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Hayden Panettiere Shares Natural-Beauty Skincare, Hair & Fitness Tips | Body Scan | Women’s Health




Hayden Panettiere Shares Natural-Beauty Skincare, Hair & Fitness Tips | Body Scan | Women's Health

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I do have tattoos it says live without Regret and it is misspelled so I Literally have to live by what it says Hi I'm Hayden Panettiere and this is my Women's Health body scan What I love most about my body is what It's been through it's served me well It's been through childbirth it's been Through everything with me and remind me Where I've been and what I've been Through my first piercing was my belly Button when I was 13 years old my mom Thought I would not go through with it And she had to stand there and watch it She almost fainted when I did it I have A piercing Here which I don't have in right now to Here To here and I have actually a cartilage Piercing right there that's not in and One that goes through there I do have tattoos I've went down my side Which I can't show you but it it says Live without regret and it is misspelled So I literally have to live by what it Says I do have liberta which means Freedom my mom has it on her shoulder And I have a John Lennon quote it's from The song Glory to The Shining remover of darkness My favorite part of my body to work out Is are my abs I think it comes back from My gymnast background it holds your body Together it's great for your posture and

So it's really important to have a Strong core and a strong lower back I Walk around think belly button to Backbone all the time so you keep that Core tight and your body will eventually Naturally do it itself maybe c-section Scar from when they had my my little Girl it's a long story but I I lived Through it so it reminds me where I've Been and the Beautiful creation that I Made my little girl I love and swear by Dr Sturm sir her products give you a Glow and moisturizing her products are Amazing wash your face with cold water Cold water tightens up of course that's My tip I love to get manicures today I'm Enjoying these long ones but this is not Normally the way I I have my nails I Usually keep them short because They my hands like have to be I have to Use them all the time and I don't know How people do it with this but they're Beautiful and I feel I feel very pretty With them I love just my natural oils But oils are important kerastos oil and I sleep with like a silk pillowcase to Make sure that the breakage doesn't Happen and and don't wash it too often Just let your hair be natural let nature Do its thing surround yourself With amazing people people that love you People that don't tell you what you want To hear but tell you what you need to

Hear and I'm all about being around a Good environment I use lights I love Lights at home and candles and and to Feel like I'm in a cozy environment so Surround yourself with love and warmth My mental health has been just like Everybody out there you're not alone It's been a battle it's an everyday Battle and one that today I'm happy to Say I am winning and I hope you are too Thanks for watching be sure to subscribe To women's health

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