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“Glee”‘s Heather Morris Teaches You How to Dance in Heels




"Glee"'s Heather Morris Teaches You How to Dance in Heels

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We go squash the bug it's Dead aha make sure it's really dead Squash it welcome to Dancefit sugar my Name is Heather Morris and I'm going to Teach you how to dance today in heels in Just 30 minutes are we excited get it Let's get it woo all right you guys so Go ahead and start with your heels off For now we are going to do a nice warm Up for our ankles our neck grab a chair If you can this is more for stability we Will use it later on to dance with but We're going to warm up for now here we Go we're going to press this right fo Forward up and up up yeah this is to Really press through the arches of those Feet we're doing left we're going to Switch it out for eight a switch a two a Three four five six nice roll those Ankles right ankle we go out two three For eight four five 6 7 roll it in we go An in two I'm actually going to do four Left leg goes and out two three roll it In and in now we're going to do calf Raises start tur it up we're going to go First Position a slow speed it up and up a Three nice use that core yes we're going To turn it Parallel two a three double time and up Up Turn it in Yeah oh yeah it's burn that always gets That right there a burn a five a six a

Seven an eight nice go ahead and sit it On Down yeah Let It Go cross that leg Over we're going to fold forward for Four one three four and in two three Speed it up go H nice use that Core ah cross that left leg over And forward two three and In a Forward and in nice speed it up Ha aha nice we're going to do neck rolls We're going to go forward side back side A Roll a five left side go forward left Ear back side head roll uh roll Five and spread those legs Let's Fold it Over just hang over shake your head no Shake it yes cuz we are going to have a Great heels class let's s it up on up Put those heels On and just like magic we have our heels Back on I want to make sure you guys Have your chairs turned to the side cuz We are going to sit down on it facing That way here we go a five six hip rocks We go right left right we go up down up Up up down so it goes a right left up Down an up up a down we rock to the Front back quick speed five six 7even Again go front a back a five six from The top we go right hey and up you can Let go of that chair if you want it's For you if you need it six seven we're Going to roll to the right slow then too

Fast fast grab that chair Slow yes from the top we go a Sit up up down uh down front back front Uh back you can pump those arms yeah a Roll to the right double time roll grab That chair a roll nice a roll we're Going to sit down Sit slow up two three And tap a sit Slow from the top a Sit two three up up Up uh down rock it front Rock yes feel Those quads burn here we go all right You can add arms if you want play with That hair grab that chair yes or we can Whip it whip yes sit down Sit Squat new part We're Going To Shimmy Shimmy and squeeze Shimmy Shimmy squeeze Two more Shimmy Shimmy squeeze it Yes from the top sit up up up and a down Front back front and a back nice hey Party roll it Out yeah five six grab that chair here We go work y'all are good sit sit milk It ooh Yes squeeze Shimmy Shimmy squeeze Shimmy Shimmy squeeze new part we're going to Straddle the chair walk around we go Left right face it straddle slow sit Down sit and up make sure that booty Barely Taps up two more Two yes a one double time oh one three Ha ha let's do four more do four more Girl uh five we want to work out that Booty let's stand up on up here we go From the top here we go seven sit right

Work up up uh down front back Yes try and get lower if you can yeah Really try and get as low as you can we Want those quads to look nice right Roll a roll squat Squatty Potty tap it out Shimmy Shimmy yes Work walk around that chair uh left Right left cross slow if anybody's in Your house right now they might be Wondering what we're Doing just say I'm working out I'm Looking good yeah double time a go two Three four o can I balance five girl Six feel bur feel the burn W should we Try it again oh my goodness sure uh five Six seven sure all right up up up uh Down front back yes this is your party You're having fun roll it up a roll yeah Maybe whip that hair Aha grab that chair A people are always wondering about Dancers language and like the W and the SCA tap it out we go uh Shimmy Shimmy Squeeze it Shimmy Shimmy we're dancing And working out and having fun at the Same time right yes that's righto squat Up squat should we check those Nails ah Ha seven double time uh one two 3 four Five six you're almost there seven eight Nice Round yeah six seven eight you're done Yes good job you guys that was amazing Shake It Out shake shake shake it out All right set those chairs aside but

Don't let them go far we will use them Again right here right now we're going To do some simple walking patterns Getting used to those heels we're going To step forward slow we go a slow slow Turn a right left turn over that right Shoulder add those arms we go slow slow Hips slow slow hips fingers forward one More time Yes fingers nice a six adding on WE tip Forward one 2 3 four go out out in step Back three a five six adding arms tip Flick it out flick step snap snap a five Let's do one more time a tip flick It da STI snap a five from the top seven Eight ha Britney Spears with a snake yes I like to title all of my moves with Like a famous icon tip flick it out G dolls hey I feel like we're in a Big girl group uh five six new part We're going to go step slide H Jamaican Bob sled team yeah I'm gonna throw it Back coldhearted snake we go snake two Double add those arms five six from the Top we go a walk two yall know PA Abdel Five six 7 start getting into it Bigger a flick step snap hop a Down Coldhearted Snake Here We Go a five Snake look into his eyes down six five Six we're going to Abba sit and roll a Roll sit roll sit grab it a roll yeah Dancing Queen roll one more then we're Go for the top uh five six slow Britney ha turn it out a

Britney a five six charge a tip flick it Out Hey a five six cold hearted snake Coldhearted snake yes oh who are you Dancing for your cat your dog they Probably love it sit sit roll it roll Nice Sit oh roll let's do two More sit A Roll yes Sit a five six seven eight and Pose yes all right bring those chairs on Back meet me right here all right slide That chair on back this dance is all About the chair we're going to sit down Into it yeah and I really want to see You perform for this one okay are you With me we're going to reach forward a One 2 3 open for a roll we stand up on h Two three shimmy Yeah together Down open Roll sit on up da shimmy let's do the Tempo one two a roll Stand Up Up 2 three Four shimmy one more Time yes five seven eight we're going AC Cross we go Across a left then we think think melt Because it feels good left leg Cross across then think with your left Arm think Melt yes one more time cross right Cross a think melt last side we go

Across across think think melt from the Top five six seven eight a one two a Roll a push yeah Yes cross it out go Cross across just once think ha we're Going to step to the side slow we open This left leg we close it we head roll To the left head Roll open close one more time slow right And left head roll to the right Roll speed it up six seven eight open Close head roll this is where you can Really get into this open close head Roll nice yes use that core five six Seven eight should we go from the top Here we Go one three fix yourself five six 7 8 Oh 1 2 4 roll nice up shimmy give a Little sultry smile yes shoulder oh we Look so Cute right left go open close head roll Roll open close head roll show it hide It okay new part we're going to stand up We go one two 3 four we walk walk right Left we sit sit look sit look we Drag we step that right leg on the chair Grab our calf pull it up yes we're going To step One a Down an in let's just go over that again Yeah so we just came In a five six seven eight we stand up Two a right left right sit snap sit look Look a

Pull a Leg an up a right left sit down should We do it one more time Good's one more Time here we go really get into this Five six seven eight Oo yes you can kind of bounce ha ha sit Look yes ha I'm imagining I'm at the Cadum awards in my silver dress I'm with Tina Turner right we're opening up who's Ever here with us should we start from The very tippy top let's do it yeah I'll Count you in here we go two a five six Seven reach it over one two four Roll and Up ha there's a huge crowd in front of You you're the star yes think it ah it's Almost like La La Land you know we're Dancing in the Street open close open ha Head roll stand up one two three tip oh Ryan Gosling he's not bad Looking hi Ken pull one three a Leg and Up a right left Sit five six seven eight a down two a Five come up a shimy we're almost done Cross we're going to end Early a Think five six seven eight and Pose all right kick those chairs to the Side rip chairs we are done with them we Are going to do some Beyonce lemonade Vibes we want to embody being the star Of our own show yeah we're just going to Rock back

Four Rock that Arm both arm bounce left throw them up Again throw it up chicken head we're Going to go chicken head a seven eight From the top of Bounce throw he throw Chicken Head here's that beat W hey I feel like I'm at a concert you know what I mean What's me me and stages okay new part We're going to Beyonce we're going to Step H shake it shake it drop we go arm Arm and Twerk It Twerk It other side a One a three shake it shake it Drop a left an in an in we go A yeah [Music] From the Top rock it back and forth Hey how you feeling good nice winded Beyonce W Power drop It hey you can get into it with that Hair Too shake it shake it drop roll it here We go One More Time new part after this left side we go A sh sh Drop we're going to wobble we go a Wobble Corner side corner the counts are Five six seven and sit sit a Wobble a wobble wobble so right left up From the top let's bounce here we

Go [Music] Beyonce if you need to take your heels Off no one judges you we're all here to Support each other and work out and feel Good but if you want to keep them On sometimes it feels real fun yeah Right Left oh wobble wobble wobble wobble Right left up new part we're going to Stomp on the bug we're going to step With our right six right left goes We Go Stomp The Bug sorry right we go sit and Up down six seven eight we go up spread It five other way we go one sit up down A w down our body we squat it Three five one more time to the Beat Down a W I left we go squash the bug it's Dead aha make sure it's really dead Squash it from the top here we Gooun sheer Willpower sometimes you just got to get Bigger to really get Go shake it shake it Drop Yes hey wobble wobble wobble wobble Deep left side wobble front Rocket right Left squash the bug one squash the Bug three yes Other side two and up Three whack whack let's just go back to

This Rock for eight one three five just Chicken Head for eight uh five six 7even let's Rock Hey Hey a five six seven eight woo all right This is our last and final showdown That's the name of the song I'm so Excited to dance are we ready you have To give this your all okay we're going To Bake Some Cake here we go six seven Eight I sit a down two three I take my Eggs I crack Them both eggs try again crack it both Eggs last One I throw them away in the trash throw Those eggs yeah cuz we care about the Environment one more time sit Crack crack jump throw them away hey one More time sit H but you're kind of cute Making cake you know what I mean now We're going to add the icing we're going To spread it spread it three four make That cake a masterpiece from the top sit Eggs crack it Spread that icing Go mine's rainbow all the way Up I'm going to ask for my money I'm Going to sell it money and four five cuz I look good ask for that Where's My Money Three and stomp roll ha ha let's Do it again Where's My Money Hey my cake is so good

Mine's like that confetti cake ha let's Go from the top crack that egg sit oo I Love this music with it Punch ha spread that Icing ha o really get into it last and Final one ask for it where's my money Better pay me for this Cake hey back it Up three and four five now we're going To go buy a new dress with our cake We're going to put it on cake money two Three four show it off seven we're going To roll that hip right foot goes forward Side a rock aside other way we go try The new dress on H forward roll it out We go a roll oh my gosh my quads are on Fire oh yeah but I feel really cute Doing it from the Top hey punch it Out add the Icing Three raise the Roof hey Rihanna Where's My Money Woo Yeah Bo got oh yours is nice and cute And Little we're going to try that dress on Where did we get it from I got mine from Reformation Reformation seven eight and A roll can you get really low oh my Goodness other side we Go yeah use those abs cuz we want to Wear little crop tops

Sometimes Roll three we're going to add on last One we're going to party with our Friends cuz we just made that money hey With our new dress we go if you can do a Figure eight great if you can't just do A head roll like Sam we go six 7even one More time Jump ha jump figure Eight okay Wait I need a moment I know we all Do yeah should we try it from the top do It I'm not quite full I'm like Miss Trench bow I want you eat that entire Chocolate cake are we ready to go from The top yes here we go do It a five six sit in that hip we go as See crack it both Eggs spread that Icing four Ha ask for that money sell it highest Bitter woo Yes oh honey you look good Now go get that dress with your Money two three four and a whack six you Can go low if you really want and a roll H or a tap five booty burning left side Booty burn and a oh sorry a three a four And a five six I got ahead of myself Roll it out we go Left party with your friends hey party Whoa hey figure eight Six jump Boom from the Top oh my gosh so many cakes sit now can

You just get like a little Cute yeah give those legs a Rest just tiny little babies four five Six seven eight where's money really get Into this I'll grind like the mixer H three and four five we're going to end Here seven eight and Hop you did that we did that cakes cakes Cakes cakes cakes cakes cak cak cak all Right let's cool it on down you made it To the cool down I am so proud of you Thank you to Sam thank you to mina let's Cool it on down we're going to breathe Down Up and Down reach it back Up and over to that right side give Yourself a nice Stretch and Center to the left Reach nice we're going to roll down roll Hands on the floor we're going to bend Stretch Bend and bend roll it on up four three Two one more Time and down two three Bend and stretch A Bend a Bend now we're going to shift That weight over into that right side Bring this left leg in shoot that right Leg out for a runner's lunge we're just Going to pulse Here nice now reach that left arm up to The Sky and drop that knee stretch out those

Quads I know we work them Hard oh this feels great nice let go Bring this right leg into your left Stretch out that Hamstring Nice and bring them together we're going To go to the left let's do one more roll Down two three Bend stretch Bend and bend same thing shift into this Left leg bring this right leg in shoot This left leg out we're here we're Pulsing for four 3 2 One reach the right Arm to the sky square off those Hips press out of that left shoulder Drop that Knee and give it a nice quad stretch Stretch those Quads let go nice bring those hips up Square them off stretch out your Hammies ah a nice hamstring stretch roll It up Nice here we go let's do some hips Ha front back a front a back one more Time a right Left nice front back a front a back a Front melt on down to the ground we're Just going to end with a little cat Cow Isz my favorite stretch we're going go In that's a kitty kitty and a cow and a Kitty kitty Nice thank you guys so much for sticking With me during this workout I know heels Is not easy but y'all did it yeah we're Going to head roll to the right

One all right thank you to Mina and Sam Head roll left and right and I think We're just going to melt back down lower To the ground cuz how low can we get and Po like we're at the beach and we're Tanning ah and that's the end thank you Guys so much I had so much fun see you Next Time

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