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I can only do that when the channel Grows more so I'm really excited about It and I know you guys are here with me To help me do that so let's go that was Really cringe let's go but let's go And here it is another educational Beauty video today's video is all about How to apply and blend your concealer And your foundation so you guys are Going to be like Pro blenders by the end Of this video it's so detailed I think You're going to love it now if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't ever miss any of my Future videos and I'm over on Instagram So please do come say hi there too now We can head straight into the video You guys know that we always go into a Lot of detail on our videos because I Love telling you guys exactly how you Can create the most Flawless looks I Don't want to hide anything from you Guys I want you guys to be amazing at Applying makeup on yourself or whether You work as a makeup artist applying on Anyone else I just want to be able to Help you guys and I really want to be a Part of that and I really do hope that My videos help you if they do let me Know in the comments box below because I Love reading your comments I read every Single one today is no different to my

Other detailed videos today is about how To apply and blend concealer and Foundation this is where I'm really Going to kind of like go into detail on How you apply it but also how you blend It like I'm really excited for you guys Just to learn but also for me to really Focus on those two things you know Because I focus on all different things When I do my base videos and I feel like This is the first time I'm really really Focusing on the application and blending You know so and I know that's a big Question you guys always say to me like What does you know how did you apply That how did you kind of like buff that What's your version of buffing honestly I just want to be clear with you I have A few people who comment saying buffing Means this or actually this is stippling Or this is this like I'm gonna be honest I have my you know for me I'm going to Explain to you what it is that buffing Means to me right it doesn't mean that That's wrong it doesn't mean that it's Right it means that you might call it Something else you might call it bad Thing there's a lot of terminology out There and it can get a bit confusing Because I feel like there are a lot of Pro makeup artists I am a pro makeup Artist myself and if you want to hear More about that guys let me know maybe I'll do a vlog one day or a wear test

And then in between I can just sit and Tell you my story because that would be Fun and it would be very long but if you Want to hear it I'm happy to sit down Have a coffee with you guys and tell you About it there are a lot of print makeup Artists out there including myself and There's a lot of these like there are a Lot of kind of like Pro terms that we Use and you know over the years I've Realized that I don't want to get stuck In that I don't want to get stuck in That oh well this is the right way to Say it well this is actually what that Means I am one of those people where you Know what I don't care like as long as I Know what I mean and it's creating the Result that I want then that's all I Really need to know and as long as when I explain it to you guys I'm explaining What I'm doing you might go away and Call it something else so you know what Call it what you want to call it but I'm Going to explain to you what it exactly Is so moving on we're going to start With our skincare because that is really Important I'm going to start with my eye Cream I'm going to be using my drunk Elephant ceremonyta AF eye bomb you guys Know that I always use the sea Tango but I do alternate so I love this because it Genuinely is just it's just such a Really nice texture it's just like it Doesn't feel like it disappears you know

It stays there and it's just not greasy It just gives me that really nice Hydration it's so nice and I am just Super impressed with John caliphant like I genuinely really love their eye Products I need to give their actual Skin products a bit of a go because I Feel like I haven't taken the time out To try them but you know they're good Okay I'm gonna go into my moisturizer Now the moisturizer is very important Not only for your hydration but also for How your makeup is gonna kind of like Sit you know so I am applying my wind Medina Dew it is a really nice kind of Light moisturizer and it gives me that Hydration and like but it has this like Slight kind of like it's not heavy it Gives me this really nice kind of like Watery texture it's a watery texture but It's very light on my skin so I feel Like when I don't want too much kind of Product Builder and I well not that I Ever do want product build up but when I Want everything to be very light on my Skin that's when I would use something Like Medina do because it genuinely it Helps to like kind of plump the skin as Well it literally gives me I don't know Why the word literally came out weird There it literally gives me kind of like Instant hydration but then it lasts all Day like I don't have to worry about my Skin getting dry or feeling tight or

Dehydrated it just smells of like this Really subtle rose water I don't usually Like rose that's why I'm surprised that I really love this moisturizer because It smells really good but it's not Overpowering you know like it's not too Fragrancy it's like it's a nice product It's really really nice the hydration is Amazing it gives me that kind of like Natural Luminosity to my skin so it kind Of like comes through my makeup but Doesn't disrupt my makeup it's also very Kind of like I feel like my skin feels Quite plumped after as well now I'm Gonna go in with a little bit of primer And I'm going to be using my tatcha Liquid silk canvas and this is just Gonna kind of like give me a good kind Of just like you know like Smooth over Those pores or any kind of pits that I Have on my skin I also feel like that Kind of acts like a bit of a barrier Between my moisturizer and my makeup Because I feel like it just kind of like Lets my moisturizer get to work if you See what I mean so that's that when We're ready for the base now so let's Move on I know you guys love these Follow along videos because honestly I've had so much good feedback from you Guys eyes and it really excites me that There is something that is different on This channel you know guys we're already At 300 000. we're above it like we're

Way above it now so I think it's like 305 000 now that's crazy do you guys and I know so I recognize all of you like as In some of your profile pictures when I See your comments and some of you are Like you've been here from day one You're my like literally my day ones You've been here right from the Beginning and then sometimes you message Me and you're like I remember when you Only had a hundred thousand I'm like Only at that point I was like whoa I've Got a hundred thousand subscribers That's crazy and like I really want to Get I'm now like I feel like it's Possible let's get there let's get to That million Mark where I'm super Excited about it I know you guys can Help me do it let's keep sharing this Channel sharing the videos get these Videos out there let's show everyone What they're missing I feel like it's Really I I don't know if this sounds Steady but I feel like it's really Empowering I really like because I feel So transparent and I feel so like I'm Stripped in the sense that I'm just Genuinely giving you everything I know Like there's nothing to hide like I am Giving you everything I know and that Feels empowering to me you know to know That I'm not holding back on anything And it's taken me this time to know you Guys and I I know you through your

Comments I know you from when you Message me and the things that you say And the amazing comments that you leave And that helps me to know you better you Know so I feel like this isn't just One-sided I feel like I know you guys as Well and you guys have made me so much More confident and you've made me feel Like you know what you can do it and Each time I'm stripping the layers Peeling layers off it's like an onion And just like letting it go and it's Because of you because you're helping me And you're making me feel like I can do This you know and we can get there we Can get to that million more we can go Above and beyond that and I just wanna I'm super excited about making this Channel like reinvesting into it and Just bringing you new things but I can Only do that when the channel grows more So I'm really excited about it and I Know you guys are here with me to help Me do that so let's go that was really Cringe let's go but let's go okay let's Get started with our concealer you guys All know we're all about under painting Here right so if you don't know what Under painting is head over and look at My base my Foundation playlist First Watch the under painting video which is I think concealer before after Foundation watch that and come back and Watch this because it's all going to

Make sense to you but you can still Watch this anyway because I'm gonna Explain as I go along okay I'm going to Be using my hourglass varnish concealer In beach now what I'm going to be doing Is applying this I'm going to set my Eyelids first because we don't want them To look all like dark and everything so I'm just going to like kind of even out My skin tone there I'm literally just Bouncing like pressing so as I'm Pressing it's like bouncing off my skin But I'm gonna go into more detail when I Go onto the rest of the face let's just Get these kind of like eyelids done Just gonna get my powder getting my Benign banana powder banana But all about it and I'm just gonna like Press that in there and just dusting off That powder with my Real Techniques Brush Don't worry we're gonna go into real Detail now going on to the rest of the Face I'm trying to grow my hair a little Bit and currently it's not grown enough So I have like two ponies and the other One it really does not look good from The back now I am going to be applying My concealer on my under eyes so what We're going to be doing is we're going To conceal certain areas which are quite Dark and obviously that area is my under Eye area so what we're going to be doing

Is drawing a little line here Now you can make your line as big or as Small as you want with as much concealer As you want it's what you feel works for You you probably will have to do this Once and then kind of figure out how Much you need like you'll do it the First time and then when you look at the Finished result you'll be like okay I Pro I need more concealer on my Androids In which case do it again put more Concealer or you might be like you know What that's too much concealer rain it In a little bit when you first apply it Don't do this the first time and then Look at it and go that doesn't work for Me because you've done something wrong You haven't applied the right amount of Concealer for you I didn't initially the First time I did this on myself no you Know I knew after doing it a few times That I need more or less concealer so Hopefully that helps now I'm gonna do a Little bit here Now that for me is enough because I love A Flawless under eye area so I'm just Gonna like apply it here and here and Then I'm going to explain to you Something this area here you have to Look at where my placement is right Because you can go away and you can Apply it and the reason I can I can Understand that you won't necessarily Get it the first time around is because

I've seen some people who have kind of Recreated looks that I've done on YouTube so I've watched the videos and I've seen where they are applying it and They've realized themselves throughout The video that you know okay that didn't Work for me I don't think I applied it In the same place you know it's not Something that only I have noticed They've noticed it themselves and They've realized it I've realized that Some people don't kind of take things in In the same way you know so it Translates slightly differently or maybe You you know have skipped little bits And you don't realize everyone learns in A different way so what I really want You to understand is you have to look at The placement as well use the kind of Concealer that works for you it may be That you don't want a super flawlessly Finish on you know at the end so you Know you'll be quite happy with using a Light coverage concealer but if you want A Flawless base with the type that I go For because you suffer from dark circles This is going to work and I really want You to look at the placement can you see I haven't let it touch my under eye area I've left a little bit of a gap okay and Then it's underneath you don't want to Go too close to your under eye area like Your lash line because it's just going To be too much product day and then

We've taken it out here a little bit Because I know that my dark circles that Area is quite big so I know that it's More or less covering the whole area now This section here I put it like that Because I like to blend it upwards so That it gives me a slight lift because When you start blending this in and it Goes upwards it gives you the illusion Of a lifted finish so I'm going to go in With my sponge now now you can use a Beauty blender you can use a real Techniques sponge whatever you feel Works for you but just make sure that Sponge is not overly hard I've seen some Sponges and they're so Rock Solid it's Like you know it might be great because It doesn't absorb anything but it's just Too hard my sponge I wet it I squeeze it All out I wrap a tissue around it and Then I squeeze again so it absorbs all The excess water so it's slightly damp Okay make sure it's not too wet Shouldn't be leaving droplets on your Face now I'm going to go in with my Sponge and I'm going to start from the Inner corner and I'm going to do can you See I'm doing quick movements Right and then I'm looking up looking Like a crazy person And then I'm going to move over to this Bit here And I'm going up here because I'm taking It in the same direction I applied it

Now can you see my movements Are short and small and when I say short And small I mean I'm bouncing but it's Not big bounce it's like short bounce Small bounce I'm very quick and then as I'm moving I'm still bouncing I never Move along without bouncing so I'm Constantly bouncing and the precise With your bouncing I call that buffing But I mean you know you could I'm saying Bouncing right now because I feel like That might be a bit more widely known or You know more kind of what you might use Same on this side So you are taking it above into the Lower lash line But not straight away because you like Obviously want to spread that product Out first See how we've now covered the whole Under eye area there it's completely Covered okay so now I'm going to go in With another concealer you don't have to Do this part you can skip this part if It's too much for you I am going to be Using a different concealer it's the Shiseido Synchro skin concealer and I'm Using it because it's not as heavy as The vanish concealer the vanish Concealer from hourglass is quite a Thick heavy concealer I don't want to Put that anywhere else on my face Because I really don't feel like I need The coverage but I do want to use this

Thin concealer which is a little bit Lighter than my skin tone because it Gives me the brightness so it comes Through my Foundation it's slightly Brighter and it lifts up certain areas So I'm applying it here So hopefully that answers your question As to why I'm using a different Concealer because I know some people are Going to ask Because I think I've done this before in Certain videos and some of you have Asked why have I done that okay I'm Using my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Complexion brush now I'm just gonna buff This in so I'm just again bouncing but With my brush and what this does it's Going to brighten up the area and it's Also going to kind of open up that area Because it's a little bit lighter than My skin tone now another reason I do Like doing this is because I feel like If I don't then I've got all this great Coverage on my under eye and then Everywhere else it's a little bit you Know like less coverage and I feel like Because it's less coverage it makes the Under eye stand out a bit more and I Don't want that so I want everything to Look very uniform so that's another Reason I apply a thin layer of concealer Which isn't too heavy so just down the Nose because that's also going to help To kind of like highlight that area

Chin I'm going to reiterate the reason I Didn't use the same concealer is because That concealer is very heavy it works Great for my Androids but it's too heavy For everywhere else on my face Now we're going in with another Concealer this is the dark concealer This basically is to sculpt the face so This is my Nars radio creamy concealer We're going to apply it from the ear Just a little way in not all the way in Because it's just going to be way too Much otherwise because it's going to Naturally blend when we use the brush I'm going to go around here Under the jawline And then we're going to also do the nose Which I always do I like using concealers to your Contour Because I feel like I like the colors I saw a video recently I think it was an Instagram wheel or something and it was Showing like what the difference is Between contour and bronzer I can't tell You how much this frustrates me that People think you have to separate the Two like honestly I don't think you have To right and I don't think like I know People are like yeah but look at the Difference like the bronzer is warming The Contour contouring is like it's they Don't say it right but you can see it When you look at it it's gray why would I want that on my face why would I want

A gray shade on my face because when I Look at Shadows on my face they don't Look great to me so I don't know where This has come from but it might look Great on certain skin tones but that Generally does not is not the case if it Works for you because maybe you're paler Skin tone and fair enough that will work Maybe you need a gray like Contour you Know because maybe that's the shadow That's how a shadow looks on your face You're my skin color you're not seeing Any gray Shadows anywhere like that's Not happening so it's gonna be it's Still all going to be dark right so even This Contour that I've used it's not Necessarily warming it's quite a dark Shade so what I'm doing is I'm creating These Shadows with this concealer and I'm going into my hairline I don't mind If it looks warm as well you know Because that's my preference I really Don't want you guys to get sucked into This hole there is a right and wrong way There is in certain aspects of certain Things you know things like that I just Feel like if you want to know simple Beauty simple application techniques Then this is where you're going to find It because I really do try and make Everything very easy to understand and I Don't want to over complicate anything For you see how I buff that in and it Naturally started kind of like shifting

Towards the middle which is why I Stopped it a lot earlier when I applied It and I've also just everything I'm Just bouncing off but that's all it Takes you don't need to go back and Forth or anywhere you don't need to try And overly you know don't try and over Manipulate where that product goes just Kind of like keep it simple trust me it Will event now this I'm kind of like I Go like back and forth because I really Do need to spread it out a bit but then I take it down there to create that Shadow because you really don't want it To look like there's just a random line There see how we're just pressing Pressing And as we go in There you go like that's all you need to Do you don't need to move it around too Much Okay flip it over to use the small side This is where I like to just kind of Like keep that shape there but just Soften the edges a bit Okay so that's my concealer done and I've managed to sculpt at the same time Like how great is that I don't have to Use separate products to actually sculpt My face I've done it with my concealer And because I've done it with concealer And concealer is kind of like well most Brands make them too lost on your skin It's not going anywhere so I don't have

To worry about using extra layers of Products that I don't actually need Because I can do it with the initial Layer that I was going to put on anyway Hopefully that makes sense now I'm going To use my Foundation I'm using my Ambient soft glow Foundation from Hourglass this shade is 10.5 I recently Discovered this Foundation absolutely Amazing it's a new foundation so good Such a nice Foundation I absolutely love It so I'm gonna just use my sponge I've Got it on the back of my hand so it's Just there and I've basically just Spread it a little not all of it so I Haven't gone right into it I've just scr Taken a little bit moved it out and then Buffed that Into my hand with my sponge you've got To remember that you buff the product Into your sponge before you buff it into Your face because if I just went in with A whole lot of product and went there I'm gonna get a Big Blob of foundation It's not going to be even it's just You've got a big blob there now you've Got to work to remove that blob Everywhere else right so just buff it Into your sponge so that there's not any Egg there's no extra product on the Sponge and then we're going to start Buffing into the face so now what we're Doing starting from the forehead you see How I started from there moved it out

There moved it out there Almost doing like a Lotus kind of like Shape going into the hairline because I Want most of that Foundation product to Be in the center and then whatever's Left the the little bit that's left we Spread into the hairline so that there's Less product on the perimeter of the Face I'm taking I've basically I went Like that Took a little bit Like that now we're going to do the nose This way this part that I explained to Is very important because what that Means is you're not actually taking too Much product onto the sponge And you get a really nice uniform layer So each time I go into that Foundation I'm sliding a little bit of the Foundation across not all of it so There's a Big Blob there I'm taking a Tiny bit sliding it across and then Buffing that bit into the sponge now I Go into my under eye this is where Bouncing Everywhere I'm going I'm bouncing small Movements quick movements and I'm never Moving the sponge without bouncing I'm Never gliding same on the other side And slowly we're connecting everything Together now I leave this bit out and I Go along this jawline area first and Then I do this but last the reason being Is because there's a dark color there I

Don't want that to transfer anywhere Else I'm going to do the jawline By the chin area So I make sure I go this is where I do Drag Under the jawline I need to make sure I Really pull that color down Because you want to make sure you don't Actually have any like a line there so You've got to make sure you drag it down A little bit that's the only place take A little bit more product now this is Where we're going to do this bit And this kind of like seals everything Together See how you can still see that shadow Coming through I don't need to use gray For that I used a deep brown chocolate Brown and it worked wonders I like if I You don't need it I just don't Understand why we like like I said it Works for some skin tones but what Annoys me is when I see it people say it As though this is the right way no one Talks about hold on is that the right Shade for a darker skin tone though it's Not now that we've done that we are Going to set it so now what I'm going to Do is get my powder so I'm getting my Banana powder I've put a little bit into The palm of my hand there I've got my Laura Mercier Powder Puff I'm wrapping It so like squeezing it so it's like Thin like that

And then I'm going to press into This powder and then I tap it to get the Excess off now I'm going to go along Under eye here And I'm going to do the same on the Other Side Then I like to kind of like go along There And then I'll just go everywhere else Whatever's left on that sponge okay now I'm getting my hourglass Veil brush the Big part of the brush whatever's left in My hand which isn't a lot I just kind of Like you don't even need to do that you Can just go straight on from the face But I'm just dusting everything off but Obviously this brush is too big for my Under eye area So I'm gonna get my Real Techniques Brush and just go over the under eye Area there's nothing on the brush Oh my gosh I finished watching the new Love is Blind what on Earth what do you Guys think about did you watch it all Did you watch The Reunion that was crazy Zainab was like on fire she just looked Insane she looked so good didn't she she Looked really good and she was like she Just said it how it was what did you Think about it I really want to know Because I've been watching it and Sometimes I sit there and I'm watching

Them like I wonder what my like YouTube Family think let me just very quickly do My brows put some blush and stuff on and Highlight and then I'm going to be back So that we can just talk about how this All looks Okay I've done my brows I've put a Little bit of bronzer on I think that's About it yeah so oh and I like kind of Like added a bit of highlight to my nose So that's basically it I really wanted To show you what it looks like finished Off you know when you've got all the Kind of main bits on like your bronzer Blush whatever I really do hope that This has kind of like made it a bit Easier for you on how you apply and Blend concealer and Foundation because It's easy for me to kind of like add it Into a routine or a tutorial that I'm Doing and I'm focusing more on the eyes And then you kind of like try and do it And then you do the eyes and you do the Bass and the bass isn't that great so You wonder why everything doesn't look Right so it's really good for you to Understand like that's why I like to Break things up so that you understand How you can kind of like mentally you Break things up yourself as well it Makes it so much easier so yeah I do Hope that you like it I know I love this Kind of Base this is my favorite type of Base plus I know it's not going anywhere

So that's another reason I love it now Wherever you are in the world I really Do hope you have the most productive day Full of love light and laughter I hope you've enjoyed this video today And it's really helped you understand Application placement and blending I Really do hope you guys are Pros by now But keep watching it because I think the More you practice the more you're going To get better at it now if you do like This video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit that Bell button so that you Don't ever miss any of my future videos And I will see you on the next video

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