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Hello my friends it's Danny and today I Am sharing my new favorite breakfast Recipe Boom Hello my friends it's Danny and today I Am sharing my new favorite breakfast Recipe healthy oatmeal pancakes now this Is a fluffy protein packed pancake Recipe made with spinach so it has an Extra boost of color and nutrient Density and I don't know about you but There's just something about getting Veggies in at breakfast time that make Me feel like I've already won the day Hey every little thing counts now I know You all love oatmeal pancakes because I Have created two versions in the past That were both very popular with the c d Fam I've shared my banana oatmeal Pancake recipe and my classic oatmeal Pancake recipe with no bananas and you Gave me such great feedback on both of Those which by the way I will link them Both in the description box below that I Wanted to create a new oatmeal pancake Variety that we could all add to our Healthy oatmeal pancake collection Because I don't know about you but I am Always on the lookout for easy healthy Breakfast ideas especially pancakes now This is a blender recipe meaning Everything goes right into the blender And then it gets Blended up into a Batter so you are going to need a

Blender I'm using a high speed blender And the first thing that goes into the Blender is one cup of baby spinach now Spinach is high in fiber and high in Nutrients and it is a great beginner Green for anybody who is new to healthy Eating or trying to eat better because The flavor is so mild so it's really Easy to work into different recipes when You're not looking for like a strong Leafy green flavor other than offering These pancakes a pop of color you really Cannot taste it and while I do prefer Using fresh baby spinach if in a pinch You could use frozen spinach just make Sure that you defrost it you drain off As much excess liquid as you can and you Reduce the quantity to a third or a half A cup you're going to notice with the Frozen spinach for whatever reason the Flavor is a little bit more detectable But it still totally works okay the next Ingredient is a half a cup of Unsweetened vanilla almond milk oat milk Would also be really fun here but Technically this could be any type of Milk you have on hand or that you prefer They would all work then I have a half a Cup of plain Greek yogurt now if you are One of my plant-based friends go ahead And sub a plant-based yogurt I'm using An organic two percent plain Greek Yogurt that's my favorite variety and What I use most often but keep in mind a

Full fat option and a no fat option Would both work for this recipe so like With all of my recipes always make sure To tweak and adjust the ingredients Based on what you like based on what you Have and based with what aligns with Your personal goals then I'm adding in a Quarter cup of egg whites now I always Buy my egg whites pre-separated because I use them rather often I love to put Them in my oatmeal and in pancake Recipes and baking recipes just like This but if you don't buy them Pre-separated then you would want to use Two egg whites and if you don't want to Do egg whites you could Sub in one whole Egg or of course if you are a Plant-based friend you can sub in one Chia egg which if you do not know is Simply one tablespoon of Chia seeds Mixed with three tablespoons of water Sits on the counter for about five Minutes until it gets thick and gel like And has an egg-like texture all of those Options work and then I've got just a Teaspoon of vanilla because vanilla Gives everything the most delicious Flavor Boost then I'm gonna pop on the Lid blend this up let that spinach get Really broken down it's basically going To just look like a green water once This is all Blended together as you can See here this is exactly what you want It to look like and then we're going to

Add in our dry ingredients starting with One cup of oat flour now if you're not Familiar with oat flour all it is is Ground up oats quite literally it's one Ingredient oatmeal that gets ground up You can do this yourself in a high speed Blender or a food processor or you can Buy oat flour at the grocery store next Up you're going to need two tablespoons Of granulated sweetener I personally am A can of monk fruit it is an all-natural No calorie sweetener it's a really easy Way to pull back the sugars in a recipe Like this but you can also do a classic Granulated sugar or my second favorite Choice would probably be a coconut sugar But anything granulated will get the job Done then in goes three quarters of a Teaspoon of ground cinnamon a half a Teaspoon of sea salt and then one and a Half teaspoons of baking powder and my Friends the baking powder is very Important in this recipe because this is What is going to help your pancakes Become nice and fluffy so do not skip That step the lid goes back onto the Blender and I'm going to blend this Again until everything is really well Combined and I've got a nice batter Which at this point is going to be Fairly thin but you're going to see that As it sits it thickens because the oat Flour is going to begin to absorb a Little bit more of that liquid now I

Find it a lot easier from here to Transfer the batter into a small bowl or A spouted cup like I have here it's just Easier to work with once you get to the Stove then from here we've got our mix In so I'm going to add in a half a cup Of good old-fashioned rolled oats you Could also use a quick oat here but you Do not want to use steel cut oats Because they're not going to soften and They're not going to work in this recipe But these little oatmeal flakes add a Great texture to our oatmeal pancakes And then I also love some chopped up Nuts so I've got a third of a cup of Chopped walnuts but pecans would also be Delicious and if you find yourself with Like a bit of a sweet tooth you know you Could use some chocolate chips or Shredded coconut there's really so many Options here whatever you love as far as Like pancake Stones go now would be the Time to sprinkle them in I'm just going To give all of those stirrings a good Mix that make sure they are well Incorporated throughout the batter and Then we're ready to make our pancakes so I like to make my pancakes in a 12 inch Non-stick pan which I have heating over A medium heat you don't want it too high You don't want it too low you do need to Grease the pan I am using a non-aerosol Cooking spray if you're using a nonstick Pan aerosol sprays will ruin your pan so

Keep that in mind but of course you Could also do a little butter or coconut Oil however you want to grease the pan Then I take a quarter cup and I do like A scant quarter cup scoop of the batter And I just drop that into my pan and you Can see the batter has thickened up even A little bit more since we mixed it all Together so you just want to shape that Into a pancake shape and then continue In a 12 inch pan I usually get four Pancakes because I like to keep them on The small to medium size but if you like A big pancake you could do that as well Now the pancakes are going to take about Two minutes to cook on the first side And you're going to know that they're Ready because the edges are going to Begin to firm up a bit and they're going To be like little small bubbles right Around the edges so you can take your Spatula which we're going to talk about In a second get underneath your pancake And just gently flip them over you're Going to see that they're golden brown Over the top they'll cook for another One to two minutes once they're set Through you can just take them out of The pan and then repeat now just a quick Note on my spatula this is technically a Fish spatula but I love this spatula it Is in my opinion so easy to work with And one of the best pancake flippers You're ever going to meet now rule of

Thumb you are not supposed to use a Metal spatula on a non-stick pan because You do not want to scratch your nonstick Pants but I've never been like really Good with rules and I find if you're Very careful you won't scratch your pan So for me the reward to risk ratio is Worth it and I just wanted to share that With you if you're looking for an Amazing spatula give it a try I'll link It down in the description box below you May notice while you're off the stove Making the pancakes that as that batter Is sitting it can continue to thicken up Because the oat flour and the rolled Oats can continue to absorb the liquid So if it looks like it's getting too Thick no big deal just add an extra Splash of milk mix it all together and Keep on going you're going to see that You're going to get anywhere between 12 To 14 pancakes with this recipe once you Are done cooking up your pancakes you Have two options if you're meal prepping Them let them cool down to room Temperature then transfer them into an Airtight container pop on a lid they Will happily last in your fridge for up To five days and up to three months in The freezer and if you're going to enjoy Them right away you just want to serve Them with your favorite pancake toppings Personally I love some fresh berries and A drizzle of maple syrup right over the

Top so simple so delicious they have a Mildly sweet flavor and the best crunch From the walnuts I absolutely love these Pancakes and I promise you other than The fun pop of green you cannot taste The spinach at all and to all my moms And dads or caretakers out there if you Have little ones who don't get excited About eating green food try calling them Monster pancakes or slime pancakes I Find when my kids were little that was a Really easy way to get them to eat like Green pancakes and green smoothies make A little game out of them and detract Their attention distract them don't let Them know it's a vegetable as always Thank you so much for watching if you Enjoy easy healthy doable recipes just Like this please take a moment to like The video subscribe to the channel and Hit that notification Bell and make sure To share this with anybody else you know That wants to make healthy eating easy Thanks so much I'm Danny spies and I'll See you back here next time with some More clean and deliciousness cheers

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