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HOMEMADE DOG TREATS | easy DIY dog treats recipe




HOMEMADE DOG TREATS | easy DIY dog treats recipe

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Hello my friends it's Dani and today I am Boop   Hello my friends it's Danny 
and today I am sharing a Hello my friends it's Dani and today I am sharing 
a healthy homemade dog treat recipe specifically   This is a homemade peanut butter dog treat made 
with pumpkin cinnamon and turmeric and while I   Don't always make homemade dog treats for our dog 
this happens to be Charlie's birthday week he is   Turning six years old this week so I thought what 
better time to make a homemade peanut butter dog   Treat than birthday week now if cooking for your 
dog is something you've been thinking you might   Like to do more often I do have a healthy homemade 
dog food recipe that I've shared as well it's a   Simple stovetop recipe that's super easy to make I 
still make this recipe for my dog Charlie several   Times per month so if that is something you want 
to check out I will link it for you down in the   Description box below now the technique for making 
these homemade dog treats is very simple it's a   Lot like making peanut butter cookies you don't 
have to chill the dough or roll the dough I'm not   Using any cookie cutters because I really wanted 
to keep this easy so I would be inclined to make   Them more often so the first thing I'm going to 
do is preheat my oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit   And then I have a rimmed baking sheet lined with 
a Silpat mat that could also be parchment paper   Or you could just Grease the cookie tray we 
just don't want the dog biscuits to stick   Then into a nice big bowl I'm going to start 
by combining a half a cup of all natural   Peanut butter you want to look for a brand that's 
loose and pourable like I have here that's going   To create the best texture I will of course link 
to my favorite down in the description box below   Then I have a third of a cup of pumpkin puree 
if you can't find pumpkin puree you could use   Pureed sweet potato or pureed butternut squash 
all of these options would work just make sure   That the only ingredient listed is the vegetable 
that you're using we don't want any added sugars   Or any added spices and then I have one egg then 
I'm just going to combine my wet ingredients you   Just want to mix them well until they're all 
combined like I have here this looks good and   Then we're going to add in the dry ingredients so 
I'm starting with one and one quarter cup almond   Flour this is an extra fine almond flour which 
I really like to use because it's more nutrient   Dense than a regular wheat flour however if 
you prefer you could Sub in a white flower or   A whole wheat flour for the almond flour they all 
work just fine so use whatever option feels best   For you and your pup and then last I'll add 
some spices I have one teaspoon of cinnamon   And a half a teaspoon of turmeric and again I'm 
going to stir this all together until we have a   Nice thick batter like I have here now just as 
a side note this dough is very easy to work with   But when I have used different brands of peanut 
butter the dough has been very sticky so if your   Dough is sticky just keep a little bowl of water 
next to you and keep your palms wet when you are   Rolling out the dog treats because it's going 
to make it easier to work with now to shape the  

Peanut butter dog treats I just scoop a heaping 
teaspoon of the batter into the palm of my hand   Roll it into a little ball and then flatten it 
out to create a small disc shaped cookie just   Like this and I'll place that on the baking tray 
and re repeat until I've worked through all the   Dough and you're going to see you may need two 
cookie sheets or alternatively you can just work   In batches because I have found depending on how 
big or small you make them you're going to end   Up with somewhere between 25 and 32 peanut butter 
dog treats and since this little peanut butter dog   Treat reminds me a lot of a peanut butter cookie I 
like to keep the tradition going and I just take a   Fork and create a little crisscross right over the 
top I'm just going to push down in One Direction   And come back the other way again if your dough 
is sticky just dip your fork in some cold water   I'll pop these in the oven and I will let them 
bake anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes you're   Going to know that they're done because they're 
going to become lightly golden over the top and   Around the edges and they will be set through 
now while my dog treats cool I like to make an   Optional glaze to drizzle over the top do note 
that this step is completely optional you don't   Have to make it I just feel like it's really fun 
and it makes the dog treats look extra special so   Into a small bowl I am combining a third cup of 
all natural peanut butter this is the same peanut   Butter I used for the dog treat two tablespoons of 
melted coconut oil and then a half a teaspoon of   Turmeric and I'll just mix that all together until 
I have a nice thin glaze like you see here then I   Carefully transfer this into a small sealable bag 
get the air out to the best of my ability close   The bag and then just snip the tiniest little 
piece off of the corner just the tiniest little   Piece and then once the dog treats have cooled I 
just take that peanut butter turmeric drizzle and   I zigzag it right over the top to make this fun 
little glaze and if you find you have a little   Extra glaze when you're finished just save it 
because you can just drizzle this over your dog's   Breakfast or lunch for a little extra flavor and 
nutrient boost now once the glaze sets up you're   Going to notice it doesn't get super hard but 
it is dry so that you can store these without   Making a mess so from here I just transfer them 
into an airtight container I'm using a sealable   Jar and you can keep them on the counter for up 
to one week in the fridge for up to two weeks or   Store them in the freezer for up to three months 
and do note that if your dog likes a cold crunchy   Treat you can serve this to them straight from the 
freezer but I did intentionally make these peanut   Butter dog treats on the softer side because I 
know not all dogs can do this super super crunchy   Treats and as you can see Charlie absolutely loves 
them and I hope that your dog does too [Music]

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