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From Frumpy to Fabulous: Master the Six Easy Steps for Fall 2023 Fashion Trends




From Frumpy to Fabulous: Master the Six Easy Steps for Fall 2023 Fashion Trends

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Are you tired of feeling frumpy and Uninspired by your clothes if you are it Is time to transform yourself from Frumpy to Fabulous with these simple Steps [Music] Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now today I'm sharing some very simple Steps that you can take to transform Your look from I did say frumpy but I Kind of just mean a little bit blah to Looking and feeling a whole lot more Fabulous there are a few things that you Can do and a few little changes that you Can make to really up the ante with your Outfits and your overall feeling of Style and today I'm just going to share Some of my top tips with you before I do I wanted to just mention that I have Recently joined the ltk app now I'm sure A lot of you will have heard of this app Before and I had in fact I follow a lot Of my favorite favorite influences on Ltk but for some reason just hadn't Thought about joining myself until Recently so all you need to do is Download the ltk app and it is short for Like to know it and it is a free app and Essentially it's a little bit like Instagram except it's shoppable now I Follow my favorite influences on the ltk App and when they post something that's Kind of interesting or that piques my Interest I can shop directly from the

App so it is very handy and something That I I really don't know why I haven't Got onto this sooner and I would love You to follow me over on ltk I will Leave a link in the description box Below so you can find me over there but Also I am planning on updating my app And my content there every day there's Often outfit ideas and styling tips and Information about some cool sales that I Want to share with you guys and because I only upload here on YouTube once a Week I don't get the opportunity to Share those things with you but on ltk I Can share fashion tidbits every single Day so I would love you to join me on The app and as I said it is completely Free and and I think you might enjoy it But anyway let's get on with these Simple tips to help you feel a whole lot Better about the clothes that you Already own now first up this may sound A little simple but it is harder to do Than you may think and that is to change Your mindset now essentially what I mean Here is to give yourself permission to Look a certain way I do believe that we all kind of have This idea of our style and who we are And how we dress and we may look at Other people and think oh she's always Amazingly dressed or she always looks so Stylish and put together but we kind of Build a little bit of a wall and forget

That we too can be that person we can be Whoever we want to be it's about giving Ourselves permission to to do and dress However we choose to be to basically Break out of the mold that we've always Thought of ourselves in now one of the Things that I also think is really Important is to get some inspiration Look at some of the outfits that you Admire some of the people who dress in a Certain way that you admire create a bit Of a mood board on Pinterest or take Photos on your phone whatever it may be It really does help to have a reference Point to start with some inspiration or A very basic idea of how you would like To look and or how you would like your Outfits to look so while that may sound A little simplistic it is a really Important part of the puzzle it's almost Like you need to wipe the Slate clean And allow yourself to make some changes Now next up you need to dive into your Wardrobe and I mean really dive in not Just sort of have a little bit of a play Around the edges you need to identify The pieces in your wardrobe job that you Can rely on every day now these are the Pieces that you put on and they make you Feel good they make you feel confident And they fit well and they really are Good pieces that you love and enjoy Wearing or pieces that actually make you Feel good when you wear them now what I

Always suggest doing is actually getting A rail or putting those pieces somewhere Aside because I think what you will find Is that there are a lot of pieces that You own in your wardrobe that are kind Of on the fence they're the sort of Pieces that you want to wear you think You love you love the pattern but that Particular style doesn't suit you there Are those pieces that you're a bit so-so About and what we need to do right now Is move those pieces to the side now I'm Not saying we need to get rid of them All together but at this point in time You're trying to get a good handle on The pieces that you own and that work Incredibly well for you and when you are Decluttering and trying to separate the Good from the not so good pieces in your Wardrobe there are a few styling tips That I suggest following first up is to Have a really good look at your pants And jeans are they pieces that make you Feel great that make you feel confident Or are these pieces ones that you've Owned for a long time you pull them on Because they fit and they're comfortable But they're not really creating a look For you that you're happy with certainly Pants and jeans are the easiest way to Update your look so if you're someone That's been wearing skinny jeans for a Really long time maybe now is the time To Branch out and look at something a

Little different whether it's a pair of Cargo denim jeans or whether it's a pair Of barrel leg or something that's a Little more high-waisted these are the Pieces that make a huge difference when It comes to creating outfits and setting The the tone of an outfit one of the Other things I suggest doing is removing Capri pants from your lineup or Certainly any pants that cut you or fall Mid-calf that is going to in my opinion Be the least flattering pants of all so Definitely get rid of those capri pants I know they're comfortable but maybe Just keep them for wearing at home I Also suggest removing brightly colored Printed pants these are some of the Pieces that are generally the biggest Defenders when it comes to making you Look and feel frumpy and at this point I Just like to say a very big thank you to The team at Peak for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode I also wanted To let you in on a little secret that I've been drinking and enjoying this Beautiful BT Fountain from Peak four Probably I'd say about a year now and I'm sure this has been in part Responsible for my skin just looking and Feeling a whole lot more hydrated now The BT Fountain is actually a delicious Tasting electrolyte so I just pour the Sachet into my flask of water you can Have it in warm water cool water

Whatever you like I like my water to be A little bit warmer I don't know whether That's weird but it's just me and this Is as I said it's an electrolyte but it Has skin care benefits as well it's Super tasty it's convenient really easy To incorporate into your daily regime And it's also good for me because I find I struggle drinking enough water So on days where I'm really dehydrated And I'm not getting my water intake up There I'll take two of these sachets and I know that I'm hydrating myself and Also giving myself some good skin skin Care benefits from the BT Fountain I've Also been a huge fan of their Sun Goddess marcher for at least a year now And honestly I swear by this matcha it Is delicious delicious and I know you Either love matcha or you don't but I'm A huge fan and if you're looking for a Ceremonial grade matcha because all Matches are not created equal a really Good quality marcher and one that tastes Delicious and is also convenient then Definitely give these Peak matches ago So when I say convenient it is because The peak products come in these handy Little sachets so they're perfectly Measured out so you get the right Quantity each time they're also easy to Travel with so when I'm heading off to The states I can take as many of these As I need they're lightweight ate there

All sealed up so super convenient now The great news is if you would like to Try any of these Peak products the team Is offering you a 15 discount off your Order for a limited time plus you will Also receive these two free gifts a Beautiful Beaker and one of these cute Little frothas to help you make the Perfect matcha every single time this is My Beaker and I actually use this to Drink my matcha out of because it's just Kind of cute and quirky and cool so You'll get one of these and the little Frothers so that you can create your own Cafe style matcha lattes at home like I Do but definitely take advantage of that Offer and I'm convinced that my skin is Looking its absolute best for my 56 Years because I've Incorporated Peaks Dynamic skin Duo into my routine and as I said it's been about a year now so I'm Definitely starting to notice the Difference and if nothing else my skin Feels far more hydrated than it has in Years so definitely give these products A go I absolutely swear by them and Really believe that they've made a Positive impact on my skin now the next Step is to embrace your body shape now What I mean by that is embrace the body That you are in now we do have to stop Thinking about how we want to look or How we used to look it's about loving The skin that we are in now that is the

Only way I believe that we can truly Feel confident in the clothes that we Wear we need to embrace the skin we're In and dress for our bodies the way they Are now now if this is something that You struggle with then one of the best Books that I have found to to help Navigate through this is a book called Your body your style this book's a real Winner because it's all about elevating Your style confidence and helping you Kind of Define your personal style it Also helps you determine what colors Flatter you it offers you smart shopping Tips and just basic dressing do's and Don'ts for your body type the other Thing that you can do is find your People find people to inspire you that Look like you there are some amazing Fashion influences online and certainly On Instagram that I follow a lot of them Have different body types to mine but I'm still inspired by how they dress and How they put outfits together Miss lion Hunter is someone that I am super Inspired by she just has this beautiful Knack of putting together texture and Color and accessories accessories are Key with her styling so find people and Influences that have the same body type As you and get inspired by them now Probably one of the easiest things that You can do to take an outfit from drab To Fab or make you feel a whole lot less

Frumpy is to accessorize so my next Point is to learn how to accessorize It's not hard it does sometimes take a Little bit of practice especially if you Haven't been used to using accessories In your outfits but put simply Accessories are very much the icing on The cake and even things like just Tucking like a little a little tuck is Going to definitely change up an outfit And create a little bit more shape or Just add a little bit more interest to An outfit so don't underestimate the Ability that accessories have to Completely transform an outfit now one Of the prettiest accessory trends for Fall this year is the addition of Corsages and corsage is worn as belts or Little chokers or even in your hair I Know this look isn't going to be right For everyone but I do think it's one That you can have some fun with but There truly are some beautiful Accessories happening this fall and Things like chunky chains chunky Necklaces uh making a bit of a comeback Even chokers with some interesting tie Details on them are also big this year Cuffs are back and bigger than ever and I think you'll be surprised that just Adding some of these accessories and They don't have to be expensive can just Add the finishing touches to an outfit Okay now that you have actually paired

Back some of the clothes that you own And you have a smaller selection to Choose from now is a good time to have a Bit of a play in your wardrobe and I Often talk about this because it's Something that we generally just don't Take the time to do and when I say play It's about spending time in your Wardrobe and trying on different looks And creating different outfits I think You'll be surprised how we all tend to Do this a little bit we get stuck in a Rut and we're our the same pieces Together all the time to create the same Outfit and instead we don't generally Take that time to mix and match Different pieces which will always give Us more options with the clothes that we Own and that's something that I'm really Big on so take that time to play it Might be a couple of hours on a weekend When you can just mix and match things You'll need a good full-length mirror so You can try things on and look and see How they're going to look on you what I Do suggest is also wearing some makeup Because you are never going to feel Great in something if your hair and Makeup isn't done and I see this often When women are trying on clothes in a Store they will come out with everything Untucked with no makeup on with socks on You do have to be in the mood and kind Of in the mode for playing and making

Things work and this is also when you Use your inspiration so if as I Mentioned earlier you have a Pinterest Board or photographs of some outfits That you particularly love try and Recreate them with clothes that you Already own it's actually a whole lot Easier than you think and it's quite fun When you create an outfit that you just Hadn't actually pieced together before So have a bit of a play in invest a Little bit of time in your wardrobe and I think you'll be Super surprised at how beneficial this Is next up what I do suggest is Experimenting with color and I know some Of you are actually afraid of color and I get that it's not always easy you Really do make a statement when you're Wearing a bold color but there are Beautiful bold colors that work for Everyone it's about identifying which Colors work for you but not only colors That suit your skin tone but work for Your lifestyle as well there's no point In having a Wardrobe full of bright red Pieces if you don't want to make that Sort of statement but I do suggest Trying on different colors going to the Store it's it's really tricky to try and Find the perfect color for you if you're Only shopping online so go into store Try on some different pieces look at how They make you feel what they're doing to

Your skin tone find a couple of Statement colorful pieces that you know That you can weave into your outfits That will just give some of your basic Outfits a little bit of a wow factor and I know a lot of us have been wearing Neutrals I mean look at me today but Adding a little bit of a color theme to Your wardrobe is a very simple way of Giving it a little bit of extra oomph And it also leans into the whole idea of Dopamine dressing and I'm a huge fan of It it is surprising how when you wear a Color that works for you and makes you Feel and look alive you get great Responses from people around you and That sort of feeds off itself and just Creates a very positive happy upbeat Vibe so don't forget the importance of Exploring colors that work for you as Well and now's the perfect time to Really ask yourself the question whether You have enough key Foundation pieces to Start building great outfits from and Often it's these pieces that are missing Or they're not relevant to your current Lifestyle so for instance if you have a Few different pairs of tailored trousers But they are not something that you Reach for regularly because they don't Suit your lifestyle then those pieces Aren't going to be hard-working Foundation pieces so ask yourself the Question do you have those Foundation

Items that are going to be the starting Point of any great outfit now when I say A great outfit I'm not meaning something That's off the chart but I'm meaning That it's something that you will look And feel fabulous in and not feel frumpy And of course only you will know what Your foundation pieces are and this is Where it's important to go back to your Inspiration your pictures your Influences that you follow see the Pieces that they are wearing on repeat The pieces that you want to use to Create some similar outfits do you own These pieces do you have enough of them I always suggest owning a few statement Pieces as well now things like an Amazing jacket especially going into Fall having a great outerwear piece that Regardless of what you're wearing Underneath that will add that finishing Piece of the puzzle to your outfit and You can pop it on walk out the door and Feel amazing things like some great Shoes great handbags pieces that make a Bit of a statement and just elevate your Outfit do you own those pieces because If not now is probably a good time to Just invest in a couple of statement Pieces it may even just be a statement Accessory like an amazing scarf think About some statement pieces or adding Some to your lineup or certainly Grabbing some that you perhaps already

Own but you haven't worn for a while a Statement piece or a few different Statement pieces are definitely going to Add that wow factor to a very simple Outfit now next up I think it's really Important to be aware and keep up to Date with fashion trends now I'm not Saying that you have to be a slave to These Trends but it is really helpful to Know what is trending so you know what You can expect to see in the stores and Potentially just Pick out a few simple pieces that you Know will suit your lifestyle and you Can add to the clothes that you already Own and these pieces are going to help You create more outfits but also more Interesting outfits and more stylish Outfits so it's definitely well Worthwhile keeping up with the trends But as I said just pick out the pieces That are going to work for you it may be Something like metallics uh trending for Fall and you might decide that you want To update your outfits with a cute Little crossbody metallic bag or a purse Or a clutch or it's about just being Aware of what those Trends are and Seeing whether you can incorporate any Of them into your lineup and last but Not least is confidence confidence Really is key when it comes to putting Together an outfit or even wearing a Particular outfit now don't expect that

Every outfit that you're going to put Together is going to knock your socks Off but having a play and mixing it up And trying different things will make it So much easier for you to feel more Comfortable in the outfits that you Create and to do that you do need an Element of confidence you need to feel Like you can go out wearing something That perhaps is a little different to What you normally wear but you're Wearing it with confidence you're trying You're making a difference and you're Owning it so confidence really is key And it's something that I know can take A little bit of time and does sometimes Require a little bit of working on but It is definitely well worth it in the End so try as you possibly can to let go Of people's Judgment of you or certainly Not be bothered by that and just enjoy The outfits that you create if you feel Great in them then that's all that Matters anyway that's it from me today I Hope you enjoyed this one and if you did I'd love you to give it a big thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel For more and I will see you in the next One if you haven't had enough of me then Click or tap on the screen here and I'm Sure you'll find this video super Helpful too

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