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How New York Liberty’s Sabrina Ionescu Stays Strong On & Off The Court I Body Scan | Women’s Health




How New York Liberty's Sabrina Ionescu Stays Strong On & Off The Court I Body Scan | Women's Health

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In yoga the planks always get me Um so I don't love planking hi my name Is Sabrina I am a guard for the New York Liberty and this is my woman's health Body scan what I love most about my body Is just taking care of it and nourishing It and also just listening to it as an Athlete I think a lot of the time I Really just need to be intentional and Listen to my body about what it needs Whether it's rest or continuing to work Really hard on the basketball court and Giving it the time it needs to be able To perform and just be at its best the Body part that I've grown to love more Is my ankle because I had an ankle Injury my first year in the WNBA now I'm Very thankful to be healthy and have put A lot of work in to just rehab and get Back to not thinking about my ankle Anymore I had a Grade Three ankle sprain On my left ankle which had me out for Almost over a year so it was a lot of Rehab and had to really take care of my Ankle and I'm happy to now be able to Play and not think about it an opinion About my self that has changed over the Years I would have to say is just being Okay with my body and just feeling in Control and not letting anyone tell me What I should and shouldn't look like or What I should be eating but I think just Listening to myself and being confident In in whatever stage I am

Weight Wise how strong I am how I'm Feeling in the weight room I think it's Just really being in tune with what I Feel is best for me in that specific Season of of playing something that I Don't always look forward to is Stretching I know how important it is And how much I have to rely on being Flexible and making sure that I take Care of mobility and flexibility and I Don't always look forward to allotting Time to stretch but I know how important It is and how much I have to do it to Prevent injury my current workout Routine is lifting about three to four Times a week not always super heavy Because there's a lot of game is going On right now but just making sure I'm Doing something to stay active and Especially I miss all the games and Practices that we have and I really do Enjoy doing yoga twice a week and just Making sure that I can kind of get away From the basketball court get away from The weight room and continue to work on My body and and just feeling in tune With myself in yoga the planks always Get me Um so I don't love planking but I really Just love The idea of being able to go into a yoga Studio I really enjoy hot yoga and just Being able to sweat and kind of get my Mind off of basketball and and work and

Just being able to be in tune with Stretching everything that feels a Little bit tight my favorite go-to Healthy meal would have to be chicken With salad and potatoes I love eating That for dinner it's kind of just my Comfort food can eat it before after a Game no matter what time in the week I'm In whether I'm I'm playing or not it Just it's something that really just Fulfills me and I just love a good Home-cooked meal I love all snacks to be Honest but I really enjoy smoothies Especially when we're traveling a lot I Think just being able to to pick up a Smoothie and get a lot of fruits and Vegetables and being able to do it on The plane in airports at Arenas is super Important and gives you the nutrients You need body armor sport water is Something that I drink religiously I Start my day day and my day with water It's just super important to make sure That I'm always hydrated no matter if I'm playing in season or not it's just Super important to me to make sure that I'm as hydrated as possible it helps With injury prevention and it's just Super important and so I drink body Armor water as much as possible and During games after games to end the Night it's it's what I'm drinking my Skincare routine is pretty simple A lot of the time I'm in practice I'm

Running from event to event and so I Think it's just super important to have A clean face and so I do really enjoy Washing my face with clean products and I don't really have one that is my bread And butter I do really like to learn a Lot about new products and am continuing To to change and figure out what's best For my skin so so now it's it's really About taking the time to clean my face To make sure that it's hydrated Especially pretty in post practice for My hair I've started to really enjoy Using like leave-in conditioner I never Did before and I would kind of find my Hair being dry and so I think just after Shampoo and conditioner before I blow Dry it just putting in leave-in Conditioner and just some hair oil to Just keep it conditioned especially in The midst of traveling basketball games The weather changing so I don't really Put a lot of product or I don't really Like straight iron but I think just Making sure that it's hydrated and Properly taken care of with hair oil and Leave-in conditioner is what I use Mental Health is super important if you Want to be the best on the court or in Your craft I think you have to make sure That your mental health is where it Needs to be and so for me it's just Taking time to acknowledge where I'm at And what I need help with and not being

Afraid to ask for help or want to talk About it with the people closest to you Or in your circle and a lot of the time For me it's just detaching from Basketball all in what I do every day And whether that's going on a walk or Going to get food with family or friends And doing yoga anything that can just Get my mind kind of away from what's Causing a lot of the stress and just Being intentional about doing that Because it's important especially when The Season's coming and there's a lot of Games and things are moving fast I think Sometimes you can put your mental health On the back burner but it's super Important to just keep it at the Forefront of what it is you want to do Because that has to be right if Everything else needs to be right in Your world thanks so much for watching Subscribe to more videos like this

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