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There you go that is my finished look For tonight I'm really excited about Tonight still don't know what I'm Wearing but I guess you'll see because I'm going to add some footage from Tonight so you can see what was going on And what this whole show was about Because I've been so excited about it [Applause] I'm back with another educational Beauty Video and in today's video it's a get Ready with me for dream to buy it's a Really exciting place that I'm so Excited for you guys to see because I'm Actually going to take you guys with me After you've seen my whole makeup look Now if you do like this video please do Give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell button so that you don't miss any Of my future videos and don't forget I'm Over on Instagram too so please do come And say hi there now let's head straight Into this video I'm really excited about this get ready With me because I'm going somewhere Exciting tonight that I've never been Before and I can't wait I'm going to Dream Dubai tonight and my sister's in Town which you've probably seen over on My other Vlog Channel because she's all Over that at the moment and we hired a Private yacht today so it's been quite a Long day even though I'm tired from it

I'm really kind of refreshed and excited About tonight I think it's because I Know that this place is going to be Amazing and I've heard so much about it It's basically a place where you go did I mention I'm going dream to write yeah I think I already mentioned that but Basically you go you eat and there's Like it's a theatrical dinner so there's Performances acrobats everything going On around you and apparently it's Supposed to be like literally so much Fun so I'm so excited about it because My sister is here as well and her Husband's here so we're all going we're Going like a couple's evening out let's Get ready now I don't know what I'm Gonna be wearing tonight so that's why I Want to go for a makeup look which I Know is gonna go with anything because Sometimes I have those days where I know What I'm gonna wear and then I not match Because I don't like matching matching Makeup but you know do it according like It complements the outfit I genuinely do Not know what I want to wear tonight and I'm kind of feeling like I want to wear Something super comfortable so let's get Started now my skin is probably a little Bit dry especially from today so first Thing I'm going to do is put some Niacinamide on I'm using my Sturm the Better be niacinamide serum I use this During the day this stuff is amazing for

Minimizing my pores and it's like this Let me show you it's just like a little Bottle like that and I'm just gonna Smooth this over yeah I can feel my Skin's a bit dry because I've been out In the sun all day so I'm gonna use my Wind Medina Dew moisturizer today Because I know my skin is feeling dry so I need that kind of extra hydration and This is great for that like this is Specifically for people who feel like They have kind of combination to dry Skin or it's very dehydrated it's got Hyaluronic acid it's got rose water it's Very Plumping and I feel like when I use This moisturizer like my skin straight Away feels like super hydrated and it Stays like that and it does actually Last for 72 hours the hydration so That's pretty good I kind of just feel Like I need this today and now my skin Just does not feel dry at all now Because my skin is feeling so dry from Being out on the yacht all day I'm going To be also using my wind Oasis there Let's Reviving glow Mist you guys have Seen me use this a million times this Stuff is pretty good you use it under Makeup and you can also use it over Makeup so I like to kind of like apply This over my moisturizer and then carry On with my makeup look and then I will Use it right at the end too hopefully if I remember I'm sure I will so this is

Just going to give me that Just realized Midway I should not talk While I'm spraying that it's going to Give me that kind of boost of hydration It's great for dehydrated dull skin and It has a vitamin c in there vitamin B5 Hyaluronic acid prickly pear like all Those little things that actually do Give you that boost of hydration and That Radiance so now I'm gonna let this Settle down I need this to kind of like Just dry a little bit I mean you can Already see like there's that Natural Glow there obviously I won't go out like This but I mean you know it does have That kind of like natural kind of Healthy glow to it okay I'm gonna use my Concealer I'm just using my tarte shape Tape And just buffing that in with my beauty Blender this is going to give me a Really nice base ready for whatever eye Makeup I want to do Just gonna get a little bit of my banana Powder and then just press on top this Is going to lock it all in And I'm just dusting away that powder so Now that we've done that we can actually Do whatever eye look we want to do Because this is kind of like how I prime The eyes so it's I'm priming it I'm also Giving it a really nice even finish so That it doesn't look patchy underneath And it's just the perfect kind of base

For whatever eye makeup you decide to do Now I'm going to finish off the rest of My base before I do my eye makeup Because I'm not gonna go with an Eyeshadow look I want to go with Something I used to do all the time and I absolutely love it's just that really Nice kind of thick eyeliner winged liner Look so I'm gonna do that now before I Actually apply my concealer on my under Eyes because my Skin's feeling quite Dehydrated and it's had you know it just Feels like it's it was pretty the sea Was pretty rough today so I feel like we Were kind of banged around a lot because It we were just it you know the guy had To like turn around and take us to the Karma like side because it was just it Was a bit windy so I am kind of like Feeling just you know my skin just feels A bit rough so I'm gonna use my Hydra Grip primer from milk makeup and this is For the eyes and this is actually really Good if you suffer from a lot of kind of Lines on on the under eye area so I'm Just smoothing this over And then I'm going to Pat this in now I Always like to make sure there is no Excess product on the eye area if you Don't pat this in properly and it just Dries like that it actually becomes a Fixed film that's not just this product This is any product so even your eye Cream you need to make sure that you've

Kind of Blended it in and I don't mean Rubbed it in so your skin feels dry Again enough that there isn't a kind of Uneven amount anywhere because when it Dries up it goes a bit kind of it can End up peeling off when you start Putting your makeup on so always make Sure that it's kind of like smoothed on The under eye area properly like this Outer section here usually we smooth Here and then we let go what I want you To do is just smooth all the way across Because you want to make sure it just Kind of Blends in a bit it doesn't leave Like a big amount like a larger it Doesn't leave a lot there I just didn't Even make sense but do you know what I Mean so yeah I'm just going to make sure There's no kind of excess product Anywhere but I'm also not being rough With my skin Now I'm just applying my under eye Concealer I'm pretty tanned now I feel like Because I've been out in the sun a lot So I'm using my Born This Way by Too Faced multi-sculpting concealer and this Is warm beige you guys if you've been Following me for a while you know I Always pull this out when I get tanned Right and you know I'm always happy when I get to the point where I can use this Because I love this concealer but it's Not like it's not as amazing as shape

Tape for the under eyes but I do like it For the rest of the face because it Isn't it's just like a good color And it's not it isn't dry as kind of Much as the shape tape the shape tape is Great for the under eye area but for Everywhere else in the face I feel like It's a bit much so I'm just gonna like Blend this in just buff it in first And then I'm going to go and do my under Eye area I also feel like this concealer is a bit Kind of more hydrating for my skin than The shape tape so for everywhere else on The face I feel like it fits in Perfectly now let's buff this in I'm going to use my soft sculpt stick So Soft sculpt stick I don't know why I Can't say that my soft sculpt stick oh My gosh this is one of those things Where you know where they say say this Really fast and you just can't do it Soft stick That's like slower than the first time Okay I'm gonna use this this is uh by Makeup by Mario and it's got a brush on The other end this is the shade dark and I do really like this so I'm gonna just Apply this in certain areas Let's get this brush and then just kind Of buff this into the hairline there so Remember that's always got to be into The hairline And then I just kind of like

Pressing pressing and flicking It Blends really easily right you can See how easily this Blends in So the brush is way too big for my nose Area so I'm going to use my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood complexion brush because it Has a small brush on one side and then a Larger one on the other side so the Small side is perfect for my nose Anyway we've done our kind of contouring Our underpainting I'm going to go over With my Foundation now I'm using my Tarte face tape today in 47s and just I've got that at the back of my hand I'm Just gonna like start buffing this into My face So I always go on my forehead first and Then I kind of carry it over the under Eye area and the same on this side so I'm kind of pretty uniform with what I Do like I I do like to go in a Particular order just because I I don't Know I just feel like it's a bit more it Sounds silly but a bit more organized I Know I'm gonna get the best finish if I Follow a certain kind of routine like if I just start randomly putting foundation On my face like it's not going to be you Know you're less likely to get that Really nice even seamless finish always Drag it into the neck area to avoid that Mask look The great thing is is I've really really

Moisturized underneath so I feel like I Don't have to worry about my skin Feeling dry because it's still even Though I've got my foundation on now it Still feels really hydrated that's kind Of like my base more or less done I'm Gonna set it with my powder now okay I've got my banana powder and my Powder Puff I'm gonna just press it on the under eye Here So I've got it in my hand I pressed the Powder Puff on top And then I go on my under eye area That's the first place I do it then I do It everywhere else you can either just Put it on everywhere or just follow a Certain kind of pattern now what I do is Immediately I don't let that sit to bake I get my brush which is my veil brush From hourglass I dust Everything off other than my under eyes Then I get my Real Techniques brush and I dust on my under eyes now I don't Really let that sit to bake the only Time that sits is just while I'm Literally brushing the face area off and That's it because I do feel like when You leave it to sit there and bake it Becomes more and more cakey I'm just Gonna like get wet wipe and clean my Brows because I feel like there's just Like so much makeup on there at the Moment and if you leave that like that

And then you do your brows you'll feel Like it just it just looks weird and you Get all this like makeup stuck I'm gonna Get my hourglass Arch brow volumizing Fiber gel now I'm gonna use this to just Kind of almost like coat my Brow hair but also I'm going to press it Upwards in a minute and it's going to Help to set it too So you can see I'm just gonna press it Upwards So I got these brushes sent to me by BK Beauty and they are so soft like so so Soft they sent me quite a few and this Is a really great one to apply Foundation with which I'm going to use These in a future video to really show You but I really like the size of some Of them this is a really good size like I really like that so this is another One that I love because it's just oh It's such a good size That's really good for like highlight And things that's 108 I'm going to use My dual lip glow oil my lips are a Little dry Okay I've got my benefit precisely my Brow pencil now I am going to shape my Brows so I'm just going to kind of like Outline them And I want them quite thick today so I Always do the underside first And I like it to be pretty straight here And then a slight curve and then

Straight again I don't like them to be Round or too pointy Foreign Ly go along the top to make sure it's Kind of like parallel with the bottom Lines This is my Anastasia Brow pen in dark Brown and this is where I literally am Just gonna Kind of draw hairs in just like feather Strokes upwards from that bottom line Because what that does is it actually Fills that area in but also gives you Know a nice feathered Kind of hair stroke look So what I do next is I just get my Pencil again and then I just kind of Like sharpen the underside of my brow And just fill it in anywhere I feel like It needs a bit more kind of color There you go my brows are done nice and Thick that's how I wanted them today now I'm going to use my eyeliner I'm using My it's Cosmetics hero liner I'm going To start by applying it really close to My lash line And just do kind of like a base Liner To start with Right I've taken it to the end of the Eye there I'm going to do a like a flick And when it's slightly upwards but not Too curved I've got that nice thin flick there now

What I want to do is kind of like fill That in Or kind of like outline it's like do That upper part of the flick and now I'm Going to fill that in okay we've got a Rough idea there it's not good enough For me because I feel like it's a bit Kind of thin I want that nice thick look But this has given me a good base to go With right so now I can start thickening It up but the good thing is because We've got that thin eyeliner underneath We've got something to follow and make Sure we don't go crazy See I was slowly kind of thickening it I just drag the end out just to be kind Of like you know just to give it that Faded look I'm kind of happy with that that's the Kind of look I wanted that's that really Nice thick liner look that I wanted I am Going to be honest sometimes when I put My lashes on it kind of distorts the Shape of the eyeliner you may have found That too that when you put false Eyelashes on top all of a sudden the Eyeliner shape looks a little bit Different it's usually just because the Strip is kind of pulling on part of the Like lash the the actual skin which Changes the shape of the eyeliner it's Not a big deal all you need to do you Don't need to change the Lash Application keep it on how it is if it's

Stuck down and it's secure then that's Great just go ahead and kind of adjust It with your eyeliner afterwards now I Am gonna do the other eye and then we're Going to add some lashes That's our initial base done now we're Going to do the flick I've got to make Sure it's the same as the other side so You look Symmetrical [Music] Next I'm going to use my benefit bad Girl bang mascara and I'm just going to Like coat my lashes with this I am going To be putting on false lashes but I Always cut them so that it's like either Like a quarter of the Lash or it's like Half lash so I still need to make sure That mascara is kind of on my lashes and It's a decent mascara see this is a Really good mascara for evening like Even if you didn't want to put lashes on It's pretty good like it gives you that Really nice kind of like intense black Thick Lush look I don't know why but Sometimes when I put mascara on it makes Me want to sneeze and it's literally the Worst time ever now while that's kind of Drying I'm gonna do the rest of my face Just kind of sculpt it I'm using my one Size made for shade in medium dark I'm Going to use my BK Beauty 107 brush it's The perfect size for this and I'm using The top shade out of the palette we're

Gonna just start from this area here so From the kind of top of the ear I do feel like when you use the one size Made for shade palette you need to kind Of like you put like you obviously dab The brush in you've got to take it off On the back of your hand because Otherwise you get a whole load of color There that's just like a little FYI Okay can you see how this is just this Brush is so soft by the way these are Really good face brushes now I like to Have well today I do anyway I want to Have a little bit of a kind of nice kind Of curve in my cheek And then I go close to My Hairline and this kind of just Contours My face I think I'm going to take some video for You guys tonight you know so you can see What tonight is like because I'm super Excited about it I honestly am because I Was gonna go well last month I think and Then I don't know what happened and I Couldn't make it so It's kind of been delayed But it's gonna be good because now my Sister's here too so it's gonna be just Fun I'm gonna get the 206 brush from BK Beauty using the same color just the tip And I'm gonna do my nose Contour quickly Just a little V at the bottom And then I kind of

Upside down V I kind of like drawing a little kind of Diamond and then just straight on the Sides of the nose like The sides of the bridge of the nose Okay I'm gonna use my makeup by Mario Master Matt's palette and I'm using the Shade matte 8 and my 207 brush from BK Beauty and I just want to basically put This into my lower lashes Rather than go all the way across I like To kind of just go like small movements So that the eyeshadow doesn't like kind Of all of a sudden just go everywhere I'm going to apply my lashes I'm using My Nina lash which I love and I'm going To use my Huda Beauty glue okay this is About ready to go on so I'm just going To kind of like also put this on let me Just quickly put it on and I'll carry on So I am just basically applying this Kind of like near the end of the Lash These lashes are honestly so easy to put On like I just want all of you to have a Pair so I'm gonna go ahead and apply This to my lower lashes I'm going to use my Huda Beauty lip Contour in warm Brown today I want a bit More of a kind of like brownie lip well I want it to be like kind of almost like A deep Peach but like darker on the Outline I'm going to over line from the Top and the bottom but keep it on my Actual lip line everywhere else

Okay there's the lip line I always use Like well not always but sometimes I use The Huda Beauty ones for evening because I feel like the pigment is so strong It's a little bit too much for the day For me but for the evening it's great Now what I do is before I put my Lipstick on what I want to do is just Kind of like soften this lip line Because it is pretty kind of crazy right So it's this is what I mean there's a Lot of like product that actually Transfers I kind of wish it was a little Bit kind of less because I actually Really like this color but it's just too Much product comes out for the day and All I'm doing is just like dragging it Inwards I think it's going to be a really late Night tonight because you don't have to Be there until 9 30. so like you can't Get there earlier so I think the Performances start around 10 and I'm not Too sure what time it finishes but it Must be pretty late and I'm not really a Late person like I'm normally in bed by Like 10. Because this is quite a kind of You know a lot of lip line I am going to Just I've just blotted that now I'm Going to use my rare Beauty lip Souffle In Brave I absolutely love this color And you can keep reapplying this like Building it up if you want

I'm going to mix this in with my lip Line but I want the lip line to be a bit More visible than what it usually is During the day which is why I've used This specific lip pen like pencil Put on a little bit more There you go that is my finished look For tonight I'm really excited about Tonight still don't know what I'm Wearing but I guess you'll see because I'm going to add some footage from Tonight so you can see what was going on And what this whole show was about Because I've been so excited about it I'm just going to finish off with a bit More of this Which is my Oasis Veil this is gonna Just kind of like give me a bit more Like kind of Radiance and just kind of Add some moisture because obviously like I mentioned earlier my Skin's feeling a Little bit dry I am really excited about Tonight it's just I guess because like We don't really do What we do but not that often like I'm Not I quite I well actually I've none of That came out right but I actually love My sleep so I have to have a decent Amount of sleep like eight hours at Least and I don't like getting up late Because I just feel groggy and weird so I like to kind of make sure I'm in bed At a decent time to get a good night's Sleep like so it's gonna be a late one

Tonight but my sister's over so you know I've got a good excuse and it's once in A while you know I don't mind doing this Once in a while I feel like this tonight Is gonna kind of make up there's so many Early nights if that makes sense you Know like if you're gonna go out I'd Rather do something like what I'm doing Tonight because then I know it's going To be like an amazing night it's not Just going to a restaurant eating and Then coming back and you're late do you Know what I mean I feel like if I'm Gonna make it a late one it needs to be Something like tonight and I don't even Know what it's gonna be like yet but I'm Really excited to show you guys as well And yeah so I guess on to the you know To the show and yeah I'll see you soon Foreign Foreign Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign I really do hope you've enjoyed the Video today and if you like this video Give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell button so that you never miss any Of my future videos until the next video

Take care and I'll see you soon

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