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Now I'm going to apply a little bit of Mascara on my lower lashes It happens I'm human guys it happens I've got a bit of mascara there but I'm Going to show you how to get rid of that [Applause] How are we all doing today guys welcome Back to my educational Beauty Channel Now today's video is all about how to Create that holiday season sparkly eye Makeup that's also classy I can't wait To show you this look because I Absolutely love the finished result and I feel like it's something that is Really wearable for you guys too now if You do like this video please do give it A thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos I'm over on Instagram too so Please do come say hi there now let's Head straight into the video Are you guys ready for this holiday Season sparkly and classy eye makeup Look I know I am and we are going to be Using some really nice shades today and Something which is like really easy for You to do as well and that's what makes This really exciting is that you can Actually go away and do this now I have My concealer on my eyelids and I've Applied a little bit of powder there to Make sure that that's what kind of like My eye prep done we're gonna go in with

The first color number three shade in The Dolce Vita eyeshadow palette from Charlotte Tilbury now what I'm going to Be doing is applying this with my finger Over my lid but not up into my crease so I wanted to do something kind of subtle But not subtle you know so it looks like You've put some effort in but at the Same time it's not just black or Unblended eyeshadow you know so let's go In we're going to use this shade I'm Going to go into my finger and this is a Beautiful bronze shade and we're going To go really close to the Lash line and Go all the way across it doesn't matter If it turns out thick and it goes on to Most of your lid it's absolutely fine That's a great thing about these Shades Is that you can kind of not not be so Precise with it and have it look a Little bit more lived in so we're gonna Go in with this color and it's like a Super like really nice sparkly shade and When I say focus on putting it close to Your lash line the reason I say that is Because otherwise you may end up going Into the crease we don't want to go Above the crease it's totally fine if it Covers majority of your lid as long as It doesn't go above the crease because We want to deal with that after you know We want to see if we want to kind of Take it up there a little bit later at Least this way you start small you can

Work your way out make it bigger if you Want to it's always harder to make Things look smaller Okay now we've basically covered the eye Area Now this is where I'm gonna get my Little finger and I'm gonna kind of like The way that I'm doing it let me show You so that you can see how I'm kind of Like I'm taking it like that That's what I'm doing right so I'm Covering my entire finger with it Just make sure okay back into the right One there you go that's what I've done Now the reason I take my little finger Is because it's smaller and it's a bit Easier to go along the lower lash Line This is where I'm going to take my head Down a little bit and look up and I'm Going to try and like aim for my finger To basically go into my lower lash line Below my lower lashes so I'm just gonna Like look up and then go small side to Side movements Under my lashes so I've placed it right Under the root of my lower Lash Don't it doesn't matter if you don't get Right on the inner corner or all the way To the end of the Lash line as long as You've done most of it there the other Eye is really difficult to do with this Finger so I'm going to go in with my Other finger spread that color over my Little finger and this is where I'm

Going to do the same thing So I'm basically going below my lower Lashes aiming to touch the root of my Lower lash but the underside of it and Then small side to side side movements Is going to really press that like get That color in there the reason I don't Use a brush with that shade is because I Do feel that when you go in with a brush And you go it just doesn't do anything Like it just doesn't go anywhere and Half of it disappears I feel like this Is the easiest way to get that color Transfer without having to wet the brush This is where I am going to go in with a Brush and I'm using my Charlotte Tilbury Ice smudger brush and the reason I'm Using a brush now is because I'm only Working on like the inner corner and the Outer corner to make sure that that Color ends up like connecting all the Way around because when I applied it With my finger I didn't I couldn't get Right into the inner corner and I Couldn't really get to the outer corner I just focused on the main large surface Area of the eyelid and the lower lash Line now we're working on a very small Area it's easier to get that transferred On just a tiny part of the eye so I'm Just going to like go That you know like meet the whole eye You know so it's all like connecting now And same here not really focusing on

Bringing it out like in a wing effect or Anything just really focusing on Connecting Everything together Now this is where I'm gonna go into my Ultra splop sparkly eyeshadow this is my Pat McGrath Mothership eyeshadow palette And it's the shade throwing and I Ecstasy I think it's that is it that Yeah I get really confused with the Names I'm like which part of it is Actually the name of the palette anyway I will find out and put it up on the Screen now I'm going to go into that Ultra sparkly it's like a silver I Really want that in a gold and I'm sure She has it in one of her other palettes But I'm gonna go in with this because I Feel like silver really shows up better On my skin when I want that extra Sparkle now I've put my finger in it It's like swirled it across Just kind of like lightly putting most Of it on the inner kind of middle part You see I like pressed it there and then Like lightly everywhere else you can see That is like super sparkly now what I'm Gonna do is go into that really deep Dark brown shade from the Pat McGrath Palette and I'm using my Charlotte Tilbury eyeliner brush and basically What I'm going to do is line my upper Lash line very close because I want some Kind of like

Depth there I don't want it to look like To iced out so I'm just going like Really really close [Music] Because this on its own I feel like can End up looking a bit like I don't know a Bit just I'm throwing some sparkle on And that's about it So what I want to do is kind of like to Smudge that dark brown right into the Lash line but apply it really thin to The game layers okay gonna go in with my Eye smudger Brush and I'm just going to Basically Cositis side over where I've applied That dark brown and that's given me some Already you can see that's giving me Some depth there I'm just kind of like Dragging out whatever's there To the side a little bit okay let's go Ahead and do the other side Just blending it side to side now and Then dragging this upwards and outwards A little Now also I'm going to take some of that Brown shade Just into my lower lash line there Only they're like last quarter and then Just smudge it here too And it gives you a really nice kind of Sultry look to the whole look perfect For this season so I'm just putting a Bit of glue on my lashes I'm going to Use my lashes from my range called

Amelia and while that is drying a little Bit like I just want it to be tacky I'm Just going to put some mascara on this Is the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Mascara it's a really good mascara like If you want to use it Aloma because We're going for like a really nice Festive kind of sparkly look I really Want to put lashes on There should be kind of semi tacky now So I'm just gonna go in with my false Lash Absolutely love these lashes Have any of you managed to like get your Hands on these lashes so I don't I don't See how you would have no don't worry I Know what you guys are saying when the Hell are we gonna get these lashes when Is it going to be available in the US Honestly we are working on it we're Gonna try and get them to you very soon So that we can you know get them out to You from here and obviously in the Meantime if any brands are watching like Sephora or Ulta please do get in touch Because we would love to have our lashes With you I am working on it I'm working Getting these bad boys out to you Because I know you're absolutely gonna Love them I just pressed my real lashes Kind of into the false lashes and They're gonna stick you don't need to Apply mascara again after applying your False lashes now I'm going to apply a

Little bit of mascara on my lower lashes Huh It happens I'm human guys it happens I've got a bit of mascara there but I'm Going to show you how to get rid of that You know what it is I'm trying to keep My head up for you guys in the camera But I'm I'm trying to like also be able To do my you know like without blocking Your view with the like mirror I need to Work something out on how to I need to Get another mirror that's like since We've moved I'm still kind of in the Process of figuring out the studio so That we can kind of make sure that you Have a great view as well as like if Kind of free-flowing a little bit for me Too or just feel a bit you know like not Awkward okay we're gonna let that dry Because really what we want to do is Scrape it off once it's dry it will very Easily come off but you must wait until It's dry okay I think this is kind of Like right now kind of like going over Very lightly with my spoolie Thank you There you go and it's scraped off now This is my favorite part I've been Looking forward to we are going to add a Little Diamante and I'm so excited for This because I don't usually play around With dolantes and I am just really Excited about putting one on because I Think it's going to look really good I

Literally got this whole pack off of Amazon it's so good so I'll put the link In the description below and I'm just Going to get my tweezers grab the little Diamante and I've put a little bit of Eyelash glue underneath and we're going To basically put this right in the Middle on the lower lash line like right Below my lashes Right there okay let's put this next one On make sure I get it symmetrical Oh I love it I absolutely love it it's So pretty and I really wanted to kind of Do something different for you without It being too far away from my style you Know if I went with diamantes everywhere Isn't really what I'm going to go out in And isn't really wearable to be honest In my eyes for me anyway but if you do Great good on you but this for me fits My style a little bit more one tiny Diamante it almost looks like a sparkly Teardrop I want to bring the mood down In any way but it does it looks so nice It's so pretty I would definitely wear This out and I really wanted to show you Something that is wearable for you guys And it looks really pretty and it really Does look like oh wow she's gone like She's made it festive with it looking Classy sparkly and just not Ott you know So you can still wear these things you Know when you see them on Instagram or Tick Tock and you're like wow that looks

Stunning but I just could not wear that All you need to think about is how can I Adjust it so that I can wear it if it's A little bit too much for me how do I do A similar thing but make it a bit less You know so that it does fit in with my Style so I really wanted to kind of show You that this can be wearable you can Wear diamantes it does look pretty it Does look sparkly and it still does look Classy so wherever you are in the world I hope you have the best festive season I hope you go and try this look and I Hope you completely kill it and I really Do I know people are going to be like Wow your makeup you can change the Colors around a little bit if you want To too and even go a little bit extra With the sparkle go a little bit extra With don't want to see how it kind of How you feel with it it might be your Way of just stepping out of your comfort Zone and trying something different now Wherever you are in the world I do hope You have the best festive season full of Love laughter and I hope you get to Spend it with the people that you love Most whoever they may be So what did you think of this look I Hope you've enjoyed it if you have any Questions let me know in the comments Box below now if you do like this video Give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell

Button so that you never miss any of my Future videos until the next video take Care and I'll see you soon

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