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Hannah Brown’s Weekly Routine to Stay Fit & Fuel Her Body | Game Plan | Women’s Health




Hannah Brown's Weekly Routine to Stay Fit & Fuel Her Body | Game Plan | Women's Health

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Hi y'all it's Hannah Brown and I'm here With Women's Health to break down my 7-Day game Plan these are the things I do Monday Through Sunday Sleep Therapy workout and Watch a little bit of TV it's Monday in my ideal morning Routine my little sweet dog Wall-E like Waking me up he likes to stay in bed a Little bit longer than we're supposed to Too so that's always my great excuse but I really try to say today's going to be A great day or at least that's what my Psychiatrist tells me to say to start The day off I don't know does something To your brain supposedly I'm not one of Those people that like to get up and go Takes me a while so I love to have a Little bit of tea I'm off the caffeine It's a bummer have a little morning time Where I write my journal read a little Bit of some type of self-help book you Know we're really trying to start the Day off right and a little prayer time I Think that's setting me up for Success Um does it always happen no but Mondays We try to make it happen the most I Normally have a workout my gym is 5 Minutes down the street so it's really Easy to get to so sometimes I'll just Have a little bar that I'll eat right Before so that I have something in my Body but not too much so I can really Get a workout in I'm really liking the

CrossFit light workout that I'm doing Usually Monday Wednesday Friday I have a Personal trainer that works with me Specifically and so I do things that I'm Wanting for my my body what works well For me I'm climbing ropes I'm learning How to do these Kipping things that I'm Not quite good at and haven't quite Gotten it yet but we're we're working on It I just finished my workout so now I'm Going to get breakfast my breakfast Consists of some scrambled eggs a Tortilla cheese a little bacon on top Wrap that up it's a thing I can eat Really quickly and I always think it's Yummy especially when you add a little Bit of chalula I'm showered I'm fed I've Had my good workout now it's time to to Get to work it's not my favorite thing To do but I have to sit down get some Emails done catch up talk to the people That work with me on my team to make Sure that we're set up for a successful Week ahead usually there's a meeting or Two in there talking about the podcast What's coming up um who are the guests That we have lined up for this week uh Talking about Graphics then we've got Social media what I'm going to be Sharing with my audience it's all fun But the logistics of it can kind of be Boring it's Monday so it's Tuesday and I Kind of stick to my same usual morning Routine that's why it's called a routine

Try to get that prayer time in journal Take a little time for myself to Center Um I really like doing this meditation That's only like 5 minutes long and it's Just how to be your best self that day I Actually just do a morning walk where I Can listen to a good podcast maybe catch Up on a call with a girlfriend what's Going on in their world it's really Important for me to have have that time To myself in the morning especially when I'm not going in for like a hard workout To still move my body in some way Tuesday it's therapy day and I have to Be my therapist's favorite or at least I Tell myself that uh I've been doing a Lot Of work that makes you cry So but it's good we are healing we are Growing and I'm so thankful for my Therapist and all that she's helped me With on Tuesdays I normally get my meal Delivery service in and I love doing That throughout the week so that I know That we're getting quick easy delicious Meals the meals consist of chicken Salmon with some great sides of green Beans Potatoes usually something really Healthy and Hearty for dinner on Tuesdays I'm normally prepping for my Podcast better tomorrow I am researching Guests coming up with questions talking To my audience about what they want to

Here it is a big prep day for me it's Wednesday and it's time to record my Podcast I'm going into the studio Fortunately I don't live that far from The studio so it's just a quick 10-minute Drive I try to get in there a Little bit early just so that I am ready For the guests to come on I feel good They feel great and we record for about An hour and a half my podcast better Tomorrow is all about having meaningful Conversations I want to grow learn every Day I want to work through the hard Things to get to the best things in life And that's the type of conversation that I try to facilitate the podcast takes up A good bit of the day on Wednesdays so After that I try to give myself Hopefully just a little break to maybe Just like stare at a wall I don't know Just decompress so when it's the evening I get to meet with my girlfriends and we Have great meetings on Wednesday where We talk about life what we need to Encourage each other on it really helps For that midweek boost there's wine Included so Thursday I've completed my Morning routine and I think Rehabilitation is so important Especially when you're doing pretty Intense workout so having Physical Therapy once a week is so important to Me so got physical therapy today we're Really just making sure that my body is

Staying healthy moving if there's any Little places that are sore I can get Like a nice hurt so good massage would I Say cuz I'm usually like want to scream But we're getting out all those knots And Kinks so that I can continue with The rest of my week and feel good going Into the weekend and then it's back to Some of the boring things like answering Emails I usually have a few meetings one Of my best girlfriends lives close to me Now so we usually try to get together Once a week just to get out get some Sunlight change it up a little bit to Then go back and do some more work she's An entrepreneur as well so we like to Work together sometimes during the week So that we can kind of keep each other Accountable um have a few laughs but Also make sure we're both staying Focused it's Friday it's almost the Weekend but we have to get in that Killer workout I feel like Fridays are The days that I'm actually like excited To work out for some reason cuz maybe I Know I'm going to eat something drink Something good to celebrate on Fridays I'm usually getting in my episode of the Podcast that will be for next week to Listen to it for the first time make a Few edits going back and forth with Producer to make sure that we have Everything ready for a great podcast Episode for the week ahead I now have a

Little bit of time to like rent some Errands go to the grocery store go to Target because like who doesn't love to Go to Target a lot of the content that I Capture throughout the week is at home So to be able to go out just go through Every hour of the grocery store is is Awesome and Friday is usually the time I Get to do that it is Saturday and Nothing starts out the weekend right Like doing a good group workout so it's It's 9:00 a.m. and my fiance and I we go Into the gym and do a really fun workout Together we usually partner up he can Kind of be annoying cuz he's way better At it than me but I just have to tell Him to slow his roll and let me do my Thing it's a lot of fun a lot of our Friends go to the group workout together So afterwards we go out and go get some Food to celebrate the hard workout that We just did and then it's time to go Pick up Wally so that he can have his Fun workout on the way home and get to Take him to his favorite place which is The park par by the soccer field and he Just runs on the turf grass like he's Never seen anything so beautiful and Wonderful in his life and it's really Cute to watch too I got my groceries on Friday so I'm ready to cook my fiveish Ingredient spaghetti squash Pizza Pie Dish the fiveish ingredients are

Spaghetti squash Italian sausage basil Two eggs tomato sauce and you just add Any toppings that you like We'll add Some pepperonis but you could add some Peppers onion whatever you like so I'll Make that and have a chill night at home Sundays start out nice end up Scary I usually wake up we'll make a Little breakfast usually my go-to little Taco Burrito egg thing and then go to Church feel the spirit up and then Somehow I get home and then I'm Like what's going on I have learned it's Important for me to just take some time In afternoon to really prep what needs To be done so that I can enjoy the rest Of the night on Sundays we will usually Go on some type of hike the weather Right now is perfect in Nashville Tennessee so really enjoy that be out There um meet with Friends and just try to enjoy this last Moments of the weekend at the end of the Day Wellness is all about taking little Moments to be present taking a deep Breath being here being with the people That you love and really cherishing the Moments and opportunities that we have To take care of our body Mind and Spirit

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