head straight into the video I've been pretty excited about using This product because I picked it up when I went to New York and I am just so Excited about using it so yeah anyway It's a liquid eyeshadow and it's from Patrick Star States one size and I tried It on in the Sephora store when I went There on my hand I was like wow this Color is amazing it would suit my skin Tone so much and it just seemed like it

Blended really really well so yeah I'm Pretty excited about trying this on and Creating this look because it's the type Of look that I love I'm going to be Showing you how you can apply this cream Liquid eyeshadow and also blend it Because a lot of people tend to stay Away from this and I don't know why well I do know why it's kind of like scary I Guess when you're not used to makeup and Different textures but most of the People I speak to when it comes to my Clients they always say to me I I don't I don't know how I just stay away from Like liquid or cream eyeshadows I don't Know how to use them but honestly they Are much better than powder eyeshadows I Can't begin to tell you and once you Start using it you will probably very Rarely use a powder eyeshadow it's just Much easier when it comes to blending Now what we're going to be doing is We're going to be applying it first it Does depend on the type of texture that You're using and the type of application That you have so for example some cream Eyeshadows will come in a pot so you Have to use your finger or you can use a Brush to apply it and some of them have Like a kind of felt tip like this one Here so this color is actually called Open to all and it's the one size matte Eye popper it's a smoothing creamy Eyeshadow genuinely I can't wait to try

This and I actually can't wait to see How this kind of like looks later on in The day too okay this eyeshadow goes a Long way so you really only need to Apply a small amount and that usually is The case with liquid or cream eyeshadows More so liquid eyeshadows so I'm going To be using my Sigma e42 brush so I've Got that ready because it's like a Really nice small almost like tapered Blending brush and it fits in nice into The crease but not too big that it Spreads the color out too much now what We're going to be doing is applying it All over the lid I've got to be a little Bit careful because I do have lash Extensions on so I don't want to kind of Like cover them or anything but I'm Going to go very close to my lash line And the brush should kind of like blend It all in so we're going to apply this Just Kind of like paint this on Wow this color is so nice I'm making Sure that there isn't too much on this Bra on this applicator by the way so I'm Kind of like smoothing over whatever's There just kind of create a semi-circle Kind of rough you don't need to be so Precise with it now we're going to go in With this brush and we're just kind of Like pressing And kind of dragging the color Wherever we kind of need it

Now we're going to take this into the Socket area We are going to go over the slightly Bigger brush in a bit but initially I Just don't want to take this product out Too much See how a little goes a long way even Though that I looked like it was a lot It was quite a kind of transparent layer And we're kind of pressing and flicking To really kind of create that lift there So it's coming out towards the temples And by this point because we've kind of Like touched most of the product It's dried up already so it's just the Kind of like Edges that we're managing to kind of Like spread out now you really want to Focus on the edges first because that Will dry up and if you don't kind of Start blending it then it's going to end Up drying up pretty quick and just Leaving a line there so okay as you can See We've got a really nice kind of Blended Finish to the edge See how easy that was and that's just One layer now you can go in with another Layer so we are just nearly dropped it We are going to go in with another layer So what we're going to do is we're not Focusing on really covering the lid now This is just kind of like the pigment Really and now this is where we can go

In with a slightly bigger brush I'm Going to use my Sigma e45 brush It's a bit bigger we've done that main Kind of like blending And now I'm just going in very small Kind of movement I always take the Excess off on the back of my hand Because you don't want to just in case You've got extra product on the brush That you really don't need See how we've gone over the crease Slightly but when we applied it we Applied it below the crease so like it Didn't actually go up into the crease With the application so what I really Want you to remember is that your Application should be a lot smaller than What you intend for it to look like at The end so with your blending that's Where we're going to spread it out Slightly easiest way to look at this Application much smaller blending it Naturally is going to just get bigger if That the best way to look at it but so What I want you to remember is your Application it must be a lot smaller Than what you want it to end up and then When you start blending it's naturally Going to increase in size right so You're starting off with something very Small and that's when you first apply it And then when we move over to blending That's going to naturally kind of make It a lot bigger so you've got to

Remember that because sometimes what Happens is a mistake that a lot of People make is they go all in with that Application and try to blend all at the Same time sometimes it works if you're a Pro but if you're not it can be a little Bit difficult and it can because you're Not breaking it up in your mind it can Seem a bit like what's going on here it Just didn't work so I just want you to Break things up so into small sections So that you understand that by breaking It up into small parts you're in you're Going to end up with the result that you Really really want so just remember Small and then you're naturally going to Increase in size when you start blending See how nice that looks like it's just So nice this color is amazing I love it Okay so we can go in I think with just a Little bit more You can initially go in with a lot more If you want but I I wanted to just keep It small so that you guys can get this Transparent kind of shade as well as Opposed to just going in with that bold Color At least this way you can see that you Know it's not going to necessarily end Up immediately with a kind of strong Pigment you can choose what intensity You want Foreign If you feel pretty confident with your

Brushes then you could kind of go in Initially with that big brush that we Are using now and you don't kind of oh Got a lashes come offer and you don't Need to use a small brush but I really Wanted to show you so that you have the Option so it makes it a bit easier for You now what I do is I just kind of like Smooth it all over there's nothing on This brush And this is where I'm just gonna like Drag it all together make sure there are No kind of harsh edges there you go That's really nice now what I want to do Is take it on the lower lash line too so What I'm going to do is make sure There's nothing like not too much on This and we're just gonna like Apply it very close to our lash line Just roughly go in with that small brush Which is my e42 And basically just go side to side You see how I didn't actually apply it Very close to my inner Corner because It's naturally going to spread there Anyway again same Principle as what we Were doing before which is start small And it's gradually going to increase in Size when you start blending Guys I'm obsessed with this next time I Go I'm going to pick up every color I Love it I wonder if they deliver here or Patrick Star could just put me on his Press list because that would be amazing

And then I can show you like different Colors if you're watching I doubt you are but if you are please That would be great ah how nice is it I Love it okay let's move on to the other Eye See how we're blending it with this Small brush See how We're just getting right in and then now Pressing and flicking Before it all dries out and to be fair This liquid eyeshadow is probably one of The best ones that I've used in terms of Drying time like it doesn't dry up too Quickly it gives you that time to be Able to like blend it but it isn't also Still wet you know like it does dry up Within the right amount of time it gives You that Gives you that time to blend Some of them just dry up so quickly or Like oh my God it's like a Race Against Time Now that we've applied that I want to Kind of like go over with a little bit Of Sparkle and this is the great thing About liquid eyeshadows is that you can Because it's slightly tacky finish Obviously if you put it on when it's Still a tiny a bit tiny bit tacky and Not fully dry then you're going to get That pigment from that squawk will come Through straight away but it really does

Depend on when you apply it I'm gonna go In with my hourglass glitter eyeshadow In I don't know which oh no it's a Scattered light glitter eyeshadow in Foil I was trying to figure out what the Name is what the shade name is Okay so I'm just kind of scraping a Little bit out with my kind of nail I mean this is my own one I don't use This on clients so you know I can do What I want with it okay I've put it on The back of my hand and now this is Where I'm just gonna spread it over my Finger like that And I'm just gonna press it on my lid Now it just kind of Kind of close to my lash line in the Center There you go oh I love that get a brush You can get any brush I'm using the 230s The waiver brush there's nothing on here And I'm literally just gonna touch the Edges And spread it out so it's not so Kind of harsh I don't want it to look Like there's just a DOT of Sparkle in The middle so I do want to kind of blend It in a bit so you just literally are Going to blend the edges outwards and it Gives you the most subtle kind of almost Halo look Just spread the edges Let's just apply a little bit of mascara To my lower lashes This Is My Pillow

Talk push-up blushes from Charlotte Tilbury there's so much more that you Could potentially do with this whole Look like you could actually add a Really dark kind of eye shadow on the Inner corner like you know like the Front section the beginning part of the Upper lid and also the end just to give It more depth so there is a lot more That you can do and you can use powder On top of this the powder sticks really Really well to liquid eyeshadow so there Is so much more you can do with it but I Really just wanted to show you the Basics of you know how you apply it how You blend it because once you get this Right then you can start experimenting With other things this is it this is how You apply liquid eyeshadow and how you Blend liquid eyeshadow so as long as you Understand that your application is Basically creating the shape that you Want to end up with but a lot smaller Like a lot smaller even if you go way Too small it's fine because it will take Practice and then you'll realize okay Next time I can go a little bit bigger And then you'll figure it out you'll get To that sweet spot where it's perfect For you so application is a lot smaller But the same shape you want to end up With and then when you start blending You're blending with brushes that don't Have any product on there and you've got

To make sure that it isn't too big the Brush isn't too big because it will Start to spread the color out a lot Bigger you want to use something which Is not too small so it's not so precise Like a pencil brush would be way too Small it's you want a nice tapered Blending brush that fits into the socket Well but isn't too big yeah so you've Got to get that right so that's why Those brushes that I mentioned they're In the link is in my description below You've got to make sure it's something Similar to them honestly Sigma brushes Are gray yeah I would highly recommend Them and plus you get your 10 off make Sure you use my code which is Nina ub10 And yeah click on the links in the Description below so other than that I Hope you enjoyed this video and I hope Wherever you are in the world you're Having the most productive day ever and Sending you loads of Good Vibes I really do hope you've enjoyed this Video today if you have any questions Let me know in the comments box below as Always if you like this video give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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