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So this is my full makeup look using the Winners of every category [Music] [Applause] And here we are with another educational Beauty video and today I'm going to be Showing you exactly how to create this Look using the winners from every makeup Category now if you do like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos and I'm Over on Instagram so please do come say Hi there too now we can jump straight Into the video Now I know I haven't mentioned exactly What this look is going to look like but I'm kind of like going to go along with The flow and just see see what happens And see what look we create I'm kind of Like envisioning a very clean and Flawless kind of finish I'm going to Start with my top concealer which is the Tarte shape tape concealer because I can Always rely on it now I'm just going to Go ahead and do my eyelids now I've Already put my skincare on I didn't Really want to focus on skincare today Because this is all about the best of Every category just gonna buff this in Now I really just make sure that I cover My entire eyelid and that means you Basically go over the whole eyelid all

The way up to the brow area but even on The inner sections here the sides of the Nose because otherwise you're just left With this Gap so I'm going to set this With a bit of powder I'm using a powder Puff and my favorite setting powder Which is my Beni luxury powder Now by firstly pressing it in with a Puff and then dusting it off with a nice Soft brush like this real technique Setting brush which by the way is Absolutely amazing and you need to have This because if you don't have this Brush I I don't get how you're getting The kind of finish that you would want To get because this has to be one of my Kind of must-have brushes when it comes To it's just this perfect size for the Eye area for the lid for the under eye Area and it's so soft and it's always It's very reliable and it lasts for ages Like I actually have about three of These and I've had them for so long like I still haven't managed to go onto my Next brush now I'm going to go ahead and Just apply my concealer to my under eye Area I want a really nice Flawless finish Like I mentioned so I am kind of like Going to go a little bit Kind of full on with my base because I Really want that super Flawless finish Okay just getting my sponge and like Buffing this in so I'm just kind of like

Pressing and lifting pressing and Lifting really fast and just taking it Upwards here so it gives me a really Nice kind of lift I'm just going to apply a little bit of This concealer just in certain areas and I'll explain in a second why And I've actually applied just like dots So I've applied them in those areas Because that's where I really want to Lift but I'm going to use a brush to Kind of drag it in the direction that I Want it to lift so I'm getting my Charlotte Tilbury Tilbury tilby Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood complexion Brush I kind of like buffing it in now This bit here I really want it to kind Of like go up I haven't applied a lot of Concealer there because it is quite a Thick concealer so it's just a small Amount on those areas Moving on I'm gonna actually sculpt my Face now but I'm using another concealer So I'm using this was a kind of like it Was in my best categories but this is a Slightly darker shade because as you Guys probably already know I use Concealers to sculpt my face now I'm Going to use a darker shade and I'm just Gonna like apply a little kind of a few Dashes in a few areas and you'll see What I mean it spreads really really Well and it's so easy to blend so that's Why you need a very small amount

These strategic areas are really going To help to like lift and sculpt my face I'm gonna get my extra Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood complexion brush because I Have two of them one for light colors One for dark colors so now what I'm Going to do is like basically brush this Into the hairline and you'll see that Eventually what it will look like is You'll get the darkness in all the areas That I've applied it but it's very kind Of like carefully Blended like kind of Outwards more than inwards because we Want to really kind of sculpt this the Premature of the face so I'm just going To like take this into the hairline Because you really don't want to end up With like Darkness here then a gap where You can see your actual skin color and Then your hairline it should go into the Hairline This should really go down into the neck Area because you need it to look like a Shadow basically And then I've just flipped the brush Over so that I can use these smaller Parts to really just kind of like blend This nose sculpting there you go so you Can see that kind of you can see all the Sculpting but it doesn't look like it's Harsh in in the sense that you can't see The edges now okay so now for my Foundation which is the Dior forever Matte it's the ultimate Foundation it's

The foundation I can always rely on if I Know that my Skin's not feeling great or If I really want to make sure my Foundation lasts all day then this is What I go for all I'm doing is literally Just pressing this on everywhere on top And I don't want to kind of like Glide The sponge around because it's just Going to kind of like move around all That really nice sculpting that I've Done underneath with my concealer so That's why everything needs to be kind Of like buffed in Now what we want to do is set it so I'm Going to get my powder that I absolutely Love my setting powder which has been Eye luxury powder I've put some in the Palm of my hand here and I'm just going To grab my Powder Puff basically I've Like squeezed it up and then I'm just Rolling it like that so it really kind Of gets that powder on and then I just Kind of like tapping it like you can tap It or you can just like you know like That whatever that is and that will get Rid of the excess okay I'm gonna go Right under my like on my under eye And then I like to just kind of like go Up here so I'm kind of like recreating That shape that I kind of created with My concealer my sculpting and then I go Over whatever other areas that you walk That I want to go over which normally Use everywhere I'm gonna get my

Hourglass Veil brush the large side and I'm just dipping into whatever's on the Back of my or in my palm of my hand Now I get my Real Techniques setting Brush because it's perfect for my under Eye area and I just basically dust this All away Now we're going to prep the Brows so the Way that I prep my brows is I like to Fix them in place first so I can then go Back in later on and then fill them in Like shape them color them whatever you Want to call it now I'm going to go in With my Too Faced fluff and hold this Honest honestly the most ultimate brow Fixer ever so I'm just going to go ahead And kind of like brush my brows up And just let that kind of set and I'll Start on my eyes and then I can go back To my brows after So while that's drying I'm actually Going to do my kind of bronzing rather Than going to do my eyes first I'm going To use my sunstalker bronzer from Fenty In Shady Biz this is my 200 brush from Fenty and I'm just going to kind of go Over where I sculpted my nose and Honestly if I hadn't of sculpted before I would have to do a lot more than what I'm about to do Now I'm using the shade Private Island And my hourglass Veil brush and I'm just Basically going right on the top of my Ear like from that positioning and then

Just kind of like bringing it down in Towards my nostrils and the corner of my Lip but not all the way kind of in but That's the direction I'm going towards And then I just take a little bit kind Of like into the hairline just up here Because it just Slims down my face and Also just kind of like warms up the Perimeter and then I go down under the Jawline a bit here So my brows are still setting a little Bit so I'm going to move on to my Eyeshadow using the eyeshadow palette The one the best eyeshadow palette in The eyeshadow category so I'm going to Use my makeup by Mario Master Max and I'm using matte 2 with a zoiva brush Which is my 228 brush honestly you don't Have to be so perfect but this is really Is a case of just kind of like going Over the whole lid with this kind of Look which I've now decided what I'm Doing so we're going to do a really nice Clean lid and sharp eyeliner There you go it just kind of like evens Out the whole lid I mean the concealer Underneath really does help to be honest Like if I didn't have that and my eye Was like so like my real skin color was Coming through which is pretty dark Around the eye area it wouldn't look the Same I really do like kind of like Taking this along this area here like on The inner part because I feel like it

Just opens it up so we're gonna do the Same on this side By the way the lenses that I'm wearing Today I have a discount code for you It's near 10. they are at Cruella I Think that's what it's called aquarella These are tupus brown and the code is in My description and the link is in my Description as well from where I get Them from let's use the winner of the Brow color which is the benefit Precisely my brow pencil in number four Okay as you can see my brows are like Really nicely brushed up and I'm just Going to fill in this kind of under pot Section here because I really want to Kind of not have them so round and I'm Just drawing hair Strokes up Foreign ER so we're going to move on to my Benefit they're real extreme Precision Liner because this did win for that Category for the eyeliner category now I'm actually going to go ahead and just Do a very thin line first and then I'm Going to apply my lashes and then finish Off the liner because I find that that Way round I could really get like the Perfect liner look because I don't know If you've ever noticed you do your Eyeliner you think it looks great and Then you put your lashes on and it's Completely different so it's always best To kind of like do that thin line so

That there's no gap between your lashes And your actual real lashes or it Doesn't look like there's a gap and then You finish off the liner look or do kind Of like a rough liner look which is a Bit thinner than what you want it to end Up put your lashes on and then you can Kind of like perfect it so I'm starting From just from the inner corner and just Gonna like do a basic line Really close I'm not going to do a flick Here I'm just like doing a really thin Line I'm just going to apply some mascara I'm Using my Charlotte Tilbury push-up Lashes because I'm really loving this at The moment although I am putting mascara On I mean lashes on I really do want to Have some mascara on so that this front Section is nicely kind of blending into My lashes because I cut my lashes to Make sure that it doesn't cover my Entire lash line So I've put my glue on my lashes which Are my Neenah boobie Lashes in Amelia And I'm just waiting for that to dry so While that's drying I was gonna say I'm Gonna do something but actually I'm just Eating M M's so yeah I think I've more or less finished them I've got like two left now when I find My lashes I like to kind of like lift it At the end a little bit so it kind of Gives me that really nice lifted look

And I really do prefer kind of doing my Wing at the end not at the end but once I put my lashes on Now that I have my lashes on this is why Now I want to do my wing so what I do is I get my mirror so I'm going to get a Handheld mirror and I'm literally just Gonna like look straight ahead into the Mirror and then draw a line so you've Got to make sure your head isn't like Tilted like you're not looking down into A mirror you're not looking up you're Not looking like you're not pushing you Know you're not tilting your head or Moving your head around you've got to Keep it quite straight look straight Into the mirror and you turn your head a Little bit to the side so you can get to The point that you want to get to I'm Going to draw from the point that I want That kind of lift Foreign There now I haven't drawn it as far out As I would like it to go but it's enough For me to be able to connect it so I'm Gonna go right from like not halfway Because I don't like it quite thick from The middle I like it to turn a bit Thicker like go slightly thicker about a Quarter of three quarters of the way out And then it starts to go thicker into The wing so that's where I'm going to Kind of like Pull it from

Keep looking like straight ahead don't Tilt your head Because if you have a slight crease There like I have very slightly hooded Eyes then what happens is you end up Kind of like how can I put it like going You don't when you look down especially When you have slightly hooded eyes or Very hooded eyes it looks very different To when you look straight ahead at least When you look straight ahead then you Know what your eyeliner is going to look Like when someone's looking at you You're almost kind of like going over Whatever crease there may be there Okay now what I'm going to do is I'm Going to kind of like drag this out with The tip of my brush just a little bit Foreign And then drag it so that it fades out There I'm pretty happy with that because I feel like I've got that lift it's Faded out so it doesn't look too kind of Chunky at the end I'm gonna go ahead and Do the same on this side so I'm just Like looking at that size so I know what Direction I've got to go I'm going to Draw that little wing now I have a Slighted slightly more hooded on this Side so I have more of a crease there Which I need to really kind of like go Over And I'm doing it bit by bit so that I Don't make a mistake

There I think I've kind of got the Direction Okay so what I usually do is I kind of Like grab my lashes and squeeze them Together so that it's not going to Separated from my real lashes and then I'm going to get a bit more mascara and Just apply it to my lower lashes because I want a very clean look so I don't Really want much I don't want any Obvious eyeshadow So I'm using my two three four brush From zoeva and also the winner of the Highlighter category which is my Tom Ford Illuminating powder Duo I'm just going to apply a little bit to The tip of my nose Down the bridge and then using my one Three four brush just a little bit on The peaks of my cheekbone Like honestly the smallest amount A little bit of blush which is the Winner from the blush category which was The Dual backstage Rosy Glow brush blush And this is just like a dual fiber brush You can use anyone this is the coral Shade by the way I do like both of them There's a kind of neon pink and a kind Of neon Coral moving on to the lips we Are starting with my lip pencil and the Winner was the Kevin o'quar lip definer This specific shade is divine We're gonna finish up with my favorite Lip color and that is the rare Beauty

Lip souffle and this specific shade is Brave this is one of my favorite colors I love this it's like a really nice kind Of like it's kind of it looks like a Rusty color when you pull it out but it Actually looks more kind of coral when You put it on you can keep layering it Up to give it more like kind of more of A deeper Deeper Shade but initially it's More of a coral shade I'd say It's just so smoothing and so like not Dry so this is my full makeup look using The winners of every category of makeup Now if you haven't watched that video Then you really do need to head over and Watch it it's my previous video and it's The top three of every makeup category I Think you're gonna love it because it's Quick Snappy and it takes you straight To the point and it shows you all the Top threes of every category and if you Did you don't like the winner maybe You've already used it and it doesn't Suit you you might like one of the other Two from that category so head over and Watch it and wherever you are in the World I hope you have the Most Blessed Vibrant energetic and happy day I hope you really enjoyed this video and Now you can go create this look for Yourself don't forget that all the Products are listed in my description Box below if you like this video please Do give it a thumbs up don't forget to

Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so that you never miss any of my Future videos until the next video take Care and I'll see you soon

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