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How Supermodel Josephine Skriver Stays Runway Ready | Body Scan | Women’s Health




How Supermodel Josephine Skriver Stays Runway Ready | Body Scan | Women's Health

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I jumped on this like celery juice Trend And at first I was like I can't get this Down this is like honestly disgusting I'm just finscriber and this is my Women's Health body skin I'm honestly always been super happy With my hair I got super thick long hair From my parents I mean currently I just Cut it off very short because I always Wanted to do that but no matter what I've done to it with my career working In fashion for 12 years it's just always Stayed healthy for some reason so thank You Mom and Dad I have wanted to cut my Hair off for years I almost did a 20 20 Like ah let's just do it and I was like No let's get married first you don't Want to walk down the aisle have those Pictures for forever with like I hear You kind of like so two months after Getting married I was like now it's time There's not gonna be another moment Where you have the courage to just do it And I actually cut it pretty short now I'm already growing it out again I got a Little bit bored with it but it was Really good for me and it did wonders For my hair I mean my hair seemed Healthy before but now it's like really Damn thick I probably should wash my Hair less but I love a shower in the Morning it starts my day so my hair has Definitely gotten super addicted to Getting washed so it gets pretty greasy

Fast But that's where a good hat or ponytail Or a messy bun comes in also a hair Masks are great to put in before the gym And we're just working out with them Because you know you're going to go home And shower anyway so just sweat it out Then I do have tattoos I have one behind my Ear it's a little o for my brother it's Probably not super round because my Brother actually drew it I have one down My bag I've got right before my wedding Because it symbolized the fact that my Husband proposed to me on the Northern Light and his first song he wrote about Me was called northern lights so I put Aurora Borealis down my back and then I Have an F from my other brother down on My ankle here because I want him to be Part of walking me down the aisle I have probably grown to love my booty The most growing up I was very very Skinny naturally always like a stick Figure so any sort of curve especially Like Des Moines my Womanhood I got was Like a challenge for me and then when I Got introduced to like lifting weight And fitness I really realized how much That could transform my body and I'm Really proud that like all that I have Back there now is like hard work I Definitely prefer to work out my butt The most and that goes hand in hand with

The fitness company I'm sorry one of my Best friend because Jasmine tooks we Just came out with a workout app um and You can find that on our website we did a whole four week Program for you where we take you to the Gym and that's always seems like such an Intimidating place especially for me and A lot of my girlfriends how to use these Weights and how to use these machines And we did like a hundred moves so we Told you everything you can do in a gym And like plan it out for you so now I Just click the app perfect and I just Like can sit down the next day when I Came to America at 17 I felt like a giant I mean I'm 5 11. not As tall as you would think when you come From Scandinavia because everybody's Kind of tall but there's definitely some Insecurity about my height and I think Modeling really helped with that like Just being around other people and just Owning my height owning these things About myself that just like makes me me I think the older I've gotten the less Insecure I feel I think there's some Sort of confident that happens and Things don't seem so important or so end Of the world I despise cardio I love Doing it when I was like on team sports I played soccer my whole life chasing a Ball is fun but just running on a Treadmill is like such a drag I also do

It because it's good for you and good For your heart and lungs and all this But yeah no cardio is my dread I come From Scandinavia Awards a very like Simple like borderline paleo diet at Times but I don't really believe in the Word diet I think it's you have to just Make sure there's enough protein on your Plate you want some good slow carbs and Some veggies so I love a brown rice I Love steak I love veggies like so that For me is just like a good solid plate And lately I'm honestly and maybe this Is because I moved to LA I don't know But I've jumped on this like celery Juice Trend and at first I was like I Can't get this down this is like Honestly disgusting what I've noticed is That it's really changed my skin so I Highly recommend it my favorite cheat Meal I'm a Ramen girl I love a good spicy Ramen it's the biggest sodium bomb you Can ask for but It just hits the spot ooh My love Language mine personally is worth of Affirmation I don't know why but I love To be told that I'm loved and then like Active service when somebody takes Something stressful off of my plate or Helps me out that means the world to me Everybody perceives love language is so Different so I think I really adapt to The person I'm with like my husband once

Touched for him it's like you know be Rubbed or tickled every day some of my Friends I know it's really important to Think about them with gift others it's Like if I can give you my time that Means the world so I think I just My Love language the giving way according To the person I'm with I'm so grateful I Started modeling and got into an Industry that really understand Beauty And How important is to take care of your Skin I make sure I cleanse my face Morning and evening I have to put Sunscreen on every day it's not just Doing my face because I feel like that's A no-brainer at this point but getting To love my skin all over my body I don't Know it was just my family growing up or If it's Denmark or what it is but that Was not a thing I mean tanning beds were Fine when I grew up the thought of Sunscreen was not even a conversation so Now I really am like oh it does make a Huge difference when you take care of The whole body I am a huge fan of dry Brushing and putting like shea butter All over your body I'm just like really Not getting like dry from down here Because you can't just be like Pretty good up here and then everything Just starts falling apart down here I Think mental health is in the Forefront Of a lot of talks and people take it

Serious but I love working and I'm so Addicted to working that it's so hard to Say no sometimes not realizing the Strain or the stress the anxiety of like Always being on the go two years before Code I would say like my stress level Was quite High I got my first anxiety Attack which was very confusing because I didn't feel like I fit the paper of Being stressed enough so I've definitely Taken a few steps back and like try and Listen to it when I need to like breathe In and like slow down I'm introverted in The sense like where I get my energy From I need to like shut the door I need To like shut the world out so when I Feel that kind of stress I either go by Myself for long walks or I even ask my Husband sometimes hey you want to see Friends I need the house for myself but Also working out working out helps a lot Sweating it out boxing getting all that Frustration out of the gym is Lifesaver I think the fashion industry for me Which is something I knew nothing about I was a tomboy I played soccer so I Didn't even know what a single fashion House was when I started so it's been Super fascinating to learn but also Constantly feeling you have to catch up To what this industry is I fairly early On got an amazing group of girlfriends Amongst Victoria's Secret where we Worked together for years and just

Having someone who understands this Industry completely and the ups and Downs we all have getting a job getting Yes and getting no's that female support Meant everything thank you guys so much For watching be sure to subscribe to Women's health and also go check out on my new app Thank you

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