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Hey guys I'm back with another Educational Beauty video and in today's Video I'm going to be showing you how You can take your doll makeup look or Bland looking makeup look to a healthy Version very easy it's not even about Starting from scratch it's just about Adding a few steps to your current Routine so that you can actually have That healthy looking glow to your skin It's actually crazy how much of a Drastic difference it makes it's going To take your makeup from here to here I Know you're going to love it so stay Tuned now don't forget I do have an Online publication called Confessions of A creative where we cover different Topics such as self entrepreneurship Mindset fashion and Beauty there are two Subscription types one is free where you Get occasional access posts and things Like that but you do get like occasional Posts with that and with the paid Version which only costs around a coffee A month you get so much more you get Extra paid subscriber benefits and perks You get to chat with me in a little room It's really cool and also you get extra Newsletters like articles where they are Really in deta detail about beauty and Answering some of the questions that you Guys actually ask over here too don't Forget I'm over on Instagram too so make Sure you come and say hi if you like

This video give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos now let's Head straight into this Video now let's transform this dull Bland looking makeup into healthy Looking makeup so some of you may kind Of do your makeup like this already this Is kind of just my day-to-day makeup Where I've done it very very quickly and Even if it's not like this I'm sure you Have your general day-to-day makeup and Sometimes you may feel like it's just a Little dull just a little Bland how do I Kind of like take it up a notch without Looking like I've applied a whole load Of makeup so how can I transition it or Just turn it into a more healthier Looking makeup look so that's what we're Going to do today now I'm going to get Started with a specific color which I Know you're going to love we're really Going to be focusing on the colors that We use and the placement as well as Technique so I'm going to get started With my rostic Glam palette which is From Dominique cosmetics and I'm using The shade desert Queen which is this Beautiful kind of peachy color and I Really want to show you how you can just Just make everything look a lot more Alive you know so it doesn't mean you Have to start from scratch that's why

I've already got this makeup on because I want to show you how you can add those Little bits to really give it that push And make it look a lot healthier so I'm Going to be using my Sigma Beauty e49 Brush dipping that into the color we're Going to f focus on F we're going to Focus on adding it to the lid first First and then blending it into that and Then slowly taking it into the socket I Don't want to be using dark colors here Cuz I really want that healthy look that Nice kind of flush of color so we're Going to add this to the eyelid and you Can use this same brush to apply and Blend because it's just an easy color to Work with so you see how I applied it on The lid and then as I actually did that I focused on taking it upwards into the The socket now we've got this wash of Color there it's up to you how far you Want to take it whether you want to stay Here or you want to add more color I'm Going to add a little bit more cuz I Always feel like on camera you know the Colors need to be a little bit Exaggerated I mean already look at the Difference you can use your finger to Kind of drag or pick up any excess color Look at the difference that's just kind Of like flat and then we've got this Really nice wash of color here so I'm Going to do the same on the lower lash Line but I'm using my e57 brush and I'm

Basically just going to press this in There you Go and let's do the other Eye so we're just pressing it into the Lid and then after we've covered the lid We're then going to take this into the Socket and then drag it upwards and Outwards along the end of the eye really You can do this with any color that is Brighter you know nothing that's dark Cuz then it's just not going to look Healthy and and kind of like open I'm Really happy with this color I feel like It's just such a nice healthy color Let's do the same on the lower eye plus I feel like they're really easy quick Things that you can do you know this Hasn't taken long at all we're going to Finish with some mascara let's curl the Lashes first because this is really Going to help to kind of open up the Lashes then we going to use our Sky High Is it called Sky High it's just called Oh it is called Sky High from Maybelline The mascara and I'm really liking this It's actually really really Good there you go it's a really good Mascara no wonder it's Viral wow that's a good mascara I only Just recently started using this that's Why I'm still surprised at it it's still Surprising me every time I put it put it On I'm like oh Wow and yeah so it just kind of like I'm

Not even doing my M like lashes really Close to a mirror okay let's put a Little bit on the lower Lashes it's pretty crazy how you can go From such a kind of flat looking Foundation look or like base face Whatever you want to call it to Something which is kind of like wow That's so different and you don't always Have to start from scratch you can kind Of stick to your original routine your Makeup routine and then add things just Change things around a little bit so you Know I think I guess what I'm trying to Say is don't always look at some of These looks that you see online and Think oh wow that's just going to be you Know it's going to take me forever Because what it is is just adding small Bits it's like it's like a jigsa you're Just kind of like it's like a puzzle You're adding extra bits to just Complete the whole look you're not Necessarily starting from scratch and Doing everything differently it's just Adding a few extra bits now that we've Done that I want to apply a nice blush To give me some color on the cheeks and I'm going to use my dual backstage Rosy Glow in coral and this is almost like a Kind of neon color I'm using my Sigma F12 brush and you've got to be careful Here because you don't want to apply a Whole load of this blush because

Obviously we've got similar color on the Lids but we also do want to kind of you Know like make our skin look a little Bit more healthy as well now already I Can see some color coming through on my Skin it just looks a lot more healthy I Used to be afraid of like a applying Blush this is mainly on myself obviously Of blush with a bright eye color because I used to be like oh my God there's just Too much color going on but actually you Know it it kind of completes it so That's my blush done now lastly what I Want to do well not kind of lastly there Is an extra step to this but what I want To do is do my lips but also I don't Really want them to be like oh matchy Matchy and everything is all together And I can't wait for you to see that Kind of like finished transition I'm Going to use my rare Beauty lip sule in What does that say hey oh my God it says Brave horrendous my eyesight so bad Anyway I'm using this and I'm basically Going to apply this over my lips it's Too much for like full color so I need To buff it in I want it to look like a Stain then what I do is I get my lip Cheat from Charlotte Tilbury And just add the color the lip liner on Certain areas so like The top and that kind of helps to shape The lips without having to put like lip Liner everywhere that's kind of like the

Color done I'm really happy with the Amount of color that I have on there are Just a lot like last couple of bits that I want to do to really help kind of just Sculpt my whole look so I'm going to use My 200 brush brush from Fenty with my Lolo's velvetine Queen powder bronzer in Past the crown and I just want to kind Of like sculpt my nose a little Bit and then this is like quite a Natural bronzer so I just want to go Underneath where I've applied the Blush just so that there's some kind of Like definition there you know so it Doesn't look so kind of flat underneath My blush and then I'm going to add a Little bit of glow so I'm using my Tom Ford skin Illuminating powder duo in 01 Mood light and I'm just going to add a Bit of this with my finger just to the Kind of like peaks of my Cheekbones there you Go and that basically is my healthy Looking makeup look how I've Transitioned it from a dull makeup look Is honestly something I hope you guys Try out now again when I say dull I Don't mean like kind of like oh wow it Looks great I'm talking about like dull Makeup in the sense that it doesn't Really stand out it kind of just like is A bit hidden like you just there's Nothing really there it looks very Bland And it there's no kind of color there

You know it's not there's no kind of Like color which looks healthy so I Really wanted to kind of share with you Like how I just add a few little extra Bits just to kind of like honestly take My makeup to a lot more of a a healthier Place where I feel like it looks healthy It looks like alive I feel like okay wow There's M there's color there but it's Not so bright where it's like wow There's she's got orange eyes Shadow on And honestly I have like darker skin so If you guys are a lot paler if any of You guys are a lot paler you probably Don't need to apply as much as this and If you're slightly darker skin tone than Me or even much darker skin tone than me Then you can obviously go in more Because you know the color will really Kind of bring just it just adds more Kind of healthy looking a healthy Looking finish to your whole face that If that made sense now I just want to Show you like it's very easy to lighten Your whole eyeshadow look so just take Off the excess with a brush you'll find That that should be enough you know just To lighten the whole thing if you feel Like it's too much and and honestly Normally if you if you do feel like it's Too much it's probably because you Finished your entire face and you're Like okay I could have gone a little bit Less with my ey shadow in which case

This is what you do and like look how Immediately that has lightened it so now It's just like this this stain of like Coral healthy looking color to my Lids Which doesn't look like I've actually Got a whole load of eyes Shadow on there That's why I like these kind of colors Because I feel like you can really water Them down and once they've watered down It's so easy to just make this look very Kind of natural looking as well I really Do hope you've enjoyed this and don't Forget to kind of like head over to my Other social media platforms where you Can check me out I'm on Instagram I'm on Tik Tok there's substack which I feel Like is my new favorite thing ever it's Amazing I I have my own online Publication there it's just guys I don't Even know how to describe it with view Like but honestly you're going to love It a head head over There I like honestly none of my words Are coming out right today surprise Surprise as if that hasn't happened Before but anyway I do hope you've Enjoyed this I'm sending you loads of Love wherever you are in the world and If you like this video give it a thumbs Up don't forget to subscribe to my Channel and hit the Bell button so that You never miss any of my future videos Until the next video take care and I'll See you soon

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