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How NOT To Look Older: Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older




How NOT To Look Older: Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

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I'm about to turn 57 and I thought it Was a good time to share some of my tips On how to look the best you possibly can At any [Music] Age hi I'm Leone and welcome to my Channel now I am all about making sure That we don't get to a certain age and Then as I hear so many women say become Invisible that just doesn't have to Happen and in today's episode I'm Sharing some simple ways that you can Ensure that you always put your best Foot forward and you look as young as You feel I have about 10 tips to share And I think the last one in today's Episode is the most important so Definitely stay tuned for that one now My first tip is to not limit yourself to What you think you should be wearing now There's so much marketing for women of a Certain age women over 40 and 50 and I Truly believe that that marketing is Pigeon Hing us and putting us into a Particular stereotypical view of what You should wear and how you should act When you are a certain age if you don't Like what you see on those ads or in Stores that are focusing on older women Then don't shop there and don't look There go against the grain don't limit Yourself to what you are served up in The media next up I think it's really Important to master the art of Illusion

Dressing now essentially all that really Is is knowing what your body shape is And knowing what works well for it after All your body is what's driving a lot of Your fashion decisions so knowing your Body and understanding the simple Principles of Illusion dressing so Knowing what styles shapes and Silhouettes are going to work the best For your figure is really going to give You a sense of Freedom when it comes to Dressing it will cut out the the Confusion and just make getting dressed Easier and so much more fun now you're Probably wondering well it's confusing How do I actually do that well there are So many amazing Muses on Instagram on YouTube here that talk a lot about Figure flattering tips it's important to Be honest with what your shape and body Looks like now and that that means that You'll be able to dress for how you look Now not how you would like to look or How you used to look it's about dressing For you right here and now knowing how To best dress your body really does give You the freedom to explore more options And dress more aspirationally and that In itself is going to give you a Modern Edge which is always more useful so Basically stop Flying Blind and just Trying to win it know your body in fact I found an amazing woman on Instagram Recently and her name is I'll put it up

On the screen here I think it's Michelle And I will link her Instagram account Down below but she has an apple body Type and every day she uploads content On how to dress for an apple body type There are all sorts of influences out There specializing in your body type It's just about finding them and getting Inspired and one of the things that I Always say when women feel like they are Looking a little frumpy or older than Their years I always recommend quality Basics you absolutely need quality Basics in your wardrobe now these are The foundation pieces they are the Building blocks of your outfits and they Are the pieces that perhaps are not Always the most exciting to shop for but They are the pieces that are going to Really help you elevate at your style And what I do suggest when it comes to These quality Basics is paying as much For them as you can afford you don't Want to be continually shopping for These pieces because they are as I said Those Foundation pieces you want them to Last you want them to be timeless and Not Trend focused so it is well worth Your while spending as much as you Possibly can to ensure that you get Quality pieces that will stand the test Of time now on the subject of quality Basics I would like to thank the sponsor Of today's episode which is Jenny Kane

Now I've partnered with Jenny Kane in The past and absolutely love their Pieces not only are they Timeless but They are also luxurious and great Quality so when I invest in a Jenny K Piece I know that they're going to last And I know that I'm really going to get That cost per wear I'm also really Excited because I have a discount code From Jenny Kane to share with you today And that's going to help make it easier For you to update some of those basic Pieces now the discount code is going to Save you 15% off your order and all you Need to do is simply use my code which Is style Insider at checkout to take Advantage of that offer and today I'm Wearing one of my new favorite pieces From Jenny Kane and it is called the Cocoon it's actually no it is the Cashmere cocoon cardi it's perfectly Named because it really does make me Feel all snuggly and warm and cocooned Up which is perfect for this time of the Year I'm lucky enough to own a few Jenny K pieces I have one of their beautiful Slip dresses which is timeless and if You know me you know how much I love a Great slip dress I also have their Beautiful fisherman sweater which is Just a classic as well Jenny Kane really Does do the best Basics they have Amazing minimalist pieces and the whole Focus of the brand is Comfort quality

And time Timeless design which is one of The reasons why I'm such a huge fan I Know that when I buy their pieces they Are never ever going to go out of style They also have a stunning collection of Home Essentials they have Timeless Furniture pieces cozy cushions and Throws and they also have like perfectly Curated Decor I'd love to live in a Jenny Kane inspired home their pieces Are just to die for oh and yes when I Was in the states I recently called into A Jenny Kane store and their candles are Amazing so if you need to update some of Your basic pieces to give your outfits And yourself an opportunity to shine This year then definitely take advantage Of the 15% discount code that I have and As I said earlier that is simply style Insider you apply that at checkout and That's a saving a 15% off your entire Order so definitely go and take a look I Will leave a link to J cane in the Description box below so check them out And when it comes to an affordable way To give your outfits and give yourself a Little bit of a modern makeover Accessories are in my opinion the Easiest way to do that accessories can Really just add that little extra Something to an outfit and I also think That accessories can date an outfit as Quickly too so sometimes we get stuck in A little bit of an accessories rut we

Get comfortable with the sunglass Glasses we're wearing or the jewelry That we wear or don't sometimes we just Get a little bit lazy we don't wear Jewelry and I know what that's like it's Easy enough to do but just adding a Modern accessory can really just update An outfit even if your outfit is a Simple like I'm wearing today a tea a Cozy cardi and some jeans I've just Added some kind of modern statement Earrings to give my look just a little Bit of a Modern Edge so don't Underestimate the power of good Accessories and also what comes under Accessories is also shoes shoes Definitely maketh the outfit and you no Longer have to settle for comfort shoes That have no style whatsoever there are Plenty of stylish options that are going To give you that comfort as well because Certainly for me I need to be Comfortable so I spend most of my time These days wearing trainers and sneakers Which work for my personal style so Think about your accessories go to your Wardrobe have a look and see what you've Got what you're wearing or not wearing Maybe it's as simple as just updating a Couple of your accessories throw on a Baseball cap before you leave the house You are not too old to wear what makes You feel great and accessories are a Really easy way to do exactly that now

Next up and you may not actually like The sound of this one but essentially I'm suggesting that you put in some Effort we can't expect that we'll get up In the morning get dressed and feel Fabulous if we haven't done a little bit Of spade work to try and make that Process a whole lot easier so what I Suggest and it's the beginning of the Year so it's a great time to do Something like this is to take Everything out of your wardrobe that Doesn't fit you that you don't wear that Doesn't make you feel great when you Wear it now I'm not suggesting that you Discard those pieces or donate those Pieces that don't fall into those three Categories but what I am saying for now Is just remove them from your wardrobe We all have those pieces that we love we Love the color we have a great memory That they're attached to or they Represent how we would like to look or What some of us call our fantasy elves But if you have those pieces in your Wardrobe and they still work for you but They don't suit your current lifestyle Perhaps you worked in an office and you No longer work in an office you work From home but yet you've got a whole lot Of your corporate pieces still hanging In your wardrobe what I'm saying is Remove those pieces only have the pieces In your wardrobe that suit your current

Lifestyle and that fit you we'll deal With everything else later but for now The most important part is to really Have a good look at what you own and Then do a little bit of work to create And style some outfits with those pieces With those pieces that you know fit you You can wear them and they suit your Lifestyle so I know it's not going to be Easy you are going to be required to do A little bit of work here but let me Tell you it will pay off once you Simplify what's hanging in your wardrobe You can really get a bit handle on what You own and what's going to work for you Especially if you have found and worked Out some of the pieces that best flatter Your body type you're going to be able To use the pieces that you own more Effectively and unless you absolutely Love color and you dress in all colors Of the rainbow what I do suggest is Sticking to say three four tops basic Colors to really build your foundation Wardrobe so stick to some basic simple Colors that work for you whether they're The sort of the torps or Navies white whatever it is your neutral Basic colors should be forming a large Part of your wardrobe now they don't all Have to be the exact same color but they Have to be in the same color family so Tonally they are going to work together The object is to try and build a

Wardrobe that mixes and matches really Easily so think about some of the color Choices that you've got left hanging in Your wardrobe as well because when you Do have a wardrobe that all goes Together and color coordinates it's much Easier to take an outfit from a day look A kind of a casual look into an evening Outfit because all you generally doing Is you're changing out your accessories Your shoes and perhaps putting a Different top on you're not having to Start from scratch again and build new Outfits for every occasion you're really Just swapping out accessories and parts Of an outfit so that's why I always Suggest having a a few base colors that You really sort of form most of your Will will form the the foundation of Your wardrobe now my other tip is to Take some risks I think as we get older It's far easier to get set in our ways And we have a preconceived idea of what Suits us and what we like but what we Don't tend to do often is we don't take Risks with fashion we limit ourselves And it's and it's I know why we do it It's so easy to have those limiting Beliefs and think that we shouldn't be Wearing something because our Skin's not Looking as great as it used to or we've Got lumps and bumps in areas that we Don't like or we're going through Menopause and our midsection is

Thickening up but we still need to take Risks and so I really urge you to do That the easiest way that I find to take Risks is to either go shopping with a Friend and get them to choose pieces for You or if you don't want to do that or That's a little bit too confronting then Simply look online have a look at Pinterest have a look at street style Images look at images of outfits that That you like that may be a little kind Of out of your comfort zone go to your Wardrobe see if you can put some of Those pieces together and create a Similar outfit you'll be surprised how Easy it is to do but you can't do it Unless you're prepared to take a little Bit of a fashion risk and don't expect To get it right all the time sometimes You'll create an outfit and you'll Decide that oh it just wasn't working For you and you won't wear that again You've really lost nothing but the Potential to gain is so great so take a Few risks don't limit yourself or don't Be scared to to sometimes get it wrong It's okay to get it wrong because more Often than not you will get it right and That leads in really nicely to my next Tip which is to challenge yourself when It comes to fashion and this is a little Different to taking risks but it it's Kind of related I suppose but there are Some very interesting challenges that

I've seen online recently one is called I think it's the 75 style challenge and basically what it Is is challenge yourself to not buy Anything new for 75 days and to create a New outfit from pieces that you already Own now I particularly love this idea Because it does mean that you have to Work for it you have to work a little Bit harder you have to be inspired you Have to take risks and you are going to Step outside your comfort zone and try Some new looks and when it comes to Trying some of these looks you're going To start seeing a bit of a common theme And that basically is how you can help Develop your personal style once you see That sort of repetition of some of the Outfits that you keep gravitating Towards and wanting to wear and you Start feeling good in then that's really Forming the basis of your personal style And helping you understand that more Because our personal style definitely Changes and evolves over the years our Circumstances change our body Changes change is inevitable and so it Does make sense that our personal style Changes and that's where some of the Confusion and The Angst with dressing Kind of comes in our personal style Changes and we don't sort of move with It and we don't we don't evolve I Suppose so it's really important to

Challenge ourselves and silly little Challenges like these that show up Online are a good way of doing exactly That they just give us a little bit of Structure to create some of those style Challenges I'll leave a little bit more Information in the description box below On the 75 style challenge but there are Lots of these sorts of ways that you can Challenge challenge yourself to try a Little bit harder and to create more From what you already own now I couldn't Put a video like this together without Also mentioning that fitness and health Also plays a part In looking and feeling your best at any Age now I'm not suggesting that you go And join a gym or you try and lose a Whole lot of weight all I'm saying is That the more you move your body and the Better you fuel your body ultimately the Better you're going to feel and I truly Believe that one of the most important Pillars for me as I'm aging is staying Fit I often get asked what I do to stay In shape at my age so please let me know In the comments below if you would like Me to kind of expand on this and talk a Little bit more about what I do I do go To the gym regularly and I have added in Weights which I didn't think that I Would potentially love but I love the Fact that doing weights a couple of Times a week makes me feel strong and

Feeling strong is such a great feeling So definitely let me know if you would Like to hear more about what I eat and What I do to stay as fit and healthy as I possibly can but I do think that this Is an important part of the puzzle Whether it's just moving a little bit More taking the dog for a walk whatever It is moving your body is a very Important part of looking and Feeling as good as you can for your age Now next up and this may seem a little Rich coming from me but be cautious when It comes to fashion trends now not all Trends are going to work for you not all Trends are going to suit you but if You've done some of that earlier work And you've got a good handle on your Body shape and how to flatter your Figure then essentially you're going to Be able to pick and choose those Trends More wisely the bottom line is just Where what makes you feel great and keep Trends where they should be as a guide Just a Rough Guide as to what you can Expect to see in the stores but they Don't dictate what you need to wear and Last but arguably most importantly is Don't allow yourself to become invisible I hear so many women saying to me that They one of the things that they dislike Most about getting older is becoming Invisible Well you don't have to allow that to

Happen I know exactly what what these Women are saying and and I feel that but We don't have to be become invisible we Don't have to hide into the background We can make style statements we can be Loud and proud and be seen I think you Know someone like Iris ail is a walking Talking amazing example of exactly that She's hardly hiding into the background And we don't need to either so don't Allow yourself to become invisible enjoy Fashion find the fun in it and because Seriously at the end of the day fashion Does have the power to make you feel Amazing and also to ensure that you're You're seen and we can take up space we Can be seen regardless of our age so Let's just start doing it anyway that's It for me today I hope you enjoyed this One and if you did I'd love love you to Give it a big thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel for more and I'll catch you in the next one bye for [Music] [Music] Now

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