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GREEN BEAN RECIPE | how to cook green beans perfectly




GREEN BEAN RECIPE | how to cook green beans perfectly

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Hello my friends it's Dany and today I Am sharing one of my favorite green bean Recipes specifically I'm going to show You my go-to technique for cooking fresh Green beans and then I'll also show you One of my favorite ways to make and Serve them quick hint I love to sauté Them with some shallots and garlic and Toasted almonds and a little fresh lemon Zest over the top but we're going to get To that in just a Minute so good now keep it in mind the Technique I'm going to show you think of This as a base recipe once you Understand how to work with green beans Like this you can create lots of Different green bean recipes okay so to Get started I'm going to rinse my fresh Green beans under some cold water and Then we need to trim them now you're Going to notice when you're trimming Green beans that the bottom of the green Bean has this long kind of pointy Edge We're going to leave that just the way It is and then the top of the green bean That is the stem side of the green bean This is where the green bean ATT Attaches to the plant this is a bit Stringy and tough so this is what we Want to trim off so you're just going to Cut it and push it right aside now to Save yourself a little time you could of Course do this in groups so stack a Handful of the green beans together and

Trim them at the same time and also keep In mind you can also find pre-trimmed Green beans at the grocery store so if You're looking for convenience that is Also an option as well now once all of The green beans are trimmed I like to Blanch them in some salted water this is A great step no matter what type of Green bean recipe you are approaching Because it just gets the raw edge off of Them so on the stove I have a nice big Pot of water I'm going to add a little Bit of sea salt to this turn up the heat And let everything come up to a boil Then I'm going to add in my fresh Trimmed green beans right into the pot And you want to let this cook anywhere Between 3 to 5 minutes and this is Really going to depend on your personal Preference do you like a nice all Dente Green bean that still has a lot of bite To it that's the way I tend to like them So you're going to stick to more of the 3 minute Mark if you like them a little Softer a little more tender then you're Going to let them go closer to 5 minutes But either way once you see that that Color has turned a nice vibrant green That's when you're going to want to Start checking them so these look Fantastic I'm going to bring them over To the sink and just drain them off and Then I'm going to run some cold water to Stop the cooking process now you could

Also transfer them into an ice bath but I don't find that step to be necessary I Find just running them under cold water Is enough to stop the cooking process And to still help them maintain that Beautiful bright vibrant green color so From here once you have these green Beans parboiled and cooled off you have A lot of different options you can take Them in a lot of different directions Number one if you wanted to you could Store them in the fridge like this for Up to 3 days if you wanted to give Yourself a little shortcut and have them Ready to roll for a very quick recipe Throughout the week think of things like Sautéing them with a little bit of Butter and garlic or tossing them with Some ginger and soy sauce or you could Cook them with some tomatoes and onions Or you could use them as a base for a Salad there's a really a lot of things You can do when your green beans are Prepared like this so it's a great Technique to keep in your back pocket But I'm going to show you my favorite Way to prepare them or at least one of My favorite ways to prepare them and It's kind of in the essence of a green Bean almondine so here's what we're Going to do so I have a nice big 12in Non-stick skillet that I'm going to heat Over a medium low heat and then I'll add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to the pan

We're just going to let that olive oil Heat up a little bit it'll move around The pan very easily and look nice and Shimmery and then into the pan I'm Adding a half a cup of sliced almonds And you can buy them right at the Grocery store like this you want to move Them around the pan and have all of the Almonds have a nice light coating of the Olive oil and just let them lightly Toast in the pan for 2 minutes or so you Don't need a lot of time and then I'm Going to add in one minced shallot now Think of a shallot as pretty much like a Mild onion you could add absolutely sub An onion here if that's what you had on Hand in which case you would need about A/4 of a cup of minced onion but when You work with a shallot think of it just Like when you're working with an onion You're going to trim off the stem side Slice it in half pull off this papery Outer skin and then you're going to make Some horizontal slices and then over the Top you're going to make some vertical Slices and then come down and you're Going to have a nice fine mint just like That so we have that in the pan I'm also Going to add one to two cloves of minced Up Garlic give that a pinch of salt and Then gently toss this all together you Want this to cook for about 5 minutes But you're going to stay by the stove Because you want to stir it fairly

Frequently kind of want to keep moving It around the pan make sure that nothing Burns the goal here is for those almonds To have a nice light toasted flavor to Them and for the shallots and the garlic To become nice and tender and Translucent and you're also going to Notice that the entire kitchen is going To become very fragrant and delicious so Once things are looking like this and Smelling delicious you're going to add Those blanched green beans into the pan And then I like to use a pair of tongs With the rubber edges and you're just Going to rotate just kind of toss Everything together you're going from The bottom up flip it around get the Almonds and the shallots and the garlic All well Incorporated with those green Beans and you're going to allow this to Cook for about 5 minutes it's really a Very quick cooking dish especially once The green beans are blanched from here Mostly what we're looking for is for Those green beans to Simply heat all the Way through once the green beans are Warmed and everything is well combined I'm going to transfer this into a Serving dish and then I'm going to Finish it with a little bit of sea salt A little bit of black pepper and then Some fresh lemon zest over the top so Bright and so delicious I also love to Nestle some lemon wedges into the final

Dish as well it's just beautiful and it Lets people know what they're about to Get into now keep in mind this dish is Truly easy enough to make on a busy Tuesday night but it is also beautiful And delicious enough to bring to your Holiday table so you really have so many Options here bright fresh beautiful Delicious and so good I cannot wait for You guys to give this one a try and Remember once you have this base cooking Technique in your back pocket for fresh Green beans you can make them so many Different ways so if you have a favorite Recipe or go to preparation I would love To hear about it down in the comment Section below this way you can learn From me and I can learn from you and we Can all keep on learning and growing Together thank you so much for watching I'm Danny Spees and I'll see you back Here next time with some more clean and Deliciousness Cheers

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