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And then we're going to go down this Section here but we're going to make Sure we stay on the lip line now so We're going to gradually transition from Where we are above the lip line to the Actual lip line because like I said even With filler you don't want to apply it Here same goes for like lip pencil it Will still make you look kind of like Duck mouth-ish if that's a thing [Music] [Applause] Welcome or welcome back to my YouTube Channel which is all about educational Beauty my name is Nina Ubi and I'm a Professional makeup artist in today's Video I'm going to be showing you how I Make my lips look much bigger than they Actually are I've had a lot of comments About this asking me whether I've had Something done and I'm going to reveal All my secrets in this video so if you Like this video give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Don't miss any of my future videos and I'm over on Instagram so if you like Wheels unboxing and just what I get up To when I'm not filming off YouTube then Please head over there and hit follow Too now let's head straight into the Video I'm going to show you how I make my lips Look much bigger than they actually are

As you can see I have nothing on my lips Like no lip balm anything they feel like They're really drying up because I Always wear lip balm so I need to get Started with this so first thing that I Do which I've already actually done is Kind of scrub my lips and all I do is I Literally just do that in the shower so I just make sure that I use like a face Scrub something that I'm already using And I just very lightly go over my lips As well and just kind of wash it off so I want to make sure that there are no There's no kind of like dry skin there At the moment I'm gonna be honest guys I'm kind of suffering from this tan that I got from Bali I now on my last video You heard me say that you know I love The tan and I do but my skin is feeling Really bad right now like Honestly I would have rather just not Have had the tan because it just feels Really rough and it's just not feeling Good so and on top of that because I Burn in the sun my scalp is really dry As well so I just feel like a complete Like just a hot mess so anyway moving on We're gonna get started with the first Product now what I do is I use my dual Sugar lip scrub now although I've kind Of very lightly exfoliated Exfoliate my lips in the shower like That is very light I like to do it again Afterwards and honestly these two

Products that I use are very very light They're not like anything major the Scrub that I use in the shower is just My Lancer scrub that I use it isn't Something that I would recommend for Your lips but I'm very very gentle with It so I would suggest skipping that step If you want to just carry on with the Rest of the like steps that I show you Because it may be a little bit too much For you so this product that I use is The Dual sugar scrub and what I do is I Literally just go over my lips like this And it's a it's pretty pinkish which I Don't really love like but you know You're not going to see in any of this After anyway I'm not sure if it shows on Camera But basically this whole like this sugar Scrub Is you can like when a little bit goes In the mouth which it really shouldn't It's kind of like sweet so I guess That's why they call it Sugar or maybe It has actually got sugar in there I Don't know but it's like it's kind of Like you can feel the granules on your Skin and what I do I literally just kind Of like with my finger Go over and the great thing is these Granules dissolve by the way So it doesn't stay all like bitty all Over your skin Now I just wipe it off look how pink

That is I don't know if you can see it okay so I've wiped it off very kind of like Lightly I've not pressed hard or Anything now they feel super super Smooth and the next thing that I do is Put on my dual lip maximizer this is Zero zero one so there's no color in This And I basically put this all over my Lips I do this religiously if I Sometimes forget to do the scrub Then I definitely do this like from this Step onwards now just to explain I do Have some comments who are like you know Some people are like oh you know have You had lip filler done and stuff like That in some of my some specific posts That they've seen of my face yes I have Had lip filler done but it's probably Been about six to eight months now I Think right so it's been quite a while I Actually did have my filler appointment Today or tomorrow and I canceled it Because I saw a couple of pictures of Myself and I felt like do you know what I'm doing a pretty good job with the Makeup that I use to make them look Bigger so I'm gonna try and just delay Having my filler until I feel like okay Even with my lip products I feel like I'm not getting it where I want to get It I'll probably get lit for it done Again but honestly when I do get it done

I never ever get it done on the sides of The mouth ever because it looks very Kind of like Duck like then and I hate That look I hate it when these edges are Really like prominent or they kind of Stick up so what I do is I ask them to Put a minimal amount so I get even when I do get lit feel like I get a very Small amount and I get them to do it Mainly in that top section here and then This bottom bit here so that it kind of Gives them that nice pout the minute you Add filler along this section here and This section here it starts to look Really obvious and I'm telling you that Because I've had it done before years Ago and I hated it since then I just Don't put anything anything along here It's only ever in the center and I feel Like it looks a lot more natural now Usually what I do is I'm doing the rest Of my base at this point the rest of my Makeup and then I've kind of like left This on for a good like I don't know Minimum 10 minutes maximum like 20 Minutes and then I carry on with my lips So I am gonna kind of let this sit for a Little bit and then kind of like carry On with my lips I've come like I'm I've Broken out a little bit and I'm assuming It's because of the sun whatever this Ish like I don't know what's going on With my skin right now but it's Definitely because of like the Sunburn

And it's really annoying me and like the Annoying thing is I have loads of events Coming up this week well Next week and they're like good events You know I'm so annoyed that my skin is Looking and feeling this way at the Moment that's just like my little run at The moment I'm really sorry guys but I Just need to talk to someone so anyway Moving on I think what we're gonna do is Carry on with the next step now it Hasn't been like 10 minutes but I think It's a decent amount of time to be able To look for it to work this isn't the Only thing that does it you know that Makes them look a lot bigger so next up What I tend to do is blot my lips I Don't remove this fully I only blot them Once That's enough next up I use my lip Pencil this is my Charlotte Tilbury lip Cheat in iconic nude I'm honestly Running out of this and I need to go and Buy a new one it's going to break any Day any day this is snapping or the Whole lead is gonna fall out because I Think I've literally got my got right to The end and then I'm just gonna be stuck And I'm like why didn't I just get back Up so anyway moving on I'm gonna start Lining my lips now I really want you to Pay close attention to this because Honestly it is about placement now I Would suggest a lip pencil which is

Similar to this so something which kind Of like Blends in with your skin tone And doesn't look like you're wearing lip Pencil like I don't want to go for Anything too pink because naturally you Know my skin is not very pink and it's Not just about your lips you know it's About the color of your skin too because The lip pencil can really stand out I Want it to look pretty natural and just Almost like an invisible liner effect so That it kind of reshapes my lips but it Doesn't look like oh there's a harsh Line there so this color works really Really great on my skin tone I'm going To start from the center of my upper lip So let me just try and face you as much As I can so basically what I'm doing is Starting from the center of my upper lip And I'm going to be sitting the pencil Just a little bit above my lip line a Tiny bit not a lot right I'm following my natural lip shape can You see how I just created always like a Little V there but a very flat V like I Don't want it to be super prominent It's very light you're going to see how This actually makes my lips look bigger Already just with the lip pencil now What I'm going to do is go over my lip Line again just along this hump I'm going to do one side and you can Really see the difference And then we're going to go down this

Section here but we're going to make Sure we stay on the lip line now so We're going to gradually transition from Where we are above the lip line to the Actual lip line because like I said even With filler you don't want to apply it Here same goes for like lip pencil it Will still make you look kind of like Duck mouth-ish if that's the thing if It's a word it's not really no I just want you to see hopefully you can See through the camera this upper lip Here looks a lot bigger than that side Already now we're gonna go do the same Here Okay we've done the top lip hopefully You can see how that already looks a bit Bigger now we're going to do the same at The bottom so we're going to do it Underneath the lip line Just here And then as we move up towards the sides We're going to make sure we really take It on top of the actual lip line and not Below the lip line So I'm kind of like happy with how we've Lined it very lightly now I'm going to Go over the whole thing again just to Kind of like deepen the lip line a Little bit And I also kind of like feather inwards Okay already my lips are looking a lot Bigger and they don't look like they're Overly drawn in so next up I get my

Lipstick you can use whatever one you Want and to be honest I sometimes skip This sometimes I just leave this on as It is but I really want to show you the Full kind of lip look that I would do if I really want them to make them if I Really want them to make them if we Really want them to look a bit bigger I Do go out just like this sometimes but I Just wanted to like show you the other Way so this is my rare Beauty this is my Lip souffle which I absolutely love Probably one of my favorite lipstick Textures and this shade is brave and I Literally just kind of like apply a Little bit Like that and then I just blot and blot Them together and then I get my lip Brush and this is my Charlotte Tilbury Lip brush and I just use the flat part Of the brush and just kind of like Blend the lip color together like into The lip line Then I blot this blotting is really Important because it actually avoids Your lipstick from looking too thick and Gunky and it ends up lasting a lot Longer now this is where I take a Slightly different lip liner and I take The Kevin o'quar Unforgettable lip Definer and this shade is new naked and This is where I start Feathering in a Little bit so I just take from the edges Like here

So I'm not changing the shape because The shape's already done And then what I do is I get my finger And I very lightly smudge the edges That is basically how I make my lips Look so much bigger than they actually Are like now you can really see them I'm Smiling because I really want you to see Light when you smile it really stretches Lip and it looks a lot bigger as well But yeah like that literally is all I do I want it to be really transparent with You yes I have had lip filler done and Yes I probably will still have lip Filler done because I love it and I like The way it looks after but I am trying To leave a bigger gap between each time Of having it and I have done it's like Coming up to I don't know another few Months and it'll be a year so I think That's pretty good going you know like Before it was more frequent now I'm Leaving a much bigger Gap and I actually Like that I am because I feel like the Last kind of quarter of that time with The lip filler I really like it but my Lips are definitely not as big as they Have been but I'm actually liking it I'm Quite happy with the way that they look Now and I like the fact that I can use Lip like lip makeup lip products and Just be very strategic in the way that I Apply my products to make my lips look a Lot bigger so hopefully that has kind of

Like answered all your questions because Some of you have been messaging leaving Comments saying have you had something Done to your lips no I haven't this is The technique that I use and I just Sometimes change over the lipstick color And that's it overall that's how I make My lips look a lot bigger and yeah Hopefully you can try this out too if It's something that you want to do Especially those of you who've been Leaving comments and don't forget I do Have a vlog Channel guys I would love to See you over there too so please do come Show your support I've already got like A handful of you over there but I would Really really love your help to kind of Make that channel grow a lot bigger than What it currently is because I'm really Excited to see where it goes because Then once that channel is kind of like a Lot bigger and we've got you know a lot More watch time because you know once You've reached a certain amount of watch Time then you get monetized and then I Can start investing into that channel The same way I've been investing into This Channel and that channel is Something I'm super super excited about As well as this channel because I feel Like when I reinvest back into that Channel there is just so much stuff we Can do it's more out and about it's like Vloggy and like yeah but I really do

Hope you're liking it I'm kind of Finding my feet with the channel as well In terms of like what works with you Guys so you know we're gonna keep like Trying to figure out what new content You guys want to see and yeah so I guess Wherever you are in the world I hope you Have the most productive day ever I really do hope you enjoyed this video It was a short video but I think it's Good because it's dedicated purely to The lips and I really hope that you Recreate this and you love it now if you Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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