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I'm gonna get just one pump Oh Guys [Music] [Applause] Welcome or welcome back to my YouTube Channel which is all about educational Beauty in today's video it's a full face Of new makeup which is worth the spend You've probably been wondering should You get that new rare beauty product Should you get that new Fenty beauty Product well I'm going to be using all Of these products today to tell you Whether it's actually worth buying and Also show you how to apply them now if You do like this video please do give it A thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos and I'm over on Instagram so Please come say hi there now let's jump Straight into this video Well this is gonna be fun we're going to Be using a full face of new makeup this Is makeup I have not used before I'm Really excited about it because we've Had like kind of an influx of products That have been sent and a couple that I've bought myself which are new and I Still haven't tried and I'm really Excited about trying them because some Of them are from some great brands that I know you're going to love and you

Probably already love and you're Probably wondering what they look like On so we're gonna get started and as I Said it's a full face so we're going to Start with skincare and even the Skincare is new I've got nothing on my Face and my skin feels a little bit Dehydrated a little bit dry a little bit Kind of like just use a bit of pampering Needs a little bit of TLC so I'm going To be using a mask which I have just Received and it actually looked so good There's a whole selection from Benefit Cosmetics called the Perfection range And you guys already know that they have The Perfection primer which is already Amazing now they have a full skincare Range which I'm really excited about Because I think they know what they're Talking about when it comes to pause I Think I called Perfection did I call it Poor fiction but that's a really good Name perfection Why has no one used this for a poor like Minimizing Primal or something or a mask This is actually the professional I Don't even know if I did say perfection I think I said Perfection I should not Have even said that that was a great Name someone needs to just snap that up And call their poor products poor Fiction I'm gonna just put this on and Then I'm gonna talk about it because You've got to leave it on for a few

Minutes I'm gonna be applying this with Their new mask applicator I love this Everyone needs one of these so this Basically transforms it's like a gel to Clay mask and I'm going to use the Spatula to actually put this on and Apparently it changes color Let's just put this on this is great Because your hands don't get like almost It's just mess free This stuff smells amazing I don't know what it smells of but it Smells good so like I said it's like a Gel and then it dries to a clay Apparently and apparently it changes Color so we're gonna let that kind of Sit and get to work now this applicator That it doesn't come with it I think it Comes separately so you can buy this Separately you've got the applicator on One end like you can smooth it over and Then you've got these like two different Sides to this where one is kind of like A kind of wave effect and the other one Has like bristles so you've got one Which is bristles where you can kind of Like You know You know like Oh my God What is the word I'm looking for scrub That's it so you can scrub scrub it off When you're washing it off and the other One I guess is kind of like a massage

Thing or to massage while it's on anyway It's great now this mask basically Smooths your skin apparently I'm going To read out a couple of key points to You so you get like ASAP results so like It's like having a little mini facial at Home obviously it visibly refines pores It Smooths your skin Smooths uneven Texture which is great it absorbs excess Surface oil and your pores look smaller And your skin looks instantly softer and Smooth so it's really good if you want a Quick pick me up you know say if you're Going out and you just need something to Kind of just refresh your skin and give It that nice kind of smooth finish ready For makeup I'm just gonna let this sit Kind of let the magic happen and then We're gonna kind of wash it off Thank you I'm really intrigued to see what my skin Looks like after so it has gone a little Bit whiter can you see and there's still Some little patches that where maybe I've kind of Applied a bit more than the Other places where it's still a bit a Little bit wet but it is kind of like Drying up and it definitely has kind of Transformed to a clay finish I mean I Really I don't know what this is even Doing but you know it might just help it Speed up a bit yeah it is yeah it just Dries to it doesn't even like nothing Comes off so okay so then you have to

Wet this and then I'm gonna kind of use This and scrub it off that'll be good And yeah hopefully my skin will feel Transformed so I think I'm gonna go wash This off now and I'll be back in a bit I'm back and oh my gosh that benefit Wand thing is amazing like it's it makes Taking masks off especially clay masks So much easier like you just start kind Of scrubbing like put it in the water And then put it on your face and it just Starts kind of taking all the mask off And then it's much easier to wash up so I'd highly recommend that the mask has Made my skin feel super smooth really Smooth not dehydrated it kind of feels Quite nicely hydrated I still feel like I need some extra hydration but that Isn't really the main thing that the Mask says it does it's more about Smoothing and refining the pores which I Definitely feel like it has done so I'd Highly recommend that mask next I'm Going to be using my niacinamide this is A new one that I'm using it's the Fenty Watch your tone and let's just unscrew This I love niacinamide so anyone who Says they have niacinamide I'm all for It so I am going to I'm going to that Sounded really weird I'm gonna apply This there you go that's about enough I Think it's a really easy kind of bottle To use and it is refillable I think so I'm just going to smooth this over

Smells good like not overly strong and Just press this in let this dry Next up I'm going to use my moisturizer Now you guys must have heard of beauty Bay right Beauty Bay they have so many Different brands on their site well they Also have their own range of skincare so I was pretty excited about receiving These and there are some other bits as Well that I'm not using today because They don't fit in with the kind of thing That I'm doing but I'm really like Surprised well pleasantly surprised at The kind of ingredients in a lot of Their skincare it's very natural it's Very easy like even the like packaging Is really good because they have like it Says use me in there and then it has AM PM and you've got a tick next to it so You know very easily when you can use This you know sometimes you've got to Read the fine point and you're like when Do I use this morning and night or just Morning so I really love the fact that They've made it really easy to Understand it's just easy all round like It's it tells you exactly what it does In a nutshell it's like Works to hydrate And replenish skin use me in AM and PM How to use me smooth a thin layer over The face and under eye area after Cleansing can be used in the AM and PM Suitable for all skin types I don't even Know if I'm going to say this right

Collodial colloidal I've just never seen this word before in My life oatmeal and oat lipid or Rich Moisturizer you know what I love there's No fragrance Like if I can't smell obvious fragrance If it doesn't smell like super good then I feel like like floral and stuff like That then I feel like it's got to be Like clean so I do I am really really Yeah I was just reading the side it says Cruelty free so let's try this gonna get A little bit of this moisturizer and the Description all the links for these are All in my description below so make sure You click on the links it will take you Exact to the exact product and the best Place to get it from Okay This is a really good moisturizer You can definitely smell a little bit of Oat If you really try you know okay I like This it's not like greasy at all it's Just a good moisturizer you you guys Probably already know right when I'm Using new products and I'm using them With you guys for the first time they're In this little kind of tray so I know What I need to use and if it really Really kind of makes me feel excited Then I take it out and I put it in my Own little personal stash over here and I think I'm going to take this

Moisturizer out guys I really like the Moisturizer okay I've got three Moisturizers that I love at the moment So this is gonna go there let's set this Up there you go the moisturizer is there The Tower of moisturizers is getting Higher and higher yeah I need to really Sort this whole area out anyway that was Like amazing I really really love the Moisturizer guys I can't stop like the Moisturizer is very good if you want a Standard easy moisturizer it doesn't It's not greasy it's natural it good for All skin types like if you're just Looking for a good moisturizer then I Would definitely recommend yes it just Feels so good on the skin it just Doesn't feel greasy it's not too kind of Wet you know what I mean like some of Them just are a bit it's good okay so Here's another new product this is new I Have used this before once or twice but It is new you know and I just the reason I'm putting this in here this is the Concealer this is the Kat Von D good Apple concealer the reason I'm putting This in here is because I couldn't find A concealer which was new as in brand New that I haven't used so this is the Newest that I have you like I said I've Used it a couple of times and that's it But it's still very new it's a new Product I didn't want to grab a Concealer which has been out for forever

And then say it's like it's not new Really it's just new to me but so all These products are kind of new I think So yeah okay hold that thought we forgot To put eye cream on here you go let's Just rewind we're gonna put some eye Cream on then we're gonna put the Concealer on so this is the new Fenty Thick and smooth Rich peptide eye cream I love the fact that this is in Bay Basically the exact same packaging and Tub as the lip product that they have I Can't remember what that's called but I Think it's called lip plush or something But I use that every night so this is Really good you've got a screw top and Then you screw you just twist the bottom I bet you a whole load of this is going To come out in a minute you know when It's new and then nothing comes out for Ages and then it just all comes out Um There you go Okay there you go So let's see what this is like I love Eye creams I love balmy eye creams that Make me feel like I've just given my eye Area a facial This is good Oh this is nice I do like this okay this Is going in my personal stash that's Very smoothing and it's like in a really Good kind of I like this packaging I Like it with the lip one so I really do

Like the fact that it comes in this kind Of packaging so that's good that's also New now we're gonna continue with the Concealer that I spoke about so this Shade is medium one two six which is Kind of Kind of my color it's like a bright Concealer you know you have different Concealers you have a concealer which is Brightening for you because it's like a Little bit lighter then you have one Which is a little bit you know kind of More closer to your skin tone this is More of a bright brightening one for me Okay I am just gonna buff this in you Really only need a small amount because It is a pretty good kind of it's good Coverage I'm gonna use the suret powder loose Powder compact I have never used Stewart Products before by the way guys but I Have always wanted to and I'm super Excited about trying these products so I'm just using my Powder Puff And I'm just pressing this on I'm just Gonna brush this off Oh I like this powder by the way this is My 108 brush from BK Beauty you can use The code Nina 10 for a discount on these Brushes by the way the face brushes are Amazing this is a really good one this Is really good because it's just perfect For the eye area next up I'm going to be Using my suret perfectionist primer now

This comes in like a tube like this Which is really good I'm gonna get just One pump Oh oh guys You don't see me use primer a lot right You've probably seen me use my milk Hydro grip primer quite a lot which is The only primer really one of the only Primers I like like there's only like a Couple that I like and mainly because I Feel like they don't do anything a lot Of the ones I've come across I know that Stewart is known to be a very kind of High level brand like I don't know if That made sense but like a very kind of Professional brand and their products Are meant to be very like top tier I've Never tried their products before and I've heard so much about it I've seen so Many professional makeup artists use These the range and I've always kind of Thought is it as good as they like Everyone's raving about or is it just Because I don't know anything other than The actual quality of the products I Have to say that is one of the best Primers I've ever used like immediately It smoothed my skin I mean my skin was Already pretty smooth before because of The Mask but when I applied this primer I felt like it actually did Prime my Skin like as in there's there's a vast Difference between how it made my skin Feel after applying it compared to what

It was like before this is really good I Mean I'm gonna finish telling you are Telling you like what the results like Obviously as I'm going along because I Also need to see how the makeup sits on Top of this but that primer is good like There I'm definitely taking that out and Putting that in my personal stash I'm Gonna now use my it's cosmetic CC nude Glow this is SPF 40 which is why I Didn't need to use the other SPF but This is neutral tan and I'm gonna now Apply this using my BK beauty 101 brush And remember you've got code the link is In the description below I'm just Putting a pump of this onto my brush and Now I'm just gonna smooth this Over And I'm just going to smooth this over My whole face yes that primer is good Because I'm going for like a kind of Well just kind of natural base you know For the look that I'm gonna create I'm Just gonna kind of see what I can create With all these products I literally love every product I have Used so far for my skin my pores look Minimized I feel like that primer was Amazing now I'm going to just apply some Concealer on my under eyes I'm not really under painting today just Because I really want to show you you Know each like I wanted to be able to Apply that CC cream without you having

To worry about underpainting just want To show you really the products okay Let's buff this in I am going to put a tiny bit of this CC Cream On top of my under eye just so that it Doesn't look so white there because my Concealer is pretty brightening so this Is just my cheat way of underpainting so This is when you kind of like if you Want to cheat underpaint you know you Don't want to do all of your concealer Underneath or you just don't have time Then just kind of go over your concealer Area with a little bit of your Foundation because your foundation is Always much closer and kind of Shade to your skin tone than what your Concealer is what it should be anyway Now instead of using a kind of bronzer Today like a powder bronzer I'm going to Use this new one from beautyblender Which is the Bounce Magic fit creamy Bronzer and highlighter Duo I'm not Really fussed about the highlighter part But let me just show you so basically It's like this And then you open it and you've got the Cream bronzer there and then you open This up and it's like a cream kind of Highlight there so I'm going to use the Kind of cream bronzer I'm going to use My hourglass brush I can't remember Which one this is but it's like perfect

For what I want to use it for so I'm Going to add that somewhere on the Screen now I'm just going to kind of Like press into this And then I'm gonna I don't know if that Made sense what I just said I'm just Basically going to warm up my face now And just give it a little bit of kind of Dimension so I'm just going to kind of Use it mainly on the perimeter of the Face and along the cheekbone area Because the whole kind of like base Which I feel works well with what I'm Using is a very kind of natural base Which isn't overly contoured and Sculpted and also you know it's easy for You guys to do at home so I feel like This is the kind of Base which suits These products This is a really good cream bronzer guys I mean it's not very dark so I've the One that I have is kind of very wearable For my skin tone where it's not like an Obvious kind of like normally you see That full sharp cheekbone there on me This is very soft so if anything it's Just super super soft focus effect so it Has kind of bronzed up my face but Without it looking sculpted I think I can go ahead and set my base Now so I'm just going to use my loose Powder from syrup let's see what this is Like to kind of set makeup Oh I'm liking how this powder

Is sitting on my under eyes I'm just going to dust away this powder On the under eyes before I actually Apply powder anywhere else only because I'm not used to this powder so I just Want to dust it away just in case it Doesn't like sit well on the under eye You know like if you leave it too long It can end up going weird I don't think It's powder wood but I didn't want to Risk it I'm going to use my bk-104 brush And now I'm just going to like literally Dust This powder over my face This is a really good powder it's like Ultra fine I really like this I'm gonna Use my suret expressionist brow Pomade Now this is I actually really love this Brush because I just feel like this is All you need you don't need a full Spoolie for the eyebrows so this is a Deep Brown shade and it's basically it's Not a gel and it's not a wax it's kind Of like in between from what I've read But I really really do love the brush Now this is apparently doesn't leave you That horrible crunchy finish to the brow But it also does kind of tame the hairs As well I really love the brush guys It's like why would you have a spoolie This is what you need I love this We're gonna let that dry before we Actually start shaping our brows now I'm

Going to use the brow pencil from syrup I actually love how this is a kind of It's kind of heavy for a brow pencil but I love it's refillable so I really Really do like that and I love how thin The actual lead is I am going to start Kind of like I think I'll start shaping My brow from underneath first nice Really really good pigment like it Transfers easily That was nice and easy okay now let's Try the kind of hair Strokes oh good I'm pretty happy with that if you like The browser like this this brow product Is really good like I feel like it Softens the right amount and it's also Very strong so it doesn't break easily Okay I'm gonna use the eye shadows that They sent me so they sent these Individually and you basically put them In this compact which I think is really Cool because you can just change it they Just pop out this one I don't know how To I don't know how you say it but it's D-o-r-e Rose that's all I know I'm gonna Put it up on the screen now I'm going to Use my BK Beauty 203 brush and I'm just I'm doing a very kind of like clean eye Which is great for also brightening the Eye area so I'm going to use this just All over my eye just to brighten it up And then I'm using a new mascara This is the new benty hella thick Mascara I'm excited to try this okay I

Have oh this is good I love it when mascara is just like Immediately give you wow Guys you just saw that for yourself like I couldn't even finish a sentence that I've already got um there's a massive Difference between this eye and the Other eye that is really good Oh my gosh this is like so much better Than that other mascara This is so good look at the difference Just look at that I can't believe how much of a difference There is and it's so quick as well Like immediately next up let's use the Blush I think I'm gonna use the orange This looks so good I like this one and I'm gonna use my one Zero eight brush for this Oh yeah Oh yes I'm loving this one I might Actually add some of that pink oh I love Both of them mixed in together And you know what there's no Fallout to This blush I love it this is probably One of one of the best blushes that I've Used I just feel like it's just gives me The pigment without it kind of going Crazy to begin with but it's not powdery If that makes sense it's like gives me That flush of color now I've got these From sewers as well that I want to use But I don't think I'm going to use both I think I'm gonna probably use the rose

Diamante one which is like a pinkish Highlighter I will use some of this Other Syrup products that I've got in Another tutorial but this is a Highlighter stick because I really want To show you like a full-on eye look Using through it so I'm going to Actually just dab this on With my finger Oh I like this Do you know what I love with these Products they just kind of like melt Into the skin like they work so well With each other you know like usually You wouldn't be able to put like a a Stick kind of like or cream gel Highlighter on top of powder because it Just doesn't go the two textures but This actually does It just kind of melts into the skin I Love that now I am gonna have to just Line my lips with a product that isn't New so this is really the only kind of One because I don't have a new lip liner Now this is new is what I mean Everything's new it's the rare Beauty Soft pinch tinted lip oil and this Specific shade is Joy there's like I Don't know how many shades there's quite A few oh that is good it's like a gel it Goes on like a Almost like a water gel like it doesn't Feel oily which is great and you can Have it kind of like almost like a

Wettish look like this and I think I'm Gonna probably blot it because I don't Like an overly shiny lip Oh that's nice it gives you like a Little tint and it stays kind of Hydrating as well like it's it doesn't It's not tacky but almost like a lip Balm I really like this because I feel Like it doesn't feel oily so even though It says like lip oil does it say lip oil Yeah lip oil it doesn't feel oily at all It just feels like a balm which is not Greasy not oily not sticky at all and Obviously you can take off the excess And then leave it as like a stain I Really like this and there's quite a few Shades so this is Joy this is like a Coral color I like this very comfortable On the lips doesn't feel like you've got Anything on now I did have another Sewered lipstick I was kind of planning Which one do I use at the rare Beauty And the syrup today and I think I want To maybe use this on top and I know it's Kind of like a different kind of color But I'm really wanting to try this it's Called it's the lip sleek and it's Called Pon pom pon so it's like a bright Pink I just love this kind of pink I just wanted to kind of show you both Of them This is really good I really like this Pink I kind of like this mixed with the

Other one so yeah basically this is About it I don't think there's anything Else left in my little tray to use I Really do hope you've enjoyed this I Hope that you like all the makeup that I've used I think it's a really good Natural face like I don't feel like it's It's not overly sculpted it's not like I Wouldn't say this is like a kind of like Full Glam I'd say this is like something That is very wearable and I feel like I've kind of Applied everything in a way That I think the kind of average person Who isn't into contouring sculpting or That kind of thing thing like all those Kind of things I I've applied it in that Kind of way where anyone with not that Much kind of knowledge in terms of Application could use these products These are like great day-to-day products I really love all of them I don't think There's any one product that I felt that I wouldn't ever use again I probably Would like to try a darker color in the Beauty blender bounce bronzer because This is very light on me so I actually Would like to use a different like a Darker color this is actually the Champagne and topaz shade but I I'm not Even sure on what other Shades they Actually do in this but I would like to Try a darker color in that and oh yes I Wanted to finish off with this this is The Surat hinoki facial Mist this has

Apparently vitamin C it's great for Using it after makeup and also before Makeup it's very hydrating it has like a Calming Woody Citrus kind of fragrance Thing to it and apparently it's derived From citrus trees which are native to Japan So it kind of gives you a boost of Hydration and like hydrates kind of dull Refreshes dull skin Firstly this scent oh it's so good It's really nice You know what I love about it the Fragrance the scent to it isn't like oh This is heavily fragranced it's not it's Very natural it just feels clean you Know like not clean as in like you've Been in a washing machine clean not like Detergent clean like natural clean it Just it smells really really good and I Love the fact that there are no droplets That come out so it's an even amount of Kind of spray product that comes out Onto your skin and it actually does give You quite a dewy kind of finish it also Does have hinoki oil in here so it is Suitable for acne prone skin by the way Because I read up on it and it's Apparently good for acne prone skin so You don't need to worry that oh I'm Putting like an oil kind of a product a Spray with a slight marble oil in there On you don't have to worry about that Because it is good for acne prone skin

And it's also really good at reducing Inflammation so it's very soothing for The skin so if you have skin issues this Is a great face mist that you can use Because it's actually calming for the Skin that is my kind of full face of new Products that are out I really hope You've enjoyed it and I hope that you've Maybe seen some products with me which Maybe you were thinking of getting and Now you're kind of like okay I'm Definitely gonna get that now I really Do hope that you've enjoyed it don't Forget for some of these products there Are discount codes not all of them but Some of them do have discount codes to Make sure that if you do like any of Them make sure you get it from my links Which are in the description box below Because then you can get your little Discount code you can get a little kind Of like cheeky percentage off that and It will take you directly to each Product product I don't know where that didn't come out Right I really do hope you've enjoyed it And I hope you've kind of like enjoyed The whole application process I know I Have and I actually really really love These products and some of them I'm Definitely adding to my own personal Stash so yeah I guess wherever you are In the world I'm sending you loads of Good Vibes

I hope you've enjoyed this video today And I hope you've figured out which Products you want to spend your money on Now if you like this video please do Give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so that you never miss any of my Future videos until the next video take Care and I'll see you soon

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