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Healthy Costco Food Haul (2023) – Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free!




Healthy Costco Food Haul (2023) - Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free!

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Hi everyone welcome back to clean eating Kitchen I'm Carrie and this is my Channel where I share easy real food Recipes and tips so you can feel your Best and they have a specialty in Gluten-free and dairy-free cooking and Eating so welcome to my garage I just Got back from Costco everybody's Favorite Wholesale store and I thought I Would share my gluten-free and Dairy-free picks that I got today and Then I'll give you some ideas for how You can use the foods how I use the Foods and I hope that it's inspiring to You so let's go ahead and jump into my Costco haul that is gluten-free and Dairy free for two people okay so this Is everything laid out I'm not including Some of the household cleaning stuff That I bought this morning the total was Higher than I expected it's 450 dollars But again there were a few things not in This group being that I'm not going to Show you because they're not really Relevant to gluten-free dairy-free Cooking but let's go ahead and jump jump Into what I got I got these organic celery sticks which I used to make chicken salad tuna salad Or I will make juice from the celery I Never make 100 celery juice I think that It doesn't taste very good it'll often Mix it with cucumber Apple lemon ginger Um for my juice but I always like to

Have celery on hand and then if you saw One of my recent videos about the ray Peat carrot salad Um I like to make that a lot I'm finding That it is really helping me with Symptoms of estrogen dominance but Sometimes I get really lazy and I just Will eat a carrot and that works almost I mean it works just as well as making The salad the salad's just a little bit More appetizing I will link that Um recipe in the description box For the recipe and the video but this Bag of carrots just it lasts for several Weeks and so I wanted to have that on Hand I got some coconut water this one Is shelf stable and I really like this Flavor it has like a very mild coconutty Flavor I also let me just show you over Here I got this brand of coconut water As well And this one has to be refrigerated but I like them both Um I will use these in my smoothie and Then I'll also use them to make an Adrenal cocktail and if you're Interested in any of these recipes just Let me know and I'll link them for you But let's go back over here Um oh I wanted to show you this carrot Juice actually Um this is a nice purchase I use this in The base of my green smoothies and it Helps add some sweetness as opposed to

Just using water plus you get nutrition And then these are my favorite Fruits frozen fruit to use in a smoothie It just makes your green smoothie so Much sweeter I can't recommend it enough And I know I'm going back and forth but Um pomegranate juice I also put in the Smoothie with the carrot juice You may have seen my smoothie recipe for The recipe video I have a few actually But let me know if you can't find them Um but I'll also put these pumpkin seeds And hemp seeds in the base of the Smoothie I use a Vitamix so it all gets Blended up and then I also use bananas So I freeze the bananas and these are Organic they're pretty ripe so I'm gonna Have to freeze these pretty soon but you Can see a lot of this stuff is Specifically for making smoothies and When you make a smoothie every day then You end up going through a lot of Produce and ingredients as I'm sure you Probably know and they do have Vitamix Blenders at Costco I didn't look at them Today but Um the price is usually pretty good and They make the smoothest creamiest Smoothies I I use a Blendtec and a Vitamix I mean I alternate between them But either one is great Um I wanted to show you this find I Never bought this before but Um organic guava nexture and I'm going

To use these to make gummies in my last Video of what I ate in a day with a Migraine I showed you my gummies made With concord grape juice and tart cherry Juice that I saw on the channel Um I think it's called Cambria something I can't remember but Um she's one of has one of my favorite Channels if you know who I'm talking About let me know Um but she made this she made gummies With guava nectar and aloe vera juice Which they don't sell that at Costco as Far as I know but I'm gonna try that and I think that would be really delicious I got these grass-fed Beef sticks minis four grams of protein In each one I'm assuming these are Gluten free I don't see actually Where it says that they're certified Gluten free but looking at the Ingredients I don't see any gluten Um Ingredients come on oh yeah it is Gluten-free yeah I was hopeful Um and I have a Video coming soon I am getting ready to Leave on vacation and I'm going to take Some of these on the airplane with me Um but that video will be coming soon About where I'm going blah blah blah I Got some of these organic brussels Sprouts

I'll always like to get some fresh Produce Um while I'm there like the same as the Celery And I saw another Channel that I it's Kind of new to me it's called Rouse Rising she makes a lot of gluten-free And dairy-free recipes for her family And she showed um steamed brussels Sprouts and it looked really good so I'm Gonna try to copy her Um let's see just a few other items I Got this organic raw honey oh sorry it's Not organic but it's raw unfiltered And my husband loves at night he has Honey And peanut butter And I peanut butter sometimes feels like It triggers a migraine for me So that peanut butter is mostly for him I did also get this vanilla which is a Great Price at Costco and I love to make a Smoothie with just vanilla frozen Strawberries Hemp milk And a little bit of maple syrup and it's Really good Um I think the last item are these Sausages Actually second to last item these Grass-fed Um sausages And they're not organic but this is a

Good brand and I love there's a three Pack so they freeze well you can serve Them with almost anything I might serve Them with these brussels sprouts Um the last food item I got is this Sweetener and this is for my husband he Puts it in his coffee or I just drink Mine black alrighty well I'm here in my Kitchen and I realized I forgot to talk About the ghee as part of my Costco haul And the elephant in the room of course Is that ghee Is made from dairy but I think I've Mentioned this in previous videos or if You're new here I am not allergic to Dairy I am just sensitive to the protein In dairy or the casein and ghee Um is for the most part case scene free And it's mostly fat and it's a really Great Cooking fat and it's pretty much what I Use a hundred percent of the time or I'll use olive oil Um but I really I really love this brand It's a good quality brand organic from Grass sped Cows and it has a wonderful flavor it's Very nutritious so I just want to Mention that because I forgot thank you So much for watching I hope you enjoyed This video and if you want to learn more About eating paleo slash gluten-free Dairy free then please watch my video on Everything you need to know about a

Paleo diet and I'll see you in the next Video

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