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Hello my friends it's Danny and today I Am sharing three healthy breakfast ideas I've got my banana peanut butter protein Pancake a double chocolate protein Smoothie and then some light and fluffy Green scrambled eggs which are made with Baby spinach now these are all super Simple recipes that are packed with Protein and can be made for one or Easily scaled up to feed a family these Are all recipes that I make on a regular Basis and I'm super excited to share Them with you but first I want to thank My friends at NutriBullet for partnering With me on this video I've been using NutriBullet for years and really love Some of the new features on their latest Model which is the NutriBullet Ultra it Has a 1200 watt motor making it their Most powerful single serve blender to Date and I find that it easily breaks Down some of the tougher ingredients Like frozen fruits and nuts without any Hesitation it also has a beautiful Streamlined appearance and I love that It doesn't take up a lot of space on my Counter there's actually a lot of things I love about the NutriBullet Ultra but Let's start cooking and then I'll just Share more as we go so healthy breakfast Idea number one is my banana peanut Butter protein pancake and if you've Been with me for a while you may have Seen this one before because it really

Is a staple in my clean and delicious Kitchen so into the NutriBullet cup goes A half a cup of egg whites I really like Using egg whites because it makes the Pancake a little bit lighter and it adds An extra boost of protein but if you Prefer you could certainly Sub in two Whole eggs then I have a third of a cup Of good old-fashioned rolled oats one Tablespoon of natural peanut butter Remember when you're buying your peanut Butter all that needs to be listed under The ingredients is peanuts and perhaps Some salt if you like your peanut butter Salted like I do next I'm going to add In a quarter of a banana for some Natural sweetness now remember the Browner your banana the sweeter your Banana so try to use a nice Brown ripe Banana Nana here then I have a quarter Teaspoon of baking soda that's going to Create a nice fluffy pancake and a half A teaspoon of cinnamon for that warm Cozy flavor okay I'm going to screw on The lid and then we're going to blend This up now take note that the cups for The NutriBullet Ultra are made with Triton renew this is a durable material Made with 50 certified recycled content They're also BPA free shatter resistant And dishwasher safe now you're going to Know your pancake batter is ready when It's all Blended together and it's a Little bit on the thicker side but still

Pourable just like this so I'm going to Pour this into a hot 8 inch non-stick Skillet that I've coated with a tiny bit Of coconut oil or cooking spray you're Going to notice that the pancake batter Fits perfectly in an eight inch Skillet It's a perfect one serving pancake and Then what I do is I just sprinkle a Little bit of chopped banana right on Top what this does is it creates these Little warm bits of banana once the Pancake is cooked through and it is so Good now as the pancake sets up and you See these tiny bubbles forming over the Top that's how you know it's ready to Flip so just get underneath there flip It over Let It Go for a couple more Minutes or until it's set through and Then you are ready to enjoy I love to Serve this pancake with a dollop of Greek yogurt over the top and maybe a Few extra banana slices and if you're Feeling really crazy a drizzle of maple Syrup so good okay healthy breakfast Idea number two is my double chocolate Protein shake now this one starts with One cup of unsweetened almond milk or Whatever type of milk you prefer or have On hand then I have a handful of baby Spinach which is so tender and mild you Won't even know it's in there it's Actually a great beginner green for Anybody who's trying to add more greens To their smoothies or shakes then I have

One serving of chocolate protein powder Now personally I love away protein Powder because they're very rich and Creamy but you could also choose a Plant-based protein if that's your Preference and then I'm going to add a Tablespoon of cocoa powder this is going To add another layer of Rich chocolatey Flavor that's the double chocolate then I have some cinnamon for that warm cozy Flavor and then to make the shake super Rich and creamy I'm adding three Quarters of a cup of Frozen cauliflower And a half of a frozen banana I promise You are not going to taste the Frozen Cauliflower it's going to add some Fiber Some nutrients and more importantly it's Going to help to make this shake nice And creamy and then last but not least I Have one tablespoon of nut butter you Could do an almond butter a cashew Butter a sunflower seed butter they all Work okay so on goes the lid and we're Going to blend it up now you're going to Notice that the glow interface has two Blending options as soon as the cup Meets the Power base so you can choose Either the full circle which is for the Automatic smoothie cycle perfect for This shake or you can choose the pull Circle which gives you more Hands-On Control if you wanted to create some Texture for something like a salsa or a Pesto once it's Blended up you're going

To have this Rich decadent delicious Double chocolate protein smoothie that Happens to be packed with veggies but I Promise you nobody would ever know okay My friends last but not least are my Light and fluffy green scrambled eggs Which are made with baby spinach this is So delicious and I'm a little bit Obsessed with this concept so here's What you're going to do into the NutriBullet cup I'm going to add two Eggs now if you wanted to do egg whites You certainly could in that case you Would add a half a cup of egg whites and Then I'm going to add a handful of baby Spinach which is about a half a cup or 15 grams if you want to be precise then I'll sprinkle in a little bit of sea Salt and that's all that has to happen I'm going to pop on the lid and I'm Going to blend it up till it's well Combined now another fun note about the Ultra is that the blade is made from Stainless steel and titanium coating Which increases the longevity and it Reduces blending time plus each blade Comes with a five year limited warranty So this my friends is a powerful blade Once the eggs are done blending they're Going to look just like this and you're Going to notice they have this beautiful Bright vibrant green color so from here We're just going to cook them as if we Were making good old-fashioned scrambled

Eggs so I have my eight inch non-stick Skillet heating up over a medium low Heat this is my go-to egg pan and I'm Just going to melt a teeny bit of Coconut oil again butter or a Non-aerosol cooking spray would work Just as well we just want to make sure That our eggs don't stick to the pan and Then I'm going to add the eggs and then As soon as they start to set up I'm just Going to move them around the pan and You're going to see when you cook them Low and slow and just kind of keep them Moving they get really nice and light And fluffy and while these eggs do have A beautiful vibrant green color to them You cannot taste the spinach at all so Once they're done you would just go Ahead and serve this up any way you Enjoy eating your eggs in the morning Personally I love a little bit of whole Grain toast or an English muffin on the Side and some fresh fruit so there you Have it three healthy breakfast ideas That are all super nutritious and so Easy to make and while I do encourage You to give all three of them a try I'm Very curious to know which one you think You're going to try first so come on Down to the comment section below and Let me know thanks again to my friends At NutriBullet for partnering with me if Easy healthy meals are a priority to you I highly recommend that you check out

The NutriBullet Ultra as well thanks so Much for watching I'm Danny spies and I Will see you back here next time with Some more clean and deliciousness Cheers

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